Why you should READ LESS*
*as in putting less pressure on yourself with how MANY books you read, but rather focusing on the QUALITY of what you read. Basically, quality over quantity (as is the case with many things in life). Enjoy!

Benefits of Reading Books:
The brain in your pocket: Evidence that Smartphones are used to supplant thinking:
Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind
Your Brain on Reading (Why Your Brain Needs You to Read Every Day)
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Some might read the title of the video and think "oh, cool, I don't have to read, I wasn't going to anyway". If that's the case, I suggest you watch the entire video first. Reading is very important, it has many benefits for your brain, and unfortunately, school prepares us from a young age to see reading as a chore or as something unpleasant. Then there's the other type of people who only read Personal Development and Self Help books, and that's mainly who I'm targeting with this video. The Self Help industry is making billions of dollars every year, often selling sub-par written content that gives the illusion of personal growth. There's so much more value in a novel, or a history book, than you will ever find in the average Self-improvement book. So although I'm talking about why you should read less, the moral of the story - spoiler alert - is why you should read more, or why you should be more selective with the type of books you're reading. Looking forward to the conversation in the comment section.

  • Andrei Terbea
    Andrei Terbea

    Happy to see the positive response to this type of video! Been reading the book recommendations you guys are leaving in the comments and tbh there's a lot of exciting stuff I want to read myself now haha! Keep 'em coming! 📚

    • harshit art
      harshit art

      Please give your lip sync temolate

    • Malcolm El
      Malcolm El

      Esperanza rising is one of my favorite books I’m reading right now it’s like what Andrea said but with a lot of detail and Mexican.

    • radu Diaconu
      radu Diaconu

      Gugăl foarte epic ALgoner moment

    • Tophatarco L
      Tophatarco L

      I like world war 2 books

    • Random Things 2.0
      Random Things 2.0

      5:34 gugăl, buna asta!

  • Fishy Jian
    Fishy Jian

    This is the wake up call I needed omg. I got into reading English books about 6 years ago and the first book I read was ‘if you could see me now’. The book was so highly confusing (I process stuff really slowly) that it took me two months just to finish the book. But after finishing that book holy crap it was like something clicked in my brain and my English started to improve basically overnight. Then others around me also started reading and I would often be made fun of because I take a long time to finish each individual book. By the third year I’d would finish a book with 400 pages within two weeks but I could not remember a single thing about whatever I’ve read. It was really stupid because I can still remember the contents of the first book I ever read but I can’t seem to visualise what I read literally last week. My English skills were stagnant at this point no matter the amount of books I was forcing into my brain and reading became kinda boring. Thank you for this video. It was truly an eye opener and the slap in the head that I needed.

  • -Avalon -
    -Avalon -

    The only reason I started reading was FanFiction and Light Novels from anime...

  • Pranav Ramanath
    Pranav Ramanath

    Einstein once said that he wont remember anything he could look up in 2 min

  • Why Peanuts
    Why Peanuts

    Why does this goose love pointing it’s middle Finger at me

  • Joshua Gerthoffer
    Joshua Gerthoffer

    Stephen Kings novels always does it for me. Fantasy and Horror is where it's at!

  • Brian Acosta
    Brian Acosta

    POV you read 2 books a week because thats how much books you have

  • John Mark Nuguid
    John Mark Nuguid

    I prepare movies

  • Gnaaruag

    Great advice Andrei . Glad to see you use this platform for something like this

  • Dweller Sages
    Dweller Sages

    Kid watching: shows to parent

  • benjbenj

    Dont we all read like we read ALgone coments redit posts and stuf like that

  • Crystal

    But I like reading

  • Chrysaor

    For the record I’m only 1:41 in but I’d just like to say, even as an advent book reader/ bookworm, when it comes to reading read if you want to and just read what you like. I can tell you from personal experience that if the book doesn’t interest you it’s pointless trying to finish it. It’ll be harder to instigate picking up the book to read, boring, you won’t really absorb what you’re reading, and in the end you’re just wasting time doing something that you don’t enjoy. Besides reading as a hobby isn’t for everyone. So feel like you’re some kind of loser if you don’t read a lot or if you’re a slow reader. ^^

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith

    me who read manga: *me smart* hehehehe


    One of my dads friends came over with his son and he can’t read at 7 years old and he has a phone, he said that he doesn’t need to learn to read because he can just say hey google and get it to tell him what he needs and that hit different because I use reading everyday and it changed my way of thinking the way you tried to do in this video.

