When 17 Year Old Lionel Messi TOYED with €1 Billion+ Real Madrid Team [HD]
Young Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid Galácticos [ English Commentary ]

  • shashank gupta
    shashank gupta

    2:19 Holy fucks Messi just destroyed Zidane there.

    • Freddy Figueroa
      Freddy Figueroa

      @shashank gupta Messi winning a tackle must be that much of a big deal huh, he probably averages one per season

    • shashank gupta
      shashank gupta

      @Freddy Figueroa i smell the salt in you.

    • football cricket
      football cricket

      @Nino Ninako Wtf Messi is the most intelligent footballer along with iniesta and wtf you are talking about the brain of zidane😂😂😂

    • Freddy Figueroa
      Freddy Figueroa

      oh he won a tackle? wow I guess for Messi winning a tackle is a great achievement

    • shashank gupta
      shashank gupta

      @Jim Jones nice one.

  • NC SickNic
    NC SickNic

    oh man Victor Valdes with hair how time flies

  • Nuansa van zx
    Nuansa van zx

    Messi vs Roberto Carlos

  • abulo lakew
    abulo lakew

    Why Pep didn't like Eto? You can clearly see in this video he was a headache to those Real Madrid defenders. hH was a true #9 @9:07 no Barca player was in the box, that shows the confidence they had in him .

  • djinn Man
    djinn Man

    LOL...the Leo Messi circle jerk club. I mean don't get me wrong he was impressive as a 17 yr old but the way these two go on... Half the time Messi is being managed or twarted or misses the ball..... Not an RM fan by any means but it didn't look as they were outplayed either even if they did lose the game. Different planet these two... "Leo Messi, Messi ... oh wait a minute me hands cramped up now" "Use the other one mate we are witnessing something special here...Messi Messi, he's so good he got body checked by Roberto Carlos using all his experience...Messi Messi...did I mention he's 17?" LOL.

  • Gurji The White
    Gurji The White

    Eto'O literally interrupted every dribbling of Messi he could

  • Free and easy Aaron
    Free and easy Aaron

    what year it is ?

  • Marvin Lemus
    Marvin Lemus

    I saw messing loosing balls and Barca players taking the ball away from him LOL

  • QadX

    Pure el classico... Pure fans from both club.. where toxic fans from Messi and CR fanbase not coming yet....

  • Constantine Alexandrakis
    Constantine Alexandrakis

    Probably two of the best squads in the history of football. The number of legendary players on both sides is unbelievable.

  • Amir Al-Naeem Fjälkestads skola 6
    Amir Al-Naeem Fjälkestads skola 6

    I have a question, who is the best player on that pitch?

  • Souradeep Banerjee
    Souradeep Banerjee

    Too many madrid fans in the comment box...🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans

    I'm not a football fan at all and I know every single name that the commentators mentioned. I don't think I've ever seen a sports competition with that many legendary names in one game.

  • Elio Vallejos
    Elio Vallejos

    Eto se la robaba Messi :'v

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    its so easy to play with the true professionals,

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    he didnt toy with Ronaldinho

  • Ibrahim Jamil
    Ibrahim Jamil

    Iniesta had hair ahahaha?

  • Ibrahim Jamil
    Ibrahim Jamil

    It's good to see old players back on the pitch. I actually know their names xD

  • Fusuy GFN
    Fusuy GFN

    Bro this is js full of legends wtf ronaldhino zidane r Carlos messier puyol iniesta Beckham like bro what

  • Darren Morris
    Darren Morris

    First significant part is Ramos fouling Messi. Of course it is. Never change Sergio...

  • Jasa Nonton Film
    Jasa Nonton Film

    3:10 did messi touched the ball?

  • Marek Tokarcik
    Marek Tokarcik

    wtf second goal is not on video jerk

  • Logan LeMaster
    Logan LeMaster

    Imagine making a highlight vid and not include the 2nd goal...

  • prem kumar
    prem kumar

    17 year old guy against the legends and masters of the game 😂😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez
    Jeffrey Rodriguez

    Being the top scorer in Clásicos. Now Messi hasn’t even scored against Madrid in over 3 years.

