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"Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World" By David Epstein
Hypercorrection Effect
Spacing Effects
Spanish vocab


    Has anybody had a chance to use these tips yet? Curious if you've found them useful/successful!


      Used it for my yearly online exams #COVID-19

    • Anne Pennock
      Anne Pennock

      I used this techniques before and they really worked for me. I don't have tests anymore, but I do need to study a lot to finish my thesis. I wonder if there are any study tips for this kind of tasks

    • Inky

      I am defo going to start the test thing now, how would you advise essay learning?

    • Christella Jayamanna
      Christella Jayamanna

      These tips helped me to get good grades.thanks for your video🤘

    • shambhavi madhukar
      shambhavi madhukar

      I will use them in my exams starting from next week or after that week... Idk.. we haven’t been provided the schedule till now..... Thanks a lot for the excellent tips !

  • Pulaha Gangopadhyay
    Pulaha Gangopadhyay

    Fun fact : You and me have a test tomorrow

  • Oliwia Knutel
    Oliwia Knutel

    When you try to space study but relize you have a test from the same subject every 2,5 weeks

  • GG

    Not to be rude but I prefer the drawings more than seeing their faces.

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  • zacgamer01

    What about active recall/retrieval practice? Can you make a video that drills more on what is considered scientifically proven efficient study methods (how our brains work when studying and the best ways to go about studying in terms of methods/techniques)? Or whether active recall really is considered really efficient or if there is something better? "Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning" comes to mind. Thank you for your helpful content!

  • Alis iQ
    Alis iQ

    Time to Not get 4/10 in a test Let's Gooo

  • Beauty make up
    Beauty make up

    Am i the only one who would remember my wrong answers for the rest of my life😂😂

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    julius mano

    also right now i see that yall have 9.55 subs so lets get them to 10.00 cmon just one click and if you already or you just did it thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Inky

    Oh my gosh I so that all the time when learning the piano, when ever I cannot get something I practice it then I practice another part then I keep going back and forth and suddenly I get it!!

  • Samantha Nagano
    Samantha Nagano

    We'll spacing won't work every well right now with the quadmesters, but I give the others a try and maybe try that one for something else

  • Blueby the cat
    Blueby the cat

    1. Generation Effect- Practice Test before study, you will be forced to provide an answer, and whether or not it is correct, you will remember it better if you got it wrong and learned the material after due to your brain wanting to avoid embarrassment 2. SPACING - space out your study eg. 1 hour on Monday and one hour on Friday, rather than 2 hours just on Friday 3. INTERLEAVED - practice multiple things even if it’s less study time for each thing

  • Артем Любченко
    Артем Любченко

    6:51 Me with perfect pitch: Um...

  • Aaron Reyes
    Aaron Reyes

    *Harvard sees this video*:"Alright,time to switch things up." (In italics)

  • Cristina

    Very interesting! I've always practiced interleaving, I didn't know that's a positive thing. Thank you!


    Did anyone notice the mozart music in 5:33

  • Luqman Mohammed
    Luqman Mohammed

    Question: if tests aren't a good evaluation tool, then what is?

  • stump

    Does this work or are you 'sponsored' to say it?

  • Nguyễn Quang
    Nguyễn Quang

    i totally dont get the spacing man!

  • ella

    starts at 1:12 for those rushing

  • Nathalie Savage
    Nathalie Savage

    wait what if u do this to many times then your brain has too much information then you start forgetting stuff

  • 「zero two」
    「zero two」

    overthinkers who remember even the smallest insignificant embarrassing moment: my time has come muhahaha( anime evil laugh)

  • Anne K.
    Anne K.

    Test tomorrow, I'm found guilty 😂

  • Diane The Witch
    Diane The Witch

    Me: *watches this during the end - start of year break so I can get good habbits* My mum: "GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE" Me: but I am-

  • Max Wang
    Max Wang

    Quick summary: Fail, Space, Mix. remember that.

  • Bogdan Fufezan
    Bogdan Fufezan

    Thanks guys ! Very concise.

  • ohad shater
    ohad shater

    This video made me sad that i usually get every thing first try at school

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    lava lamps

    healthy food is expensive.

