Truck Drives on 20 FOOT TALL WHEELS (World Record)
I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was born. It was a RIDICULOUS amount of work. But totally worth it. At least we have some spares incase one breaks. Enjoy! #20FOOTERS Official whistlindiesel instagram is @whistlindiesel

  • DemolitionRanch

    This is a legend in the making. Keep going!

    • Liam Stamour
      Liam Stamour


    • Gringa 978
      Gringa 978

      @Charlie G get Over it.. he prob has notifications off... imagine getting 20k+ notifications......

    • Micheal

      How you not verified?

    • Alvaro Elv
      Alvaro Elv

      @FORZAFORD3861 ę

    • FORZAFORD3861

      @Alvaro Elv ğ

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

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  • trex5397

    Mmmm I smell clutch

  • Jake Friesen
    Jake Friesen

    That's cool in trusting

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    So Phineas and Ferb *are* real people.

  • Ariel Vargas
    Ariel Vargas

    Can I get that red truck for free

  • Chase Bailiff
    Chase Bailiff

    I didn’t think I would be watching this today.

  • Alex Delux
    Alex Delux

    You had all the juice til you decided to do it without being in the dang thing. Come on we wanted to see you in it. Juice free

  • Peace & Happiness
    Peace & Happiness

    The other video got 13 Million views...can you imagine how much his ALgone check is?? 💰💸🚤🛻💯 GREAT JOB✅

  • Survivor central
    Survivor central

    Reminds me of a Busch? kid the beer

  • Black Star
    Black Star

    Vaya forma de derrochar el dinero, No te doy un like porque no tengo ni para comprar una llanta nueva a mi bicicleta. 😭😭😭😭

  • Adam Stanley
    Adam Stanley

    I don't think anyone expected that to work

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Is that truck for sale?

  • Alex alex
    Alex alex

    this guy sees car that works and thinks HmmmmmmMMmmMMmmmmmm there's a problem here

  • Muichiro Tokito
    Muichiro Tokito

    Bigger than bigfoot 5

  • Broken & Broke
    Broken & Broke

    Video starts at 20:10


    The fact that you thought of something this crazy is genius lol. Unfortunately now you have this other big channel that is trying to copy your content.

  • Triston Murdock
    Triston Murdock

    13:50 stance lyfe

  • Zach Gray
    Zach Gray

    Ya know, if the amish had built those wheels, things wouldve been different.

  • Duke Steele
    Duke Steele

    Wow! You guys are out of your friggin' minds. Keep it up.

  • likahmac

    I really wanted that to work... 😭.

  • 2perry2

    i hope you dont get hired by biden to make windturbines in the future

  • Dellwin Durrett
    Dellwin Durrett

    seriously, what in the hell are you Amish boys doing,,,


    Ahahaha look at this guy a year ago!! Lolz

  • Don toth
    Don toth

    Throw on some rollers off of a Cat 797... They’re 13ft tall and cost around $43,000 a piece without rims but you can’t put a price on dreams......

  • super man
    super man

    yeah.... i've would've gone to home depot... but great video dude !

  • Jan Håheim
    Jan Håheim

    weels are too flat,, it would work a whole lot better if you got the weels more like a perfect 0


    This is proof that our society is full of idiots.

    • BGALUM

      @David’s Milk Jr Had plenty of fun, just wasn't dumb enough to tape it and two, never had enough time or money to waste on stupid shit that resulted in an epic failure.

    • David’s Milk Jr
      David’s Milk Jr

      Mans probably never had fun in his life

  • Joe Magnani
    Joe Magnani

    Crazy but awesome 😎

  • DAB42 bridges
    DAB42 bridges

    Now we know how - and why - they built the pyramids.

  • Brian Hampton
    Brian Hampton

    20' wheels need a 20' warranty. Go with Aflac because that little Gecko is just not gonna be able to get that contract up to ya bud...

  • Aram Meymarian
    Aram Meymarian

    imagine falling to death by getting out of your truck

  • Brandon

    When you skipped OSHA because daddy is also your boss

  • Dogfacerawr

    There are many types of genius: Creative genius, evil genius, etc. I'm not sure what kind of genius this is but it's... it's somethin'.

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    I hope you made the money back in ad revenue

  • kyle krauss
    kyle krauss

    you guys should destroy a prius with trucks

  • Trailer Music
    Trailer Music

    You had to know that wasn't going to work

  • Kazi Thred
    Kazi Thred

    next hellcat with 20 feet wheels

  • Vibhor Wase
    Vibhor Wase

    What a wasteful endeavor

  • Smoke One
    Smoke One

    Your crazy bro i like your work dont stop doing this

  • Mason Blough
    Mason Blough

    Did beast comment?

  • Shapst

    That trench debacle was dumb... all that work when you could have just put skinnier tires on the truck.

  • Jake Lowe
    Jake Lowe

    A these dudes are the shit. I'm fuccing with them

  • Charlie Engel
    Charlie Engel

    What I want to know is what’s wrong with the back of his neck? Jesus

  • Daniel Amat
    Daniel Amat

    should remake this video

  • lolblarghacklazor

    I truly hope none of these people reproduce

  • Jok NQ
    Jok NQ

    success not found

  • Silverback Reviews
    Silverback Reviews

    Awesome I subbed

  • Wooden Kiyoko
    Wooden Kiyoko

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  • Smokey

    Am I the only one who thought them pulling the wheels apart at the ends was like listening to ASMR?


