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The topic of The Satan and Demons explores some of the strangest passages in the entire Bible. We gathered some of your questions after our video released and respond to them in a question and response video. Thank you for engaging with our content!
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1. (1:14) Why did God allow The Satan to live in the Garden of Eden, even if it was in rebellion against Him?
2. (5:22) What are the seraphim? Why do you call seraphim "snakes" instead of "burning ones?"
3. (13:06) Wasn't The Satan named Lucifer? Where did the name "Lucifer" come from?
4. (19:22) Why do you say "The Satan" instead of just "Satan?" Why did translators leave out the "The" when translating the Bible?
5. (24:42) When the world was created, God said it was "good." Why did you say The Satan brings creation back into chaos and death in the video?
6. (29:10) How can the sons of God have sexual relations with human women if they are spiritual beings? Do spiritual beings have reproductive organs?
7. (40:01) What are the Nephilim and where did they come from?
8. (42:47) How do humans participate in the evil we see in the world?
9. (44:47) Why did you end the video with Jesus being overtaken by evil?

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  • Sarah Golenko
    Sarah Golenko

    I dont know the Bible very well. Nor have I listened to this you tube all the way through, but I have tried to get my head around the false trinity. Heres some food for thought and I would love feedback...lucifer was Gods' creation (initially) then he became rebellious/jealous etc... was booted out of the firmament of the Heaven we know and created the Second Heaven-with his powers of transformation (although not as powerful as God) he was able to transform himself into many beings eg; snakes, dragons, 'the satan or ha satan' (the beast below earth) as the Bible describes so many names (forms) for seemingly the same personality (being) and knowing satan has power (the satan) and is the deceiver, would make sense to me, that he can transform into many beings-but possible lucifer still resides on his throne in the second heaven while all his minions (including demons) do his biding/dirty work as he is unable to be omnipresent like our Father, God. Anyone else have any thoughts on this????

  • Tony Appleby
    Tony Appleby

    In the story the snake is cursed to crawl on its belly AFTER it tempts the humans to eat the fruit. So beforehand it seems reasonable to assume that the snake had some other form. As other ancient sources depict snakes with wings, and Isaiah has a heavenly vision of winged snakes - seraphim (presumably snakes in heaven are not cursed like their earthly kin) then I think that in Hebrew mythology snakes were once winged, but lost their wings due to their transgression

  • Tammy Ewert
    Tammy Ewert

    I can't catch exactly what he says right at the beginning of this video about the angel of the lord, the satan and then about how Jesus lets darkness overtake him. Does that mean what it sounds like?

  • julie pinke
    julie pinke

    the only angels in scripture who appeared in human form were the holy angels of God, sent by God, in obedience to Him, to minister to saints. angels are spirits. the satan and his demons cannot create a thing, let alone have viable human sperm to pro-CREATE offspring with the egg of a woman. i would contend this is an account of demon possession, inhabiting men for that purpose.

  • In the beginning was λόγος
    In the beginning was λόγος

    This was awesome. I could listen to this sort of Q&A hours a day. These two personalities play so well off of each other and the depth of knowledge, wielding it so articulately and with such range is just awesome. Thank you for this time and this content. Praise God.

  • Ibmiti Bmiti
    Ibmiti Bmiti

    if the women are like anything like today - they left their small human husbands and went after the god-like beings

  • Le Maya Du Arañ
    Le Maya Du Arañ

    These podcasts are great - but this story is missing context. When the Bible is overlapped with the Enuma* Elis, the saraphim live in the garden with adamu and eve going as far to convince eve to eat the apple. How did this happen? The adamu trusted the serpent/saraphim. They loved them and it was never interpreted to be malicious. Also, why would the saraphim rebel against g-d if it’s pure divinity? it didn’t agree with g-ds plan. Why is that? G-d created humans to just mine gold without question or freewill. The serpent freed the adamu... the true name of satan was never given because it’s was actually Enki, who is one of the holy trinity and sadly humans were the collateral damage caught in the middle of an uprising. They never had any incentive to want to rebel - they didn’t know any better.

