UTV Takeover Sand Hollow, Utah 2020
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8400 N magnolia ste H Santee, California
Open Monday-Friday 12 // 6pm
Saturday’s 12 // 4pm
Shred till you’re dead!

  • chris Brandt
    chris Brandt

    Welcome to my home town! Wooo

  • Chris Kilkenny
    Chris Kilkenny

    Glamis y2k was like every Shreddy episode is a repeat of my childhood..u go shadow

  • shadowlab

    lol itl wax out

  • jose flores
    jose flores

    Hey guys when is Traxxas or better yet Proline going to produce that body

  • preston anderson
    preston anderson

    Where do I get one of these

  • vagabondroller

    big jump shot from landing UTV Takeover Biggest RZR Jump at Sand Hollow - Al McBeth - ALgone

  • TheYetiLoL

    song @ 5:53?

  • Kevin Brock
    Kevin Brock

    Dang what kind of drugs do these guys sell?? $$$$

  • Jason 1801
    Jason 1801

    specoli from fast times at ridgemont high

  • Casey Peck
    Casey Peck

    I would’ve looked once and hit that on a dirt bike 4 wheeler side by side, stock ford ranger anything

  • Me Shots
    Me Shots

    Lower that air pressure brahhh!!!

  • Jonathan Wharton
    Jonathan Wharton

    Hell yeah, another dope video and sick shredding. What 360 camera are you guys using?

  • joe michel
    joe michel

    U fukers r crazy cool

  • Colton Thompson
    Colton Thompson

    Seek and destroy!!!!!!

  • Estevan Ramirez
    Estevan Ramirez

    U should bring your toys to “el desierto de altar” san luis rio colorado sonora, in mexico its 20 mns from the border

  • winston cryer
    winston cryer

    Sorry but what up bonehead, there's a few hundred down a tube

  • David Francisco
    David Francisco


  • Doobie_D

    I live out here why tf haven’t I heard of these events at sand hollow 😪 I’m in Utah aswell

  • Mild to Wild RC
    Mild to Wild RC

    Waiting on my new Can Am 1000 commander👍You guys rock❤️🇺🇸

  • David Phelps
    David Phelps

    Amber's hot AF.

  • ancientSerpent

    Are you running Massingale in your douche tank?

  • docjeff2069

    My buddy builds bead locks for those!

  • 215 maloneboy
    215 maloneboy

    They should of brought 3 rc cars out live and learn

  • Bill Allen
    Bill Allen

    I love your video's and appreciate your hard work!! But your camera guy's NEED to look at the viewfinder once in awhile when filming... great sound but nothing on the screen...

  • Wesley Madsen
    Wesley Madsen

    I wonder if he met Matt and his yellow banana jeep

  • Paradise Boat and Jet Ski
    Paradise Boat and Jet Ski

    It'll wax out!!!! Lmfao dude sent it

  • Arch417

    27:05 Those people should be spotting for you!

  • Mel Shingleton
    Mel Shingleton

    Utah bro, SO many places just like Sand Hollow!

  • evergreen prospectors
    evergreen prospectors

    Is there any drone footage of that huge jump towards the end

    • vagabondroller


  • Johnny D
    Johnny D

    This is Reality TV for me! Props from an old SoCal boy!

  • VictorERoyale

    Where did you ride in Oklahoma, I was thinking about going out there next fall

  • Tylerh44

    No even close to 50ft high but still insane!

  • Andrew Greiner
    Andrew Greiner

    Wilkey your tire game is wack


    Hell yeah dude... I got that megalodon body on my slash and tagged shreddylyfe in my vids... super sick! Thanks for supporting a local shredder!!!!

  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown

    Any videos of the landing of the big jump at the end?

  • Jimmy Abercrombie
    Jimmy Abercrombie

    Excellent video!

  • MTN Outlaws sled shop West Yellowstone MT
    MTN Outlaws sled shop West Yellowstone MT

    Next up you have to go to Moab !!! If you loved the dunes at Sand Hollow You will shred Moab it’s gnarly and defiantly the most fun place on a RZR or buggy !! Shred on Brother !!!

  • Kenneth Atchley
    Kenneth Atchley


  • Jake Weaver
    Jake Weaver

    Lol you singed your rights away to x-comp and I take it they don’t make paddles?


    Have a Very Merry Shreddy Christmas everyone!!! May we all have a RIPPING NEW YEAR'S!!!!! 😜😎 All the best to you and your families!! 😊

  • Ham I am
    Ham I am

    I love all the non-shredders standing around watching the shredders.

    • Tyler Philpott
      Tyler Philpott

      Some us cannot afford to shred.lol

  • eaglesenior44


    • More To Come
      More To Come

      Interesting you say that considering he got famous for being a huge piece of sh!t then goes on to causes private/public property damage everywhere he goes...

  • Andy Conda
    Andy Conda

    "where are we?" "good" hahahha

    • More To Come
      More To Come

      Clearly an NPC

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979


  • TravNasty520

    I love Sand Hollow it’s one of my favorite places on earth!

    • King Daddy
      King Daddy

      Should of seen it before the lake was there.... California cunts ruined it ..

  • bonedigggss

    Merry Christmas Shreddy 🤘

  • ngh

    Sand Hollow is one of the coolest places on the planet for sure!!! Such cool dunes, rocks, water, everything at its gnarliest all in 1 place!!!