  • Dread

    50 books in a year isn't many

  • •CocoaPanda•


  • Newt

    Why u should read less..... Less than 10 page a month? I can try.

  • Jess That weeb
    Jess That weeb

    Me clicking on this video *add for books/reading* Me: oh shi-

  • Lacasse-Roy Olivier
    Lacasse-Roy Olivier

    My very cliché and basic recommendations: 1984, Animal Farm (George Orwell/Eric Blair, both have been read in French), And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie, I’ve read it in French), The Haunting of Hill House (a very contemplative book and a different kind of horror, by Shirley Jackson, which I have read in English)

  • José Carioca
    José Carioca

    I read about 10 books last year, mostly fantasy and biographies. My advice: don't force yourself to read. Read what you like when you feel like.

  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    *Quality* -Quantity-

  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    6:38 That is some good things to do

  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    6:20 It depends , this will not work if im reading a horror story or manga lmao

  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    It's even worst then not reading , because you just thought you are doing right but no , you are wasting your time and you still think you are better than others

  • StSebbe

    i read cookbooks

  • Tamir Lapidus
    Tamir Lapidus

    Me who doesn't even read: *I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

  • Sebi Ace
    Sebi Ace


  • Zack Pearson
    Zack Pearson

    Books are stupid

  • Andres Saldana
    Andres Saldana

    Read less smile more

  • TheReal Infinite
    TheReal Infinite

    I just love the "gugăl". Such a Romanian thing :)

  • SkullPunisher446

    As the roman emperor and stoic figure Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations: don't waste all your time reading books, try experiencing life as it is instead.

  • George Sun
    George Sun

    Read rich dad poor dad! It literally changed my life!

  • Pasty Pastelle
    Pasty Pastelle

    I usually read books in the young adult or teenager section in the library. One of my most favorite series is the Dream series by Kit Alloway (Dreamfire, Dream fever and Dream forever). Two other series are the Trylle trilogy and the Kanin chronicles, both by Amanda Hocking. Hope you like it!

  • ganjedi bro
    ganjedi bro

    I read manga comics and novel too

  • Mr. Synth
    Mr. Synth

    Dystopians, Psychological Horror, Fiction based on true Events, Tragedy, Autobiographies and some absurdist fiction are Genres I vibe with, But with that being said personal favourites include Kite Runner, The Cthulhu Mythos, Lord Of The Flies, The Fry Chronicles, Dark Matter and His Dark Materials.

  • George Sun
    George Sun

    Don't measure the # of books, I read 10 pages a day

  • Srinivasaaditya K
    Srinivasaaditya K

    i literally read all harry potter books in a week with suspense and then i realized there are movies of them this was like 2014 me then i bing watched them and realized many scenes are cut like many scenes were not made or some were not true and then i appreciated myself that i read those books

  • that random dude
    that random dude

    Try reading the Sherlock Holmes those books are amazing

  • GASPARD Kévin
    GASPARD Kévin

    The three series of book that changed my life: - Harry Potter - All Tolkien (from Lord of the rings to The Hobbit and finishing Silmarillion) - Dune (I still have to finish the last one :d)


    The more you read, the more knowledge you earn.

  • ❄️🌸QueenOfMadness🌸❄️

    I didn’t make any new year resolutions😏

  • jeramyah rybolt
    jeramyah rybolt

    I like horror story's so try the five nights at freddy's books they are enjoyable in my opinion

  • who who6970
    who who6970

    Reading makes me angry i hate reading it makes me stressed and debressed

  • Shelly Cameron
    Shelly Cameron

    Read because it's fun

  • Stefan GH
    Stefan GH

    Gotta love the "gugăl"

  • One Crunch
    One Crunch


  • Kai Michael Schneider
    Kai Michael Schneider

    Being a good reader isn't about how many books you read, it's about how well you comprehend the information the book gave you after you're done. Reading is supposed to be something enjoyable and fun. Why would you want to read a book you're not interested in? I've read 300 page books in an afternoon - but ask me to read a 10 page article on a subject I find tedious or dull, and I've already got a headache. Don't let the amount of books you read determine your intelligence or worth; and don't let others dictate your reading choices. As long as you're reading because it makes you happy, you'll get more out of that book than anyone who reads it as a "challenge".