  • no opinion gamer
    no opinion gamer

    I prefer learning more about the lives of saints

  • Jacob Lloyd
    Jacob Lloyd

    I love how this gets into biblical definitions of snakes because my nickname is Jake the Snake. Not in a bad way like you'd initially think, but just a rhyme. But, isn't it usually insulting by way of calling someone out on their deception and thievery? Not so much what I partake in, but in Matt. 10:16 snakes are called wise. It is more fitting for me in a positive way. Supporting evidence is that my nickname before was the Walking Dictionary.

  • Crystal

    This is absolute foolishness.

  • Rosaly Ruiz
    Rosaly Ruiz

    imagine this.. god is life. god is matter. god is neither man nor woman, god is the water, the sun, the electrons that bind and build to form species. God is a living, breathing, thinking organism that gives us the privilege of living inside it, among it. My perspective on demons is that they are like the white blood cells of god in this ever expanding body known as the universe. and just like in our own bodies, white blood cells can go rogue and hurt you. we are extensions of god's body... in god's image we are made and these rouge demons are trying to attack us... maybe they see us as the problem???

  • Heavy Treavy
    Heavy Treavy


  • Marvin Petion
    Marvin Petion

    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts.

  • Marvin Petion
    Marvin Petion

    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts.

  • Marvin Petion
    Marvin Petion

    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts.

  • Page Nolan
    Page Nolan

    I heard a version of the Eden story said to be Islamic where the peacock was also cursed for letting the snake into the Garden. I had always assumed since I was a child that he was a red dragon before he was a snake and he lost his wings and legs and was made to crawl on his belly. In this version of the story God tells the Angels that one of them was going to betray him and Lucifer was outraged and put all his energy into constantly cursing the angel that would dare do this. Imagine his suprise when it ended up being him and the curses he received were made by himself. He was told by God to watch over his children and he disobeyed and did not submit but ended up being made to bow to God by being put on his belly in his own curse which ultimately he was still made to bow to God when he was put down to crawl on his belly. As for the sons of God coming unto the human women I thought it had something to do with original sin or having sex with animals and the Angel's having heavenly bodies had no sex organs so their spiritual bodies like ghosts possessed animals to procreate. I always felt like maybe the first born child, Cane, was created from Eve's meeting with the snake because he was a murderer.

  • ivan moreno
    ivan moreno

    These bruh’s are the biblical ASAPSCIENCE.

  • Hint Of Salt
    Hint Of Salt

    The first 5 minutes let me know they don't understand the. Bible from a spiritual perspective

  • Juliet Nebblett
    Juliet Nebblett

    Flying Seraph = Dragon

  • I can`t deny what I believe.
    I can`t deny what I believe.

    The devil went into Church business way before we were born. He introduced the trinity, Catholicism, Church of England, Scientology, 7 day adventists, Mormons, Buddhism, Hinduism, Pentecostal and Jehovah`s witnesses, Prosperity gospel and many other Churches. God is one and your religion should be Holiness according to the King James bible by the faith of Jesus Christ. Glory to God

  • Rose Marie Santiago Sobre Alas de Águila
    Rose Marie Santiago Sobre Alas de Águila

    He said that demons had sex with women, they didn't...the watchers did! ...demons are disembodied spirits of the nephilim! Rose 🌹

    • Sándor Szmutkó
      Sándor Szmutkó

      Fallen angels are equal to demons. (The Nephilim beings did not have immortal soul). The Watchers were a group of fallen angels.

  • Jedson Damasceno
    Jedson Damasceno

    The Chinese dragon does look like a winged snake

  • SubToPewdiepie

    Take a sip of water every time you hear «yea»

  • arnaldonyc

    The sergeant was used as a medium by Satan.