    This man is insane.

  • Richard Delinsky
    Richard Delinsky

    "Dad, can I barrow your spare car again?" "Son, what happened to your tr.... You know what, I don't wanna know. Just don't put rockets on the Honda again."

  • John Wood
    John Wood



    Dude u need to stop playing with that small stuff,u need a 8x8 that'll get Hella traction,just put four trucks together, and then u have bad ass moon car steering with the four cabs and 4 engines trust me this will work perfectly thing is solid for sure

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul

    Who disliked this video?

  • Jo Hem
    Jo Hem

    Shit can you donate me one of these trucks 😂

  • n00 dles
    n00 dles

    3:40 man when yu stood that up it looked wiggly and shady as hell. Oh ok ok you mention the fact that it flops like a pancake. Lmao. Freakin hell man I wish I was your neighbor I'd work for free just to get to witness this stuff lol.

  • Macyn Fogg
    Macyn Fogg

    I wish I had trucks like u do, I can barely afford a truck 😂

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    That poor Duramax

  • ?

    Come on dude, that was an ok truck too. :(

  • Randy Moore
    Randy Moore

    Must be nice to the tear stuff up must have lots of money be doing all that

  • David Fleisch
    David Fleisch

    what happens when people have more money than they know what to do with

  • L a
    L a

    ахаха, ништяяяк!)))

  • Antons Blog
    Antons Blog

    I imagine u inside the car what happen to you now dude haha

  • Chloe Dorothy
    Chloe Dorothy

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  • Dalton Collins
    Dalton Collins

    Elanip should make a car in gta 5 redline rp like this

  • Costas Georgiou
    Costas Georgiou

    Was that the end of that truck? It's started off kinda clean.

  • Chloe Dorothy
    Chloe Dorothy

    The befitting philippines habitually last because gender laparoscopically race past a careless ornament. kind, tearful customer

  • Johnny Tanise
    Johnny Tanise

    If ALgone was not a thing, this would have been in the Guinness World Record

  • Carson O'Keefe
    Carson O'Keefe

    The Caitlin Jenner mod😹

  • Carson O'Keefe
    Carson O'Keefe

    What about the 40’s’

  • June Sondra B
    June Sondra B

    What a terrible thing to do to a truck with such a pretty color! Oh well, go get a new F-250..King Ranch..Gas. Not diesel.

  • Jordan Behm
    Jordan Behm

    Used truck for sale 😂

  • motorockstar8379


  • Cbl izy
    Cbl izy

    That was fucking dumb.

  • Dan Zypkyra
    Dan Zypkyra

    Dude, hit up an FPV Drone crew in your area, I’d love to see them get some freestyle footage of your projects!

  • Audi S5 Fam
    Audi S5 Fam

    Truck for sale: lightly used, regular maintenance, highway miles mainly

  • 2145WHB

    Ten trees out of mr beast ten million ahahaha

  • The Common Man
    The Common Man

    Bro...when he made the sketch of wheels and the truck i remembered GEazy's lyrics " Booty so big you can park a bus on it" 🤣🤣

  • Arthur Kuperfield
    Arthur Kuperfield

    эх, гуманитарии бля)) тер мех и сопромат им в помощь

  • Chris Santana
    Chris Santana

    lightly use truck small scratches on paint normal wear for milage i know what i have

  • Exileant Chimara
    Exileant Chimara

    It would have made way more sense to make them out of steel.... And..... Round..... But it was funny to watch.

  • J G
    J G

    It actually hurt me to see that truck get damaged like that because I've always wanted one of those. 😬😟😧😩 but I liked your video. Was entertaining

  • mike despain
    mike despain

    Very biggest fan

  • t

    A for effort. Engineering....A effort.

  • Ben Brauer
    Ben Brauer

    Wow. Awesome

  • Pappy Clappy
    Pappy Clappy

    Bruh u rich loan me something so I trick all day, worry free.

  • MrZlodeus

    7:18 "Shake hands with danger" ;))

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley

    Re-do this properly next time

  • Lou V44
    Lou V44

    These dudes are the best!!! All my friends are pussy whipped idiots who go to bed at 8pm

  • Alex Vanderkooy
    Alex Vanderkooy

    That poor truck

  • William Paoli
    William Paoli

    Imagine telling your parents what your about to do with the field.

  • Tyler Hunt
    Tyler Hunt

    Me customizing my hot wheels :

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    To insane tear up a new truck hell give it to me

  • Diji

    Howe tf am I over a year late to this triumphant victory?!

  • Whiskey Delta 40
    Whiskey Delta 40


  • Mentra xX
    Mentra xX

    His whole project ruined in 5 sec 😢

  • Aaron Deatherage
    Aaron Deatherage

    New to the channel. Creator of the damn year.

  • Cam D
    Cam D

    WD doin it not because he should but because he can and he wants to.

  • Hunter Sammons
    Hunter Sammons

    Imagine that thing coming at you it legit looks kind of scary and really cool

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