We Literally SANK a Side by Side... It Was WAY DEEPER Than We Thought!! (Insane Day in the Dunes)
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Finally, some good old out doors fun with the SXSBlog.com boys! Let's go rippin!
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    Cooper fully sent it in this video 😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Esthéban lapointe
      Esthéban lapointe

      BPU___big power unit

    • Barry H
      Barry H

      BEST VIDEO EVER...!! All ya can see is the helmet and cage... Cleet’rs like “Ya got this” !!! Epic brother !!! Hmmm... who’s gonna do sumpin stupid he says. Do THAT for Dale !!!

    • trent mister
      trent mister

      Hey boss I know a place y’all can go in south Ocala National Forrest location is kinda low key cause there has been history of people trashing the place .. look up beagle rd and East rd in Spring Hill and look at satellite... it’s not very many places you can get in with a truck and trailer but I know a few

    • Steven Horner
      Steven Horner

      Really cool to see my favorite youtuber in my town if only I had known exactly what date he was at them dunes.

    • Kelley Erickson
      Kelley Erickson

      Pure stupidness


    16:11 Cooper: _"Fine, I'll do it myself."_

  • Caden Olszewski
    Caden Olszewski

    This looks fun but not as fun as taking a 900 razor going through a deep ass mud puddle and just going through trails

  • Tyler Vinson
    Tyler Vinson

    Brandon price has the same lime green X.3

  • Patty Parrish
    Patty Parrish

    Cletus yeeeeeeeeeeet use

  • Shane Grady
    Shane Grady

    Man I love watching you guys. I’ve watched every ALgone video you have. I’d love to hangout with you and James! Keep up the badass videos man!👊🏼

  • TC Chatterton
    TC Chatterton

    Put the paddles on the fronts to

  • Windsor Powerhouse
    Windsor Powerhouse

    have you experienced an 8x8 argo yet?

  • T P
    T P

    Had to ditch the crocs only had them in 2 high cleetus doin it for cooper set the bald eagles free brother

  • Chalino Sanchez
    Chalino Sanchez

    Where is this at ?

  • Lucca Lopez
    Lucca Lopez

    I live in Muskegon and we go up to silver lake alot wish i could have seen you guys

  • On The Streets
    On The Streets

    How fast cleetus ran to get to coop. That’s a real friend 💪🏾

  • Chase Barnes
    Chase Barnes

    13:15 a rare sighting of a digitized human

  • swagg so smooth23
    swagg so smooth23

    Damn I stay 30 minutes from Grand Rapids mi. Silver lake is the place to go in the summer bud

  • NeoLeo Media
    NeoLeo Media

    Looks just like AZ.

  • moeller013

    You're good!!

  • R.j. Brown
    R.j. Brown

    Justins helmet is the shit. Just need old glory on the sides.

  • Blayne Morris
    Blayne Morris

    It’s a Honda

  • S Snickassz
    S Snickassz

    Brother he needs one of those six seaters at the freedom factory

  • nakternal

    That was epic!

  • Kuntal Ghosh
    Kuntal Ghosh

    Get a roxor

  • MoJo

    "Oh thats duct tape - that is nice man!"

  • M1A1*THOMPY*A1M1

    Fer yall boys whos don't gots dem waterproof phones .. wtf's u doin out jer

  • KyleTheHammers

    5:20 MonsterMax flashbacks

  • Logan Brown
    Logan Brown

    In my home state ol son. Bout a half hour or so from my back yard

  • Baaa

    Yeeyeet resonation ✔️

  • Deksam101

    I hate the mind controlling covid freaking masks crap, so sick of that shiite!

  • Bluedemon 505
    Bluedemon 505

    It ran out of Mountain dew at 12:20

  • trent woolums
    trent woolums

    How do you make such good ALgone videos of We body needs her I cancel Time

  • pRoggs

    i now know talons are beasts

  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns

    There was no “We”. It was Cooper, 100%!

  • arson gamming
    arson gamming

    thats honda for you there Bulletproof

  • Ricky107

    Whistlindiesel sunk one too haha

  • {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}
    {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}

    5:16 The raid of buggies begin UwU

  • christian tschirhart
    christian tschirhart

    Glad to see that your in Michigan again

  • Platinum_

    6:25 it starts to sound like a jet ski

  • todd Spaulding
    todd Spaulding

    you guys are freakin right on point hell yea .far out solid and right on

  • Jake The Best 1996
    Jake The Best 1996


  • Jake The Best 1996
    Jake The Best 1996


  • aaron

    ziptiesnbiasplies yt is a treat

  • Russell Notestine
    Russell Notestine

    Needs a 2X 'Overdrive gear" for in the water. Crank those paddles up!

  • Jamie Sanford
    Jamie Sanford

    JH Diesel... You can man

  • Lazy Killer
    Lazy Killer

    I probably would’ve drowned if I was the driver of the red on

  • Aaron Stoltz
    Aaron Stoltz

    Whistling diesel and cleet?

  • Lucas VanMaanen
    Lucas VanMaanen

    You should build a sick vehicle for the dunes

  • Hyper YT
    Hyper YT

    Honda runs on water

  • Joel Fossheim
    Joel Fossheim

    JH should throw a set of paddles on the diesel burn out truck

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda

    You need a Leroy dune buggy, make it look as close to the car as possible & with the same power of course.