  • domo konichiwa ver.5
    domo konichiwa ver.5

    Victor valdes still Lv 1😎

  • Charle Ge
    Charle Ge

    Pele the god showed us what means leader and striker in football maradona amezes us with the ball and pudder ronaldo R9 gave us a new definition of a striker ronaldinho put magic in gave us a smile and make us love football and then a new age started!!! Messi amazes us, Ronaldo inspires us Messi is a magician, Ronaldo is a machine Messi is born talent, Ronaldo is hard worker When Ronaldo scores a goal you say wow.!. When Messi scores a goal you say how!?!? for hazard people says when!?? for ibrahimovich u say i never expected for haaland u say ur time is comming!! for m'bappé u say this is the future and for me u say thank u...

  • Ilidio ́s iSHOWS
    Ilidio ́s iSHOWS

    nobie Messi, but he already had great atitude.

  • Vinnicius M
    Vinnicius M

    Nice FairPlay Roberto Carlos is good

  • rezaady

    Literally where came the so called"toyed". I mean, let say barca played with more collective then Madrid and it was true...

  • Aaron Alexander TX adventures
    Aaron Alexander TX adventures

    Ronaldihno new Messi’s era had arrived ..

  • Mat Pelor
    Mat Pelor

    MESSI play with the big names in football history at 17th yo. Where are we at 17th? What we're doing?

  • evoldoe 08-
    evoldoe 08-

    6:45 hmm sus sus

  • evenisher

    but maradona toyed more ;)

  • Licensed Drug Dealer
    Licensed Drug Dealer

    This match marked the beginning of a legend.

  • daddorocket

    You didn't show goal number 2 for Barcelona.



  • Atok Grunge
    Atok Grunge

    messi 17 smackdown by ramos.. haha.. goat

  • Lino k k
    Lino k k


  • CreverLand0

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  • macgot

    Sergio Ramos has been shamelessly beating Messi up in a loooooooong time...

  • GA Putra
    GA Putra

    u know ur screwed when the sub is iniesta

  • Arthur Adam Harrison Bailey
    Arthur Adam Harrison Bailey

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  • Ciprian Silasi
    Ciprian Silasi

    this video is cool but weird in the same time...there are some USELESS scenes to see...and i dont really understand why the editor added them in the video....i mean....what the fuck is there to see at 4:20 for example ? ...and wtf is this 4:34 ?

  • Torben Lucks
    Torben Lucks

    After 70min: Ok, let's take out Messi and put in Iniesta. Lol!

  • Rolfadinho OTG
    Rolfadinho OTG

    What date was this match played?

  • Fa Q
    Fa Q

    lame clickbait.


    When did they get the 2nd point wtf

  • LaVidaLoca

    When I thought the match was over, it was only just halftime - so much action!

  • jAnNiK540

    Why dafuck you don't show second goal

  • NguThiCam

    If only their Perez didn't play a manager role in signing players, If only they didn't buy Beckham instead of keeping Makelele, They will have a strong middlefield so Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Xavi will be less dangerous. I don't know why they buy Beckham for nothing, image it: R9 best striker at this time, Figo was same level as Cr7 on the right side, Raul is an underrated player since there are many better players in his generation on the left also supporting from Carlos, Zidane CM, Makelele CDM and he can control the midfield well instead of no one takes this job.

  • ghezoi Mr
    ghezoi Mr

    To be fair most of reals players were past their prime!

  • gastón artaza yañez
    gastón artaza yañez

    But where is the second score?

  • John Muchangi
    John Muchangi

    Everyone here is a special one

  • William Mackie
    William Mackie

    Imagine this Barcelona against any team nowadays it'd be a massacre

  • hussy devid s
    hussy devid s

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  • Rahul Sarodi
    Rahul Sarodi

    TOYED is kind of an overkill there, I’ll say!

  • mail2 mehedi
    mail2 mehedi

    Messi is the laziest among the 'forwards'.

  • Jeneral Ghost
    Jeneral Ghost

    Where is the rewind back time button?.. I want to go back to past.. and 1 more thing, fu*k this covid

  • Ethan Alexander
    Ethan Alexander

    bro the roster real Madrid has here is absolutely ridiculous

  • JackSparrow7

    Dont mension messi when near him is the best football player of all time Ronaldinho!

  • itz Verge
    itz Verge

    all of them must've been grateful to meet Messi on the pitch

  • nazir mudasser
    nazir mudasser

    Ohhhhh second goal is not shown ??????

