Tracked 6x6 VS Tracked Raptor- Stradman Almost DIED!
I loaned a set of tracks to Stradman and he put them to good use on his Raptor. Make sure to follow his channel
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  • zack hutto
    zack hutto

    #1 fan 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Henkebenk

    he looks like paul walker

  • Todd Hammer
    Todd Hammer

    You guys do amazing things and it looks like you have a ton of fun doing it.

  • GHOST0766

    Lamborghini on tracks is nice.... but that 6x6 is epic

  • Six pest
    Six pest

    not gonna lie if he had not had tracks 100% he would not of slid.

  • Good Luck
    Good Luck

    These guys with fuckin' neon white teeth lol

  • Kradle

    There are so many beautiful places in the country and wonderful people to meet and things to do and here I am in my late 20's slaving over advanced math for a STEM degree. Questioning my life choices.

  • Manuel A
    Manuel A

    PowerWagon on tracks. Let’s go.

  • Tj Selkey
    Tj Selkey

    Love the content and the truck im a Ford guy from Michigan.

  • tom doore
    tom doore

    a lot of people can't drive a truck with 3 peddles this guy can't drrive with 2 peddles

  • Alex Watts
    Alex Watts

    How tf did you get past the gates

  • Rickey M
    Rickey M

    Very awesome

  • Jefahfah

    Its not a good video if someone doesn't crash the drone

  • Goop Man
    Goop Man

    Can I quit my desk job in NY, leave my life behind, and come out there and work for you guys??

  • President Elect Jim Jones
    President Elect Jim Jones

    literally never seen so many annoying sounding people in the same video together

  • Jonathon

    lambo on tracks

  • Roy Nelson
    Roy Nelson


  • Hanuman's Moving Castle
    Hanuman's Moving Castle

    way too man adds

  • xXSEWXx

    Hey! I would volunteer to test out those tracks of yours here in the Northern part of Norway! :D Loads of snow!!

  • michael evan
    michael evan

    Lamborghini on track and let him drive fe sure you guy the best keep the vidsupppppp

  • Glen Norman
    Glen Norman

    Utah is just the ultimate place on earth.

  • Emmanuel Meremikwu
    Emmanuel Meremikwu

    I"m shocked you've only taken it out twice. You need to stop being so protective over your truck. Though expensive, these things are just materials, live life to the fullest. Look at WhistlinDiesel, he gets a new truck basically every month. At the end of the day, its your truck; I'm not saying to follow his distructive methods but at least take it out more often. There no point in buying a truck if you're not gonna use it; its like driving a fast car slow, whats the purpose.

  • Lunamaria

    Moisture can't evaporate out of snow lol.. What happens is the temperature is too cool so keeps all the moisture locked in the snow.. Snow is water lol

  • Shannon Jossy
    Shannon Jossy

    All you guys are great, Love seeing all the FORDS on tracks. I think I would love to see a Lambo on tracks. All you guys keep up the GREAT WORK

  • Ray Woods
    Ray Woods

    Definitely need to see Lambo on tracks lmfao

  • Ray Woods
    Ray Woods

    I’ve always wanted to try the tracks out on any vehicle I love the the half 180 I have to ask is that where you didn’t your 180 at 30 mph while on your Rescue mission to Retrieve your Razor and Hans

  • Whitey's original knives
    Whitey's original knives

    I'm so glad you guys are make videos

  • D D
    D D

    I legit thought the thumbnail was what really happened.

  • Autreen Mirhosseini
    Autreen Mirhosseini

    the algorithm injector

    • Autreen Mirhosseini
      Autreen Mirhosseini

      definitely worth a watch shit was intense

  • Phillip Roper
    Phillip Roper

    Tracked Raptor is sick

  • alec newman
    alec newman

    Bugatti on tracks

  • Benjamin Butler
    Benjamin Butler

    So so sick! Love watchin y’all’s stuff. Just would suggest a few simple gimbals for your cameras. They would help out your vehicle to vehicle footage step it up even more!

  • Brett Stephens
    Brett Stephens

    Yall these are videos are crazy!! Keep it up! I want to see studded tracks that seems pretty interesting!!

  • Benjamin Shepherd
    Benjamin Shepherd

    That tracked 6x6 is one of the meanest looking trucks

  • Bob Swaget
    Bob Swaget

    when someone asks why women live longer than men, i show them this channel

  • Doug Stevens
    Doug Stevens

    Utah is a very Beautiful State wow...

  • Danny Davis
    Danny Davis

    Looks like awesome fun. You guys ROCK !!!

  • shFtshiFty

    I hate it when the moisture evaporates out of frozen water.

  • Jon Jiron
    Jon Jiron

    Much love from Colorado! #beardbrothers#fearthebeard

  • Vaktmester Mads Olsen
    Vaktmester Mads Olsen

    how caan i win , i am from norway

  • Vaktmester Mads Olsen
    Vaktmester Mads Olsen

    you duds are the best

  • XxlilorangexX2

    Cant wait for his jeep imagine that beast being in tracks :o

  • Travis Sikora
    Travis Sikora

    @Steadman needs Trax for his gladiator

  • Frankies Journey
    Frankies Journey


  • clemente rodriguez
    clemente rodriguez

    i want to win 🙌

  • Sean Leonard
    Sean Leonard

    Raptor on tracks should be a give away vehicle or tracks with the gladiator give away

  • Sean Leonard
    Sean Leonard

    Lambo on tracks is awesome

  • Shawn Baldwin
    Shawn Baldwin

    I wonder how deep the teeth marks are in the seat after Stradman lost control of the Raptor sliding backwards on the ice?