  • ngh

    Gotta blip that throttle on the sketchy drop so your front doesn't fall and you should be ok..

  • mike bjork
    mike bjork

    Wilkey you guys should go to the oregon dunes. Florence,Winchester bay,coos bay ect awesome place

  • Chace

    So sick!! Much love

  • Terry Kocur
    Terry Kocur

    Spicoli you rock!!!!!

    • LedChickenFPV

      That's who he reminded me of! I couldn't put my finger on it, but yeah... "Hey, Bud. Let's party!" fits like a glove, don'it? 😁👍🤙

  • Heavy hauling Idaho
    Heavy hauling Idaho

    Well never heard of pedal command so looks like I’m going to check that’s out

  • Trenton Nethercutt
    Trenton Nethercutt

    That plaid shirt is fucking rad

  • Vanessa Camp
    Vanessa Camp

    Where do you charge an EV out there?

  • Trey Simpson
    Trey Simpson

    Blake Wilkey is a certified shredder! This man is full throttle non stop!

  • Toasty Films
    Toasty Films

    I rode all that on a 450r and a can am

  • Toasty Films
    Toasty Films

    I went there

  • Brad Gilbert
    Brad Gilbert

    Dame epiclly sick

  • Reymundo Castro
    Reymundo Castro

    What's up bro I think you should get in contact with Polaris or an aftermarket brand that does things for the pro XP so you can do a cold elaboration I would love to buy parts for my pro XP designed or lease you had some input designing them or making them for performance upgrades or even look status thank you

  • Everythingisgoingtobealright


  • Jostein Carlsen
    Jostein Carlsen

    What is that sick ass dad’s name?? He really got those balled eagles in his back pocket!!! Flying high 🦅🦅🦅

    • AUSTIN

      hes a pro driver for polaris, dude

  • Jeremiah Truman
    Jeremiah Truman

    Merry Christmas

  • Jostein Carlsen
    Jostein Carlsen

    Wish I was a American!!!!! I want dunes!! I want sand!!! I want a buggy!!!! I want air!!! And I want hair!!!!!! Love your videos!!

    • Kris White
      Kris White

      What country do ya live in?

    • HomeGrown Custom FAB
      HomeGrown Custom FAB

      Just don’t move to cali brother lol been here my entire 33year life and it’s just getting worse .... but I can’t seem to leave it haha

  • Chris Hedger
    Chris Hedger

    Just imagine once homies are driving your car in video games...

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Amber from pedal commander was trying to look extra cute for Blake🤣 throwin her hair back

  • Joe Dominguez
    Joe Dominguez

    Should build a rock crawler!

    • Kay Felix
      Kay Felix

      To crawl isn't his style 😎

  • Anthony Olsen
    Anthony Olsen

    Thought I was going to watch something cool.. not these douchebags

  • Whack bag
    Whack bag

    Young lad there's a maniac, can't wait to see what the future holds for him. Whatever it is...it'll be sick. Good job budday!

  • T S
    T S

    I was expecting a cross over with Matt's off road recovery 😂

    • David Francisco
      David Francisco


    • ;


    • Bill Loew
      Bill Loew

      T p, I’m sure somebody made a call.

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    he’ll jump downs olds but not that😂

    • Anthony Olsen
      Anthony Olsen

      Olds ain't shit

  • Vip Foundation
    Vip Foundation

    I must have identified as a good girl or boy because Shreddy on Christmas is what’s up

  • Jesse Giles
    Jesse Giles

    Fuck yea bro love the 40 min edit 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 such a blessed gift, thank you my dude have a rad Christmas and you whole team who helped put this together

  • Thomas N.Z
    Thomas N.Z

    You should colab with boostedboiz

  • Nate McNamara
    Nate McNamara

    36:04 for the big jump🤙

    • the dude
      the dude

      Thanks bro

    • Daniel Kuizinas
      Daniel Kuizinas


  • Joel Bravo
    Joel Bravo

    3:30 Wilkey was this close 🤏🏽 to calling Matts Offroad Recovery😂

    • Chuck Ingram
      Chuck Ingram

      Blake I don't know if you'll see this but I surely hope you. Please don't take the virus lightly I have lost two friends to it and three others tested positive. It's real it's no joke p please take care of yourself and those around you. Peace out bro love what you're doing.

    • Cjone1981

      So we got a call......

    • IFP

      You put it best all sand is different love it

  • Name Last
    Name Last

    Christmas Merry Christmas

  • Cody K
    Cody K


  • J Tra
    J Tra

    Pro sponsored guy: I did it, don't want to do it again. 10 year old: Hold my Dr pepper...and nails it

    • Fantics turn me On
      Fantics turn me On

      Pro sponsored guy. = 10 year old dad

  • Dr. Mark in Texas
    Dr. Mark in Texas

    🏆🏆🏆👍🏆 Thank you for sharing ❄️🎄🎅⛄

  • Gp Coating
    Gp Coating

    👍👍👍 ready for 2021

  • Brad Downes
    Brad Downes

    Its a Christmas miracle!!!! shreddy on Christmas 🎄 🎁🤘🔥

  • Alberto zapien
    Alberto zapien

    I like your videos.

  • Alberto zapien
    Alberto zapien

    Cool video