The Mark of the Beast
We are moving into spiritually dark times and the end is near, but many are unprepared. "We have never been closer to the end than today," says Pastor Greg. A decision must be made-Jesus Christ or Antichrist? A new beginning awaits those who put their trust in Jesus, eternal spiritual darkness for those who deny him.
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  • Pastor Greg Laurie
    Pastor Greg Laurie

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    • Kinggg Ezekiel
      Kinggg Ezekiel

      We are all humans nothing is going to save us far as I know better than jesus christ himself

    • Michael Littlefield
      Michael Littlefield


    • Anthony Richmond
      Anthony Richmond

      @TAUPOturnt uPPP did you realize that near is a figure of speech can I get a comment on that

    • Anthony Richmond
      Anthony Richmond

      @TAUPOturnt uPPP you do know if they say something is near they using it for a figure of speech

    • Yvonne Kruger
      Yvonne Kruger

      Walking in the Spirit: Dr. Charles Stanley answers All the questions that most people still do not understand ! We as Children of GOD wants to know everything so that we can do it right So That He Will be Well Pleased with us! Did i mention Romans 8: ? WOW 🙏🏻

  • Massimo Bosco
    Massimo Bosco

    We are the beast. The revelation of John is a warning for angels.

  • Michelle Depalma
    Michelle Depalma

    Qusntas airlines now will require the vaccine to fly...we are in the end times....Mark beast

  • Moses Luceo
    Moses Luceo

    Sunday is the mark of the beast

  • Dominique P
    Dominique P

    The Mark of the Beast is the National Sunday Law. Soon the Vatican and other nations will be making Sunday a rest day and forcing everyone to worship on Sundays. Watch and see. Also the Pope's official title adds up to 666.

  • *

    I had a dream About this mark it’s basically a chip you put in your head the patent it said 060606

  • Yvonne Hurt
    Yvonne Hurt

    the queen and all of them

  • Jr Jr
    Jr Jr

    Many are unprepared...I have the answer, send me your money.

    • *

      I had a dream about the mark

  • Karl Stenbeck
    Karl Stenbeck

    As of Jan 23rd, 2020, the doomsday clock has been moved forward to 100 seconds to Midnight. Never have we been closer.

    • Solid Snake
      Solid Snake

      my birthday that ha ha

  • Jerry1234 JJStrnad
    Jerry1234 JJStrnad

    Now is 12/11/2020. We now have so called fatal plandemics of some kind of flu like illness with fatality below 0.01% where 95% of those infected do not even know that they have that illness and to discover that you have this illness you need to undergo a test not designed to discover this virus, yet the governments of the world determined that this test is the only one is going to be used... Meanwhile there are voices coming from the circles of those who are for decades above any court of law. Talking about new model of economics and economy which explicitly is only for those who take upon themselves to sign up for their new electronic ID universally recognised. And only those who possess that electronic ID can participate in that new economic system. And the ID is going to be on your forehead or your right hand. No kidding. Check this up... Meanwhile because of that flu like illness from which 99% people recovered or never had any symptoms nobody is allowed to operate his/her business. Those same governments making great multitudes depending for their lives on the government which prevents them under legal penalties to have independent source of living is saying to everyone. You must take by them approved cure or you will not be able to participate in life the way you did before this flu like illness was brought to everyone's attention via the closely controlled media. Oh btw. This medicine, every dose of it has a unique code tied closely specifically to one unique person. ... Well I am not sure if this is real but anytime I want to participate in society I hear news that the day when this by state controlled medicine issued to "pretty much everybody on the planet" is ever closer an who so ever displays hesitancy to receive that medicine will be hold responsible and will face consequences. Such as incarceration in camps set up specifically for this purpose already two decades ago. In complete secrecy... It must sound crazy but there were some who spoke about this yet nobody believed them. And one by one these people were silenced or if not picked on one by one and dispatched on all quietness... I know this may sound crazy... Every day I pray that I will wake up from this weird dream...

