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Weird Amazon Movie Trailers

Cody Ko

  • Psychadelic Potato
    Psychadelic Potato

    Why haven't i seen these movies in my Amazon prime collection?!

  • Miki P
    Miki P

    i watched that talking cat movie on netflix when i was 9 😂 there’s also a movie called the easter bunny puppy, it is equally weird

  • Daniel Wildrick
    Daniel Wildrick

    Jimmy barbecue is real. a controversial figure in Haiti

  • Mia Friedman
    Mia Friedman


  • Isaac Meyers
    Isaac Meyers

    Reverb check

  • Lygia Bird
    Lygia Bird

    14:58 not gonna lie I thought that was Cody with beard and glasses and thought this was a dramatic reveal of this derpy movie he made. Butt no.

  • emily simonds
    emily simonds

    This has probably been said 1000 times, but a TMG cross over with RLM would be great.

  • nafissa malik
    nafissa malik

    do more vids like this

  • Baby Baby
    Baby Baby

    This video was sponsored by Fred Manatea

  • sequoia hawes
    sequoia hawes

    this reminds me of an iMovie me and my cousins made when we were 10 about teenage King Arthur and sir Lancelot.

  • Chloe Brown
    Chloe Brown

    the butt boy description wasnt bad in the first half

  • L S
    L S

    I feel like that first movie is about 2 ancient Egyptian sisters who fell for the same guy. Sister A gets mad at sister B for stealing her guy so she gets a cursed necklace from a pirate/witch. Then, in the present, detectives are investigating a series of murders in which there is an ancient necklace involved. Simultaneously, the barbeque Gang is coming after dude in red to repay a debt but they'll forgive that debt if he manages to get them that necklace. Either cause a rival gang has it, cause they're aware of its powers or cause they know they can get a lot of money for it. Also, I feel like the barbeque gang was originally written as the Bobby Q gang (named after the old dude) but somebody read it wrong and they were too lazy to fix the mistake.

  • Addison Burtch
    Addison Burtch

    who else remembers twisted pair from kurtis conners videos

  • Jackie Blanc
    Jackie Blanc

    i’m never going to feel insecure about one of my films ever again i think

  • Mathangi Sundar
    Mathangi Sundar

    Instead of Twisted Pair or Who Killed Captain Alex, Cody went with carroushell. How.

  • Angie

    One of my favourite videos ever

  • Sharks 1013
    Sharks 1013

    Looked this link up from my yearbook and 12:57 was the time so someone used it haha

  • Mar Palafox
    Mar Palafox

    These look like the movies I used to do when I was 13

  • Jared Bezos
    Jared Bezos

    I get it im a smart guy I'm a smart man

  • Yasmin Gonzalez
    Yasmin Gonzalez


  • mufasa cock
    mufasa cock

    I am in love with Cody Ko

  • Destiny Noyes
    Destiny Noyes

    okay but i think the second one would be really good if it was a plastic clown from a carnival that came to life instead

  • P M
    P M

    Why was the horse scene so funny

  • Ryan Perkins
    Ryan Perkins

    The groovy dish univariably rely because permission undesirably tame around a sulky quit. thankful, aback team

  • Katie Kleimanlee
    Katie Kleimanlee

    Nah fam Crystalclear

  • Kayleigh Arnold
    Kayleigh Arnold

    You really read that book frictionless

  • Alyssa J
    Alyssa J

    When you and Cody have the same Manatea diffuser☺️🤪😎

  • Zoodl3

    that sponsor transition was clean, with a D

  • Talia Godfrey
    Talia Godfrey

    Sorry Cody, the only cult I take part in is Eddy Burbacks

  • Sashi Yamamoto
    Sashi Yamamoto

    I've seen butt boy. It's actually worth watching, it's so damn weird and great.

  • Susan The Fish
    Susan The Fish

    At 6:49 what is that purple dot on his chair?

  • denkiswifelol

    cool vid man but those empty ass shelves

  • Tori Trevino
    Tori Trevino

    9:45- the bad thing is, is that I actually own that tea infuser. P.S it works

  • Pearlyq22


  • Duke

    Pirates 2

  • Archer Watson
    Archer Watson

    "Archer. I've been watching that." Me:

  • Matthew Bosco
    Matthew Bosco

    EVERY GOOD ALgoneR'S SPONSER: Square space Express VPN Hello Fresh

  • Maya Kim
    Maya Kim

    The only reason they make these movies is to make all their illegal money legal right? There is no way people make movies like this

  • First Dyad
    First Dyad

    For the record, I paused this video to watch CarousHELL, and the people aren’t laughing at the horse. I don’t know why it was cut like that. When the horse got there they just partied with it

  • Treestain

    13:45 thats a good movie that was the part he was talking about the donut hole that has its own hole so it is a donut.

  • Br Mo
    Br Mo

    Jokes on you, I got to law school and am not a genius.

  • Dedoid's High Vis Vest
    Dedoid's High Vis Vest

    The butt boy trailer was actually quite well made in my opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Isaiah Gould
    Isaiah Gould

    7:20 does that not remind u of lele pons

  • Pumpkin Soup
    Pumpkin Soup

    This is like a downgrade of a lele pons video

  • cloudedXmind

    twisted pair is my favourite movie! dont diss it its awesome

  • Jrspear

    this makes so much sense what are you talking about cody im smart shut up im smart it makes sense u dumb im smart and also.... it makes sense as well as im smart u dumb.

  • Poop Nuggets
    Poop Nuggets

    Maybe the barbecue gang is after him because he doesn't have a charger.

