Why Are There 7 Days In a Week? EXPLAINED
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Why does everyone use a 7 day week, and where did it come from? Where do the names of the days come from? And who can we blame for Mondays? Here’s the true story of one of the oldest human customs still in use today. It gets a little weird.
References: sites.google.com/view/references-why-are-there-7-day/home
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  • It's Okay To Be Smart
    It's Okay To Be Smart

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    • Remnant Eden
      Remnant Eden


    • Remnant Eden
      Remnant Eden

      What an elaborate lie.

    • Zoutsteen from Holland
      Zoutsteen from Holland

      There are 4 Moon phases, each about 7 days apart ... Hence every Moonday is a new Moonphase ... there you go, 7 days.

    • Uncle Pepe
      Uncle Pepe

      Here's my theory, granted it has nothing to do with stars or superstitions. It's a completely different theory based on human beings and their nature. My idea is simply this: you can only compel people to work for six days straight without a break, lest they protest and revolt. In the case of early societies built on the institution of human bondage, this would be especially true. Enslaved people, having no hope for a future or recompense for their effort, would have but one lone solace: the seventh day of rest. Without such a break or even the anticipation of such rest, the subjugated would eventually revolt or even simply refuse to work. Just my theory. Loved the video. It was very interesting and entertaining.

    • Alan Johnson
      Alan Johnson

      Good job Sir. I'm sure you are attracting a lot of young ones into the wonders of math and science. Knowledge our future generation badly needs to learn and hold onto. Keep it coming!!

  • Ace Hardware 1477
    Ace Hardware 1477

    Mine has 5 days a week it been so and I don't think it will change today .

  • Richie Arnold R
    Richie Arnold R

    It's been almost of about 5 months after watching it for the first time.. still, can t stop laughing looking at the descent into madness mode! XD

  • Isbah Khan
    Isbah Khan

    my reactions got as equally crazier as him... simply love this guy... more power to you and your channel and team Joe ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Stu McCabe
    Stu McCabe

    Interesting, but I can't stand the ridiculous style of presentation - some of us are adults, not little children and prefer to be spoken to accordingly.

  • Kelvin Cheluget
    Kelvin Cheluget

    Here's an idea Exodus 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

  • AstroMusiCode Creations
    AstroMusiCode Creations

    1:38 The Seven Seas

  • Drea O
    Drea O

    This was a delight to watch.

  • Raymond Harris
    Raymond Harris

    I’m not sure this is true. The Jewish people were doing a 7 day cycle long before 500 BC

  • Ablot Ogan
    Ablot Ogan

    seven is a dreamer number.....its wish is to become part of 2 4 6 which are all even. hence seven is the closest number to become even but can never be....keep on dreaming seven.....you are truly very odd....

  • Mihir Deo
    Mihir Deo

    I was literally going to move out of the video and it says wait hold on dont go ...this made my Day 😂😂

  • Quan To
    Quan To

    Seven days in Chinese/Japanese: - Moon day - Fire day - Water day - Wood day - Metal day - Earth day - Sun day Some of planet names: - Mars: Planet of Fire - Mercury: Planet of Water - Jupiter: Planet of Wood - Venus: Planet of Metal - Saturn: Planet of Earth

  • pmailkeey

    13:07 That '7' written on his hand is actually an upside down 4 !

  • pmailkeey

    You put a comma in there to make it easier to read ???????? The comma's a thousands separator. The correct separator to use is the colon (:) as digital clocks do. So today is: 2021:2:26

  • pmailkeey

    7 is a quarter of a Moonth.

  • Amr Medhat
    Amr Medhat

    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  • Amr Medhat
    Amr Medhat

    There is no God except ALLAH the Almighty GOD

  • Vighnesh K S
    Vighnesh K S

    In Malayalam a language in India A week is called azhcha Thingal azhcha (Moon) Chowa azhcha. (Mars) Budhan azhcha. ...... Vyazha azhcha. ...... Velli azhcha. ...... Sheni azhcha. ...... Njayar azhcha. ......

  • Miss Alvarez
    Miss Alvarez

    Man you nerded out so hard! It was beautiful!!! Thanks for a very interesting video. Also..... NERD POWER!