  • Among The Fallen
    Among The Fallen

    I can confirm, the simpsons predicted end of the world 2021 Jan 21st

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod
    bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    This energy will stsrt pouring in swiftly

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod
    bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    Of course in the ghettos and cities starting with the 5 boroughs of NYC

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod
    bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    Those who foolishly took the mark of thr beast and are out acting like fools will be the first ones to experience the effects of taking the mark

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod
    bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    The supermarkets gas stations i visit will be permanently sealed with this energy the parking lots

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod
    bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    This energy field will be formed with 9 years of suffering combined the energy field will emit for 500 yards at all times this energy field will surround my dwelling place for 1000 yards only mi immediate neighbors will not be affected by the field co workers as well they won't be affected

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod
    bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    Thosw who took the mark of the beast I will remove from my presence going forward I will create a permanent energy field tgst will make you leave

  • Shane C Hostetler
    Shane C Hostetler

    You can count on the Bible to be always relevant.

  • Tomcat Griffin
    Tomcat Griffin

    The body of Christ will not be here on earth during this time


    I'm a Christian... yes Abortion is wrong ...many need to stop being hypocrites...ok great . . Listen to this.. Yes I believe that God is against that..."It is no different than someone fornicating someone having committing adultery or fornication... Sin is sin."

  • Tigerex966

    Christ comes at the 7th Trump at the end of the tribulation period. Meaning Christians will indeed go through the tribulation period and be martyred and persecuted for Christ sake, like they are now in other parts of the world. Please do not givechristians false hope or they may fall away when the suffering come because they were taught they were special and would escape persecution.

  • P Hemp
    P Hemp

    34:23 He’s either spreading Sharia Law propaganda, or working for Bill Gates depopulation squad. Don’t be fooled by someone who calls him self a pastor.

    • poly cube
      poly cube

      @Tigerex966 exactly, that's Biblically correct.

    • Tigerex966

      He is telling the truth.

  • Jill Hackett
    Jill Hackett

    I see that this video was made 4 years ago. I am writing this in November 2020, right after the election. God spoke thru you to tell me what would happen in 2020.

  • Vox Seven
    Vox Seven

    Don't be deceived, Don't love the Lie, Don't think your on the right track when the path your on is wide. The Man of Lawlessness …10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11 For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie, 12in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.… Our nation Must repent: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 The LORD our God be with us, as he was with our fathers: let him not leave us, nor forsake us: Deuteronomy 31:6,8 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee…. Joshua 1:5,9 May the LORD our God be with us, as He was with our fathers. May He not leave us nor forsake us, 1 Kings 8:57 Our Government is the second beast, in the book of Revelations, the one that is raised up like a Lamb, but later speaks as a Dragon. It is the beast that returns the power to the first beast, as the Reformation taught us including Luther, Wesley, Knox and Calvin. That First beast is the "Papal system of the Catholic church". Even though God says "Come out of her my people that you do not share in her destruction. We must return to our first Love, and the truth of the scripture alone. No matter what men say Gods word alone will stand, and Jesus's words will never fail. I pray this for us all, "May God have mercy upon our people and our families, who still hope in His salvation. As our leaders go astray in their grand delusion and,... as a result, Gods hand of correction comes upon us, I pray, may those who Know their God be rooted and firm in their faith, holding fast to the word of God and being lead by the true spirit of Jesus Christ our salvation.


    When christ come it's only one return and alot of saints will be killed during this time I know that's been taught but that not bible and I can prove it in scriptures

  • Valerie Schad
    Valerie Schad

    I think you might enjoy watching Unlocking Bible Prophecies. Cami Oetman is a fantastic international speaker. Check it out.

  • DeeDee E
    DeeDee E

    Wow, I had shared this on FB recently and now it has disappeared. I tried to again and it won't let me. Keeps giving me an error. I enjoy listening to Greg Laurie and I wanted to share this valuable information with friends. I am so frustrated that I cannot share this. People need to know the truth.

