Woman Goes on Destructive Joyride in Stolen Postal Truck | NBC New York
A woman stole a post office truck in Brooklyn Friday evening, and then took it on a joyride during which time she struck more than a dozen other vehicles, police said.
The U.S. Postal Service employee was away from the vehicle making deliveries when the woman hopped inside the truck around 6:30 p.m., according to police.
NBC New York’s Gilma Avalos reports.

  • Alan Hargreaves
    Alan Hargreaves

    she was C.I.A. with TRUMP"S stolen BALLOTS

  • Mane Gaming
    Mane Gaming

    Now I know where my stemi went

  • Alberto Depasquale
    Alberto Depasquale

    The mail man should had lost his job for leaving the key inside the truck

  • WizardMower

    My package shipment wasn't updated since last week... Should I be worried?

  • sasha's world
    sasha's world

    Is my child support check still going to arrive on time? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

  • reallyitsme1980

    Ypu could say she went postal 📫

  • mk toohtwo
    mk toohtwo


  • Rick James
    Rick James

    Somebody really loves gta

  • Megan Peterman
    Megan Peterman

    I mean really who does this smh

  • Megan Peterman
    Megan Peterman

    Buddy yanked her right out that truck

  • Magic Shadow
    Magic Shadow

    I guess her package was delayed, and that is why she did this.

  • Knuckle Grinder
    Knuckle Grinder

    Good for her!

  • AR Fine
    AR Fine

    Crazy b!tch!

  • Edénia Lima
    Edénia Lima

    So... why did I received the notification of this video? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • ModsHds

    What the hell is wrong with people

  • Reddi

    Someone should've told her the election is over. No more Ballots to steal🙉

  • Erica E.
    Erica E.

    Maybe she got fed up everytime she check informed delivery she don't see her stimulus check

  • Christian Mosi
    Christian Mosi

    The Jamacian man " Ride di people dem on the side walk" boy meh weak hahahahahaha !!!!


    Just got rid of the last Biden fraudulent ballots 🤣

  • Don Pepe
    Don Pepe

    She must have been a Trump supporter. So sad.😔

  • The Don A.R.K B Noah
    The Don A.R.K B Noah

    Got Damn Coronavirus. 🤨

  • Shermaine Callahan
    Shermaine Callahan

    Police are still blocking people that are recording?

  • Xenaraes Journey
    Xenaraes Journey

    Grand theft auto has USPS trucks?

  • Alana Duhart
    Alana Duhart

    They tried to set me up for my organs They tried to do it to me it’s the cia dod nasa police dapartment the morgue they Clare your a terrorist or a childmolester to keep you under watch at your home job exc and run a gang stalking program but I drink smoked exc even if my organs are bout to fail I just want to say something before I die the news in on it and the military my name is Marie in your naborhood no about it to sad thing is half of my body work even the hospitals in on it plus they traffic you in steal your identity and get you kid napped Miami Florida the all seeing eye y’all working with funeral homes forced kill force organs

  • Ohcam Nam
    Ohcam Nam

    She went completely postal! 📫 🤣🤣😂

  • break chainz
    break chainz

    She thought stimulus checks were in there

  • larry willard
    larry willard

    You do know that's a federal offense..


    Poetic justice and isnt that normal in new york? Isnt new york crazy non stop

  • carlos morales
    carlos morales

    Wanted ⭐⭐⭐ BUSTED NYC GTA

  • Carol Hunter
    Carol Hunter

    Only in NY.

  • Clayton Barfield
    Clayton Barfield

    Hypocrites! No more destructive than USPS workers throwing ballots in dumpsters to steal an election.

  • Randall M
    Randall M

    I'm glad they caught her, but are they allowed to handle a suspect so roughly?

  • Richard Wind
    Richard Wind

    Trump's Fault right ????

  • Jorge Fierro
    Jorge Fierro

    This is racist just cause she is a black woman trying to get to work.