  • Yahmad Levi
    Yahmad Levi

    Y'all have no clue. Esau

  • charon banks
    charon banks

    Genesis 3 and Genesis 6 parallel each other.

  • charon banks
    charon banks

    Wait.. demon sex?? How do we know if a person was born through demonic means?

  • charon banks
    charon banks

    Basically ...The Satan is an evil spiritual earthly influencer to get the people of GOD to sin against HIM, to do evil and to join the Devil's team!

  • John Myers
    John Myers

    That makes more sense now when God cursed the snake and said told him he would be crawling on the ground. Thanks. Still listening...

  • David Habte
    David Habte

    Thanks for the good biblical comments.I have no problem woman being a pastor. I don’t accept this kind of preaching and no message at all. The church in America or Canada are far away from the message of the gospel. When I see many mega church pastors endorsing Trump and the Republican Party that shows me how the church of America biased and corrupt. I saw many church leaders praying only for Trump not for Biden - why? Well my brother as a Christian we need to pray for both, so that God to choose the right leader and give him wisdom to govern in the right way. I also saw some church leader like the Copland of Texas cursing Biden. Why? We are called to be light and to rekindle the dark world. At this moment Jesus is crying for America as he cried for Jerusalem in Luke 19. Why the church is behind Trump? He is know. Biden was married to one woman and this is his second marriage after he lost his first wife in car accident. Mrs. Graham one said, if God doesn’t judge America, He must apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. You are doing great and let us be a good witness to America in the very honest way and proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless and stay safe. Thanks

  • unanimous_YTr

    Jesus said you have to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove in war

  • Hein Wai Yan Kyaw
    Hein Wai Yan Kyaw

    Why don't you do videos on how you guys got this amazing knowledge?

  • Ashaki

    Amazing. Thank you⚓❤🙏🏾

  • tommy stahr
    tommy stahr

    Satan is almost like "Slugworth" in Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. He was part of the whole plan all along. Doesn't mean he won't still end up in the Lake of Fire, though. It's just like, God had a plan. It ALL points to the Cross of Christ.

  • J Schaefer
    J Schaefer

    When they keep saying flying snake. It’s a dragon guys. The serpent was a dragon, which now is associated with snakes.

  • Charles King
    Charles King

    Are we to believe that Adam and Eve were both perceptive and unashamed, since the word there is also 'arum'? Why don't we say that the serpent was more naked (arum) than all the beasts of the field, since it is actually true?

  • REPENT! ABC'S of Salvation
    REPENT! ABC'S of Salvation

    🚩When you remove the 'veneer' from Satan, only then do you see his true colors; 3 objectives: to kill, steal, and to destroy. Satan is cunning to the utmost; appearing 'attractive' to the naive, lkewarm, and lost. A true Christian however, will detect what's beneath the array of appearances Satan utilizes.☠🚩 Repent Today. No man is promised tomorrow.🕚 Look up ABC'S of Salvation asap! (ALgone, J.D. Farag).🛡🙏⚔

  • Bariş kanat
    Bariş kanat

    So it is like venom in the spiderman franchise? It has multiple offsprings, whith the same title, the venom simbeote

  • AJaXX JaM
    AJaXX JaM

    I believe there's a difference between devils and demons, with different beginnings.

  • AJaXX JaM
    AJaXX JaM

    I believe Satan's recruitment of humanity was on it's way. I'm glide God stepped in when did, to put enmity between Satan, AKA Lucifer and her seed.😐 Remember, Satan drew a third of the angelic community down with him in his rebellion. I believe if Satan had been successful in recruiting of humanity, he would've undoubtedly ascended up to make war. God love us so much, John 3:16. I thank God that He didn't allow this Satanic campaign to take place.😐 I believe that God had foiled Satan's ambitions greatly when Adam and Eve had failed to eat of the tree of life, and lived forever.