  • Daniel Haug
    Daniel Haug


  • Gnana Prakasham
    Gnana Prakasham

    For the information. Hindi did not exist as a language in 1500's.

  • S D
    S D

    You are totally wrong, I'd advise you to refer to Vedic literature.


    The first video I watched of yours was also about calendar-about days in February.Maybe do more videos about calender cause they turn out to be informative.However this video was way too dramatic.

  • Detective Lil Sus
    Detective Lil Sus

    I speak Gujarati which is also from India and very similar to Hindi this was very interesting

  • Dave MuckEye
    Dave MuckEye

    Yahweh and Yeshua created our existence in 6 days and rested on the 7th... 7 represents completion...

  • Cosmopolitan

    The preceding joke has been flagged by the joke advisory board. Doctor Joe Hanson's joke license is currently under review. We thank you for understanding.

  • The Noetic Skeptic
    The Noetic Skeptic

    I built that same Saturn V rocket in 1968 or 1969 when I was 12. It was amazing how detailed it was with the lunar module tucked up inside the command module.

  • rafabdc04

    Wanna hear something crazier? the number 7 is called like that because it has SEVEN units holyshitdevsaiw

  • Lee Chapman
    Lee Chapman

    Now all different people don't like different days of the week... but how about making another month (it would be the smallest amount of days in a month) (So February will no longer be the least amount of days in a month...) To do this make all the months go up to 27 days and the left over days from all the months could be put together to make a new month named 'Enjoyaday' by doing this it would not be adding or subtracting any days of the year, it would just mean that the 29th of February would be with us forever, making the new month 42 days days long (so it is keeping February the smallest month of the year, sorry I never calculated the amount of days) By knocking every month, bar one (Enjoyaday) to 27 days will still keep the lucky number 7, you could also create two months instead of one (what makes February feel even with all the other months, bar two that would be 21 days long. I know people would be celebrating the first four days of the new month as it rightfully would be the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st of the original month, just as sad as it sounds those people who's birthday is on one of those dates won't live forever (so should be remembered in a book of web page forever) and the babies born on one of the new days in the new month can say that they are the first to be born in the new month's.

  • Big BroYT
    Big BroYT

    Theres a ad about seven deadly sins it is on my screen right now

  • Tak Smith
    Tak Smith

    Never thought of them names of the days. In Ukrainian Monday means "the day after you do nothing", than they go "the second day", "the middle", "the fourth day", "the fifth day", then the weekend - "subbota" (idk) and "the do-nothing-day".

  • Remnant Eden
    Remnant Eden


  • Remnant Eden
    Remnant Eden

    What an elaborate lie.

  • Rus Songs
    Rus Songs

    I lost you when you said moon

  • Ajay Dora
    Ajay Dora

    what was the title of the video again??

  • sparkuri

    Wow. It's called "Genesis"; it starts, "In the beginning". What's the name of this channel again?

  • Fai Lam
    Fai Lam

    Believe it or not, God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh day.


    7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 .... The End .


    Craziness begin after 7 :00


    10:11 😂


    7 stars , 7 sea , 7 colours in Rainbow , 7 Unit in Physics , 7 States of Matters , 7 Wonders , 7 is also a Natural Number

  • Wilfredo Irizarry
    Wilfredo Irizarry

    P oh

  • Paulo Ribeiro
    Paulo Ribeiro

    remember that the other planets like uranus neptune (and not a planet anymore pluto) is not easy to spot whitout telescope.. thats why they are not add to the planates used to meke the 7 days of the week

  • northernlight1000

    This is exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you!!

  • Rob Kandell
    Rob Kandell

    Dude, you need to lay off the NyQuil. Seriously, man. We're starting to worry about you.

  • m & m
    m & m

    I always thought it all linked to the Bible's creation story!

  • Gamertech

    “Let me introduce you to project mercury. “ “Why am I looking at the moon”

    • Vaishnavi miraculous
      Vaishnavi miraculous


  • litrehead

    Chromonetics calendar

    • litrehead

      28 hours a day 70 min an hour 70 sec a min

    • litrehead

      28 days a month. 13 months a year. Extra day a year. Extra day every four years, except every 128th year.

