The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 FULL Breakdown
Star Wars Theory
The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 dove into the lore of Star Wars.
The theories are true! Baby Yoda, The Child is being used for his force sensitivity, to transfer that to another body. While all tests haven't succeeded, Moff Gideon and Dr. Pershing are committed to making it happen. This is interesting as I think they could even search Luke Skywalker for his force sensitivity and high midichlorian count. I was happy to hear about the M-Count which we haven't heard of since Qui-Gon Jinn mentioned them in The Phantom Menace when he tested Anakin and sent the sample to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
This episode took alot of elements from Jedi Knight II which was interesting to see.
Cloning force sensitives is a hard feat, something that Palpatine and Dooku could not do with General Grievous. Something Vader couldn't do with Galen Marek in The Force Unleashed II.
It seems, though, that Snoke was created via this process, and maybe his force sensitivity was granted from The Child, which feels weird. Or perhaps, it's from someone else...Luke? Ahsoka? Another force user?
I'm excited for Episode 5 to finally see Ahsoka Tano and hopefully Boba Fett and Bo Katan later one (maybe Ezra and Sabine too).
A wild theory I have, is that Mace Windu could appear...I'll have a full video on it tomorrow for you...
Let me know what you thought of the episode!

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  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory

    Thanks for joining the watch party and following up with the breakdown. See you all next week as we will witness Ahsoka in live action for the first time, together!! Have a great day, and may the force be with you!!

    • Leon Paz
      Leon Paz

      Can't wait! I feel like Mandalorian is the Star Wars we all needed.

    • Pancake Man
      Pancake Man

      I'm hyped for theorys reaction and the chat going insane for ashoka on the next episode they're always so much fun

    • Mac Daddy
      Mac Daddy

      Love this episode. It felt like “ Star Wars” and had a lot of fan service in it. I just hope we see a payoff with Boba Fett! Everyone wants to see it and I really hope it happens this season.

    • en genuine
      en genuine

      This is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in my life, I recommend this video --- please have a good day. 🌞

    • Casual Gaming
      Casual Gaming

      Thanks for the video :) I hvae a theory regarding the Shadow/Dark Trooper. What if these are the Mandos from Season 1 mind controlled/reanimated ? They only found there armors and we never saw any bodys.

  • chefpete12571

    So it takes Jon Favreau to fill in the giant plot hole that both Abrams and Johnson couldn't. Snoke and the First Order could have been explained in 5 to 10 mins flashback (or just a simple explanation) in any of the 3 different feature films.

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing

    they’re finna drop ashoka for 5 seconds at the end of the season just like they did with boba fett

  • Aaron Alghawi
    Aaron Alghawi

    Man I always felt like Exegol was basically just Valley of the Jedi for the Sith, and now we’re dripping Kejim outpost references? Glad to see some of these folks appreciated those great JK games

    • yuitr loing
      yuitr loing

      it's got a Star Wars connection, I even watch it ..

  • Gio Gio
    Gio Gio

    I keep asking myself one thing, if the dark troopers are so strong, like the ultimate level of troopers, why the first order did not use them?

  • Daniel's Hot Topics
    Daniel's Hot Topics

    I Hope they either Make Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Cannon or they Bring Elements and Characters of Shadows of the Empire and make them Cannon, but I Would prefer Disney make Shadows of the Empire Completely Cannon because it's my Favorite Star Wars Game and there is nothing in the Cannon Preventing them to do so.

  • That0neGuy6740 0
    That0neGuy6740 0

    I really hope that the Mandalorian doesn’t go too deep into the sequel trilogy. The sequels have too many bad things going on right now, and I don’t want it to drag the Mandalorian down with it.

  • PK-åłľ -DAY
    PK-åłľ -DAY

    The short hair'd lady w the hat on at the end, w Moff Giddeon, was from the show "Z-Nation". She played "George". That's awsome that she's getting some major roles now!

  • Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리
    Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리

    I’m contemplating watching this because I haven’t seen this episode and won’t be able to because I can’t afford Disney plus anymore

  • jamesdevftw

    Did anyone else get Jedi Outcast vibes when they went to that outpost?