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson

    I see God as being so bright like the sun we cannot look at him.I always think of us as small flames angels bigger flames metaphorically.I

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson

    Iam so grateful thankful for your audio review of bible on you tube.Thankyou so so so much for helping to understand the word of God

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez

    This was so interesting, have you looked at how the Seraphim also sound like Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec pantheon.

  • Chris Spatz
    Chris Spatz

    Jesus said though that He saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning, so the story of the Fall is not about Satan and Adam and Eve falling at the same time.

  • Yiskah A
    Yiskah A

    This is such drivel. Scholars and their like thinking they’re smarter than god 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • canonfodder 808
    canonfodder 808

    "Saraph" meaning serpent, but in gen 3 we get "nachash" (regular word for snake). Is there a direct correlation here or a possible implication?

  • Erica Sapienza
    Erica Sapienza

    Fascinating stuff!

  • Kevin G.
    Kevin G.

    Hi! Thank you so much. I've been watching your videos and I've learned so much. I just want to ask if there's a movie that you can recommend that has the closest interpretation of the Bible? Thank you in advance and God bless you all.

  • Tom Lau
    Tom Lau


  • 1Infeqaul1

    Humanity is not at war with demons or the devil, because it is humans who do the evil on this earth by choice. You blame demons for the actions of humans? Yes the demon whispered into the evil humans ear, but the human did not have to do what the demons told them to. Evil is a choice just as good is a choice.

  • Loïs Compper
    Loïs Compper

    Are you stupid ? Jesus alowing himself being undertaken by evil ? I have never heard such a stupid thing. He carried our sins but was never undertaken by evil, you twist the word of God.

  • Jimmy Favereau
    Jimmy Favereau

    a blessing to hear you say that ! an angel of the lord in the garden, I wonder how they got 'serpent' out of seraphim/ angel but his name is Sammael, the angel of death.. he is the father of that wicked one as is spelled out in the aramaic translation which of course is where our KJV come from.. ask your pastor or anyone, why Jesus was born through a virgin.. its amazing to hear the responses.. Be Blessed ALL

  • Jonathan Andersen
    Jonathan Andersen

    Did you know that not only the pentagram is a sign of venus the morningstar, but also the hexagram in astrology, and the symbolicism of venus fits what the satan is trying to tempt you with?✡️

  • Frank

    Yes look at Wiki, it shows the burning one as well....interesting...A seraph (/ˈsɛrəf/, "the burning one"; /ˈsɛrəfɪm/, in the King James Version also seraphims (plural); Hebrew: שָׂרָף śārāf [saːraːf], plural שְׂרָפִים śərāfîm [ʃəraːfim]; Latin: seraphim and seraphin (plural), also seraphus (-i, m.);[1] Greek: σεραφείμ serapheím; Arabic: مشرفين Musharifin[2]) is a type of celestial or heavenly being originating in Ancient Judaism. The term plays a role in subsequent Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.[3] The singular "seraph" is a back-formation from the Hebrew plural-form "seraphim", whereas in Hebrew the singular is "saraph".[4]

  • Pierce Markusic
    Pierce Markusic


  • Emmanuel Estupigan
    Emmanuel Estupigan

    Pls explain Psalm 82.

  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee

    Re: angels and man making babies... So they have reproductive capacity? Ie sperm?

  • Wyatt Redmond
    Wyatt Redmond

    Fantastic podcast, very helpful. God bless all.

  • iamlegend615

    The snake didn't lie in the garden of eden which is funny when you think about it.

  • Emily Mongeon
    Emily Mongeon

    I strongly recommend researching Dr. Michael Heiser's book Supernatural. This guy is the geekiest of geeks when it comes to Hebrew text. He explains Genesis much more thoroughly. The "serpent" you refer to is not derived from the Hebrew word seraph, but the word nechash, meaning serpent or serpentine (noun), shining one (adjective), and deceiver or diviner (verb). It wasn't a literal snake that could speak, it was a divine being associated with the divine counsel who freely chose to oppose God's plan for humanity. Look it up- after I researched it I read my bible through new eyes and all the crazy questions I had about certain scriptures now make sense.