  • Angel Maldonado
    Angel Maldonado

    Let's see it on that lamborghini

  • En Usko
    En Usko


  • The Kidmetz
    The Kidmetz

    bro the truck are like wtf bro bro dope as fuck man keep it going yall are beast

  • Riya And Ray Play
    Riya And Ray Play

    Next time bring a little shovel and put dirt on it.

  • Jack Brag
    Jack Brag

    lambo on tracks baby!!

  • Nathan Hofer
    Nathan Hofer

    Tracks on a Lamborghini would be different! How about putting tracks on a real pickup, like a Ram!

  • Western Outdoors
    Western Outdoors

    Hey heavy D and Diezel Dave I have been a fan of the show since it began I actually come by your shop before the show and then as soon as your show started my son at the time was 15 I brought him by he is now in the military as a Blackhawk going to be a pilot. He absolutely loves you guys I would love if you can do some trade with me I have a 2001 second GEN Turbo diesel needs fixing up I was wondering if you guys do any hunting I could take you on some coyote hunts that you would absolutely love if that’s your thing if not that is fine too reach out to me and let me know if that something you would like to try?

  • Max

    Rad! W.A.S.P. Rock n Roll, FORD RAPTORIN!!!

  • Snow Taylor
    Snow Taylor

    The laughs in this video are the best yet. Everyone seams to be having a blast.

  • Grayson Adamik
    Grayson Adamik

    That looks so scary

  • Gardner521


  • James Carlin
    James Carlin

    That's the best show .. you kidding

  • Todd mead
    Todd mead

    Show me a Lambo on tracks

  • Robert P
    Robert P

    Lambo on tracks🤣🤣🤣


    Great to see you an stradmam doing videos together

  • Septic

    dude my should would've left me body

  • Soybean Beanson
    Soybean Beanson

    i looked at the thumbnail and was like, thats photoshopped but then the preview showed me it very much was not photoshopped.

  • HuntforAndrew

    So those tracks are terrible on ice and don't work on certain types of snow. Next you should build a boat that only works in a pond.

  • Andrew Ciofani
    Andrew Ciofani

    All of your vehicles are insane!

  • Darren

    Love the dude saying roll up your windows. What? That may be your only route of escape if you roll over. Duh 😂

  • Vision Media
    Vision Media

    hell yer!

  • James MacFadyen
    James MacFadyen

    wait can no one tell that, that was cgi

  • Slord 666
    Slord 666

    its just amazing watching big men play with toys in the snow

  • Dylan Rogers
    Dylan Rogers

    People laugh the hardest when they just almost died

  • jkiddstown05

    Ive never seen snow like that in person

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    Bro dry snow is what you want... if you’re in wet snow you’ll be getting stuck all day

  • Blazed Hobo
    Blazed Hobo

    them are some good lookin ford trucks.

  • Northern Maine Weed Gnome
    Northern Maine Weed Gnome

    looks cool as fuck guys

  • Darren Samuels
    Darren Samuels

    How good would it be to hang out with all you guys we just don’t see fun like this in Australia 🇦🇺. If you guys are looking for a new mate I can fabricate and weld everything you brake you boys are rocking You tube 🇦🇺🙏❄️😂.

  • Austin Bennett
    Austin Bennett

    Great video!

  • Cody Weldon
    Cody Weldon


  • Kristopher Patrick
    Kristopher Patrick

    that's bad ass

  • Merf


  • Merf


  • Binko76 Idon'twantto
    Binko76 Idon'twantto

    I so envy these guys! Nice vid!

  • Lee Parker
    Lee Parker

    Hell ya Lamborghini on tracks

  • Bobby Reese
    Bobby Reese

    Love it

  • Lisute Kailyte
    Lisute Kailyte

    Gotta love the Murph-in Man 🙂 A Lambo on tracks? I'm holding out for the hero to get it done!

  • Deago Ramon
    Deago Ramon

    He was shook when he started going backwards

  • Glenn Connon
    Glenn Connon

    Friends don’t Bail out! #Ridetheslide

  • Hunter Brooks
    Hunter Brooks

    Those vehicles are goals

  • Phylosifer

    How bout lambo AND Bugatti on tracks that would be awesome!

  • E942

    cliff xD dramaqueen of the year

  • BRIMSON Burnette
    BRIMSON Burnette

    Awesome 😎 Tracks

  • zlee415

    The click bait of this channel feels unbalanced

  • Alexander Gordon
    Alexander Gordon

    Put those tracks on that lambo

  • MagentaRV

    I love Dave doing his flips in the snow.

  • tyler gerondale
    tyler gerondale

    I need one of those !!

  • sbyard86

    Tracks on a Lamborghini 👍🏻

  • TRaceLegend Fastlanecars
    TRaceLegend Fastlanecars

    Aaah come on... I want to see a lambo on tracks.....DONE PROPERLY LIKE DP ALWAYS DOES!!!

  • Francis Drenth
    Francis Drenth

    tracked lamboooo

  • Joey Boggs
    Joey Boggs

    Tracks on lambo would be sick!!! Let’s gooo!

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