  • Chantell Hann
    Chantell Hann

    8:54... Pretrib rapture, I lost interest, he does not know his scripture. Sadly many will ve caught off guard. If you think we are taking satan's best shot now, your heart will stop at what's to come. Luke 21:26.

  • Chrislee Eaton
    Chrislee Eaton

    It's a barcode or monster slash like on the drinks

  • Chrislee Eaton
    Chrislee Eaton

    Not 666

  • Natan'el Alers
    Natan'el Alers

    This religion is so outdated and it’s always interesting to see how Christians now a days try to make it fit

    • sarah_avery

      @Natan'el Alers yes

    • Natan'el Alers
      Natan'el Alers

      @sarah_avery you want me to list them?

    • sarah_avery

      Why do you think Christianity is outdated?

  • John Leske
    John Leske

    Go Trump !!! Go Patriots !!! Indivisible...Under GOD !!!

  • John Leske
    John Leske

    Text 303030 for Satan !!

  • John Leske
    John Leske

    Or divide 2020 by 3030 = .666 repeating 6 !!!

  • John Leske
    John Leske

    Divide 2020 by 666 = 303030 Demoncrats call number !!!

  • Apso Pengtam
    Apso Pengtam

    everything was good until you started to bring politics into the story, now everything you said is doubtful.

  • Tylar Durten
    Tylar Durten

    It's so funny hearing racist people talk about God, you even include God in your racism. Christians

  • Hadasa Beatrice
    Hadasa Beatrice

    Make sure you do not take the mark of the beast by thinking you will not go through the tribulation. “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,” ‭‭II Thessalonians‬ ‭2:3‬ ‭ We will face the Antichrist and many will fall away because they believe they would escape before that.... never give up on JESUS ❤️ Other than that such beautiful message 🙏 God bless you all!

  • theothertroll

    He’s making stuff up and not saying what the scriptures actually say ~

  • hell cat
    hell cat

    I think this pandemic and all the world problems both economically social unrest wars and everything else is the sign of last days

  • Gu3ss Wh0
    Gu3ss Wh0

    I HOPE he's describing BILL GATES not TRUMP. Gates is also one of the reasons for the technological advancement of the 21st century. Of he's not the only person but, well, he's a tech guy. *He wants us to get chipped in order to buy food, go to work, etc.. *Who does he think he is to decide who gets to eat/work and who doesn't *Who does he think he is to decide who gets to live and who doesn't*

  • Rosie osorio Peru Osorio
    Rosie osorio Peru Osorio

    I know my work pls pray for me pray pray

  • Rosie osorio Peru Osorio
    Rosie osorio Peru Osorio

    I know I am not me I am my daddies adoni

  • Rosie osorio Peru Osorio
    Rosie osorio Peru Osorio

    I am the person that need ls to talk to u pls pls 7863894893

  • Rosie osorio Peru Osorio
    Rosie osorio Peru Osorio

    Same info from the credit cards n other stuff like phone n is same so that little worm is in ur hand n is is working now

  • Rosie osorio Peru Osorio
    Rosie osorio Peru Osorio

    N is in Europe already that’s why the coins n money r not being made

  • Rosie osorio Peru Osorio
    Rosie osorio Peru Osorio

    God showed me with fire 🔥 the word mram I said so many time I saw god showed me that n I had no idea what that was n I look it up research n is a micro crip in the hand with ur numbers n u won’t need money or cards or anything to use it that is all ur info I put it everywhere I called churches n no one cared to hear about it but I did my job I have more info pls contact me 786. 389. 4893. 17

  • Chad Kinzle
    Chad Kinzle

    Dude looks like he's preaching from the WWE RAW entrance! :)

  • Moises G.V.
    Moises G.V.