  • Jaylli Campo
    Jaylli Campo


  • C.L. Miller
    C.L. Miller

    So, when sons of God is sometimes meaning followers of God? What do we do with that?

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    I could show you guys a video of a demon possessed man delivering a message from satan to a street preacher AND there was an Angel there in physical form that protected the preacher from any harm from this possessed person. It's an amazing capture on film! You must have discernment to SEE it CLEARLY! Also, please note that the street preacher doesn't know the Angel that was wearing the hat and trench coat. Please watch for yourselves and you'll see that it's true.

  • C.L. Miller
    C.L. Miller

    Flying snakes that burn? Could that be why it is called dragon in other passages?

  • Kathy K
    Kathy K

    Isaiah 14:12 in KJV called satan Lucifer.

  • Laura MacGarvie
    Laura MacGarvie

    Thank you

  • Alex Booyse
    Alex Booyse

    Do we need the dumb music?! It gets in the way of being able to hear what is being said

  • Philip O'Bryan II
    Philip O'Bryan II

    Dude has some falty theology.

  • Ryan Mahan
    Ryan Mahan

    Popular culture has completely twisted the story! Genuinely, I stayed away and was so skeptical of Christianity because of the way it is expressed and depicted. The Bible project and Tim Mackie’s teachings made the story of Jesus so compelling. I’ve been immersing myself in it and even went to Church for the first time in 10 years.

  • Jason D
    Jason D

    Thank you for these long forums. They allow me to stay in word and gain new and correct understanding.

  • Nissi Chan
    Nissi Chan

    That makes so much sense now when God says the the snake would crawl on his belly.... his wings were taken away....

  • The Eyes of Laura Mars
    The Eyes of Laura Mars

    When Jesus says to Peter, “ get behind me Satan.” Did he say the satan or a satan?

    • Wyatt Redmond
      Wyatt Redmond

      It's hard to say, becuase of translation from Hebrew and Greek to english. The reason why he says "the satan", rather than "a satan" is the give more context. And the context is that The satan is more of a title then a name. The satan does not have a name. It is a collection of many title and forms. This a reason why it may be is to be corrupted by it. The important thing to do it recognize it and refuse it's temptations. God bless

  • daviddivad777

    everybody interested in this topic should search on youtube: Isaiah Saldivar


    Hi, I wrote you a long comment but I may have an answer to add info about the burning ones as before God on 3/25/2020 at 5am after pleading the blood of Jesus while I was looking out my door (long story), for protection against this evil presence I felt, 2 angels/spiritual beings showed up and they had wings that light up as the color of fire and I got it on video only a few seconds as one took off and they could make the light go off. I would like to share the video with you, you have to be able to zoom in on the video. It is real. Please respond to both comments. Thank you


    Hi, Urgent- Can you please tell me if you have any videos where you go into details of what Jesus truly did and went through? You mentioned him allowing all the evil to overtake him in the garden, did you make a video about that? I am seeking Jesus and I want to truly know what he went through and I want to fully understand what sin truly is, I know it's doing bad, how did we end up sinners and Paul talks about sin as if it is our flesh in Romans 7,8. I was thinking is the skin that God covered Adam and Eve with our flesh? as people assume it was animal skin. If God is spirit and light and we were created in his image then before sin was we light spiritual beings? and why is there what seems to be 2 creation stories one in Gen 1 and the other Gen 2 and the name of God changed from just God to Lord God and the 2nd creation it says Adam was formed? Please help me with all my questions as I truly desire to know and understand. I can say for a fact I have witnessed seeing with my own eyes an offspring not human but can look human, I am very serious and what many call Reptilians are real and they are running this world. They are the seed/offspring of the serpent, GEN 3 as well as the parable of wheat and tares. Jesus also said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot before he returns (Nothing new under the sun, what was shall be again). You mentioned this sex going on in Noah's and Lot's day so it is now as it was back then and this serpent offspring can hide what they truly look like they appear as humans/wheat but they are tares. I think they may use our DNA as they get it when we are born as well as use technology and science to appear as human/flesh. If you want to see real proof of this go watch these youtube ch- M Ricci and Tamara Magdalene Lioness of Yeshua, the second ch has a lot of biblical truth as far as end times. I also was blessed to see and get on video 2 angels/spiritual beings that light up like the color of fire and they could make the light go out and move so fast the light of them left a streak of light. I would share the video with you, they showed up just outside my yard after I said out loud, I plead the blood of Jesus. The story is too long to write. Please get back to me. Thank you

