THE NIGHT SHIFT: teaching lana how to golf
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on today's episode, we see how well lana can swing a 9-iron, plus we try a morally responsible "cheeseburger", get rid of little michael's manhood and the Christmas tree.
so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Hall.p

    Girls love the word *MY*

  • Bryce Lehman
    Bryce Lehman

    A popular saying in the future, "Did you do the Fu Man Chu on the Tofu?"

  • Bryce Lehman
    Bryce Lehman

    Veggie Burgers. Tofu for food, the new mantra. Do the Fu Man Chu on the Tofu. A Chinese guy eating the toe jam of the brother of the Japanese Emperor Tojo during WW2.

  • Bryce Lehman
    Bryce Lehman

    Mike also taught Paige Hathaway how to golf. A woman who has never played a round of golf in her life but pretends that she has. "I am not a professional golfer, but I play one on ALgone" , Paige Hathaway quote.

  • JOSÉ Amaral
    JOSÉ Amaral

    Man...Don't be stupid to do "thoses changes" in your live with her...To young...This girl don't know what she wants...

  • Yeet Daddy
    Yeet Daddy

    Marry her bro


    İs this guy adam sandler?

  • Jeree Hawthorne
    Jeree Hawthorne

    I think he totally faked taking the picture with the fan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Will Perrett
    Will Perrett

    And your golf attire is terrible

  • Senol Can Kusdogan
    Senol Can Kusdogan


  • LM - GK
    LM - GK

    Man, you should come to Turnberry golf course once things die down, could caddie you bro.

  • Christopher Forbes
    Christopher Forbes

    you look like an old man playing (70 years swing like that)

  • Elon Tusk
    Elon Tusk

    Tony Stark to Pepper Potts: “I want one” Yall prolly know what im talking about lmao

  • Christian Reaman
    Christian Reaman

    Bend them knees tho

  • Bassel Mtaweh
    Bassel Mtaweh

    you're a F****** marketing machine.

  • Mikala Maya
    Mikala Maya

    OF: IG: :)

  • Mary

    I love how when David talks they put dots over the words 😂

  • gage flowers
    gage flowers

    Mike let’s play a match

  • Austin Staffenhagen
    Austin Staffenhagen

    happy birthday mike

  • magdalenojuan

    Camera man laughing every time in the background sounds like he actually is enjoying filming 😂

  • hallayel

    Lmfao , yall eating the same soi they feed people in jail .

  • Not Silencr
    Not Silencr

    The Guy: "can I take a picture with you Mike: "Hold up let me rate your burger"

  • Liqhty

    2:46 the next lana Rhoades PH episode?

  • Ruben Santiago Chavez
    Ruben Santiago Chavez

    Mike is amazing it’s insane how funny and cool he is


    The ad 🤣

  • Abinav Krishna
    Abinav Krishna

    You gotta come over to India with Lana

  • Reilly James
    Reilly James

    Why is mike so nice in his vlogs but then he turns into a huge dickhead on impaulsive?

  • Shane Schoeman
    Shane Schoeman

    I bet she sure know how to handle somw balls...

  • Nico Tineo
    Nico Tineo

    The owner of the veggie place watching this episode like 👀😳😕

  • Jorens Sprogis
    Jorens Sprogis

    4:21 those snickers , you honest look like a BOM, who got in to the field and stole those clubs! :D

  • Wendigo Guy
    Wendigo Guy

    Fun fact the the red liquid that comes out of meat is not blood its synovial fluid

  • Blxsted Gamer
    Blxsted Gamer

    Mike is wholesome

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    We all know she's a shaft gripping expert that keeps her eyes on the balls.

  • Somil Mehta
    Somil Mehta

    just waiting for lana to leave him and then watch how is ego drops

  • Run it Straight
    Run it Straight

    Shouldn't Happy Gilmore be the perfect teacher to teach a Porn🌟 how to smash........ a golf ball

  • Amber Rose Miller
    Amber Rose Miller

    woah woah. ima hot girl in LA and I'd NEVER eat beyond meat. real meat all daaaay lol we're not all the same. x

  • Blxtsi

    when he called her toots, i was weak asl

  • Tyler Fortis
    Tyler Fortis

    Mike it’s not a show it’s a video

  • OZZY xKC
    OZZY xKC

    I agree shake shack is the best

  • Shokundo

    I farted so hard

  • мαиιѕн

    Ryan madison also did that earlier...😂💧

  • Eric Bussman
    Eric Bussman

    When unfunny ppl try to be funny. I'd kill myself if I had to watch this series religiously. They just aren't funny at all

  • Eric Bussman
    Eric Bussman

    This guy wants to be a reality star so f*cking bad lol

  • Cartier

    Lana kinda got a attitude

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper

    You GF is a total weapon! There is no beast a man can’t slay with that kind of back up! Nice!

  • Ansh Gandhi
    Ansh Gandhi

    I feel like she just bosses him around. it doesn't feel real. :/

    • T.K.O Music
      T.K.O Music

      Lol yea u’ve never had a girlfriend😭

  • kk mcnugget
    kk mcnugget

    I’m waiting for this video to get demonetized

  • Ashley Ross
    Ashley Ross La chiarezza della nostra posizione è evidente: il costante supporto informativo e propagandistico delle nostre attività parla delle possibilità degli sforzi di raggruppamento. Va notato che l'attuazione degli obiettivi pianificati contribuisce alla preparazione e all'attuazione di esperimenti che colpiscono per scala e grandezza!💕 De repente, replicada de fontes estrangeiras, a pesquisa contemporanea e distribuida de forma associativa entre os setores. O inicio do trabalho cotidiano na formacao de um cargo, bem como um novo olhar sobre o usual - certamente abre novos horizontes para a viabilidade economica das decisoes tomadas. Conclusoes banais, mas irrefutaveis, assim como aquelas que buscam derrubar a producao tradicional, a nanotecnologia e distribuida associativamente entre as industrias. Dados os principais cenarios de comportamento, a teoria existente sugere maneiras independentes de implementar um raciocinio profundo.