    TYPICAL misreading of the text. The Antichrist does not get killed or nearly killed and then resurrected, that is the Beast system he leads, the revived Islamic Caliphate, also known as the Ottoman Empire that seemed to be eliminated but now it is resurrecting again by the hand of Erdogan, the new Islamic leader. Notice the text says one of the heads gets wounded, it does not say the Antichrist gets wounded, the Turkish got nearly eliminated but lo and behold they are back with a vengeance and they will lead the 10 Islamic nation coalition of the Beast, the Middle East Beast that is. GO HOME AND READ YOUR BIBLES

  • Micaela Hotham
    Micaela Hotham

    👏 Preach



  • Harold Akers
    Harold Akers

    I am a follower of LORD JESUS CHRIST and looking forward to the Coming of a NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH after the RAPTURE

  • Constance Lasky
    Constance Lasky

    Thank you for your ministry for 20 or so years I have been listening to your pastoring I pray for you and your family 🙏 I pray your healed from the Covid -19 & Please pray for my healing as well I am healing from a hip replacement in Jesus name I am praying for the rapture 🙏🙏🙏

  • Anthony Roberson
    Anthony Roberson

    Thank you your response made sense God is placing the warning in our hearts I don't think the Mark is anything to do with technology may God bless you and Grant us both with spirits that can learn and understand his word

  • Anthony Roberson
    Anthony Roberson

    That prophecy was spoken over 2,000 years ago what you're saying is that no one in the history of mankind has had the mark yet. We might have to agree to disagree. And I appreciate the information about the microchip regardless of how I feel I wouldn't get a chip implanted in me

    • Solid Snake
      Solid Snake

      who says its a physical chip? Mandatory Vaccinations are on the way my friend...

  • appa32472

    The pretrib rapture is a beautiful thought, but Greg just read where you and I are gonna be. Right here. It said he was able to make war with the Saints! How can he make war with the saints if they're all gone??? I hope I'm wrong. Lord jesus , sovereign king I hope and pray I'm wrong and you do spare your precious followers from such horrors. Please yashua forgive us our sins and keep your mighty hand upon us till you call us to be by your side. Amen

    • MizzChocs

      The Lord got us!. We have great rewards in heaven! Once this world is totally released to satan. (soon) trust me you won't want nothing of this world at all.

    • SleeplessinOC

      Me too . I don’t want to be here for the horrors to come .

  • Anthony Roberson
    Anthony Roberson

    I feel the same way . I would starve before I receive the physical mark of the beast . Quick question . Less say a person has made it his life work to steal ( violate God's commandment ) wouldn't that be the same


    Emanuel said worship me not celebrate me not and he said i did not come to be served yet there is ONE that is looking fore it and it is The Holy Heavenly Father


    trials and tribulations started 23 sept 2017

  • Ant Deuce
    Ant Deuce

    Bunch of bull

  • Dennis Chernyk
    Dennis Chernyk

    The lamb is the USA. You, sir are a false profit.The first beast is Rome.2nd beast is USA .Its about worshipp. The biggest lie is the Sun worshipp day.Sat. is the true worship day of God.Roman church even admitts what their mark is.Sunday is our MARK of Authority.The Church is above the Bible and this transference of sabbathis proof of that fact.What do you say about that Mr.False teacher.

  • Anne Hedonia
    Anne Hedonia

    Please see the first video in my Favorites list titled, "Another Jesus".

  • Ben Elliott
    Ben Elliott

    I do believe you can lose your salvation based on the parable of the 10 virgins 5 wise and 5 foolish!

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G.

    Lie brother no rapture we are going to face the great tribulation for many tribulations shall we enter the kingdom oh GOD.

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G.

    666 is written on the popes fish shaped hat .

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G.

    What's your opinion on national Sunday law toward SABBATH keepers in the end times ?

  • Donna L
    Donna L

    Thank you for speaking about this!

  • Debbie McGhee
    Debbie McGhee

    I’m so thankful I excepted Jesus in my life just recently and today thank you Lord in the name of Jesus amen

  • Victor Mercado
    Victor Mercado

    Brother Greg Lori I will see you in heaven 🙏 because I love Jesus Christ and I love you God bless you

  • Victor Mercado
    Victor Mercado

    I love you brother Greg Lori God bless you were going home 🙏 just being 💯 percent

  • The Silicon Mechanic
    The Silicon Mechanic

    Don't use the perverted modern translations such as the niv, nkjv, esv etc. KJV is the only bible for the english language.

