You Really Got Me | Cinematic Trailer - League of Legends: Wild Rift (ft. 2WEI)
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“You Really Got Me”
Original song by: The Kinks, Ray Davies
Featured artists: 2WEI, Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
Produced by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
P/C Riot Games 2020

Video created in partnership with Blur Studio

You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me

Yeah, you really got me goin'
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night

You really got me
You really got me

You really got me
You really got m--

You really got me
You really got me

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go

I’ll win the war and the battle bro
We’ll take your home for collateral
They like to call us some animals
I know they mad that we crafting the manual
Know, this ain’t for weak or for hate this for soul
Tell them retreat cause they ain’t even close
Seek casualties cause they can’t leave with hope
Keep ‘em reminded, they tryna let go

Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night

You really got me
You really got me
You really got me

  • Ricardo Valdiviezo
    Ricardo Valdiviezo

    Excellent congratulations

  • Alfredo Dos Santos Rosales
    Alfredo Dos Santos Rosales

    ese yasuo llego al powerspike 0/10 XD

  • Jihyo’s Smile is the best
    Jihyo’s Smile is the best

    Copied ML… Zed = Hayabusa Yasuo = Zilong Jinx = Layla Teemo = Diggie Malphite = Grock Ahri = Wanwan

  • Jihyo’s Smile is the best
    Jihyo’s Smile is the best

    They can’t even break Mobile Legends’ records 🙊🙊🙊

  • beowulf916

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that Jinx is pretty much the Tracer of League of Legends? She's in most of the animations, and was even featured in the trailer for their upcoming series.

  • Kura NAI
    Kura NAI

    Wait who is the jungler in Jinx's team Yasuo? Teemo?

  • Alp Gürer
    Alp Gürer

    This is absolutely mind-boggling. Do you have any idea how much 52 million people are???

    • Theunwantedwings

      Indeed, I love the growth of wild rift

  • 전지원

    The sick estimate locally hang because basin proximally treat via a separate cirrus. plant, energetic clipper

  • TheRyufen

    era malphite AP, por eso el focus de lux

  • kenny frank boysen
    kenny frank boysen


  • IsIs likes YoU
    IsIs likes YoU

    Lux in the trailer: 1v1 Malphite Reality: Gets killed by Malphite without toppling him

  • Void Ronnie FGO
    Void Ronnie FGO

    I just had to come back to this after watching the new mobile cinematic trailer.


    Yasuo is so handsomeee!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Sir Arvel Stories
    Sir Arvel Stories

    Report ADC. Nanonood lang

  • Khoi Pham
    Khoi Pham

    Opponent no ADC ez win

  • HuGo ToGo
    HuGo ToGo

    How many faces has Lux ?

  • Grace Vegas Plays
    Grace Vegas Plays

    Están mucho mejor los trailers que el juego XD

  • Irving Lusicic
    Irving Lusicic

    Am I the only one who thinks that Riot made lux REALLY beautiful?

    • Azerty Keys
      Azerty Keys

      Ahri doe

  • 이복돌

    티모 졸귀

  • Neckcar

    1:46 브라움만 MID라구!

  • Shoaib akhtar
    Shoaib akhtar


  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar

    Nice vdo

  • Luckas Vincent
    Luckas Vincent

    Queria que a animação Arcane fosse assim

  • Latenight Jr.
    Latenight Jr.

    As a blitzcrank main ı can say you are god when there is no any farms on the ground

  • TriXie Kat
    TriXie Kat

    I have to go with Team Jinx

  • Morally Misguided
    Morally Misguided

    Pro parenting tip: Don't let you kids watch this.

    • Abura

      yeah no shit since it's rated T

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    ❤️Why should u trust God?❤️ •He knows u by name •He will fight for you •He thinks about you •He has plans for you •He is your refuge •He will never leave you •He will always love you •He will always forgive you❤️

  • Deng Chengtian
    Deng Chengtian

    REALLY?no one talks about Yasuo's green eye, long lashes and perfect abs?