  • Aubrey Holman
    Aubrey Holman

    I thought he (Satan) was originally a serpent cursed to BE a snake, only after he deceived Adam and Eve? Wasn't he cursed to be on his belly for the rest of his life and that mankind would crush him with their heels and he (Satan / snake) would snap at their heels?

  • Beth Yeshua International
    Beth Yeshua International

    Very good insights on this video, however, the only problem I find in the entire discussion is how he compares seraph with querub. These are two different creatures. In genesis 3 the snake is not called seraph, neither querub, but nachash, which is Hebrew for knowledge. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is linked to the serpent (nachash). The imagery of serpent today and even in the days of the biblical authors is an image of what nachash became, not what it was. The serpent image and physical form was completed change once was cursed by the Creator. Chava (Eve) had some type of spiritual bonding with the nachash to the point of conceiving from it. This is very important. This is the reason why the Creator established that her desire from that moment forward would be for Man (Adam). According to this “curse” a woman would never be able to conceive from any spiritual entity. Her desire is for Adam. I do understand the image and the language genesis is using and is not literal. If we read these passages in Aramaic (Targum of Jonathan Ben uziel) it says that God took the skin of the serpent to cover man and woman. This is why in scripture many times men is compared with serpents or diabolos. We humans have evil and good (Yetzer hara and Yetzer haTov) we have the power to create good and evil. The darkness we see today is not the product of some spiritual entity...but the fruits of man without Jesus.

    • lucidtraveler

      @Beth Yeshua International That´s what makes it so interesting: in Numbers 21:8, the Lord used the word seraph, like referring to the celestial beings of Isaiah 6. Somehow, though, a seraph is also related or represented by a nachash, because that is what Moses used in v. 9: So it reads: "Make a seraph......Moses made a nachash." Even more interesting is to use seraph then in John 3:14, "As Moses lifted up the seraph in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up." And we know that Jesus was made sin on our behalf on the cross. So it all seems to come together this way: The poisonous, burning sin nature of the fallen seraph entered man and corrupted man into flesh, so God sent His own Son who took up this fallen nature in the likeness of sinful flesh, like a bronze seraph, and lifted it up on the cross, condemning sin in the flesh. Check mate, Satan, Jesus wins!

    • Beth Yeshua International
      Beth Yeshua International

      @lucidtraveler thank you for replying brother. I am aware of this...however, the primary meaning is not snake. In fact, if you read one verse after (9) it says nachash. So, the meeaning of seraph is not snake, but poisonous, fire or burn. When the Torah speaks about literal snakes, the text used "Nachash". The primitive root of Seraph is (שָׂרַף) and it means “to burn” or to set on fire. This word is used 117 times in the Tanakh (OT) and is never used to speak about serpents. What I am trying to say is that the text in question here is not talking about what we called a serpent today...these were angelic beings (maybe in a shape of a serpent?). The point is that the figure or meaning of the word seraph is not snake. "Seraph" is more of an action and not a name. Isaiah 6:2-6 for example, seraph is used to describe a type of celestial being or angel on fire. In Deuteronomy 8:15 the wilderness is described as a “thirsty and waterless land, with its venomous snakes "Nachash Seraph" here the term seraph is not the word for snake...but nachash. Seraph here stands for burn or poisonous. Therefore, trying to extend the meaning of “Seraph” to snake, is a bit of a stretch for anyone that read biblical Hebrew. A believe that a more concrete definition is “fire beings” or fiery (from burning effect of poison). In the case of numbers, the context is the same as the one in Deuteronomy.