  • sleepy hollow
    sleepy hollow

    The Mandalorian is more Star Wars then sequel trilogy

  • jellyfish 4
    jellyfish 4

    Wait I just thought of this if asoka is gonna be in the mandalorian the last time we saw her she was heading of with sabine to look for ezra so doesn't that mean there's a chance we could see sabine in the mandalorian as well?

  • Aleksandre Sarachi
    Aleksandre Sarachi

    Cant wait for ani’s pupil to show up

  • rhyon linger
    rhyon linger

    i was a man who watched every episode to find an answer

  • ToonTerraMine Gamer
    ToonTerraMine Gamer

    The first thing that came to my mind when the episode ended is: “Mando is leading them straight toward a Jedi...”

  • Wheelie boys productions
    Wheelie boys productions

    I got mine pirated because it not released in the UK

  • Vlado kalaba
    Vlado kalaba

    Moff Gideon (with dark lightsaber) + dark troopers (or what ever they are) + imperial troopers + imperial cruiser + fighters vs Ashoka Tano + Mando + Bo-Katan and her mandalorians + new republic fighters/bombers and maybe corelian corvete + maybe mandalorian clan from first season. So we may see battle on ground and in the space!

  • Max Goodall
    Max Goodall

    For some reason I thought it was armour for the inferno squad because that was around that time

  • Michael S. Humphrey
    Michael S. Humphrey

    I always feel that this channel reaches to connect things, especially old school, non-canon EU/Legends stuff, ignoring what is said within the episodes. First, Rise of Skywalker, lacking in content as it was and all supplemental information stated that the Sith cultists produced the clones of Snoke and Palpatine, not the Empire/First Order. The First Order didn't even know about Palpatine. So, with what was said in the Mando episode - these are volunteers and injected (stated by the exposition from the hologram in the actual episode), not clones....those looks like bacta tubes, not cloning tubes from RoS. Just saying, this falls WAY more in line with the Reborn from Jedi Outcast and the Dark Troopers. Stormtroopers that have volunteered to be "enhanced" and would lead to someone like Moff Gideon wanting to be enhanced with the midicolorians, i.e. him becoming more powerful.

  • Nick Willcocks
    Nick Willcocks

    This episode wasnt cool was rushed ..poorly directed, written and the acting is stale... The effects are awful ...compared to Discovery .. this is 3rd rate and it's only because it's got a Star Wars connection, I even watch it ..

  • viktortje007

    Please don't use spoilerrelated pictures in the cover photo, I can't bare accidently opening youtube and see one of your breakdowns before I've seen an episode, keep up the great work though!!

  • ideologicduck

    I’m getting the littlest hobbo vibes from this season.

  • Hector Latorre
    Hector Latorre

    Directed by apollo creed himself. This episode felt soo much like Star Wars. Well done.

  • Sami

    here at 666k views

  • birdyLOL

    i had a feeling thats how snoke was born when they mentioned they were kidnapping kids with M-Cells to infuse into the "subject" lol. Also, its no wonder force sensitives were dying off one by one. These btches were kidnapping children who had even a small M-Cell count and killed them off/used for experimentation.

  • NerdStuff Gaming & Music
    NerdStuff Gaming & Music

    It was SUCH a good episode. Cant wait for more.

  • John Herrera
    John Herrera

    Bro this thing looks nothing like snoke and the music os just low humming if they really try to connect this great show into those trash sequels well there goes the show

  • Matias Gutierrez
    Matias Gutierrez

    i dont think that was snoke the base was destroid

  • Sajgoniarz

    Lel, I wonder when people get stupid enough to need youtube videos to explain even tv series for them.

  • thomas jeppesen
    thomas jeppesen

    I have some hope that if it indeed is cloning Palpatine that is the reason for the Empire to hunt the child, the Empire will not succeed in doing so. I want this to be one giant ‘screw the audience’ (or bless the audience, really) where they hint that all of this will tie into the sequel trilogy with Snoke and Palpatine’s return; that the conclusion of the Mandalorian in season 3 or 4 shows the child recaptured by the Empire and meant to be used in a plan to resurrect Palpatine - but then, last minute, Mando and all the other characters we follow (Ahsoka, Bo Katan, maybe Luke) will rescue the child and destroy the last remnants of the Empire and Palpatine’s last hope of returning. Think about how great a twist that would actually be: The fans who care about Star Wars despise the sequel trilogy with all their heart and seeing the Mandalorian retconning it within its storyline would be the best twist in Star Wars since ‘No, I am your father’. Then the sequels will be nothing more than a ‘What if’ scenario if Mando and friends fails to protect and save the child. The perfect ending to the series, especially since EVERYBODY will expect it to play out differently by then. Of course I know this won’t happen... those who know what Star Wars needs sadly aren’t the ones in charge.