  • Marion Jones
    Marion Jones

    Social media is a form of mark of the beast. Facebook, Instagram, tictoc. Only God should know your every move in life🤷

    • M

      The Bible is very clear about what the mark of the beast is and how it will be enforced... It’s not social media, sm outlets are tools just like a hammmer (can be used for good as well as for evil. God Bless!

    • Chad Rasmussen
      Chad Rasmussen

      Ya that's true

  • Justin Ramirez
    Justin Ramirez

    So who thinks that we are in the beginning of the tribulations period now? Am I the only one

    • Jamie Lorenzo
      Jamie Lorenzo

      @Justin Ramirez I also don’t understand why people say the vaccine is the mark as a vaccine is placed in our shoulder but the mark is supposed to be in your right hand and your forehead

    • Jamie Lorenzo
      Jamie Lorenzo

      @Justin Ramirez I still don’t understand what the tribulation is, how does a vaccine separate us from god as that is something physical not spiritual. And if we were to take this mark won’t god have stopped that if it were to start???

    • Justin Ramirez
      Justin Ramirez

      @Matt Lewis would you say we're close to it?

    • Matt Lewis
      Matt Lewis

      We’re not

  • Quinton Davis
    Quinton Davis

    You’re right about the cashless society but wrong about us being taken away before the GreatTribulation. The Great Tribulation is for all of us.

  • conglomerate

    Excuse me, what does "harvest" mean!? Lol.

    • conglomerate

      @Brett Harding/Telford which i happen to think is YOU and your fake pastor's fake outfit.

    • Brett Harding/Telford
      Brett Harding/Telford

      The harvest is when the collection off Christians r plucked out of the world. Selection of beleavers and non beleavers.

  • Dee K
    Dee K

    We have a President who's brought Christ and Prayer back to America and you say we have few choices? I question your agenda & loyalties.

  • conglomerate

    Each and every woman has rights! So that's where you lost me dude!

    • Rachel Huber
      Rachel Huber

      I'm a woman, abortion is murder! God says it's wrong so its wrong!!!

  • Abide

    I really messed up 😟🤦‍♂️

    • Abide

      Jeremiah 2:19

  • JimiSurvivor

    Since Greg believes OSAS then taking the mark of the beast would not cause a Christian to forfeit salvation any more than any other sin. In fact, they could save their families from starvation by swearing allegiance to the Beast and ask for forgiveness later. Of course if all their sins, past present and future have ALREADY been forgiven then it will not even be necessary to ask forgiveness. After all, doesn't the Bible say: "love means never having to say you're sorry?" Of course the Bible makes no such exceptions for those who take the mark of the beast: 9 And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he also will drink the wine of God's wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” (Revelation 14:9-11)

  • Sinead Gallagher
    Sinead Gallagher

    Lunatics 😂

  • Centro DeLa GalaXia Records
    Centro DeLa GalaXia Records

    Jesus Is My King, Lord And Savior 🙏🛸🙏 one night woke up from world war nightmare; and was been attacked because i was paralyzed (SUCCUBUS) 🤔and in my head i said " Demons get out of here and never come Back, JESUS CHRIST REINS AND CONTROLS HERE" AND I WASNT PARALYZED EVER AGAIN IN MY SLEEP! SALMS91 SALMS23

  • Dave Wait
    Dave Wait


  • Trissa Madis
    Trissa Madis

    I want Jesus to come into my life...Amen

  • Dennis J. Isreal
    Dennis J. Isreal

    *John 6:66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.*

  • CHiLL 1985
    CHiLL 1985

    I wish someone would just talk to me im lost im confused i dont know what the world wants from me

    • CHiLL 1985
      CHiLL 1985

      My family is against me I haven t spoke to my kids in 2 and a half years I dont kno if there ok I cant take this anymore people lying on me

    • roberta

      Pray, read Bible, get to know Him! Believe in Christ! He has a plan for you! It's okay to feel confused at times, ask Him for signs! You may have not been aware of what's going on in your life but im sure He has a plan for you and is doing amazing stuff for you that you are not even aware of. know that youre always loved. if you want to have someone to talk to, im here! i dont know a lot but im building my relationship with Him as well :)

  • Malcolm Urlich Mu9874
    Malcolm Urlich Mu9874

    Yeshua it's Yeshua, not Jesus, my name is Malcolm not Malcombe lol who changed his name and why?

