Watch To See A Perfect Oil Drain tiktok rileymcnair8

Watch To See A Perfect Oil Drain tiktok rileymcnair8
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  • Mr. Pistachio
    Mr. Pistachio

    Goddamnit you doomed us all you wretched fool. Now no ones car will be safe in America

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    What’s so satisfying about this?? “I untwisted it”.. -

  • Lt. Limp Wrist
    Lt. Limp Wrist

    Don’t forget the drain plug in your oil catch I got the perfect spin off the other day got up to text my dad how stoked I was to not get any on my fingers after all these years (he’s a mechanic) so it was a thing before the tiktok.. long story short after txting my father I looked down to find about 5 of the 6cts of oil was on the garage floor LOL biggest mess Iv ever made

  • Kamen Baldwin
    Kamen Baldwin

    You didn't burn all the oil out of it

  • iZZiTV

    Am i the only one waiting for disaster?

  • Shitpost101

    You just got cocnut malled!

  • Kedabro

    I succeeded at this during my first ever oil change ... and then ... never again. One of many beginner's luck incidents in my life.

  • Xenith ツ
    Xenith ツ

    forbidden chocolate sauce

  • Chilgt

    Hehe car go peepee

  • Simon C
    Simon C

    When b plug is removed.

  • misfit666 _usmc
    misfit666 _usmc

    Glad I have hearing aids, and can turn them off

  • George

    Ticktack is Gay

  • OBS Obsessed
    OBS Obsessed

    The way hes talking you through it sounds like it's his first time

  • Scott Young
    Scott Young

    if it was perfect you wouldnt be fumbling with the tub. js.

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James

    Who tf lays on the belly when they are trying to take oil plug out? Probably the same guy that changes his oil every 15k miles cause that is some black damn oil

  • gersom thijsen
    gersom thijsen

    Fuckin ttsis so annoying we can all read okay

  • •CaЯsoп•

    the car is a male no doubt

  • Sait Kurt
    Sait Kurt

    Us wants you

  • Stacy Peppers
    Stacy Peppers

    The car just pissed

  • Men E Men
    Men E Men

    "wOw So SaTisFyInG"

  • Eviatar

    Car pee

  • Joe Seiller
    Joe Seiller

    Your just a rocket scientist aren't you!?!?I changed oil when I was 10 years old.

  • Karinna Fairbanks
    Karinna Fairbanks

    Go to sleep

  • Pikachü

    Need this bri

  • Andrei Cercel
    Andrei Cercel

    The car is pissin

  • telandis

    Now you got a nice beverage

  • Noah Is Decent
    Noah Is Decent

    There's oil now America shall come

  • Let’s draw
    Let’s draw

    That’s literally black gold

  • Brennien Lane
    Brennien Lane

    He looks like jake paul a little

  • tnk

    I watched when I needed to pee my dum was brain watched this while i needed to pee

  • 13guQYdj7fd9wkCFQ4DFqUTTr4qyVrh6TN

    Dang I was hoping to see a thick plug of slugs from neglect. Just burnt oil metal shaving then dirty oil.

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy

    America be like: is mine

  • Brody Thomas
    Brody Thomas

    You forgot the part when the cap falls into the oil and you have to fish it out with your hand

  • killer

    I can do that, literally i improved my technique a lot and when i do the oil service my hand ends clean XD

  • l quinn
    l quinn

    You want some kind of award? People used to do that all the time. BTW..... that's some black ass oil coming out damn!

  • Rakshith Gowda
    Rakshith Gowda

    ohh yeah its dripping, Is it gonna shoot out- Thats what she said

  • Jayden Fisher
    Jayden Fisher

    Watch out the America will see this and will want that oil

  • Eager lawncare
    Eager lawncare

    "Un-twisted it" wow people are so stupid no wonder they are wearing masks

  • carlos santiago
    carlos santiago

    “You got the nut?” “It’s gonna shoot out” and I oop

  • HookedWith Jay
    HookedWith Jay

    “Your killing me smalls” say he don’t

  • DankEngine

    “Perfect Oil Drain” Idk what you think an oil drain is supposed to look like but that’s it chief. Nothing special. Literally just draining oil.

  • James415

    Wow. Amazing

  • Duckman 53
    Duckman 53

    Pee in a nutshell

  • HoodieZR

    americans are coming

  • jimbo

    Musta been his first time.

  • notyourpetmonkey

    *explodes and fucking dies*

  • nein

    draaaain gaaaang

  • Bryan Castro
    Bryan Castro


  • Shane Smokes
    Shane Smokes

    This dude sounds like Ricky berwick

  • Destin Hook
    Destin Hook

    There is nothing special about this oil change at all, god I hate tiktok.