  • TheSyndicateFan7

    Damn good to see ya in the hometown Cleet. hope you enjoyed the dunes🤙🏼

  • Al Kennedy
    Al Kennedy

    Oh yeah give to your buddy so he gets it wet lolol , nice dunes, way kool fun and water, BigAl California

  • Al Kennedy
    Al Kennedy

    My VW powered, BMS will keep up with all of these machines, thanks 3 liter, Webber conversion,E, thanks BigAl California.

  • Al Kennedy
    Al Kennedy

    How much did the coast you , a dinner date with the stewardess she’s pretty, nice horsepower pretty girls ladies and water that’s a perfect day, kool thanks y’all BigAl California.

  • forrester paige
    forrester paige

    5.3 is a good motor :(

  • Mike Schmalz
    Mike Schmalz

    Cooper sunk that Talon in the nastiest hole in the whole place, LOL

  • coolbjerg


  • Kyle Post
    Kyle Post

    Dude let me know when you come back to michigan! I'll show you how we do it out here😂

  • OrbPlasmatic

    17:44 fuckin mint

  • Greekboy12295

    Cooper almost killed himself twice hahaha

  • Daniel from the Dub
    Daniel from the Dub

    Imagine being a random day at the airport and you hear the legendary Clee yee ee

  • Frankie Acosta
    Frankie Acosta

    Doing everything you’re not supposed to ! 💩 for brains 👎🏼

  • Ed Roche
    Ed Roche

    The one time Cooper goes for it and this happens!!

  • OnlineCarShow

    Coops tha man!!!

  • Jackwagon55

    11:21 Asain Longhorn beetles are now in michigan cooooooooooool

  • Alex Allen
    Alex Allen

    You're way to touchy with your friends, even I can tell some of them don't like when you touch them

  • Cory Bartlett
    Cory Bartlett

    Only cleeter pops the hood on the rental to see how many litres shes rockin..hell yeah!

  • Kurb Deala
    Kurb Deala

    8:50 Jesus Justin Justin-What?? Also Justin- THAT HURT 💀😂💀

  • justinjoyit13

    Coop is a dufus

  • K T-70
    K T-70

    How fast are you going on the water?

  • the block boys
    the block boys

    Cmon cleetus ur side by side didnt win a race u need more bald eagles


    16:28 for sinking side by side

  • Stirling Moore
    Stirling Moore

    Now i know where all the people that sink their rigs at mudbash at busco in north Carolina are coming from lol. You get comfortable with water holes being fine to drive through. Try that at busco in even a mud hole the length of your sxs and you will find yourself up over your head literally! Ive seen people with rigs so tall you only have to bend your neck to see under it and it was all the way under except 4-6 inches of cage

  • ERROR 404
    ERROR 404

    Yeaaaa Honda showing up right there

  • will walker
    will walker

    Grand Rapids Hometown baby

  • Mr.Mister

    That place is like a paradise for fun.

  • Mr.Mister

    Cooper shifted up or less off just before he hit the water. You definitely need to keep those rpms high when hitting the water. He also turned which flipped the side by side. He was fine though which is all that matters. At 14:05

  • Colton Tanner
    Colton Tanner

    Good thing it was a Honda or else it would be totalled

  • Dan Willhite
    Dan Willhite

    Need an "Oh shit Coop!" t-shirt, to fund him a beast unit. He's earned his wings. 😂

  • Betty Cocker
    Betty Cocker

    how are there not sand dunes in FL?

  • pRoggs

    Whens cleetus gonna meet whistling deiesiel

  • alex33211

    ive been telling yall cooper is an idiot forever

  • Joseph Knapp
    Joseph Knapp


  • Marty Zuno
    Marty Zuno

    Cooper has balls the size of texas

  • Kelli Van Bonn
    Kelli Van Bonn

    You can have dunes under one circumstance. You get our shit fucking ghoul Governer too.

  • dumb stuff
    dumb stuff

    Is this in Minnesota cleeter

  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes


  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes



    OHH FORGOT TO ADD I know some nutz that jump test hill on 450 dirt bikes it's about 100 foot gap 🖕🤣🤣🤣


    This is why travis pastrana comes to Michigan every year to ride MI trails next time your this way try st. Helen area, bull gap, ect. MI is amazing

  • C Prince
    C Prince

    Hell yea silver lake, my home town dunes!!

  • nerf slash boss
    nerf slash boss

    I was just up at silver lake the week before! Awesome too see you at my local dunes

  • ryfish5

    Spent years of weekends at Silver Lake. Gotta get back someday. This was awesome!

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is

    I love how people wear america stuff IN america. Hahahaha like duhhh!!!! We are in AMERICA ! 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Krazy JP
    Krazy JP

    Silver Lake, MI? I live only about 2 hours away.

  • Kevin Cornell
    Kevin Cornell

    You guys were like 45 minutes away! Wish I would have know, I would have come out!

  • Wes Best
    Wes Best

    Can't believe he was right next to my house

  • Charles Chapman
    Charles Chapman

    Can’t believe y’all came out to Michigan 🇺🇸

  • Brandon Hancock
    Brandon Hancock

    I love going to silver lake. Buddy of mine lawn darted his fbo ram1500 on test hill last year lol

  • green

    oh my cooper

  • Worldraves

    how cool I have a cottage by stony lake. dont forget to take the Mac dune ride.!!

  • CaptainSpacefish


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