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez

    Listening to the first 12 mins in 2020 is making me rethink my life...

    • roberta


  • Miss Naat
    Miss Naat

    Wow..4 years ago and very true in this time and these days now🤔😮

  • Linda Irvine
    Linda Irvine

    Let the scoffers scoff , they won’t be scoffing when hear that trumpet!

  • Jeff Crysler
    Jeff Crysler

    God gave me a vision of America being Revelation chapt 18. 20 years ago....2 years ago the Holy Spirit came to me in my garage and said Jeff God wants you to know hes not a maniac. God warning his people.Something worse than the pandemic is about to happen. We all just may have to go through tribulation. I have learned to trust God and only God...Men will lead you astray.

  • Broken Angel
    Broken Angel

    We are closer then you think and only God knows the hour!!!! For even in Switzerland they already have the chip as church’s and worshiping Our Almighty God are outlawed in China , and in the Bible it says we shall sneak into homes of neighbour sorry not the exact words but people watch on tick tock and utube ext going into homes to watch people doing what ever, do you understand what I’m saying and things like Bitcoin ext as money is disappearing we are in end days And newly awaken and during coronia virus your words confuse me and church’s closed I turn to utube to learn and something inside me says no mark of any kind for HE! Dwells with in so why would we take any mark? I speak no stop with Him but ever day is very difficult but I see him as my friend as a parent that knows I will fall and he will be there to pick me up as I learn everyday. And I don’t say I’m a Christian I say he is my best friend and beloved my saviour.

  • James Robert Hyland
    James Robert Hyland

    I'm a christian and what this man is preaching is wrong when he says he wont be here during the great tribulation..the bible says a great crowd will come out of the also says only 144,000 will go to the heavens to be kings with Jesus Christ...

    • SDS York
      SDS York

      Keep seeking the word. Your mis understanding.

    • Connie Walker
      Connie Walker

      NOT TRUE!

  • Shawn Maurice
    Shawn Maurice

    This virus is the opening for a cashless world. Don't believe all that the media tells you they are part of the beast system.

    • Chad Rasmussen
      Chad Rasmussen

      Yup so true

  • Shawn Maurice
    Shawn Maurice

    My mom has a friend thats on ssi. And when he got the check, on the back of it, it said see if the number match thats on you hand or forehead. When he went to the bank to get the money. They said we are sory these checks are not sopose to be issued yet. Its coming closer then we thought. God bless everyone stay strong.

    • Shawn Maurice
      Shawn Maurice

      @Brett Harding/Telford social security income

    • Brett Harding/Telford
      Brett Harding/Telford

      What is ssi that u r talking about

  • A Mariz
    A Mariz

    Guess what they are selling now an obama dragon statue .. Other things also that I cannot mention ...

  • Jesse Little
    Jesse Little

    I am confused. It was stated that a great revival would take place during the tribulation period. It was then stated that the speaker believes Christ will call his faithful church to be with him BEFORE the tribulation. So, who will remain to preach and/or teach during the tribulation to have a revival? Edit: The rest of the video was clear and easy to follow. It was just the first 10 minutes that confused me.

  • Dana Ashlie
    Dana Ashlie

    Thumbs up until I heard the pre tribulation rapture palava - jesuits have deceived SO many with this false doctrine. Sad

    • Daniel M Connolly
      Daniel M Connolly

      Guess what, it's true.

  • BuggyFML

    Praise GOD🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Mike Vick
    Mike Vick

    Covid vaccination!

  • marcie harris
    marcie harris

    Espesians 1:14 “purchased possessions”

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