    • litrehead

      Onesday Twosday Threesday Foursday Fivesday Sixday Sevensday

  • Nxt_ Izzy
    Nxt_ Izzy

    When your week starts on Sunday: 👁👄👁

  • James Monteroso
    James Monteroso

    I'm a mathematician...7 is not that special HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kiddin

  • Sriharsha C V
    Sriharsha C V

    Had anyone noticed that millennials look as if they are cosplaying when in in-shirts and thick glasses? Jeans have become such a defining feature of our times.

  • Cherie

    When he said "Don't fight me about pluto today" I lost it 😂

  • Irade Alexi Helligar
    Irade Alexi Helligar

    But there were 9 Muses…

  • Nathan Ides
    Nathan Ides

    "Every invention has an inventor" - someone who believes every complex organism on our globe was created by evolution (irony)

  • Da Hawk
    Da Hawk

    The straight answer could have been explained in under 1 minute: A full lunar cycle, a lunation, is ~29.53 days. This is readily observed by anyone anywhere as 4 quarters. 29.53 / 4 = 7.3825 This rounds down to *7 days.* It is quite rational and logical. None of the crazy is needed to get to this simple straightforward answer. The key info answering this question got buried here: 9:03.

  • Russel Mallari
    Russel Mallari

    No.1 sign you're a nerd 12:28

  • QuantenMagier

    Short answer: 7 days is just roughly a quarter moon cycle! It's the obvious choice to divide a moon phase related month in equal parts.

  • Valorie Keeter
    Valorie Keeter

    You are SO GOOD at explaining

  • andrew curran
    andrew curran

    Apollo did not plan for 7 missions. They planned for 10 lunar landing missions, but the last 3 were cancelled due to budgetary constraints

  • Sylvain Gauthier
    Sylvain Gauthier

    Your channel is AWESOME...!

  • Adam Lemons
    Adam Lemons

    Lol, funny theory but there is only one reason for the 7 day week.

  • Chris Gennett
    Chris Gennett

    why was I working while watching this? I was trying to count toward the end of the video and everything was just 7. I'm redoing it.

  • FinleeJDee

    7 is the special number of God

  • Necie Au
    Necie Au

    I wanted to like this but I realised I already liked this the first time I saw it

  • John King
    John King

    The week came from the Hebrew Bible. Yes, a God given period of time. The greeks and romans gave the days their own names but kept the 7 day week of the Hebrew Bible.

  • Home Here
    Home Here

    I wish a workweek was 1 day with 6 days off. Ok 2 days with 5 days off. Naw! 6 off days, back to back!

  • John G.
    John G.

    There should be 13 months instead of 12. There would be 4 weeks in every month instead of 28, 30, or 31 day. One month would have to have 29 and another day for leap year but still it would be a lot better with exactly 4 weeks in 11 months. Why are some months 30 days or 31 and 28?

  • Captain NoName
    Captain NoName

    Seven hells!

  • Liam McGregor
    Liam McGregor

    Anyone notice the 14 drop at 10:14 ...🤔

  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang

    Human just so boring and love to defined everything due to the fact we are all afraid of not knowing. Seems like we are having hard time to live just a day as a day, so we invented all those names to know what day is it.

  • graham mewburn
    graham mewburn

    The word week is in the Bible in Genesis written 3,500 years ago

  • bud simpson
    bud simpson

    No dummy. Genesis 1

  • Black and Pink Panda
    Black and Pink Panda

    Short answer is, it is biblical. 7 days of creation 7th day is a day of rest except today we make it two days.... awww 2 days of rest, I don't think that exists anymore.

  • Katy Fernández
    Katy Fernández

    Ok but you forgot about Monica screaming SEVEN!!!

  • Joe Sterling
    Joe Sterling

    You don't have to read far into the Old Testament to answer this one. The modern calendar is Gregorian. Interesting how 7 falls out of so many disparate roots.

