UNHhhh Ep. 133: Halloween IV
The only thing scarier than Katya’s jars of piss is what she’ll do to you if you try to steal them. It’s time for another Halloween episode, Debra!
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  • Sophia

    00:04 isn’t that her yoga retreat chant 🤣🤣

  • Tarinya

    can you put it on a ring? i fucking died when she said that XD

  • Andrea Vulcano
    Andrea Vulcano

    Rewatching older episodes to see that Katya truly is saying “mmmmmmmmhhh” instead of “UNHhhh”

  • Chrissy Jett
    Chrissy Jett

    Didn’t go to Panic Room for Home Invasion aversion? Com’on Contact

  • Alex Weaver
    Alex Weaver

    ONE OF MY FAVS SO FAR! i laughed so hard i thought my butthole was gonna fall out

  • Rae Hulley -sarver
    Rae Hulley -sarver

    I love this so mfing much. As a non binary person who used to do drag. I love how drag has progressed.

  • Richmond Garcia
    Richmond Garcia


  • Piotr Walkowiak
    Piotr Walkowiak

    The edit from -8:33 is the best edit they've ever come up with.

  • Chan Conoza
    Chan Conoza

    It's weeks now, I'm still saying I'm bathed in his blood. Help.

  • Aquarian


  • Danielle Loebner
    Danielle Loebner

    This was such a great episode! I cried laughing

  • evand2

    I'm sorry, but the part that makes me howl the most is after Trixie says "failure" and Katya maniacally replies "yes". I honestly am in tears with laughter

  • Toxic Nightmare35
    Toxic Nightmare35

    When your talking about her having a hook for a hand and an HIV commercial comes on.. 🤣🤣

  • Effie Rivera
    Effie Rivera

    I can’t unhear happy halloweener whenever they say happy Halloween

  • Goda Pla
    Goda Pla

    Katya looks like my village priest. This is weird.

  • Hugh Miller
    Hugh Miller

    I love how Katya is dressed as a priest but sings a Sanskrit prayer in the beginning

  • Adam Benning
    Adam Benning

    Hey, put on those cute shorts get in the driveway and let me hit you with my car 😂😂😂😂

  • Victor Yates
    Victor Yates

    I watch 0:05 to 0:22 on repeat about 100 times a day. I think I have an addiction problem.

  • Kisama

    I laughed so hard when the editors have the Trixie Mattel's 4 hours playbill poster: "Help was on the way, but she wanted a Red Bull." *PATHETIC* - Jodie Foster

  • Jesse Colton
    Jesse Colton


  • Viva Cant CS
    Viva Cant CS


  • Darby Miller
    Darby Miller

    Idk I just love them so much - they make me feel so comforted

  • Khristian Rachelle
    Khristian Rachelle

    Trixie's lipstick 😍 (need to know what it is)

  • Christopher Reid
    Christopher Reid

    What is the religious choir remix song? It’s kind of amazing.

  • Nicole P.
    Nicole P.

    This episode has me crying

  • ten

    This topic shouldnt be halloween it should be BATHED IN THE BLOOD

  • Queer Collective
    Queer Collective

    If you’re looking for more like this come checkout the queer collective podcast on our channel! algone.info/slow/video/mG2z156lsGd513k

  • Alexandra Cunningham
    Alexandra Cunningham

    where did the "bathed in his blood" thing come from, I swear its a reference and not some random thing trixie just did but I can't remember

  • beebalm01

    when they started talking abt home invasion theres just some fINGERTIPS that brush on trixie's neck (right at 7:02), and when i saw them i almost SCREAMED -- ik that theyre probaby just pete or someone fixing something that they edited out in post bUT STILL. GAGGED.

  • Dorel Goga
    Dorel Goga

    i loooooooooooooooove horror

  • Brandon Hindle
    Brandon Hindle

    Katya knows the whole opening ashtanga yoga mantra... we love a spiritually awakened kweeeeeeeN

  • Tomas Joel Beramendi
    Tomas Joel Beramendi

    I've JUST watched this "Fighting" episode in which Trixie says she comes back and forth with the idea of having children and then she just 6:35 ok

  • Ash

    My friend sent me this and 3:00 minutes in I absolutely love it

  • Erin

    The steel drum titties really got me

  • Johomo’s Witness
    Johomo’s Witness

    Katya’s Yes to Trixie being scared of failure 😂😂😂

  • Xegane


  • The mint green Spaceship
    The mint green Spaceship

    Please please never stop this show, if you ever - for whatever goddamn unjustified reason - this gets cancelled, I'm throwing my first born out the window and then myself right after

    • The mint green Spaceship
      The mint green Spaceship

      Oops, weird English lol

  • Eric Pang
    Eric Pang

    Isn't Trixie scared of bees lol

  • Rene Goss
    Rene Goss

    Please I need to know what lip color Trixie is wearing

  • Elizabeth Cueto
    Elizabeth Cueto

    I will forever send you all of the Almond Joy’s my future kids get from their Halloween candy, Trixie! You can have ‘em cause those things are nasty😂🤣

  • N B
    N B

    I wonder if they watch back the episodes to see all the edits :)

    • Fen Hunde
      Fen Hunde

      they’ve said a few times in earlier seasons that they watch them every week and even get excited for them because they forget half the shit they said + the edits ! very wholesome

  • Danielle Mascioli
    Danielle Mascioli

    trixie i stan your low key buffy reference

  • Ella Healey
    Ella Healey

    Holy sheeite I love this show

  • n c
    n c

    "let me hit you with my car" ;) ;) ;)

  • Faith Po
    Faith Po

    Sad. They'll mock Christians but will they mock any other religion? Trixie loses a lot of fans with children. Scary human. Was my favorite.