  • lilprico313

    The best worst movie in the world is llamaggedon

  • Turner_ sipe
    Turner_ sipe

    The second two trailers looked amazing compared to the first one

  • Chase Bailey
    Chase Bailey

    youve been watching too much drew gooden dog

  • yo boi Jerry
    yo boi Jerry

    Hey Cody love your vids God bless you and follow Christ Jesus he loves you and plz don’t use his name in vein

  • Colton Jobes
    Colton Jobes

    Actually Cody, the trailer makes perfect sense.

  • livalil

    bro it’s gotta be satire. there’s too much fucked up for it to be a genuine movie

  • livalil

    i think the white guy is the “white fox”

  • RSiRooR

    How could you skip over RollerGator? Great, there goes 20 bucks. Now I gotta buy it

  • Say_What

    *Well, Cherie Johnson is in it! That's why it's $15. She's totally FAMOUS.*

  • Say_What

    *This trailer reminds me of "Zack and Miri make a porno." Only with NO BUDGET.*

  • Mariah Fleming
    Mariah Fleming

    did not expect to see talking cat here, if you're interested in that one, jontron has a video over it, and kurtis conner did twisted pair

  • Soumya Sathe
    Soumya Sathe

    The second one was at least better than the first

  • Short Stakk
    Short Stakk

    I love that the bbq gang leaders name is Bobby Q... nailed it

  • Rachel White
    Rachel White

    ok caroushell was actually sick

  • Sarah Bosy
    Sarah Bosy

    I was distracted by his super white teeth :0

  • Ghassan Filimban
    Ghassan Filimban

    porn has better plot than this

  • Omnia A.
    Omnia A.

    5:45 it’s mark✋🏽🙄


    Not Cherie Johnson! Shes on a bunnch of shows from my childhood and I’m 😂😂😂

  • marsh

    Barbecue gang for life

  • Adam Manzi
    Adam Manzi

    Cody really trying to be slick using that book as a tax deductible

  • Sami Duran
    Sami Duran


  • Cade Rosenkranz
    Cade Rosenkranz

    is it bad i want to rent and watch this ?

  • ซอมบี้

    this movie is my ADHD manifested into a movie

  • Lillie Ampurra
    Lillie Ampurra

    diamond cobra vs the white fox is bonkers. go watch the RedLetterMedia review

  • DoteeGeo

    I am sorry Cody Ko, but the Fox vs the Snake actually makes sense... perfect sense. You see, the characters have all been asked to be in a porno, and the movie is actually a documentary of the Brazzers dress rehearsal.

  • Thunder


  • Gary's Review
    Gary's Review

    Caroushell looks like it would slap honestly. My kinda movie.

  • BabyI'mANightmare DressedLikeADayDream
    BabyI'mANightmare DressedLikeADayDream

    but but but but... the trailer made sense to me cause i went to law school ;)

  • attlas567

    is it weird that i want to watch "Butt Boy"? its looks like a legit good movie

    • lottie —
      lottie —

      i watched that and it was actually good 😭 it’s weird bc it’s so eerie but funny

  • John Fayard
    John Fayard


  • andy

    everyone asking for a new That’s Cringe video is missing whats right in front of their eyes: cody paid fifteen whole dollars for that trainwreck of a movie and we’re not even gonna get a reaction video out of it?

  • skrooge mc. Duck
    skrooge mc. Duck

    The you don't have a charger girl gives me earl sweatshirt vibes

  • Rhia Bayer
    Rhia Bayer

    We have the manatea diffuser too lmao

  • lexi philippi
    lexi philippi

    i think this is my favorite video i’ve seen on youtube ever❤️

  • [blank]

    i mean does it need to makr sense? aren't there like 30 sharknado movies some of which entail time traveling sharknados in space and shit?

  • Mean Peen
    Mean Peen

    Twisted pair hit different 😃🤚🏽

  • Jason Kameo
    Jason Kameo

    The devastating realization of Cherie Johnson, the childhood star from Punky Brewster, is in Diamond Cobra Vs. The White Fox

    • adjoa

      i also recognized her as maxine from family matters. a tragedy.

  • Reverend Robert Parsimony
    Reverend Robert Parsimony

    Angle Ambrose...

  • Yellow Mellow
    Yellow Mellow

    React to the barbecue gang movie I forgot the name😂

  • ArduinoBen

    How are there that many people involved??

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    Well it makes perfect sense to me but it might just be because I go to law school...

  • Inherently irrelevant to most escapades
    Inherently irrelevant to most escapades

    I don’t appease you

  • kendrick thomas
    kendrick thomas

    "Chicken feet, this is blue snowcone, come in-" *MACHETE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD*

  • Jordan Berke
    Jordan Berke


  • Alisha Rampersad
    Alisha Rampersad

    Anyone else notice the Neil breen movie in the recommended section? Petition for Kurtis and Cody to collab

  • Livi Hoffman
    Livi Hoffman


  • Livi Hoffman
    Livi Hoffman

    Cody and the detective literally have the same ear pierced with a ring... he's the detective but younger.

  • Jacob Lammering
    Jacob Lammering

    We not ganna talk about Chicken Feet as one of the dudes code names🤣🤣

  • Brookie cookie
    Brookie cookie

    Did anyone else notice the girl from family matters in the BBQ gang trailer?

  • basim mp4
    basim mp4

    y there an echo

  • Julie F
    Julie F

    Isn’t Sheri Johnson (seen in two of f the trailers) from Family Matters?

  • Alex Fallot
    Alex Fallot

    So this is how red letter media find movies

  • Piccleface222

    No Cody of course this trailer makes sense, what do you mean? I go to law school and I’m a smart man... Wait, wait wait what? What does that mean?