  • Mr Slick
    Mr Slick

    I can read it’s just whenever an author implementes large complicated words my brain just goes “yeah no” and it just won’t stick no matter how many times I reread it, listening to something makes it actually stick for me and I’ll remember it much better

  • justarandogamr

    Books are obsolete

  • liam poog
    liam poog

    yeah i read about 1 quintillion books a day

  • Zachary Kissoon
    Zachary Kissoon

    Does reading fan fiction count a reading a online book cause if it is boi I put the 1 book a week thing to shame

    • UnLImITeD ?
      UnLImITeD ?

      the only reason books are still read are because of fan fictions

  • coolchat18

    2:55 of course, the clown dan lok himself

  • Philippe

    I recommend the chronicles of Narnia and screwtape letters by CS lewis if you like fiction at all, they are classics and easy to read

  • your existential penpal
    your existential penpal

    This is kind of a side note, but one thing about reading books that are regarded as classics or milestones in literature: if you don't enjoy them, don't read them. If you think the The Old Man and the Sea is boring, don't finish it. Forcing yourself to read something because you want the academia points isn't as gratifying as it might seem. You can definitely appreciate what certain books did for their genres/mediums/time period, but they're not all going to be for you, which is perfectly fine.

    • Lesteryay Trippy
      Lesteryay Trippy

      Yes. It's totally true if that classic book and its author had an audience in mind, i.e. a mostly European audience.

  • Joe Belcaster
    Joe Belcaster

    I am a HUGE fan of "Level up your life" by Steve Kamb, Such an amazing book for younger generation 15-20, and its core message is how you take life by the balls

  • Cheesychildhooddances Cool
    Cheesychildhooddances Cool

    Honestly reading is fun it’s not for everyone but if your gonna read a book get a book you know you will like

  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia

    Does anyone knows the channel of the dude that only reads table of contents??

  • SilentVinyl

    haha Donald duck comic in book format count as books?..

  • Craftsbegum

    I only read manga or fanfiction

  • DiamondOre3516

    See, I'm an InTeLLectUaL. I didn't come up with a resolution. Hard to disappoint someone with no expectations.

  • Mischief Man
    Mischief Man

    I would suggest the Sherlock Holmes stories because they are short (15 to 45 pages) tales which can be fun to read

  • *InsertCreativeUsernameHere *
    *InsertCreativeUsernameHere *

    I literally got an ad with the guy from 1:32 just minutes after he was showed.

  • Lyla Graham
    Lyla Graham

    Andrei’s outro never, ever, gets old. Ever.

  • Cronogon

    I just don't like books.

  • Mango Potato
    Mango Potato

    im only on the secnd book but warrior cats is very epic

  • Aryan Sayyad
    Aryan Sayyad

    Ahh I only read light and web novels Does that count

    • Aryan Sayyad
      Aryan Sayyad

      @Kiwo yeah But they're from anime and stuff

    • Kiwo

      Aren’t light novels just books but online

  • MetalGoby

    Cititul e important, Andrei :3. Conteaza sa citesti si ce nu iti place ca sa STII ce nu iti place. Cititul oarecum abundent e important. Desi ai dreptate, calitatea conteaza mai mult decat cantitatea in privinta asta

  • MetalGoby

    You should not read LESS. But better

  • Joe Sutton
    Joe Sutton

    Me and my dad used to read the famous five brooks as he used to love them when he was younger

  • Georgica TV
    Georgica TV

    gugal adv

  • Just Ignore Me
    Just Ignore Me

    Does hentais count? (Not like I read them tho-)

  • Phyrra The Bisharp
    Phyrra The Bisharp

    I read cards Is that good enough?

  • mvallow *
    mvallow *

    A book for a week to read? It's really stupid trend.

  • Dona Nasol
    Dona Nasol

    When I was in 3rd grade, which was.. 8 years ago. My teacher told us to go to this book website and take a quiz that says how long or how understandable a book was. And then we would have a bunch of books to choose from. My mom even told me that I needed to read a certain amount of books to read so I could play for 1 hour. That's how I got an award for reading so many books during 3rd to 4th grade. We even had a little place to buy books. It could only stay for a week and would come back next year. I hope my old school was still doing this. It's what got me into reading an entire *singular* book in 5th grade that my classmate gave to the new school I switched to. (edit: I think its called blackbird.)