    • lucidtraveler

      Look at the Hebrew in Numbers 21:8. God Himself instructed Moses to make a "SERAPH" and lift it up on a pole.

  • newSogn

    If the spiritual takes on the physical, can we who are physical take on the spiritual?

  • Mar Vel
    Mar Vel

    Where is the UFO connection with these beings?

    • Mar Vel
      Mar Vel

      @Allen 1 that's what I meant. It would be very interesting to hear them on the subject and what the Word of God says.

    • Allen 1
      Allen 1

      There are no aliens, only demons.

  • priceless wisdom
    priceless wisdom

    God must have REALLY wanted me to watch this video because it wont leave my suggested video list it has been popping up for MONTHS

  • LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight
    LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight

    1:15 "why did God allow Satan to live in the Garden of Eden". A- because "the ancient serpent" is part of mankind... his dark side. It is important to note that there can not be free will without a choice. It is also important to note that "Satan has never forced anyone to do anything. The choice was presented and mankind CHOSE to do these things. Satan has always been a convenient scapegoat for mankind's weakness towards Darkside temptations. 2:26 "Now the serpent was more subtle (my note: subtle = cunning) than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made." me - Correct about "wisdom" as Serpents were used as a symbol for "wisdom" in ancient times. So yes, mankind IS the most clever, perceptive and wise of all the creatures on earth. This is simply another indicator that the ancient serpent (now called Satan) IS mankind. 3:35 "he's a good creature gone bad" Me - Yes, mankind is a good creature gone bad. More aptly, good angels gone bad. 4:18 me - Yes, because we are both heavenly and earthly creatures. 4:48 "so the story portrays him as a fallen creature, just like the humans are going to be fallen creatures" me - Because they are one in the same. But the "fall of man" was needed and was part of God's plan to redeem mankind from his own Darkside. By showing us where our Darkside eventually leads us. To hell on earth on the brink of extinction. 6:23 Seraphim meaning snake and "burning ones". Me - yes... the Burning ones is a crucial thing to understand. I assert it is that they are Burning with the Holy Spirit. Fire is a common symbol for the Holy Spirit and to understand this allows one to understand many other things in the bible. For example, Water is a common symbol for the Holy Spirit (Jesus being the water and starts a fountain of this water or Holy Spirit within you). Now, why that is important is because "the end days will be as in Noahs day". He destroyed the world with water (Holy Spirit) and in the end days he will destroy the world with Fire... AGAIN, with the Holy Spirit. It also says that "the Holy Spirit shall be poured out (like water) upon ALL FLESH". Not just the good, not just humans... ALL FLESH. The Burning Bush? Burning in hell? The Lake of Fire? The Burning Ones? The Flaming Sword of the Cherub that guards the way back to the Garden of Eden? The list goes on and on and opens understanding to so much within the Bible. Note: burnt offerings could mean the "old you" burnt in the Holy Spirit... thus becoming a more purified version of you... a holier version of you. 7:30 Me- as far as what the hebrews decide is the correct meaning of that particular word is, Jesus made it quite clear that the Hebrews were wrong about just about everything so, whether they decide to choose snake and deny the other meaning of "the burning ones"... is quite irrelevant. Actually, if they say one thing you can bank they are wrong and it's best to add weight to what they deny. 11:42 Do note that the first 5 books of the Bible were writing by Moses who was Egyptian and you will find that ancient Egyptian mythology parallels much of the stories in books of Moses say. 11:49 "they look like cows, they look like eagles, they look like eagles, they look like snakes" Me- these are symbolic meanings to show characteristics of a certain being or person or thing. Serpents in Egyptian mythology represent wisdom and flying usually represented something of a spiritual nature. So a Flying Serpent would be "Spiritual Wisdom". This also applies to what you