The Weeknd - Too Late (Official Music Video)
Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Too Late"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:

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Directed by: Cliqua // @cliquamundo
Starring: Ashley Smith, Kenzie Harr & Ken XY
Production Company: Florence //
Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell
Producer: Luke Arreguin, Huffman Creative // @huffmancreative
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman // @isaacbauman
Gaffer: Josh Atkin
Key Grip: Marlow Nunez
1st AD: Bashir Taylor
Production Designer: Terry Watson
SFX: Russell FX
Stylist: Lisa Madonna
Makeup: Nicole Sanchez
Post Production: Ethos Studio // @ethos_studio
Executive Producer: James Drew
Head of Production: Brittany Carson, Head of Production
VFX Supervisor: Peter Timberlake
Editor: Chad Sarahina
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli


No-no, no-no, no-no-no
I let you down, I led you on
I never thought I'd be here without you
Don't let me drown inside your arms
Bad thoughts inside my mind
When the darkness comes, you're my light, baby
My light, baby, my light when it's dark, yeah
I'm too high, baby, too high, baby
'Cause I know right now, that I lost it (hey)
It's way too late to save our souls, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes, I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my
I can't trust (I can't trust) where I live (where I live)
Anymore (anymore, anymore, anymore)
Sources say that we're done, how would they know?
We're in hell, it's disguised as a paradise with flashing lights
I just wanna believe there's so much more (hey, woo, hey, woo, hey)
It's way too late to save our souls, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes, I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my
And, ooh, I tell myself I should get over you
I said ooh, I know I'd rather be all over you
I'm trying, trying, but I, I just want your body
Riding slow on top of me, girl, on top of me
I want you, babe, ooh-ooh
It's way too late (late) to save our souls
Baby (souls, baby, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes (mistakes), I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my

#TheWeeknd #TooLate #AfterHours

  • Scott Plant
    Scott Plant

    Someone really hates Gappy Bella...

  • Anonymous •
    Anonymous •

    Cadê os brs😂😂😂🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Magicman 123
    Magicman 123

    3:12 good morning who wants breakfast 😂😂

  • Riddle Mac
    Riddle Mac

    Head the perfect prop.... The weekend thing. Thug Life 🔥😍

  • Magicman 123
    Magicman 123

    How was this not demonetised ?

  • Donatella Lodi Rizzini
    Donatella Lodi Rizzini


  • nctiddy

    enough internet for today

  • nctiddy


  • Orianna

    fav part 01:17- 01:58 :)

  • Sonia F
    Sonia F

    it reminds me to the film Neon Demon🤩

  • David Grimes
    David Grimes

    Abel watched Ich Seh Ich Seh and love it.

  • Naseeem Hodali
    Naseeem Hodali

    imagine if someone walks in on you while watching this

  • Pedro de Toledo
    Pedro de Toledo


  • Victoria Dias
    Victoria Dias

    I have no words 😱👀

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    I can't believe this master piece doesn't have 100 million views by now

  • Justmy2cents

    Ok I'm officially more freaked out and subconsciously scarred for life!!! What the hell did I just watch!!??? Musician's idea of musical expression taken to the next level of psychiatric therapy!!!! Now I can't go to sleep!

  • Jf Smith
    Jf Smith

    Who are the two females who played roles in this cause they just knew ..

  • Fahd Ala
    Fahd Ala

    The wiredest video ever made for a music 🙂

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      So dark 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  • D. A. C
    D. A. C

    I agree 100 percent you should have taken home a shitload of Grammys for your seriously talent but keep your videos classy. There are other ways to get your points across artistically

  • D. A. C
    D. A. C

    Ok Weekend. You have far more class than this shit video. Show it. Don’t make this kind of shit. You only bring yourself down. Keep you videos classy

  • PlumedQuetzal

    average day in hollywood.

  • Povna Kun
    Povna Kun

    F*cking S*cking D*ck shocked after watch this full mv so so so so so so so so scared.