  • 夢裏醉紅顏


  • Dj and Ash’s Vloging and gaming channel
    Dj and Ash’s Vloging and gaming channel

    Blitzcrank is my favourite champion

  • Surel Crane
    Surel Crane

    Ah yeah, that's the Camille i like yo see

  • Mohammed GawiSh
    Mohammed GawiSh

    Swear if lol becomes like free world games it will be Amazing

  • 저것이것

    1:00 원딜 야스오야 ㅅㅂ

  • Soppingwet Burgers
    Soppingwet Burgers

    This game is hard to play with the toxicity that came from the pc players coming to mobile. I tried explaining that it's a smaller map to promote more poking and team fights but they get petty and don't even try to fight. Lmao then they get mad when no one ganks their lanes like bro. Lmao the game literally only takes 10 minutes to win

  • torch1028

    2:10 to 2:15 report jinx not auto attacking for 5 seconds probably wintrading and boosted

  • x

    The lyrics are literally the definition of league of Legends (only the first part)

  • Nguyen Nam
    Nguyen Nam

    Teemo is so cute

  • Shajee Amaan
    Shajee Amaan

    I missed lux ult soo much 😭

  • 사자-군Lion-kun

    in the future they should make League Of Legends VR and it should be exactly like this

  • Edrie Etcobanez
    Edrie Etcobanez

    Jinx: uses 4th skill Lux: supp top Teemo: pvz vibes commin' Yasou: meh... Although he's cool but still cancer 😅✌️ Blitz: (grabs Cammille) worth 🥴

  • at sm
    at sm

    I WILL NOT LIKE any film there are no black heroes in it

  • Matthew makoa
    Matthew makoa

    whos jungle?

  • Zelda Of Hyrule
    Zelda Of Hyrule

    Jinx is the Best League of Legends Character. I wish she had her Own game.

    • Zelda Of Hyrule
      Zelda Of Hyrule

      @kosis karki well that's cool :)

    • kosis karki
      kosis karki

      she is getting her own show

  • Rahul Das
    Rahul Das

    teemo is a psychopath.

  • herles cala ramos
    herles cala ramos

    Quisiera ser sylas para ligarme a lux

  • 니양니양

    영화관에서 에어컨바람 빵빵 맞으면서 2시간 내내 보고싶다... 영상 너무 시원하게 잘 뽑은 듯... 스토리만 제대로 가미되면 장난아니겠다ㅠㅜ

  • For ranger
    For ranger

    Since when was Lux an acrobat.

  • Chayli

    I'm pretty sure I watched this first when I didn't play League and never planned to get into it, but now that I finally understand whats going on, its great to see the characters and their personalities + abilities visualized in this :))

    • oriana WR
      oriana WR


  • Hoang H Nguyen
    Hoang H Nguyen

    no junglers smd

  • Mehmet Ali Soylukan
    Mehmet Ali Soylukan

    tmm şuan gerçekten lol oynayasım geldi

  • Leon Vrtar
    Leon Vrtar

    Lets be real yas would feed and zed would delete everyone cus they so squishy

  • Gabiking

    Zed adc troll

  • fgh

    çookkk iyi olm yaa

  • Kyoto, KTO
    Kyoto, KTO

    Camille running looks like Tom Cruise in ever Mission: Impossible

  • 황재민

    ㅅㅂ 정글러 어디갔냐

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe

    "We are murderous psychopaths and only thing that gives us happiness and meaning is being in a gladiatorial arena."

  • Gino Marcelo
    Gino Marcelo

    Valorant is better owo

    • kosis karki
      kosis karki

      they are different game why are you here and they are made by the same company

  • Yarmoth

    Wild Rift: Meta? What the fk is a "meta"?

  • WeMiX  AMVs
    WeMiX AMVs

    I opened this channel for anime lovers :3

  • FriskeCrisps

    Make Malph's Q a skillshot now

  • Suxhe

    Say whatever you want about LOL, they have some amazing cinematic trailers.

  • Eleon

    Hey, I'm still waiting for some lol movies!

    • Zee Nith
      Zee Nith

      Arcane is released in this year so be ready

    • Ruby Rubacus
      Ruby Rubacus

      There is going to be a Netflix show.

  • 때이

    다시봐도 티모 크흥ㅎ헣허헣 존나 킹받네 시부럴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • darknecromancer34

    ML is better.

    • I love traps, But I'm not gay.
      I love traps, But I'm not gay.

      Both games are good, But the toxicity

    • darknecromancer34

      @kevin ok

    • kevin

      Wild rift is better

    • Ruby Rubacus
      Ruby Rubacus

      Keep saying that to yourself.... We don't need your comment here.

  • sparckelfingers

    man i thought valorant cinematics were cool

  • 히요루_

    버섯싸게 역겹네;;

  • Sara Arlavi
    Sara Arlavi

    The Yasuo used his brain this is inaccurate.