claim about the "King of Babylon. He was Spiritually Wise but fell from grace when it "went to his head" so to speak, and he tried to exalt himself above God. One could liken that to ummm, maybe the Pope, or any modern priest cast. 14:01 "This Arch Spiritual Rebel (the serpent in Genesis) is never given a proper name" Me - He simply tempted or tested them. He did not rebel himself and there is no mention in the Bible that the serpent did rebel. TESTING Adam and Eve is a more appropriate designation of his actions in the Garden. You may say "but the serpent was cursed by God". Well let's examine the curse... "thou cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life" It can easily be read that he is to be a "servant of mankind" by being on his belly. To eat of the dust can very easily be "to eat of mankind" as mankind is many times referred to as dust within the Bible. To eat of Mankind would then mean, to share in mankind's fate. 14:17 You are making a common mistake. LUCIFER is NOT in Isaiah nor is the name found linked to ANYTHING related to satan in the Bible. You assume that Lucifer IS the Serpent although that is not stated within the Bible. All of these things are related to the Catholics which asserted Lucifer was the name of Satan with nothing scriptural to back up that slandering of the Arch Angel of Light... Lucifer. 14:44 "The devil is the greek word for the slanderer" Me - yes, just like the church slandering the name of Lucifer (the bringer of Light) to say it means Satan. 14:53 "Paul uses the word Diabolos to describe men and women of the church who spread gossip in a local church" Me - Yes, just like the gossip and lies saying that Lucifer, the bringer of Light, is the name of Satan. 15:01 "so the devil isn;t the only devil, humans can play that role too" Me - exactly my point. Now apply it widely and your "eyes shall be opened". When you do... i could say metaphorically... "that i healed the blind". 15:16 "Lucifer occurs nowhere in the Hebrew or Greek Bibles". Me - then why do you believe it means Satan? Because the Catholic dogMa says so? Hmmm, what does the Bible say about foolishly blaspheming the name of a Spiritual Being... and that of an Arch Angel of Light none the less? 15:56 "the ruler of Babylon was like the Morning Star" Me - yes, meaning he was like the christ... as Morning Star is a direct reference to Christ. It is also important to note that Babylon is an important figure in Revelations concerning the end times. 16:02 "The Shining One, the Son of the Dawn" Me - Lucifer = the Bringer of Light.... the Son of the Dawn. Figuratively speaking of the dawn of the enlightenment of mankind. 16:06 "Venus" (as the morning star) Me - yes, the Goddess of Love. Which is also the evening star and is why Lucifer and Christ are BOTH called the Morning and Evening Star. Now who was supposed to be the first Angel created by God? Lucifer was the first created. Ask yourself this.... If Lucifer was the first Angel created, and Lucifer is "The Bringer of Light"... what does "Let there be Light" actually mean? 17:01 again you claim "the arch rebel" who you claim is Lucifer, "wants to ascend to Gods throne and rule in God's place". Incorrect. EVE was the one that wanted to "be as God"... not the serpent and not Adam and NOT Lucifer! Adam only ate of the apple because Eve offered it to him. 18:21 "I've heard that story before about Satan was an angel who fell like a star" and then you replied "Isaiah 14 is where that begins" Me - you forgot to mention: Revelation 9: 1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. 19:10 "there ya go, Lucifer is not the name of this figure" me - Correct, Lucifer is the name of the Arch Angel of Light.... not Satan nor the Devil.

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    Revelation 12: 12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Mankind knows their time is short. "Life is short" as the saying goes. The Darkside of Mankind is Satan. Genesis 28: 12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. Notice that the Angels went up from Earth and then returned back down to Earth. We are those Angels... Children of God. However, those who fall to temptation and nurture their darkside over their Lightside, become Demons... Fallen Angels.... Fallen Children of God.

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