  • Don't Mind Me
    Don't Mind Me

    I really want to start reading a book I've had several just collecting dust but when I start to actually read it I get lost in the train of thought and eventually on what part I am reading. I also can't imagine the scenarios the book are describing my head is only filled with like the words that I am reading or blank. I am unable to absorb that information and internalise it.

  • HADI Alhadidi
    HADI Alhadidi

    Wings of fire

  • Hrithik Sharma
    Hrithik Sharma

    I am reading warlock of the magus world it's good read

  • BadButSweaty

    The genre that I typically read is realistic fiction and a good book that got me into reading is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

  • BadButSweaty

    2:00 I knew what you were talking about as soon as I saw those books pop up. I’ve marveled at how huge The Order of the Phoenix is more than once😂

  • Claire Yang
    Claire Yang

    My AO3 page staring at me: 👀

  • Corrolot

    I would recommend The Big Nate books and Max and the Midknightd

  • plague doctor
    plague doctor

    my favourite books is prolly war of the worlds and the notorious benedict arnold

  • maison baez
    maison baez

    history and war history

  • BurnedLobster

    I have a couple of book recommendations: -for the psychological genera, or more the realist one, I recommend "Optimists dies first" (hope it's the right title, the one in French is "Les optimistes meurent en premier"), it is a book about a girl and how her sister's death (+guilt) affected her daily life and how she changes to get better -I also recommend the book "Nerve", you might've of watched the movie but the book is really something, it can be intense at times (emotionally) and the ending is something I really liked, so I really recommend it -I recently started some Agatha Christie's books and I'm reading at the moment "Hercule's Poirot Christmas" (French: Le Noël d'Hercule Poirot", btw, the English title I'm not sure of it since I directly translate it from French). In the mystery genre and suspens, there's also "A stranger is watching" ("La nuit du renard" in French), I've read it recently and in my opinion it was really great. -For some French recommendation I would have "Le programme", some things are kinda hard to understand in the world building but even though I hated the ending, I still like reading all the way through it. Another book would be "Le cri", it is very short but I still loved reading it even though it was for a school work. There's also "Gamer" (note: the author is Pierre-Yve Villeneuve so you can find it easily) a book series that I stopped reading after a while, but I know a lot of people that enjoys the series. Btw, I have no idea if those have English translation. In the end, those were a few of the books I recommend, there's some more recommendations and if you wanna know others you can just ask the replies, I'd be happy to tell more. Just saying that a lot of the books I read are mostly directed towards teens and pre-teens considering the fact I'm still a minor and not that old.

  • HTTYD MrDragon
    HTTYD MrDragon

    Eragon series are the best uwu

  • Flame Mane
    Flame Mane

    I’ve recently been reading through the Harry Potter series.

  • Oscar Graves
    Oscar Graves

    Should we read more books? Yesn't'ts'et

  • Rainbow Wolf • 67 years ago
    Rainbow Wolf • 67 years ago

    Guess how much I read! 0 I haven't read a book in like 3 years.

    • Kiwo

      Read one

  • Fausto Genao Arias
    Fausto Genao Arias

    Love the dancing at the end of your videos hahahhaha. Great content.

  • Xyan

    5:35 : *laughs in romanian spelling*

  • Merciless Mode
    Merciless Mode

    My favorite book is William Gibson's Mona Lisa Overdrive I love cyberpunk as well has Gibson so it was an incredible read

  • Bogdan Răzvan
    Bogdan Răzvan

    I just can't get over the fact that he spelled Google in romanian pronunciation on his mobile🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex.M. Rotaru
    Alex.M. Rotaru

    The Slight Edge bye Jeff Olson!

  • Patman_For_Sure

    Does reading ALgone comments matter?

    • Alex.M. Rotaru
      Alex.M. Rotaru

      No sorry! (I'm not sorry in fact but I hope your comment was a joke! 😅)

  • Dan Horea Bota
    Dan Horea Bota

    Loved how you spelled google, only us vampires would understand it :)))))

  • Kate Gilliland
    Kate Gilliland

    Reading books for school with 50,000+ words: I hate this, reading sucks. I’ll never finish this. Reading y/a romance, sci-fi, and fan fiction with 100,000+ words: piece of cake, binges it all it one week or less.

  • Maj 1000
    Maj 1000

    Lol I read like a thick book every month not every week lol that’s a bit too much for some people


    that book needs to be thick

  • Immanuel Marshall
    Immanuel Marshall

    I like reading philosophy books

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