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    Kiana K

    Thank youuuuu

  • Jodee AKA
    Jodee AKA

    I- Ive been doing these my whole life but never realized

  • Kota amb
    Kota amb

    Him: ✨spacing✨ Me, knowing I only have a week to learn and be tested on every lesson we do in my pre cal class: 👁👄👁

  • Kea Kgabo
    Kea Kgabo

    In ur videos can u do more scientific lab experiments

  • Sanhita Guin
    Sanhita Guin

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD. my whole life was a lie lie lie. mind=fucked

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    any tips for indecisiveness on multiple-choice exams

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    all the best y'all

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    cleofas pinto lima Lima

    Very good by the way thanks so much per subtitles English because I Studying English yet

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    Kristen L

    who else just remembered ottawa is the capital of canada

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    Aman Noor

    Please we need arabic translation

  • deku cured my depression
    deku cured my depression

    i like how they make it feel natural that we naturally procrastinate till the last few hours

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    shambhavi madhukar

    One of my most favourite ALgone channels EVER !!!!

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    Kristina Smith

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    LBB Bee

    Book added to my audible cue. Thank you! I also sent this to my daughter, who is a senior in HS.

  • Ella Camacho
    Ella Camacho

    Haha, funny that you assume I study.

  • Liz T
    Liz T


  • Kira

    4:45 But what if the group which performed better had learned Spanish throughout the 8 years or just 1 day ago before the test?

  • skeet


  • Arum Sekartaji
    Arum Sekartaji

    1. Testing (hypercorrection) 2. Spacing 3. Interleaving ( mix it up)

  • Dominico Moranseeo
    Dominico Moranseeo

    Yes but how do you know what’s going to be in the exam before you take it? You might memorise all sorts of BS that the exam doesn’t care about.

  • Samit Kashyap
    Samit Kashyap

    You know the video's really helpful when Bill Gates is sponsoring it

  • Olim Pather
    Olim Pather

    so the technique is called "spacing" i did not know that but i have been using this technique for years without realising it so that's why im sometimes smart?? oh well

  • Morboxx

    There is an issue with number one: It does NOT work equally with all types of learning. It does work, if that test requires knowledge, but if it requires skills, it may not. If you require certain skills, the actual exercise might change every time. Specifically, I'm talking about language acquisition, which is my area of teaching. There, the tests that will actually require language skill instead of rote learning will ask you to understand texts, spoken language, write and perform orally. Writing a text or having a mock oral exam and failing tells you little about your actual mistakes. Reading might provide you with vocabulary that you're missing, but not with global reading skills any more than other reading does. Same for listening. Of course, mock tests in language acquisition have their place, mostly in getting to know the test specifics and finding out which areas of study need more work. But they won't help you perform much better. Generally, the video is great, though! I use the third tip a lot in my classes, especially concerning vocabulary, since knowing a word entails knowing ita relations to other words and learning several can be much easier and efficient than learning one context-free.

  • Honor Geary
    Honor Geary

    The hypercorrection is actually true! I remember when I’ve made like a mistake in something and when I find out the right answer it sticks in my brain

  • Burakuu KTNTP
    Burakuu KTNTP

    I just wanted to know how to learn easier So i clicked this video

  • Soumya Dhavale
    Soumya Dhavale

    The spacing technique is what I call my knowledge "ripening." Like a fruit ripens. You might not get a topic right away, like if you learn something in the first semester or term, wait till the next semester or even the next year to see how well you understand the topic. It essentially ripens in your mind so that when you recall it, the accuracy often improves. And in the interim, you can try to see that concept in action: like if you've learned about projectile motion, you can observe a game where balls are tossed around quite often (cricket, baseball, volleyball...). For me, that is the most effective study technique.

  • Aagya Karki
    Aagya Karki

    Anyone in corona time ?

  • SM1L3

    This video reminds me of big mouth.

  • Milo Kessler
    Milo Kessler

    to all my German people: did yall notice that at 1:51 you hear that one song in all the EDEKA ads?

  • Kenster KayDeeEm
    Kenster KayDeeEm

    I do that interleaving my whole life without noticing. Lol

  • rfly05

    A similar concept to spacing can be done with books. If you read books (significantly) above your level, you will find that after you have struggled through them, many books become easy, and you can read more difficult books.