  • D2S

    2:53 hmm

  • Teddy W Gardner
    Teddy W Gardner

    Yoo! I don't want to hurt anybody here! I really want to teach both of you! I promise I can get you 15+ more yards! Pls my handicap is -2.

  • pkaicen 123
    pkaicen 123

    The camera man

  • Adam Haidar
    Adam Haidar

    Read lanas dm’s

  • Eric Knepp
    Eric Knepp

    Bruhh. So what If your videos ads?

  • Aaryan Machiah
    Aaryan Machiah

    0.53 the way she stares at lana's boobs

  • Davey B
    Davey B

    Mike u may of saved my life no bullshit.

  • Zhen


  • fnaf reacts
    fnaf reacts


  • Maksymilian Szewczyk
    Maksymilian Szewczyk

    trochę lepszy ten film mordziaty, bo ostatnio były nudy w chuj

  • chris wheeler
    chris wheeler

    ahhhh yes must be so painful to owe taxes rather than get a refund lmao

  • Nick Siddons
    Nick Siddons

    We literally have the same clubs

  • Joke is a joke Lol
    Joke is a joke Lol

    Same number of views as subscribers rn, thats a dedicated fan base right there

  • Dan Tinney
    Dan Tinney

    "It's a lease"!

  • Zaid Yusuf
    Zaid Yusuf

    Is it just me or mike look exactly like Daniel Ricciardo

  • David DeLucia
    David DeLucia

    "celebrities are people well-known for their well-knowness"

  • Luke Gaming
    Luke Gaming

    No one notice at the beginning Faze Kay’s girlfriend Alexa

  • amir ayyash
    amir ayyash

    say hi to lana



  • anzxy

    Did they not break up

  • Rithvik N R
    Rithvik N R

    David's giggles are amazing.😂

  • gie spouwen
    gie spouwen

    Whats up with her face?

  • Ryan gomez
    Ryan gomez

    Cabbie carter golf. Banned storys. If you catch my drift

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻❣️

  • Top Frag
    Top Frag

    These videos are so good they seem to be shorter thand david dobriks videos

  • Spleef Daddy
    Spleef Daddy

    Ohh shit is that Happy Gilmore

  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas

    Mike the goat🔥🔥 carries impaulsive lowkey should start his own podcast

  • Bradley Boerio
    Bradley Boerio

    Need to come see you guys lol

  • Johnny Dunn
    Johnny Dunn

    Bro you golf too!?! I golf and make music and do golf vlogd I would love to collab brotha!! Keep up the good work man

  • asdasdasd asdasdasdasdas
    asdasdasd asdasdasdasdas


  • Geffro Bodeen
    Geffro Bodeen

    That thing you did with the toast near the end was so professional with “The night shift” embedded into the bread. It was so professional, it looks stolen. Hahahaha

  • Geffro Bodeen
    Geffro Bodeen

    Your girl is a SAVAGE lol

  • Crumpled Plays
    Crumpled Plays

    Keep seeing these vids on my timeline so I dropped in... Dreadful

  • oakyfn

    my fucking page chrashed when mike was pushing the tree out,

  • RUSH

    1:17 goddamn wtf happening here the camera bro tho😂🔥 savage af

  • Oscar Silva
    Oscar Silva

    I don't care how many times they kiss, it ain't real until I see the sex tape!

  • Curtis

    I still can’t believe the “muck bang” is a fucking thing what world are we living in that people make money sitting in their car eating food and recording it

  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns

    $63!!? I can get the same shit at steak n shake minus the fake part for $30!

  • RECTO Recto
    RECTO Recto

    3:20 damn bruh she want yo golf balls

  • tweek 3531
    tweek 3531

    I must be the only one that thinks its fuckin crazy to spend 63 dollars on 3 burgers some fries and drinks

  • Ben Ha
    Ben Ha

    Just come to France bro you will see what tax look like and you will love to pay taxes in US ;)

  • Ruthvik Koppala
    Ruthvik Koppala

    absolute shut content

  • Nyasha Motsi
    Nyasha Motsi

    bruh leave her ass, you just her boy toy at this point

  • ZacBeastBoi1

    Are y’all still together

  • Zakary Thompson
    Zakary Thompson

    Better find that 9 iron before it’s too late Mike 😳

  • Mr Emeng
    Mr Emeng that our Stepsis? Help her out broossss...... shes stuck

  • CJR505

    Haha he’s like Addison Rae saying hold on let me finish this real quick 😅

  • Ismail Faskhi
    Ismail Faskhi

    Camera man goes hahahmmm..... Hahahahammmm.... Hahahah. Mmmmk

  • Lori Tesser
    Lori Tesser

    No matter how it unfolds with a partner, there should be a base level of respect and empathy towards them as a human being. A failed relationship will not pollute your mind and foster insecurities anywhere near as much as being on the receiving end of adultery. I dind't know what was happening all along for years that He’s been cheating until I met HACKCYBNONYMOUS@ I’m Forever grateful because I was able to nail him for good and end the toxic relationship.

  • Kenny

    I thought they broke up? Wtf is happening

  • Mr. MuggHustler314
    Mr. MuggHustler314

    Dude just leave her shes just making you look like a fool

  • Beryb Igcock
    Beryb Igcock


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