  • Wanda Sanders
    Wanda Sanders

    Gilma avalos is GORGEOUS

  • michelet gilles
    michelet gilles

    A typical slow night in Bklyn

  • Monica R
    Monica R

    What new

  • Bass 167
    Bass 167

    You’ve got to love the shit that happens in New York and other big shitys full of lunatics thank god I live in a small town

  • David Blah -
    David Blah -

    Interesting. I’m not seeing the woman’s name nor showing her face

  • Ener Rivers
    Ener Rivers

    Welcome to the quid pro quo Beijing Joe BuyThem Gov. 💩💥🎯☠🖕

  • Brain Storm
    Brain Storm

    A ton of fun. Two ton

  • Charles Jarrell
    Charles Jarrell

    That carrier is done . Leaving a truck open is a big no no. . But leaving the keys inside. The USPS will charge him for the damage then fire him for destruction of Postal property .

    • givememore4free

      There's no keys for the truck, just keys for the doors.

  • plutoplatters

    o HELL... obvious racism here !! They should have been gentle with the SUSPECT !

    • givememore4free

      You're joking right? Doesn't matter if the person black or white, they're going to get arrested, and if they're white they're going to be treated the same way. Just because you're black you can't get away with everything.

  • Mary Kelly
    Mary Kelly

    Why isn't the reporter wearing a mask? SMH

    • givememore4free


  • AlsoKnownAsM39

    Amazing moderation of the facts, but the reason they didn’t hurt her is because of her skin color.

  • Gary Koons
    Gary Koons

    I just came to the comments section to see how many people were actually going to try to make the "Going postal" joke.

    • givememore4free

      Because the "going postal" thing is before their time. Majority of these idiots are freaking 10 years old.

  • Kim Brooks
    Kim Brooks

    People losing their minds.

  • Rebecca Shuman
    Rebecca Shuman

    People go crazy over postal insane times

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff

    Of course it was in New York LMAO!!!

  • Favorite YouTube Channel
    Favorite YouTube Channel

    all missing stimilus checks on board.

  • Despicable sean
    Despicable sean

    Question why did the postal person left the keys in the truck

  • Roland Motari
    Roland Motari

    The Jamaican though

  • rick Karras
    rick Karras

    hit that lincoln town car... nooooo .. not to many left on the road... they might total that car now

  • DaMatth

    nah, nah, nah... i can deescalate this in one sentence: SHE. WAS. BRINGING. IN. VOTES. FOR JING-XI. BIDEN. there, problem solved, woman free to go.

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez

    Get out of her way she’s trying to get those mail in ballots in to be counted!!!

  • Da Lim
    Da Lim

    This woman stole an empty postal truck. Karmala Harris stole the presidency of US. Let that sink in

    • Da Lim
      Da Lim

      @givememore4free goddamn if you believe that, i have a bridge in London for sale...

    • givememore4free

      She's going to be the vice president not the president you idiot

  • Buster G
    Buster G

    Women drivers...

  • Krums Korner
    Krums Korner

    That’s going postal for all you millennials

  • Ber

    How does insurance pay on this damage?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Bet shes a Biden supporter.

  • Susie Fairfield
    Susie Fairfield

    wtf is the matter with Americans these days!? ppl are losin it, I swear

  • Youtube Hatesme
    Youtube Hatesme

    What an awesome cesspool NYC has become

  • Jonah Geideman
    Jonah Geideman

    Yeah, she wanted her trump stimulus check. 🔥

  • LizxNguyen

    My package recently got lost via the USPS while it was making its way to my home in Hawaii. The tracking stopped updating after Brooklyn... lol

  • AJ Coolbreeze
    AJ Coolbreeze

    What if this was the only way to obtain food, shelter, and Healthcare for those desperate. Do some crazy stuff and get locked up, get fed, housed, and atleast a medical check up for a bit. I am talking out of my butt here but I may not be wrong here, or I could be way off the mark.

  • Hamzah Ibrahim
    Hamzah Ibrahim

    Guranteed overnight!

  • Derrick

    So the postal worker gonna get fired for leaving their keys in the truck 🛻

  • indio peninsulares
    indio peninsulares

    Gta female version

  • Katharine garcia
    Katharine garcia

    Wtf is going on with this world?