  • Vesanius

    There's was more class on the field than there will ever be in football again. Nothing but legends there.

  • Adam Yanam
    Adam Yanam

    Etto always was in the way of messi.

  • Guts

    Etto is soo underrated on fifa 21 for real

  • ye 7158
    ye 7158

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  • vxryx 00
    vxryx 00

    Holy moly the level of legends on that field...😨🔥

  • Jose Ville
    Jose Ville

    When Ronaldo was #9 and bold and Messi was #30 with a mane.

  • Maria Fowler
    Maria Fowler

    The complete coach formally kiss because red classically park behind a youthful manager. abrasive, aboard layer

  • Jacob Icard
    Jacob Icard

    How do you ever lose a game with Zidane R9 Beckham And Roberto Carlos

  • josua

    Why does eto always take the ball away from messi

  • Stichting Between Lives
    Stichting Between Lives

    ? The title is misleading. I did not see any special Messi magic. Others were just as good or even better.

  • Matias Martinez
    Matias Martinez

    The names on that pitch, just unbelievable.

  • Nicodemouz 10nedy
    Nicodemouz 10nedy

    The quantity and quality of these LEGENDS on this one match are so overwhelming.

  • Aaron Zamorano
    Aaron Zamorano

    Messi is still a great footballer hes 34 his skills is still there,still top scorer of la liga

  • Aaron Zamorano
    Aaron Zamorano

    Year 2003-2008ish real madrid was like a emperor club where all stars wana be there it was like the University of football clubs

  • Bucephalus Gaming
    Bucephalus Gaming

    Ramos is a disgrace for Spanish footbal!

  • bozoidijot

    Don't get me wrong, Messi is a great player but saying he destroyed Real Madrid in this video is absolutely misleading. I saw a beautiful goal by Etoo, Ronaldinho doing his magic and Messi missing out on goals. What is really obvious is how much they respected him even at a young age. Zidane was always picking on him, Carlos was either on his back ready to annoy him as soon as he gets the ball or to faul him if he tries to run. He was never given the opportunity to touch the ball more than 2 times. They knew very well what he is capable of if given a chance.

  • Praveen Baghel
    Praveen Baghel

    Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Carlos, deco, Xavi, messi, inesta, Puyol, Ramos, eto, Raul, Iker and Valdes..... Did I miss someone???

  • 0710442022

    Back in the day when players did tuck in their shirts.

  • Adrian Choo
    Adrian Choo

    Ronaldo was one of the most expensive at 45m, Beckham 35m. On average a Galatico probably cost 40m, x 11 players. Max 400++m. How you'd come up with over 1b? Failed maths in school.

  • BBO

    That is why Messi is by far the best player of all times regardless from what he won...

  • Christian Sánchez
    Christian Sánchez

    -¿y qué tan pro era el equipo? -Iniesta estaba en la banca...

  • Sethzz IzHere
    Sethzz IzHere

    Jack grealish does this on the weekly

  • The Shuaib Shaik
    The Shuaib Shaik

    No one talking about eto'o? So underrated

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      Eto’o always been solid and consistent but never flashy, criminally overlooked

  • M VC
    M VC

    Too many commercials 👎🏼

  • panagiotis sollakou
    panagiotis sollakou

    2 goal ?? Wtf ? 😂

  • Coopar

    Eto casually stealing the ball off leo

  • pure pure
    pure pure

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  • Adeleye adebowale
    Adeleye adebowale


  • Blend

    17!!! He looks like an expert !

  • Cody Li
    Cody Li

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  • Klaus Jensen
    Klaus Jensen

    17 years old.! Please let this be a lesson to all the crazy club soccer (US )parents who think their kid is special....just stop. 😀

  • SeNapses

    15:50 anyone catch that lol

  • SeNapses

    back then when there weren't three people constantly surrounding Messi

  • Tahmid Sadat
    Tahmid Sadat

    I feel sorry for Ramos... getting the same exam paper for more than 15 years still don't know the answer.

  • Neuro Philosophers
    Neuro Philosophers

    17 years old Messi could have scored a hat trick 2 years later he does 😳

  • scg fatal
    scg fatal

    14:59 headshot?

  • laura jack
    laura jack

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