  • Blackstrat41

    Theory: I think the show is trying to elude to the idea that the facility was trying to successfully clone a force sensitive for Palpatine and it was under the control of Palpatine. It probably was once under Palps control pre - ROTJ. It is a red herring. in this time period it has been converted to what I believe to be a clone project of the remnant Empire under the order of Gideon/Those higher ranked we have not seen. The Emperor is in the shadows as always. Allowing others to do his work through his careful planning and manipulation. Only a small few know he lives. Gideon wants to create a force sensitive army or his own "Vader"/enforcer. We may find that later down the line, Palps simply uses the leftover clones for his use as Snoke. Thus making Snoke a desperate last ditch effort kinda like he seemed in the sequel trilogy. This allows the show to work around the sequels and kind of in a round about way add back story. Just a Theory!

  • Mark L
    Mark L

    Gina Carano can't act for shit and it was on full display in this episode.

  • matthew weeks
    matthew weeks again seems like every single ep this season there trying to cancel something

  • qap

    3:00 that was exactly what I was thinking aswell, especially the troops at the end looked like Shadow Troopers, sans the green Force Crystal.

  • George Raxworthy
    George Raxworthy

    This was the worst episode, the suspension of disbelief had me realizing that there was zero danger to the characters at all times even when being shot or suiciding off a ledge noise diving a hover vehicle.

  • Timo Snieder
    Timo Snieder

    Dude your voice intonation at the end, you really built up the anticipation for me. "how cool would that be..."

  • Christian_Patriot

    I like the episode, I just detest that they are already trying to shoehorn in the horrific sequel trilogy. For some reason I was hoping that they would just ignore it.

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    I have a feeling that Timon (from live action version of the Lion King - Favereau) inspired the idea for the Marshall's little pet.

  • Shaun Gonzales
    Shaun Gonzales

    Actually that alien looks like ochi especially in the hologram at the end

  • Chef Carl Casper
    Chef Carl Casper

    Pissed they are trying to possibly tie in elements of the sequel trilogy. Just leave it all alone.

  • Emilio Fernández
    Emilio Fernández

    As soon as I get a solid hint that the sequels will not be erased by this show I will drop it so fast.. together with any hope for the future.

  • UmDi 97
    UmDi 97

    Who other than me just got Disney + for a month but my dad and me are big fans of Star Wars so we extended our time having it until we watch everything Star Wars!

  • Tomas A
    Tomas A

    It was quite a short episode

  • Partyman

    You have saw boba fett in chapters 10

  • Anthony Coccaro
    Anthony Coccaro

    Is the girl who talked to Moff Gideon a younger Jaden Irso????

  • Solaiman Sohan
    Solaiman Sohan

    Troopers at the end looks badass like Darth Vader

  • Eric Riester
    Eric Riester

    Coming soon to a super market near you- Mandaloon Cookies

  • Rockape

    I feel like with the Ahsoka episode, they are going to go to her last known location and find it deserted, then do some whacky adventure with throwbacks to the films and such, then maybe find her in the next episode after, or some sort of shrine of her for some reason. Unless of course shes already actually going to be in this episode!

  • Devon with an i
    Devon with an i

    You gotta tone down the dramatic voice, kinda cringy bro

  • TheUnknownGuy

    I like the show but what bothers me a little is how incompetent the empire is. Hundreds of stormtroopers, deathtroopers, scouts, tanks, air support and they literally stand no chance against 3 people. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Mando would take on a star destroyer 1vs1 and win.

  • chamo77

    So having an M count in your blood is what allows things to control the force

  • TheUnknownGuy

    Hope they don't waste the series on explaining the sequels too much since life is way easier pretending these garbage movies never happened and I don't want Mando to be part of it

  • Radio Buyer
    Radio Buyer

    Fans: How can Star Wars ever be cool again? Favreau: This is the way.