  • Loreal L.
    Loreal L.

    Totally f/king weird video. Gratuitous violence for the sake of art is just cheap crap. Love the music though.

  • Taylor Saintable
    Taylor Saintable

    Can't compensate for no go zones, migrant crime rates and cultural clashes if you want to exist. Suicide protests can involve Dominatrix snuff films. This is the only way to gain public acceptance. Reality.

  • Đức Khánh
    Đức Khánh

    look like american horror story =))


    is USHER dead?!!!

  • Sianjnage Siakavuba Mulaisho
    Sianjnage Siakavuba Mulaisho

    Omg ewwwww I'm only 12 !!!!!!!

  • J.F Vali
    J.F Vali

    Used to be a movie directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

  • Tegan and Jorja
    Tegan and Jorja

    I think you should get some help sign into a hospital.

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar

    If the company deny on the statement made as per TOS from their own company , aage smjhdaar ho , Resolve karlo . Compliance me chala jata hai .

  • Elyse Elyse
    Elyse Elyse

    The stripper high key THIQUÉ🍑

  • Catalan Federico
    Catalan Federico

    Asco de video

  • Rodrigue Nikiema
    Rodrigue Nikiema

    So dark 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Azul Rubio
    Azul Rubio

    Ah y me faltó decir NEFASTO Y HORRIBLE.

  • Azul Rubio
    Azul Rubio

    P É S I M O

  • Maisha Cryor
    Maisha Cryor

    And I thought Megan the stallion videos were weird

  • TwinTheBeast 5point
    TwinTheBeast 5point

    Rated R💪🖕😷

  • Егор Дроздов
    Егор Дроздов

    Оу некрофилия вижу тут 😂😂

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie

    What did I just watch? Haha. Nice one weeknd. Very unoriginal 👌

  • Santi Espinosa
    Santi Espinosa


  • Elijah Claude
    Elijah Claude

    This some Get Out type sht... damn.

  • samanta s
    samanta s

    Kids who play the video can’t leave. It’s too late

  • Claire Willow
    Claire Willow

    K so that’s cool and everything but imma be looking for the lyric video next time 😆

  • Claire Willow
    Claire Willow

    I wonder how Bella feels about the surgery stuff in this vid. I mean she’s had a TON of work done

  • KevinT Creations
    KevinT Creations

    This is prob why the grammys snubbed him.

  • KevinT Creations
    KevinT Creations

    Just another weeknd in Beverly hills

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul

    It makes u wonder how much murder is committed in Hollywood mansions Good song But all these music videos point to it

  • Pellele

    So, 2 crazy typical hollywood girls found The Weeknd's head, fell in love, killed a dude, sew The Weeknd's head on him and fucked him? cool.

  • 『βL』ĴØŞĦỮΔ18』๖ۣۜ0Zero༻ [seᎥs]彡 〖Sτγles〗Dv
    『βL』ĴØŞĦỮΔ18』๖ۣۜ0Zero༻ [seᎥs]彡 〖Sτγles〗Dv

    escape from la tambien :3333

  • Severine Bonnet
    Severine Bonnet


  • Severine Bonnet
    Severine Bonnet

    Je kiff!!

  • dolleee

    This has to be one of the best videos I've seen in such a long time! The girls literally killed it!👌

  • qklogic

    Wtf did I just witness

  • July Nascimentto
    July Nascimentto


  • Tomm clakka Digital Boy
    Tomm clakka Digital Boy

    Bro k les jodan alos grammys tu eres uniko bro un Artita delos pies ala cabeza .. Animo😙😙

  • Haleema Kanwal
    Haleema Kanwal

    Whole 2020 summen in single video

  • ressurreição suprema
    ressurreição suprema

    We are teaching the people to kill and sham with a corpse🙈😈😈😈

  • fariha hasanie
    fariha hasanie

    This is still my late night driving song, especially the end 🎵

  • Kyle Fagan
    Kyle Fagan

    I could make a better song than this in 2 weeks

  • HunGryxx

    What a's scary than a horror movie!