  • Des Marron
    Des Marron

    7 brides for 7 brothers

  • Dave

    Now I can go on with my day, knowing where it came from. :-)

  • Javier G.
    Javier G.

    Is it a coincidence that although in the past they saw only 7 planets but now we know there are 8 and 8 is a number that resembles new beginnings?!

  • Thomas Chisholm
    Thomas Chisholm

    because of the song 8DAYS A WEEK was on record LMMFAO

  • wyldeman0O7

    This is what happens when you mix psychoactives and stimulants

  • Xyzzyx

    lol only conincidentally, because you know, humans did not evolve under the moon

  • JoJo Da Gamer
    JoJo Da Gamer

    The seven dwarves lol

  • Erik R Boet
    Erik R Boet

    What a weak, lousy, crappy unfundamented explanation

  • Jo JO
    Jo JO

    6 days of creation , not so smart after all .

  • Matthew Shin
    Matthew Shin

    I like the part where he says "seven"

  • Fitzboden

    Seven and it’s derivatives are also significant in the Bible 3 + 4 = 7. 3 x 4 = 12 so 12 tribes of Israel and 12 apostles.

  • Poornakumar Das
    Poornakumar Das

    Leave the weekdays. This is a thoroughly Euro-centric line of thought that excludes 85% of human population. But he thinks that he is talking on behalf of humans. His Mathematics is decimal system that contains "0" that ancient Europeans (Romans) never had any use for & Decimal system is unknown to them. Of course in India too, we have a seven day week, but the reasons are different though named after seven planets (they considerd Sun & Moon as sky wanderers or planets). Their reason might be, to divide "Paksha"(fortnight, eithr of waxing or waning Moon) in two convenient halves. I would argue even that the seven day week was copied by Greeks & (later day) Europeans via the Middle East. When Alexander visited India as his last stop with his Greek Army, much has happened by way of exchange of cultures as well as ideas that threw a long shadow on later-day events. Those days none even knew "America". Americans (of Europen descent) must now bear it in mind. It seems their history starts with (say) 1776 or if not, make incredible stories out of facts before 1776.

  • Ad van Rossum
    Ad van Rossum

    The moon rotates in 28 days around the earth. The moon has 4 main phases. 28 / 4 = 7 is a week ! That is, as said, the simple explanation ! Full moon, First quarter, New moon, Third quarter. And back to the full moon ! Nothing perfect or special numbers just simple phases!

  • Bruce Bellinger
    Bruce Bellinger

    An egotistical idiot of the first waters.

  • Ateos Edm
    Ateos Edm

    This guy is too weird for me to watch...

  • Jay jay
    Jay jay

    Funny...In German "thursday" is literally called "thunder's day" (Donners-tag)...

    • Blue Mamba
      Blue Mamba

      It's from mythology. In Sweden we call it "Torsdag" (Thors day)

  • Dương Ngụy
    Dương Ngụy

    In Vietnamese Sunday still Sunday. But somehow 6 other days are 2nd day- 3rd day-...-7th day

  • tycho

    this is why Pepe Silvio doesn't get his mail anymore

  • M Lewis
    M Lewis

    Because that’s how long it took God to make the world......Stupid

  • MustachioedW OOO
    MustachioedW OOO

    The story of creation was written on 6 clay tablets, with the day of celebration on a 7th - seven days, just saved you watch the vid.

  • andvil01

    5 days a week is better. Divide 365 in 73 weeks. 72 of them are included in 12 month of 6 weeks. And the last week is just a buffer holiday week where we put all the extra days and seconds. Then next new year always start w a month 1 of the year, week 1 of the month, day 1 of the week. Work 3 days, have 2 off.

  • Judah Matthews
    Judah Matthews

    Genesis 1

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer

    I recall a Friends episode where Monica teaches Chandler about foreplay using the female erogenous zones. How many are there? Of course, seven. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 What about Seven of Nine in Star Trek - hmmmmmm

  • glorianne papolis
    glorianne papolis

    Supposedly god rested on the 7th day, this omnipotent thing needed to rest...okay then

  • Gregory Carnegie
    Gregory Carnegie

    Are you the seventh son of a seventh son?

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