  • brian weaving
    brian weaving

    Just noticed on the new Cara Dune Funko Pop she’s wearing the badge

  • Mike Dawkins
    Mike Dawkins

    Thinking about it now I’ve watched this, I have a feeling that the dark troopers near the end will be used to track and fight Mando, and unfortunately mando will lead Giddian to ahsoka and she maybe captured with or instead of the child...

  • Michael Kimmings
    Michael Kimmings

    Before baby Yoda BBY Is not a thing ace

  • ptthunder

    I like Star Trek.

    • Basic Cannabis2
      Basic Cannabis2

      Watch both for free. #Basic_Cannabis2 No ads no viruses no pop ups. All 3 season of star trek. To anything you pay to watch. Link is that good...I get Mandalorian before America does...

  • Pauly LongSac
    Pauly LongSac

    Could the volunteer be boba fett

  • Slave 1 Wilson
    Slave 1 Wilson

    That’s cool I didn’t notice that the imperial base was that similar to the the base on Jedi knight 2 : Jedi outcast. That game is awesome and I just replayed it on Nintendo switch!!!

  • Pop Quiz
    Pop Quiz

    Was that woman officer iden virsio from battlefront 2 story? Or is my timeline off

  • Wesley Mons
    Wesley Mons

    it is jus called Nevarro..not Nevarro VII..youre getting it confused with Arvala VII, the planet with the mudhorn and home of Kuill

  • Mina Aarla
    Mina Aarla

    Baby Yoda really tried his hardest to fix the wires. So adorable.

  • Adam Volný
    Adam Volný

    I doubt that Mandalorian will do something as big as Snoke. These will probably be some sort of force sensitive supersoldiers (descriptive audio says that these are Dark Troopers). If Moff Gideon became force sensitive and led unit of force sensitive soldiers, they would be faster, stronger and deadlier, even without lightsabers.

  • SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms
    SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms

    Master Yoda was a senile frog baboon...who couldnt even form proper sentences anymore...he should have long retired from his jedi duties eons ago

  • Fisher Enid
    Fisher Enid

    Am really enjoying these Star Wars episodes of The Madalorian 👍😀

  • tyler c
    tyler c

    Star wars suits tv better. Change my mind

  • malcolm larsen
    malcolm larsen

    Mmmm! Blue Oreos.

  • Justice Dunham
    Justice Dunham

    Fun fact, the actual descriptive audio for the show confirms they are dark troopers and NOT shadow troopers

  • Putins Cat
    Putins Cat

    You know what was great about TV 20 years ago? There were not hundreds of thousands of people giving crappy opinions about every little thing. "Din isn't a woman." "Where are the women?" "Why does he have to kill every creature he meets." Everyone just shut the F up! Watch it or don't watch it!!

  • Emy D
    Emy D

    This has made me think of a further theory... So we learned in this episode that the new Empire is trying to create force users essentially and that they want the Child's blood to do so. I think that Snoke and eventually a cloned Palpatine that we saw in TRoS is the end result that was years in the making. But how do they finally get their success if the scientist was only able to get a little of The Child's blood without risking killing him? For one, the scientist probably wanted to be sure that their unwilling donor would be able to survive and not fully into this whole series of experiments; not wanting to take extreme risks. Plus, The Child is still very young for his species and not mature enough for things like this. To be able to have success, they need a large amount of blood from a powerful force user. We know that Mando is on his way to finding Ahsoka Tano. We know that the Razor Crest now has an empire tracking beacon on it. And we know that Ahsoka had died at some point before the events of the Sequel trilogy... What if Ahsoka ends up being the key?! Think about it! She's quite a powerful force user who also was revived by the essence of the Daughter! She would end up having the potential that the Empire is seeking! And Mando would accidentally lead Moff Gideon directly to her, eventually leaving her to her fate... As much as I would hate to lose such a beloved Star Wars character, I think bringing Ahsoka into this show, may end up showing her eventual demise. When that time comes, I hope that she would only be able to be taken down after a tremendous fight as the grand warrior that she is.

  • A B
    A B

    Do you guys like the fact this series is becoming a medium to cleanup/erase the horrible writing of the movies? Im fine with it as long as it continues to make sense. So far, so good.