  • Sunhill Manson
    Sunhill Manson

    Blood magic beautiful 😍

  • Cesar A Trejo lazos
    Cesar A Trejo lazos

    That first melody “No no no no ahh no” bro it’s so deep

  • cme cre8
    cme cre8

    bitches coulda waited til his thong was off

  • Alizée Auvigne
    Alizée Auvigne

    C'est le clip le plus bizarre que j'ai jamais vu

  • SeguroMaan

    Ok if this is not cult ritual iluminati shit Idk what it is, beware Im watching over you phsycopaths.

  • Fun Fun
    Fun Fun

    11 millions views

  • ziyad azad
    ziyad azad


  • Makayla Frye
    Makayla Frye

    Pretend i never saw this🖤

  • Shannon Weidinger
    Shannon Weidinger

    All the dislikes are from his jealous exs.


    Oh clipe doido esse vey🎶😂

  • Levina Levine
    Levina Levine


  • Krabik1

    Блин капэц они встретили голову... прикольно

  • Krasen Maximov
    Krasen Maximov

    They collected all Exodia parts and then fucked it! :D

  • Kimst

    Wow these girls are 🔥🔥

  • Alien Ware Aurora R9 2080 Super
    Alien Ware Aurora R9 2080 Super


  • Naing Aung
    Naing Aung

    My fav

  • Eylul Danisman
    Eylul Danisman

    What is it that you can t get away with the Man's head? X♡O

  • Rahul Roop Rai
    Rahul Roop Rai

    Plz plz one live concert song for heartless song 😎🔱🔱🔱⭐💯💯💯🙏

  • Akshay K Nair
    Akshay K Nair

    Hes what a grammy need



  • Neel Patel
    Neel Patel

    It's so fucking dark! And I love it!

  • Iman Khabiri
    Iman Khabiri

    Looks like somebody has started to distribute a cheap drug to the whole crew

  • Devil King
    Devil King

    THE WEEKND well done man love it

  • amir waheed
    amir waheed

    It always looks like you just talk about voices from my soul .

  • Ninnet Escobedo
    Ninnet Escobedo


  • Bricktup

    more plastic on them than was laid out on floor ffs

  • Jose Rondon
    Jose Rondon

    excellent video very good music you are very talented

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Head on the road: exists Some thots on the car: hippity hoppity this is my property

  • Fabio astudillo
    Fabio astudillo

    WTF XD

  • Rosella Aparicio
    Rosella Aparicio

    The distorted feminine killed the divine masculine in him.. when people go this far.. im not exactly sure if they can heal. I guess a divine masculine/feminine would be able to heal him🤔.. but then finding one in this day in age.. hard stuff.

  • Anais macciel Laya mirelis
    Anais macciel Laya mirelis

    Lo estas haciendo muy bien espero ver mas de ti..! éxitos mi amor

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Shit lives matters... Satan!

  • Lucille Perez
    Lucille Perez

    Happy Thanksgiving

    • Veryneatguy -
      Veryneatguy -

      Great video to watch with the family 😀👍

  • Luis Loma
    Luis Loma

    #thescammys didn’t give him any nominations since the WeekndVerse deserves an Oscar this year!

  • Elcis Subero movgktcjy
    Elcis Subero movgktcjy


  • Billy Thornhill
    Billy Thornhill

    Not his best

  • Eden Sells
    Eden Sells

    i feel good about surgery to

  • Patricia Denham
    Patricia Denham

    I'm sorry, but I really don't care for this video. I usually, love all his music.

  • Reginald Sandifer
    Reginald Sandifer

    Is this real weekend

  • Slang Baby
    Slang Baby


  • junito Rivas
    junito Rivas

    2020 weeknd made it better

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