    • dothedeed

      bye bitch

  • Denzel Reyes
    Denzel Reyes

    ... *BaThed in His BloOd*

  • Mush

    I really hope next year they dress up as Mustard and Ketchup

  • Archer Lacroix
    Archer Lacroix

    I keep coming back for katyas prayers at the beginning

  • Berry

    Katya’s face looking extra wide while Trixie serving Skinny realness

  • Kroko Mez
    Kroko Mez

    Wow, this video is bathed in his blood

  • avery edits
    avery edits

    im bathed in his blood

  • Jade Frost
    Jade Frost

    This show is the only show that genuinely makes me scream with laughter

  • Wombat Person
    Wombat Person

    I love that hilariously inaccurate description of Christianity cause it sounds like a dnd quest

  • Chantry Wagstaff
    Chantry Wagstaff

    i love almond joys too their my favorite!

  • Poppy Kodie
    Poppy Kodie

    Hand in the rock 💀

  • Len Dreams
    Len Dreams

    Trixie seems to be more proper than usual. Something’s off, like, as if she’s a mom now.

  • Boy Dahlia
    Boy Dahlia

    The Buffy reference 5:29. Every time Trixie mentions Buffy, I live.

  • Isaiah Griffith
    Isaiah Griffith

    I agree with trixie on almond joy I dig in my bag until I find one and I love them

  • Lynne

    I can't believe it that I know that the e meter measures galvanic skin response. And I'm not even Tom Cruise.

  • Keenan Harduth
    Keenan Harduth

    The music the editors use to denote "gay" always kills me.

  • Kat Monk
    Kat Monk

    They look more like women then I do and I’m going to cry

  • dilligafkitti

    I thought Trixie's wig was meant to be a skull...from the thumbnail.

  • It's me ya boi
    It's me ya boi

    me watching this while piercing my septum at 1am cuz i knew watching this would make it hurt less (it worked lol) 👁💧👄👁

  • Lex B.
    Lex B.

    Can we get an entire music video of what happens at 0:04 to 0:25?

  • James Decannon
    James Decannon

    Does anyone know who the model/dancer is that shows up at 3:07 ?

  • Virgile Collin-Lange
    Virgile Collin-Lange

    The first minute and half is the ONLY reason the internet exists!!!

  • Giselle Santana
    Giselle Santana

    I been waiting for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Keenan-lee Strauss
    Keenan-lee Strauss

    I love how STUPID this is!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sierrah is Done
    Sierrah is Done

    Thats a really good clown costume tracy

  • Andrea Burleson
    Andrea Burleson


  • Alan Gomez Valdes
    Alan Gomez Valdes

    Trixxie: I like almond joy me: is she Starligth from the boys?

  • Eduardo Abreu
    Eduardo Abreu

    Lil' Trixie is so cute! "Trick or treeeat!"

  • Alexa F.
    Alexa F.

    we didn't need halloween to be the clowns of the year

  • Sean Curry
    Sean Curry

    This was by far the funniest so far I am yelling

  • Syafiq Malik
    Syafiq Malik

    When Trixie starts beating her breast plate, I LOST IT. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Katie Romine
    Katie Romine

    My mom would drop all of us kids off in a graveyard every Halloween when we were growing up. And just leave us for like 10 minutes and someone would come and chase us (usually our neighbor or one of her friends) wild times. 🤣

  • Mary Damiani
    Mary Damiani

    Hey, Ashtanga yogi!

  • Jacee Stapp
    Jacee Stapp

    Omg the Buffy reference

  • Erick Lopes
    Erick Lopes

    I can’t get over how genuine her reaction is at 3:25 “ME TOO” it’s so cute

  • claire inman
    claire inman

    i’m sorry but 0:30 is the best part of this episode

  • Marcie

    That trick or treat skit was simultaneously adorable, disturbing and hilarious

  • Melissa Rose
    Melissa Rose

    Why does Trixie trick or treating look like India in AS5???!! Trixie I am sorry but you do!

  • vik över
    vik över

    dem editors with the ketchup bottle mayyyyn lol

  • Glenn ODonnell
    Glenn ODonnell

    This show is essentially 70% the edit. Amazing editing

  • kamari moore
    kamari moore


  • kamari moore
    kamari moore


  • SaltyPigeey

    I searched up "I'm bathed in his blood" guess where I ended up.


    I was waiting to hear Happy Hallowiener

  • so0bly

    What’s your name M E L A N I E

  • Lexie

    As a parent Trixie would handle Halloween the way Rusty did in Venture Bros

  • Abbi

    Now my boyfriend won’t stop saying bathed in his blood

  • Laurent Lachapelle
    Laurent Lachapelle

    Katya giving full Hanibal Lecter vibes : what kinda candy do you want little girl ?

  • Mia Mcaree
    Mia Mcaree

    The bit with the candy corn... that editing 😍😍😍

  • rollership


  • Caroline Hamilton
    Caroline Hamilton

    Trixie’s makeup is the best it’s ever looked in my opinion

  • Cheerios

    I imagen trixie and Katya talking out of drag like : hey Brian Yea Brian what’s up? Nothing Brian want some food? Yea sure brian

  • MoniniPanini

    "what are you scared of?" katya: pain me, also an addict: girl, totes same

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor

    “Taped over shot glasses filled with MY piss”

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission

    Katya: I don’t like pain Also Katya: *Has loads of tattoos*

  • brintesia circe
    brintesia circe

    can someone make a longer version of katya's chanting remix??? I would pay several dollars

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