This is What a $1,500,000 Guitar Sounds Like
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  • Music is Win
    Music is Win

    check another off the ol' bucket list

    • mikel yoloson
      mikel yoloson

      Whats the part at 7:25 ?

    • Mark N
      Mark N

      All you needed was Jimi Hendrix's guitar strap for the trifecta.

    • Linda Carlton
      Linda Carlton

      @Thrashing-Bassist 7432 freebird.

    • ??

      Pick of destiny

    • ??

      Pretty specific thing to have on your bucket list. Is playing famous people's guitar something you're into? Lol😉

  • Matthew Semones
    Matthew Semones

    okay... Eric... WTH is your guitar even doing here?!? so many questions... whoever buys this guitar, and i don't care who you are... you are not worthy

  • Mad Miata
    Mad Miata

    It didn't sell and they are taking offers.

  • Aaron Crosby
    Aaron Crosby

    People are so stupid. It's just a good guitar and that's it.

  • jonathan galvan
    jonathan galvan

    3:52 song name?

  • My Brother Donnie
    My Brother Donnie

    They never said it's the same guitar as the one in the footage folks. They're just showing Eric Clapton playing a guitar. The Eric Clapton in the footage is the same Eric Clapton that played this guitar. That part is correct.

  • Exile

    Sounds like what you hear people play at guitar center

  • Justin Degler
    Justin Degler

    Love the ween shirts

  • Tony A
    Tony A

    Too bad it will end up in someone's glass case not being played.

  • Randy Hate
    Randy Hate

    And you did it wearing a Ween shirt?

  • Calvin Purdy
    Calvin Purdy

    Anything is only worth what some idiot is prepared to pay for it. I have an old pair of socks that's worth $500.00, any takers out there???

  • Zdrag _yt
    Zdrag _yt

    This isn’t one million dollars I have the same guitar and it’s only 600 from the music storw

  • Jack Withey
    Jack Withey

    The video footage near the end shows a different guitar.. look at the headstock. Very nicely played though.

  • Daniel Donahue
    Daniel Donahue

    WOW...great talent...real live guitar...sounds fantastic...thank you

  • MoreAverageThanMost

    Should have played Stairway to Heaven

  • Christian Killgore
    Christian Killgore

    It would be really fun to play an instrument like this, but if I paid that much money for it, I would never touch it, and probably never enjoy it.

  • cherokee592

    I think THIS guitar is not the one EC plays in the footage shown - this one has a small headstock while the one in the video has the large one.

  • Pete Sciarabba
    Pete Sciarabba

    Cue Waynes World, "we're not worthy, we're not worthy."

  • EddieLivesOnLincoln

    They could have invited John Petrucci over, he's in Long Island.

  • Moparmat _
    Moparmat _

    5:04 into the video, is this a song or something you cooked up on the fly? Sounds so familiar and so great at the same time!

    • Søren Dam
      Søren Dam

      Crossroads by Cream.

  • Juberth ocampo Baton
    Juberth ocampo Baton

    nice nice bro

  • Art is Life
    Art is Life

    Not the same guitar on the Clapton video. This one is a '57 -ish fixed bridge, 8 screw single layer pick guard with classic '50s pre-CBS head stock with original "Fender" logo, the one in the video has a vibrato bridge, 10 screw triple layer pick guard and large [CBS era] head stock with the fat "Fender" logo. CBS Strats were popular with slide work due to the extra wood for tone. Either this was accompanying the guitar Eric is playing on the video or it's just another one of his quivers he had, but not the same guitar.


    wow...what a tone. It sounded like I hoped it did.

  • Samí Warrior
    Samí Warrior

    Sounds like shit. Then again, we are talking about Clapton.

  • Nicolas Rodriguez
    Nicolas Rodriguez

    There is only ONE that can make it Hum like it should .

  • OliverW

    nicccceeee car bruhhh

  • Logan Potts
    Logan Potts

    The guitar from the old footage has a 70's style neck...

  • Brad Woods
    Brad Woods

    Wooow!!!! It sounds like a Stratocaster...

  • Paleofrogitarianism

    That ween shirt tho

  • Sandstorm South
    Sandstorm South

    Bruh THE KEY HANGER!!!


    thats buttery

  • Guest Acct1
    Guest Acct1

    Good for you. Great content through a great channel. Saw this shortly from your Klon video. Just as these pieces were meant from their original manufacturers, they were meant from the players and crafters that made them. To be played! Noone forget that, no matter the price tag!

  • Tongs

    Imagine getting the guitar out and instantly dropping it

    • Thatdamn Guy
      Thatdamn Guy

      @My Brother Donnie Holy shit, that’s crazy.