  • Ticia o
    Ticia o

    The postal service can not get a break.

  • G0Chiefs

    Both news reporters are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Trisha

    Everyone is losing their god damn minds 🤦‍♀️

  • ahn00bus510

    Going postal 2

  • Jake Hancock
    Jake Hancock

    Nice 👍

  • Edmondson Avenue
    Edmondson Avenue

    That Brooklyn Bullshit, we on it!

  • JustaUser

    Only in Brooklyn

  • Compilation Nation
    Compilation Nation

    Her package was stuck in transit, arriving late for too long..

  • Tami ta Tango too
    Tami ta Tango too

    Put on your mask dude😒

  • April Wellman
    April Wellman

    I shipped out several Christmas gifts to my family, across the country that we were unable get together with for the holidays this year. I shipped a number of packages two day priority from OKC to TN, VA, the KC, MO area, and Wichita Falls, TX. Every one of them took at least three weeks and a month to arrive through our govt run USPS. Some has taken even longer. One arrived five days ago, and my dads gift that was shipled two day priority on Dec 11th still has not arrived to its destination in Wichita Falls, TX. I have tracking for it that has just stopped tracking it a week and a ha!f ago. I have not been able to.see him in person where he resides due to his dementia at the assisted living center since March. Perhaps the lady snapped because she got tired of all of the texts telling her the package she shipped was delayed after she spent $238 to ship these gifts to her family, and paid extra to make sure it had plenty of time first there before Christmas, but it is not weeks past it's promised delivery date, or nobody is any help where the package stops tracking. They just blame it in covid, but Amazon and FedEx delivered every one of my packages I ordered through them in time, and it was a lot of packages. However, every package with the USPS was very, very delayed! This does NOT give anyone the right to ever steal.or destroy another' s property though. She might have just been frustrated waiting on her package. 😆

  • Alex Bonafonte
    Alex Bonafonte

    Only slightly less sophisticated than NASCAR.

  • Grim Rott
    Grim Rott

    Good to see that New York's getting back to normal

  • Samantha Girikhanov
    Samantha Girikhanov

    Meh, not even the weirdest thing I’ve seen this hour. It’s 2021 b words, get used to it.

  • heather rider
    heather rider


  • NVG 2022
    NVG 2022

    She said USPS stole the election 💀

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    "Gilma" ??

  • snakedog

    3 weeks in 2021 and I’m already hating it! WTH is going on?! People getting stupid lately

  • Toboe Key
    Toboe Key

    Well that postal service worker is going to get fired 🤦🤦🤦 i never understand why people leave the key in the ignition

  • jus joni
    jus joni

    Jail is better sometimes for free rehab

  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell

    Who was it? Newman?

  • Goodboy

    New York City is the real florida

  • Natu Davis
    Natu Davis

    You know what I'm thinking... 🤔 If that was a BM...he and that truck would have been lit up like Rockefeller Center on Xmas Eve.smh

  • TenBeer TwoKnife
    TenBeer TwoKnife

    You thought 2020 was Bad Welcome to 2021

  • UrbanSipfly

    Chances are good that the erratic USPS female driver is not current on her auto insurance; and lacks the funds to pay for all the havoc she's caused. Somebody at USPS has lots of explaining to do.

  • Lizzy Tan
    Lizzy Tan

    There you defund the police idiot liberals

  • kdm313

    Another criminal fowling COVID-19 guidelines wearing a mask. Unbelievable

  • Mickey Rosa
    Mickey Rosa

    As a former postal worker here in NYC, I hope she knows that what she did is a federal offense. I hope she gets some serious time. So dumb!

  • F

    Stimulus check. Period!

  • A Hero
    A Hero

    Why didn't they use deadly force when she used deadly force?

  • Nayeli Thompson
    Nayeli Thompson

    Glad that it didn't lead to a shooting. Glad he just snatched her ass outta there and didn't have to shoot.

  • Life Is Hell
    Life Is Hell

    Yo ass delivered!

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