Two Excavators stuck in deep clay - Heavy Recovery - Terribärgarn, Sweden
Stockholm Sweden, Two excavator are stuck in deep mud. An 35 ton heavy excavator was removing a temporary construction road. Halfway done, the excavator sank in the blue clay.

  • Ben Leysen
    Ben Leysen


  • Jeanette Johnson
    Jeanette Johnson

    Awesome operators!!!!

  • Dominic Townsend
    Dominic Townsend

    I love it when people copy the voices off TV

  • Dominic Townsend
    Dominic Townsend

    So what do you do for a living? "I fix idiot problems"

  • liveuk

    Is that "Troy McClure" doing the voice over?

  • Dave -in-NJ
    Dave -in-NJ

    the skill of the driver is to know when you are stuck and to stop before you get so deep they have to call in the really big rigs.

  • Dwayne Koblitz
    Dwayne Koblitz

    The first operator had matts but didn’t use them. IDIOT! 😂 The second operator was just an idiot! IDIOT!! 🤣 What did he think he was going to do?? The grading bucket on the Volvo was cool AF! They should’ve used that one to begin with.

  • syafii ptg
    syafii ptg

  • TheKalle45

    Very dangerous to stay this close to cables under tension 💀

  • As Dominance
    As Dominance

    Один человек по имени Сережа, вытащил бы этот экскаватор с помощью только одной лебедки от ЗИЛа)) И это не шутка

  • Vince Salzano
    Vince Salzano

    Love those buckets

  • stephenbru

    You should have called Letsdig18...😀👍

  • Tổng hợp xe cày
    Tổng hợp xe cày

    Hello chào bạn like 👉👍🙏❤️🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

  • Hazzard

    However much must this cost? The machines, timber and manpower needed must cost tens of thousands.. Better to push them down in the clay ad cap the ground with reinforced concrete. With that amount of blue clay nothing can ever be built on the ground.. The ground is just a giant sump

  • M S
    M S

    Just make sure the insurance is up to date and bury them. Sorted.

  • Beardedcyclist67

    Global warming, melted the permafrost, wheres Greta.

  • Nerd Garage
    Nerd Garage

    Blue clay is the most wonderful stuff on earth. [cough] [choke]

  • Nick Cook
    Nick Cook

    "There's always a bigger fish."

  • Gary 1
    Gary 1

    The should have called Darth Vader (the narrator) and asked him to use the force to get the other Excavator out

  • Junior Matalang
    Junior Matalang



    This is more than a recovery, it's an entire construction project.

  • protools fanatic
    protools fanatic

    3 wreckers and a 320 size excavator to pull a excavator? now that is some serious power.

  • Austin Reynolds
    Austin Reynolds

    Jjjkoopl ppl o

  • JustJames

    Don't try this at home kids, these people are experts. Impressive.

  • 中川伸

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  • Vipervin Samuel
    Vipervin Samuel

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  • Glen Jones
    Glen Jones

    Chris at Letsdig18 would have whizzed it out without the recovery trucks.

    • Kape 351
      Kape 351

      No he would not.

  • Variator

    Mud... inte clay

    • Kape 351
      Kape 351

      Varför inte. Clay är lera

  • Oumar Sountal
    Oumar Sountal

    I mean some they don't values union workers but if we all values union workers we will make a difference very easily God knows the best

  • Oumar Sountal
    Oumar Sountal

    Wow great team work we found out some they values union workers because they know small amounts that union duties but we don't see how people are making difference thank you very much everyone for sharing it's great job done well

  • Joseph Astier
    Joseph Astier

    Got a bunch of Karens on that site.

  • Yo H
    Yo H

    Typical KAREN @3:30, probably along the guy if this is his property

  • Yo H
    Yo H

    I like the Intense Narrator, reminds me of Mike Rowe on Deadliest Catch LoL

  • madmic pat
    madmic pat

    Would like to know more about the red Merc 😃looks like a weapon!

  • cs love
    cs love

    That was so cool to watch, I couldn't look away I had to see it through, these guys are good.

  • Let's Do This
    Let's Do This

    Articulating buckets on those excavators, that is pretty cool. The clay has some massive suction power!! You would think they would have hauled in some more stable material to backfill the hole.

  • Robert Ordewald
    Robert Ordewald

    Well, no end of year bonus for him,,,,,,,, The operator was so sad you could say he was Blue......... All these folks needed to do was to get Chris from North Carolina USA (Letsdig18) He could gotten it out with 2 shovels the Volvo and 13mm wrench - the wrench is what he uses to open the beer cans.....

  • Jean

    Blue clay is behind (under?) the large landslides in Norway. I wonder what effect that large pit might have on the house next door?

  • John True
    John True

    Winch truck pulls itself in and then what?


    I'd hate to see this recovery bill

  • Charles Cutillo
    Charles Cutillo

    I had a friend whos car was nearly cut in two like that.

  • Jeffrey Saloka
    Jeffrey Saloka

    I feel sorry for whoever signs the next contract... gotta recoup the money somehow, ya kno?

  • Road Builder
    Road Builder

    Great !

  • Mister Vacation
    Mister Vacation

    Funny enough, some of the older Lanz tractors didn’t even have a reverse gear. You’d just have to reverse the engine.

  • Baard2000

    Wife: Hi was your day?? Me: ...........aaahhhhhhhhh?