    • Tongs

      @My Brother Donnie thank you i am now slightly smarter

    • My Brother Donnie
      My Brother Donnie

      There was a Stradivarian Cello that some guy in an orchestra left sitting on his porch accidentally, crook runs up and grabs it, tries to ride off on a bike and falls and crushes the whole thing. The Cello was worth over a million dollars. The crook threw it in the trash, a woman driving down the road saw the case sitting in the trash and picked it up, she said she could see the trash truck at the end of the street heading that way. She took it home and told her boyfriend to turn the crushed cello (made by Stradivarius) into a bookshelf. for two days he was too lazy to do it, then promised her he'd DEFINITELY do it that day. So she goes to work and sees a news story that a Stradivarian Cello was stolen off some dude's porch and recognized the pictures. She rushes home... and her boyfriend was too lazy to make the bookshelf that day either so he hadn't cut it up yet. They took it to this world renown expert in vintage instruments and he completely repaired the crushed front of the cello as good as new and got it back to the owner, I believe it was all in San Francisco about 15 years ago.

  • Audio Dagger
    Audio Dagger

    There probably 1.7 million dollars in equipment in that room.

    • MrPotatocream

      Hah more than that i bet

  • Audio Dagger
    Audio Dagger

    That into alone made me sub

  • Mike Deuce_lhmf
    Mike Deuce_lhmf

    That’s cool, but I’m partial to Deaner’s 61’ Hail the Boognish!

  • Gryff Longdong
    Gryff Longdong

    Sorry you guys need passports to travel to another state.

  • Ethan Lincoln
    Ethan Lincoln

    What’s the song called on your first riff you did?

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D

    HE DIDNt PLaY LaYLa!!!!??

  • HashBrown

    holy fuck

  • HashBrown

    i would just start making a bunch of “imagine if it slipped” or “woah almost dropped it” jokes

  • Mij Orchard
    Mij Orchard

    Not exactly the same as the one in the video footage of Clapton, though, is it? Large headstock v. small headstock. Either a different guitar or it had a neck change at some stage.

    • Art is Life
      Art is Life

      I noticed that to.

  • Vibez Young
    Vibez Young

    Also the one in the footage has a tremelo arm hole this ones bridge doesn't.

  • Vibez Young
    Vibez Young

    Notice the Sphagetti Fender logo and the Other Fender logo in the footage with larger headstock.

  • Vibez Young
    Vibez Young

    This guitars headstock is different notice in the video footage it's a larger. The one that is demonstrated has a different neck. Guitar plays good but I doubt whether it is the original. Just check it out.

  • James Matheson
    James Matheson

    So I can buy one for $85000usd but because Clapton owned and played it, its now valued at $1.5M, whats in a name, obviously a lot of losers think heaps.

  • Mayls

    7:14 I forgot I turned my subtitles on it's said "wow" 😂

  • John Herbold
    John Herbold

    I just love hardtail Strats!! And so do Ronnie Wood and Joe Bonamassa!! Kinda Stratty and yet a little Tele toned!!

  • jude garcia
    jude garcia

    if blind folded and they said try this..not knowing. would it be just another strat

    • rklewis2

      Pretty much yes, it would.

  • Nicolas Ruvalcaba
    Nicolas Ruvalcaba

    So how much did it sell for ?

  • Chris Choir
    Chris Choir

    no fender is worth 1.5 million

  • AHillard1

    what is the song he plays at 3:52

  • TheMadeMan36


  • Rico Ludovici
    Rico Ludovici

    Well, we know he played a LOT in E, A, and D. A little bit in C. If the user tracks can be trusted. Probably de-tuned for the flat keys.

  • cap puccino
    cap puccino

    Imagine... You are a billionaire... Year 2081... How much would you pay for frusciante's strat ? Place your bid

  • Iccus Diccus
    Iccus Diccus

    that guitar never saw a pinky finger before.... Its like, " theres 4 fingers? "

  • Alwin Wibawa
    Alwin Wibawa

    It looks like a 250 dollar guitar.... thats d irony of a guitar. All of us can have a high end guitar from 2,5k to 20k dollars and it still looks like a 300 dollar guitar.

  • Woodmanns

    Boognish. Clapton was only ever as good as who he played with. Overrated.

  • Bruno Nickert
    Bruno Nickert

    Dear charlatans: neither the sound, nor the handling of a 1.5 Million Dollar guitar is thousend times better as a 1.500 Dollar guitar and also, neither the sound, nor the handling of a 1.500 Dollar guitar is thousend times worse, than a 1.5 Million Dollar guitar. It`s a typical "brain-fart of a handful of idiots" !!!!!!

  • Feeno

    It didn't sell 💀💀

  • Don Mason
    Don Mason

    so - what did it go for ?

  • Eddie Price
    Eddie Price

    That is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ok can anyone give me an estimate ( How much a 1972 Fender Telecaster Custom ) would be the going rate. Reason is I own one it is a walnut brown with a black pick guard, maple neck. I also have the black original guitar case with the red velvet interiors. In 1973 my parents bought it for me. The guitar case cost $ 80 dollars and the guitar cost $ 375.00 back then. What would it be worth today?

  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati

    Plot Twist: This is the dooo with another alias

  • Edison Rae
    Edison Rae

    is it just me who is more excited over the gene simmons bass in the background.