  • destiny Cruz
    destiny Cruz

    I didnt know the first thing had a name. Thats cool!

  • Kookie Sensations
    Kookie Sensations

    I won't lie I've watched this video about 4 times now. I always come back to it every month or so and now I've been motivated to make revision cards for biology and psychology....and my motivation has disappeared. Ah well, there's always tomorrow 😂

  • Jennabug2002 Reviews
    Jennabug2002 Reviews

    I experienced this while learning guitar.

  • JRacer524

    When I was in Political Science class back in college the teacher gave every student a pre-test. It had most of the material from the final exam and I took full advantage from practicing. I aced that test! 😃 Basically I'm not great at preparing for tests. The act of filling out hundreds of note cards was a daunting task for me. I even tried typing everything down on Microsoft Word with a blank Notepad window blocking the answers.

  • Aakriti Sahu
    Aakriti Sahu

    OMG!! I was doing spacing all the life! But my mom called it waste of time🤣 idk ❓Why❓

  • Sebastian Lange
    Sebastian Lange

    the spanish test thing is not really accurate in my opinion: how can you guarantee that these people did not learn more spanish in the meantime? (even passive) i am talking about these 8 years

  • the late late meme show with you
    the late late meme show with you

    Everybody's favorite is obviously spacing. no arguments.

  • Ric Phillips
    Ric Phillips

    Eight years later? That’s a ‘huge increase’ in uncontrolled variables.

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    Blessing joel

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  • What Year Is It?
    What Year Is It?

    Please back up all your videos somewhere else on the internet other than ALgone. I am a very old subscriber and your videos are too precious to be lost in case ALgone ever goes down. Thank you for yet another informative, scientifically sound and helpful video. Cheers!

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    thanks bros

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    Toronto is not the capital of Canada? My whole life is a lie.

  • Copper52 RV
    Copper52 RV

    I always do that hypercorrection without knowing I'm doing it. The bad thing is... Yeah, those previous questions which I got wrong is, at the second time, get it right BUT *those questions I got right before are what I forgot and sometimes didn't get it at the second time around.* lol

  • Paul Laurence Fernandez
    Paul Laurence Fernandez

    are u guys canadian?

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    Samin Yead

    7:28 Anyone saw that 'Stratagy' spelling? :v

  • Kiran Mahato
    Kiran Mahato

    Lol I have done all of this! Thanks ASAP Science for the correct terminologies!

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me

    - Before you start learning the material, take a test to embarrass yourself so that you hypercorrect. - Space out study sessions by about a day - Whilst studying, change the material you learn every 30 minutes or so

  • Ria Colleen Nacasabog
    Ria Colleen Nacasabog

    I was thinking of it lately because I found myself remembering/learning things effectively when I feel emotion about it. Just like making a mistake, felt embarassed about it. Also me in long discussions makes me sleepy. So I do naps when I feel about it for a minute. Even if I pissed my instructor and ask me questions afterwards, because its not my fault for being sleepy I was just making a solution by going with it. So when I woke up I was more energized to learn and I can think faster.

  • Meenal U
    Meenal U

    Stop procrastinating and study for the test you have in 4 seconds

  • dropstick

    I have always been taking the test(practise test or exercises) before learning the material! Or just looking at the exercises. I've found out that whenever I took the actual test with a time limit in class I understood that the material isn't that hard and/or boring as it seemed to be before even opening my book. I thought like, "ah, well this actually seems quite easy, I just gotta know the answer." So I studied it all once I came home. I remembered everything much better from the first time. So now I always do it like this except for that it's not too late lol.

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    Amanda Y

    Wait, I NEED to see his standup


    Ello there mait!

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    Chioma Ezioba

    This video really helped Thanks Asap Science

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    Mateo Enrique

    the last process got my mind fuq. I just finish watching it and my brain starts to puke about the last hack lmao

  • Card & Code
    Card & Code

    What’s astonishing is the fact that the brain is telling it self how it can learn faster

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    Jack Sand

    Shit your production value and the energy of you too is awesome, subbed, thanks for such great/entertaining info :)

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    Ann Echelmeyer

    Thanks for sharing! I'd like to share with students but think it will go over their heads.

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