  • Shaun Chambers
    Shaun Chambers

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  • kober51

    Co za ciul w tej mini koparce. Nic dziwnego że utopili się.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith


  • Charles Smyth
    Charles Smyth

    A quick hose down with the power hose, and it's back to work :-)

  • Matt Streetman
    Matt Streetman

    would of gone so much faster with the mats if he had a claw

  • R Rdm
    R Rdm

    I always thought 'Karen', used derogatorily, was a play on Care/Caring; as in overly caring, so as to be a pest, nanny statist type -- now i see Karen is actually a useful Assistant, in certain situations. You've won back my heart darlin'!

  • R Rdm
    R Rdm

    I remember buying a christmas present for one of my nephews ~1980s which was a model steel excavator (tonka toy), and it was battery powered with lights, and it played a voice-loop saying; "Dig!, Dig!... Lift it Up!, Lift it Up!" I think it was James Earl Jones' voice, now that i'm hearing him narrate this ;-)

    • R Rdm
      R Rdm

      @satanihelvetet yikes!

    • satanihelvetet

      It's Kåren and it can be translated to 'The corp".

  • Wizdomtrek

    Well, this looks expensive!

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis

    The safety factor involved in these type of dead pull recoveries must be implemented at all stages of the recovery!!! Clearly this company has the proper equipment to recover but not the insight to instruct employees to maintain proper distance for cables under load .

  • lanista78

    The whole soundtrack of heavy diesel machinery is so satisfying!

  • Julius Heide
    Julius Heide

    the thumb attachment that letsdig18 uses looks very useful.

  • yana paris
    yana paris

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  • Thomas Henden
    Thomas Henden

    Big boys working hard to get their big toys back... :-D

  • Miami Eyes ME
    Miami Eyes ME

    There is no regulations about people be near those cables when they pulling ? WOW

  • JoJoLux2013

    They should called Chris from Letsdig18 ^^

  • martin panks
    martin panks

    That’s what you get for trying to build on a flood plane.

  • kaz9781

    1st day on the job im guessing

  • Cory Minnig
    Cory Minnig

    "Assistance Karen" Lol.

  • Pj Lally
    Pj Lally

    I'd hardly call it devastating.

  • Anthony Chambers
    Anthony Chambers

    Any idea on what this recovery cost?

  • second error
    second error

    STUCKholm, Sweden

  • richard powney
    richard powney

    just get a crane

  • Waylon K
    Waylon K

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate that bucket?

  • Eddie

    The recovery excavator operator is pretty good. I've never used a bucket that rotates 360 like that.

  • Penguin Gaming
    Penguin Gaming

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  • Johnny mansker
    Johnny mansker

    Not James Earl Jones lol

  • c02615223

    Fuck this video for not letting me see the power hosing down of the machine afterwards

  • Peter Agurkis
    Peter Agurkis

    What a lovely voice

  • L Relerford
    L Relerford

    Is there a lot of clay in Sweden?

    • satanihelvetet

      Here and there, yes, prety much.

  • donttripp10

    3:13 assistance Karen hahaha

  • donttripp10

    bruh why am i soo deep into these vids

  • Mark Emanuele
    Mark Emanuele

    I'd love to know how the operator ever got out of the cab. It was buried in clay. I hope there was a roof escape hatch, otherwise, there is a very dead body in that cab.

  • mark nieuwejaar
    mark nieuwejaar

    Hit it with a torch then it'll crumble like a shattered vase...

  • Anthony Walmsley
    Anthony Walmsley

    Sherif john burnel

  • gognaz

    Its more than robocar poli could have done

  • Nitti Stark
    Nitti Stark

    Allstate, are you in good hands?

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Stuck in a demon hole.

  • Mr.Castro

    im guessing this is why sweden was never invaded

  • Mr.Castro

    the dude working the excavator is a beast

  • Private

    Yo, just get a helicopter and left it right up out of there.

  • David Weeks
    David Weeks

    You'd struggle to get that deep in the sh*t at a speed dating night at your local gay bar!

  • Nirotix

    How the fuck do you get a machine that buried? Seriously.

  • Nirotix

    What a fucking sick bucket attachment he has. 360 rotation, gripper on the back.

  • steven herrold
    steven herrold

    im confused i thought these heavy equipment operators were supposed to pro at driving these machines then you would know better then get yourself in this predicament

  • A Parson
    A Parson

    They were removing a road? Good job! They made a swimming pool. They also found an amazing amount of blue clay which might be prized on a potter's wheel. If they find bedrock, they might find a lost city. Could be a happy accident on ALgone. Appreciate that comments are not turned off.... I never watch what can't be commented on.

  • S C
    S C

    I know we will dig are way out lol when they work those machines can move lots of soil

  • Pawel

    Crazy amount of supporting mats, overdose of thinking :P

  • Bobby Welch
    Bobby Welch

    Should have just put a tombstone above the orange one. I bet that was one high recovery bill.

  • RKG Austin
    RKG Austin

    @3:24 Assistance Karen would like to help you speak to the manager.


    Very Therapeutic

  • Dora Explora
    Dora Explora

    I swear to God if I didn't go into IT, I would have taken up this job of playing in the dirt all my life!!

  • MB Taber
    MB Taber

    03:12 nice to see a Karren actually assisting vs being a racist bitch

  • G3isME

    That pivoting bucket is pretty trick 👌🏻

  • G3isME

    The narrator sounds like he’s from some 90’s crime show 😅

  • Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane

    That land is officially destroyed.

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