  • Etan

    I saw my house from the airplane window

  • fabien louvel
    fabien louvel

    what has become of the original neck?

  • David Cid
    David Cid

    Well it sounds fat for a Strat

  • Jean F. Martínez L.
    Jean F. Martínez L.

    It sounds the same as others to me, pretty normal.

  • Danny White
    Danny White

    Yuk cringe 😩

  • Simon Dupree Lagak
    Simon Dupree Lagak

    You are awesome.... I love the way you play the guitar.... 🥰

  • Howel Ben
    Howel Ben

    Wow notice sir Music is Win

  • jamesha175

    i am imagining how many Squire strats & teles i could buy with that $1.5 million

    • Eric Muccino
      Eric Muccino

      At least 1

  • Ben Allan
    Ben Allan

    Clapton is the most overrated musician change my mind

    • B Reft
      B Reft

      I think many blues and rock guitarists elicit the feeling that makes a fella say "I could do that." And, you can do what they do- which makes it all the more confusing. But if you go back to day one of Clapton, listen to his body of work and creativity the past 55+ years, you may wake up and realize you are dreaming. Every few years, he took it to a new level. Many have played Mozart, but there was only one Mozart. Or George Harrison or BB King. Simple but original in their own way.

  • mikeyhifi

    Why show footage of Clapton playing a completely different guitar?

  • Roman Terry
    Roman Terry

    If nobody bid on it it ...never-mind. Here is the Eric Clapton, the great philanthropist charity story. I'm having an awful time picturing this...if you want the How Eric Clapton stole 10 thousand dollars of my family money at rehab in Antigua you would not think of him so highly. I hate people that get on social media and undermine someones success, in fact this is a first for me...I think. Guitar gods, eddie vh and jeff beck love him so I should too, but forgiveness hasn't arrived...ed's picks over the guitar any day ..

    • Roman Terry
      Roman Terry

      Who are you Tyler? Pretty good guitar player and if you did the video too, especially the first one minute it is superb... id hire you to do a video for me any day.

  • Khai Roll
    Khai Roll

    I love the way he kiss

  • i i i i i
    i i i i i

    Man you're so lucky. I would do anything to even pluck one string on Eric's guitar

  • PerryAce Paz #21
    PerryAce Paz #21

    I dont play guitar but i know to hear who plays it well and you rock. Yeah !!!

  • Der Rezensent
    Der Rezensent

    Große Kopfplatte (Clapton Strat) versus kleine Kopfplatte? Sind nicht identisch, vermute ich mal!

  • Daniel Bertola
    Daniel Bertola

    Guys, guys... Fender made thousands of these...

  • S C
    S C

    I'd take SRV'S #1 over anything Clapton any day of the week.

  • JimmyBean Clagghorn
    JimmyBean Clagghorn

    Its a guitar, get over it.

  • martina seifertova
    martina seifertova

    800 bucks. Nothing more. I can play. Tele or strat, spanish or jazz guitar. Dreadnought, 6 or 12 strings. Bass guitars, JB or Rick. Guitar is about player, not instrument.

  • Superfinger

    Playing claptons guitar with a ween tshirt! Very simpathetic..

  • Darrel Vlogs
    Darrel Vlogs

    Watching a 1million and a half guitar price. While my guitar is only 2k pesos in US $ IS 40 BUCKS . But im thankful i have one 😅 . Its start nothing at the beningging 😂😂

  • Galaxy Space Gaming
    Galaxy Space Gaming


  • emjay

    Covid19 came from the Gong behind him

  • Luis H
    Luis H

    If I had the money I think I would want the blackie from David Gilmore .

    • Sonny Bedez
      Sonny Bedez

      I believe he auctioned that one off to

  • dogpd3

    You could buy a $1,500 stratocaster and it would play and sound well as Clapton’s strat

  • EmEl Musica
    EmEl Musica

    The way he was handling it above his head with one hand gave me anxiety

  • Zyg Maszél
    Zyg Maszél

    Don't want sounds jealous but I'm happy with my Epiphone , the amplifier do the rest . Spider for example

  • T4NNRR

    The bidding for the guitar started at 1Million and nobody bid on it unfortunately. It did not sell.

  • kenny mccall
    kenny mccall

    Thats bs all of it no proof if that was true you would have it signed

  • Johnny Bgood
    Johnny Bgood

    So its really not a 1.5 mill guitar

  • Johnny Bgood
    Johnny Bgood


  • Boo Bear YF502
    Boo Bear YF502

    Whoa is that a Peavey?!

  • Logan Fischer
    Logan Fischer

    I really feel that knocked down the value alot after you played it after Clapton was the last to play it but im extremely jelly

  • Jørgen Zamora
    Jørgen Zamora

    Lol 1,500,000 the guitar is nothing without the player.

  • Nox Fish
    Nox Fish

    Mmm yay playing on a racist persons guitar

  • Charlie Mitchell
    Charlie Mitchell


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