World’s Longest Skate Jump!
These skate tricks are the most intense stunts you will ever see!


Raymond Warner

X Games

RIDE Channel


Josh Neuman

Kilian Bron


Strictly Skateboarding

Red Bull Bike

Kuma Films


Lotfi Lamaali

Left Lane Bandit


Pro Radical

Landen Ehlers

Red Bull


Nitro Circus

XTreme Video

Jamie 0’Brien

15ft Trampoline

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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  • Nitro Circus
    Nitro Circus


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    • Imabot kid
      Imabot kid

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    Nitro circus is in Australia

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    It hurts me that they didn’t know who Travis pastrana was

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    Aman Reimer

    come to colorado and you will see one of those snow castles at every ski resort


    Can i have a shoutout in next vid

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    five nights at reece's

    I was watching the hang gliding one and then I remember you were driving to this lake and I just saw this random guy skydiving just wanted to let you guys know

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    Kris Genys

    just broke my screen cause u said punch the subscribe button so Mr beast am waiting till u buy me a new one

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    The Emerald minecart

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    Live Inside Out

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    Samuël Deinum

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    delilah aziz

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    Muhammad KHAN

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      Beast Reacts Giveaway

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      Pip Jenkins

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    • Beast Reacts Giveaway
      Beast Reacts Giveaway

      +𝟭 𝟴𝟭𝟲-𝟲𝟮𝟵-𝟲𝟰𝟬𝟯 *𝗺𝘆 𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿*..

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    Ashley Petrovic

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      Beast Reacts Giveaway

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    Miya chinen

    This is miya's, reki's, territory. And then up in the mountains you have Langa being the show off he is just snowboarding in a abandoned water park

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      Beast Reacts Giveaway

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  • Geoff Golub
    Geoff Golub

    it’s called wall running people actually do it it’s possible you just have to get a really fast speed

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      Beast Reacts Giveaway

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  • Tech Master
    Tech Master

    There’s actually another anime about a universe where mountain biking is life. It’s called “Idaten Jump” I recommend it because I have grown up watching it and it’s really good. It was my first anime. I remember watching it in India, but it’s English dubbed on ALgone. Check it out or I’m gonna hire Carl to spank you!

    • Beast Reacts Giveaway
      Beast Reacts Giveaway

      +𝟭 𝟴𝟭𝟲-𝟲𝟮𝟵-𝟲𝟰𝟬𝟯 *𝗺𝘆 𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿*..

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      Beast Reacts Giveaway

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    Aiger Akabane yt

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    z world playz

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    John Cena

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      Jim Mourelatos

      Pooping in a car

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  • Jack Raiter
    Jack Raiter

    The "nervous guy" is in the Subaru is Travis Pastrana. He has 8 or 9 gold medals from X Games, a slew of other achievements and runs Nitro Circus

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    Brandt_the_goat Walvatne

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    Armand Malinowski

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    You called a formula drift car a nascar, smh 🤦‍♂️

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    natalia hernandes

    a anime is 8sk

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    The guys name Travis pastrami