  • Jeremy Valderas
    Jeremy Valderas

    Ok now if u can do the filter I’ll be impressed

  • Teej Daniel Helme
    Teej Daniel Helme

    Sumn tells me this is his first time doing a oil change

  • Pedro Henrique Chandoha Busquim
    Pedro Henrique Chandoha Busquim

    Its Just like every other oil drain nothing perfect

  • FireEmerald

    So car can piss

  • lickitysplit roberts
    lickitysplit roberts

    It's perfect because he didn't get one drop on his hand compared to the usual whole hand covered and rollin down my arm

    • jaime perez
      jaime perez

      Wait till he takes the filter off

  • AdielTKO

    I would enjoy to light the oil on fire

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith

    Oh boy, a video got famous because most people don't know that engine oil always comes out like that

  • Saif Alaadhami
    Saif Alaadhami

    the cars peeing! :0

  • Zaylke Z
    Zaylke Z

    I’ve done better than that

  • Jimm Bob
    Jimm Bob

    9/10 times this wont happen

  • -six pistol- one-
    -six pistol- one-

    Is this where the American meme “I smell oil” originates from?

  • KNAC 105.5 PURE ROCK
    KNAC 105.5 PURE ROCK

    The only thing I see different; there is a beluga trying to do an oil change.

  • Christiaan Janse van Vuuren
    Christiaan Janse van Vuuren

    Yeah I have done this a few times to change the oil filter

  • Cousins Club Gaming
    Cousins Club Gaming

    This is what I wanna see more often

  • Kagesome

    When u have a godd idea that its a gm by the oil filter location

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Are people afraid to get there hands dirty

  • plazma-on-yt

    I can do that

  • fayyaaz.p

    Whats perfect about it?

  • Pinecone

    Enough to make a grown man cry

  • Ahmed Halawani
    Ahmed Halawani

    nice, ohhh

  • dark Assassin
    dark Assassin

    It’s so creamy😩😩


    Guy 1:You got the nut? Guy 2 oh yea it’s drippin My dirty minded ahh:😏😳

  • Ballistic ballista
    Ballistic ballista

    Its literally just oil it usually drains 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Guy B
    Guy B

    This robot voice needs a boot to the teeth

  • matt maloney
    matt maloney

    How the fuck is this content 🤦🤦🤦

  • Skull

    RIP to the word satisfying

  • Fah king Stu ped
    Fah king Stu ped

    This literally looks like every oil change I've ever seen.

    • Bambu

      I do oil changes and this is just normal

    • Alicia


    • Yung BooMar
      Yung BooMar

      Bro nah i had a two day oil change because the previous owner had the plug impacted on . No Vice grips worked very bit I could drill it out with was shaving down. Heat didn’t work and being in my apartment parking lot it was a bitch

    • Shaun Barrass
      Shaun Barrass

      I was about to comment ‘I remember my first oil change’

    • Kris Grudzinski
      Kris Grudzinski

      Same here and I I’ve seen a lot

  • Dylan S
    Dylan S

    Now time for the oil filter

  • Matt Lovell TV
    Matt Lovell TV

    Whupteedo you're changing your oil. Like millions of ppl don't already

  • Alex alex
    Alex alex

    I’ve seen better like laminar flow oil

    • Alex alex
      Alex alex

      This one kinda is but it moves a little towards the end

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown

    Shoulda pulled the filter 1st

  • Hilary Ginger
    Hilary Ginger

    That happens when you remove the oil cap on the engine

  • Vehicular Assets
    Vehicular Assets

    Is that a chevy?

  • Michael F
    Michael F

    I’m confused.. why does it sound like he’s never done this before? 1. He has a partner and 2. He’s telling the partner when he’s draining the oil

  • Harambe Keemstar
    Harambe Keemstar

    the wonders of laminar flow

  • Graeme

    Use car stands next time, you look cramped under there.

  • Double A
    Double A

    You don’t have to change the oil if you gotta fill it up all the time lmao

  • Idiot man Gacha life CifjfjjrS
    Idiot man Gacha life CifjfjjrS

    This voice is so annoying

  • Winston WALKER
    Winston WALKER

    I hate a Chevy with the oil filter there

  • Stone Previous
    Stone Previous

    I change my own oil so I don't see the appeal. That being said; I would have enjoyed this more if the engine was dry.

  • The DOOM Slayer
    The DOOM Slayer

    I do not know what an oil drain is but i can tell that is really satisfying

  • tag Allen
    tag Allen

    City boy works untrist u mean unthread

  • Anthony

    Thanks now I can get free oil at the parking lot

  • 1bizA


  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    It's got that ✨laminar flow effect✨

    • Fah king Stu ped
      Fah king Stu ped

      You're not SmarterEveryDay quit trying.

  • nathaniel

    Why my boy looking like a whole cherry


    Basically you're watching a car pee how is that satisfying

  • MJ50

    Wow fascinating

  • KOR Thel
    KOR Thel

    Girls when you say you own a meme page

  • robin wallace
    robin wallace

    Get a Pair of latex gloves and who cares? in fact they make gloves that go to your elbows that are reusable for a DIY, it would probably last 20 years.

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