    • Operator Chakkoty
      Operator Chakkoty

      Come on. We all know that ain't true. Most (so everything plat and below) Yasuo players are either 1/11 or 11/1.

  • Isaiah Montoya
    Isaiah Montoya

    I love Jinx I bet if she met up with Tiny Tina they would be great friends 😊.

  • Kutup ayısı
    Kutup ayısı

    Lux hile

  • Saint Lucyfer
    Saint Lucyfer

    lux so cute omg

  • BayCronss

    ZeD hepsini tokatlar moruq olaya bak

  • 사람

    1:19 야스오 카운터 제드,말파,카밀.....

  • CH

    Wep, we know which team will lose. YASUO IS SCIENCE.

  • Anime soundtrack
    Anime soundtrack

    Jinx using her ult in level 1 Every one :wait that's illegal :(

  • salnyer

    X1 lixo =yasuo BRS NO ROLE KRL


    Çok güzel tebrikler

  • Jihyo’s Smile is the best
    Jihyo’s Smile is the best

    ML animation is better! Just watch the Nana and Gusion short movie. And yet toxic LOL fans keep saying LOL is better

    • miguel angel salas legonia
      miguel angel salas legonia

      But lol is way BETTER than ML

    • Ruby Rubacus
      Ruby Rubacus

      The cringe dance of 515 Song vocalist *Selena* makes me wanna question your comment.....LoL is going to release a whole new *Netflix series* this year and you keep comparing this detailed animations to that pile of mess called ML.

    • Ruby Rubacus
      Ruby Rubacus

      And I highly suggest you watch K/DA and Villain. Villain will make you question if it's actually animated.

    • Carl Russel Suarez
      Carl Russel Suarez

      No one asked

    • kevin

      You again 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • 돈줘

    와 원래 야소 이렇게 잘생겼냐...갑자기 야스오 하고 싶네

  • 배드마우스 일상채널
    배드마우스 일상채널

  • Cocogoat

    typical bronze team lmao

  • Else Schaaij
    Else Schaaij


  • Hatz

    Hol up. Camille is on the red team but hooks onto a blue turret. I call hax.

  • Merve Sarı
    Merve Sarı

    yasu aşkm her zamanki gibi yine çok yakışklı

  • 炎息

    timo so Q

  • 전자석의영상창고

    0:19 아무리 봐도 궁으로 람머스 블루 스틸하는 럭슨데...

  • Sarcastic Gangster
    Sarcastic Gangster

    Hmmmm lux top questionable

  • The Small Things
    The Small Things

    Jinx: **breaks yasuos wall** Yasuo: I sleep Jinx: **breaks cup** Yasuo: real crap?

  • Adam Martin Bartovič
    Adam Martin Bartovič

    What a troll pick no junglers

  • 마토토

    Lux (10/0/5) : "Support Gap"

  • Mohd Asif
    Mohd Asif

    Thumbnail guy deserves a raise

  • dan man
    dan man

    even a girl with mental illness knows about a good team composition unlike my team mates(ಥ_ಥ)

  • Leming Tai
    Leming Tai

    When your favourite champion is not popular and so no cinematic is made

  • 게임소년 천마
    게임소년 천마


  • Yusuf Çağlar
    Yusuf Çağlar

    Yorumlarda neden hiç Türk yok?

  • JENNİEE firee
    JENNİEE firee

    1:26 Omgg favorite moment

  • JENNİEE firee
    JENNİEE firee

    Lux ve yasuo bakışları beni etkiledi

  • Milkieeh :3
    Milkieeh :3

    vim aqui prestar uma queixa contra o Yasuo dessa animação, pois ele acaba de roubar meu coração. (sério cara, quem desenhou ele? tá mt lindo)

  • Yone Gaming
    Yone Gaming

    Gg mid gap

  • Dusk Blade
    Dusk Blade

    Yasuo Dodges the Bullet Instead of Using Wind wall

  • Evelynn's Son
    Evelynn's Son

    Welcome to league of legends wild rift here skins are more expensive yes we all like paying Rito for skins

    • miguel angel salas legonia
      miguel angel salas legonia

      Skins in wild rift are a bit cheap than lol pc

    • fluffal player
      fluffal player

      Compared to Mlbb skins? No way, wild rift is way too cheap😂

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