    • A B
      A B

      @Putins Cat yea i said im fine with it. It absolutely does and is great right now. But like this channel creator I don't consider the new movies CANON but I love this show. That could be problematic for fans who feel that way if it starts to seem like all they are doing is JUSTIFYING those films. Its like our (if you're US) elections. Even if who you voted for won you still aren't that geeked cause they didn't really give u any choice in the matter. Just the illusion

    • Putins Cat
      Putins Cat

      @A B It still beats most TV.

    • A B
      A B

      @Putins Cat idk i didnt even think about it until this particular ep.. Just hit me more than one time during it so i guess my answer would be... yes, it is.

    • Putins Cat
      Putins Cat

      Is it? I mean the episode was fun and action packed, but it wasn't a Pulitzer. Mando lands on planet, puts baby Yoda with baby sitter, blows stuff up, collects baby Yoda and leaves Planet. This is the basic premise of most of the episodes. Like I said, fun to watch.

  • Emy D
    Emy D

    1:42 I didn't realize the creature breathes fire! It reminds me of a ferett. I guess you could call it a "fire ferett". 😁

  • jmiogo

    Anyone else find this show dull? Mando runs errand, ship breaks down, gods baby does something cute, last 30secs tease.

    • Putins Cat
      Putins Cat

      The basic flow is more like, Mando comes to planet, puts baby Yoda with someone, blows up a bunch of shit, gets baby Yoda, and leaves planet. I watched every episode of Inuyasha, and he killed a new demon every episode. But every once in awhile, you got his back story, former love, and they put that jewel together in the end. They need to do this as well or it will get dull.

  • Tanner Black
    Tanner Black

    I bet they have an infinity war style Meetup at the end with all the characters from this season, final battle

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith

    This is probably a stupid question but why was Gideon wearing a suit that looked very similar to Vader’s?

  • achimay

    This is just a guess but maybe this series could tie with the sequel trilogy because Rey could have been the product of these lab experiments since we know she's related to Palpatine and can use the Force. Plus, the Mandolorian takes place in 9 ABY and when Rey is first introduced in The Force Awakens around 34 ABY, she is 19 years old, which would mean she was born around 15 ABY. Maybe Mando or someone took her when she was born to hide on Jakku from Palpatine. I could be wrong, but just my opinion LOL.

  • Upmost juggler
    Upmost juggler

    I forgot about Luke’s arm but I figured it was blown up with the death start 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    I love how Disney always refuses to acknowledge Legends but they throw in stuff from it. It’s totally not FRUSTRATING in basically in every sense of the word

  • Aqua JF
    Aqua JF

    Yo anyone know if Darth maul is making a cameo?

  • ziPnAsty

    Is it possible Palpatine used the force *for* snoke, making the supreme leader seem force sensitive?

  • Rey med
    Rey med

    Happy fuck up lol tan would bin old

  • barrenpaladin

    Lets hope this path does not go into the Ray and Kylo Universe... Hoping this goes more the way to Luke, Mara Jade, and Solo Twins etc... The Sequels where a big let down... And that plot line sucked ass...

  • Al Dunford
    Al Dunford

    This show is very repetitive. Let me guess what happens on the next episode. Mando arrives on planet. He is suckered in to help with a problem. Probably a monster in a cave. Flies around for a bit and shoots some baddies. Xena warrior princess might show up and do her leg flippy move on some baddies. Baby Yoda steals food (because that joke never gets old) The problem is solved and they fly off to next planet to do it all over again.


    Man! the only thing I hate about the this show is that episodes are shorter and they make us wait for the next episodes.. I mean I want more!!

  • Henry Doejaaren
    Henry Doejaaren

    He really made sure to enunciate sects 😂😂

  • G Dog
    G Dog

    Sorry if a dumb question, but how long is The Mandolorian set after the fall of the empire?

  • Garrett Sampson
    Garrett Sampson

    Snoke has the child’s blood? Damn

  • Mike Vieira
    Mike Vieira

    Anyone else notice that when in the classroom the teacher said that the new captial of the New Republic was on Chandrila! Turn on captions. 😀

  • Pops Jr
    Pops Jr

    I love mando, but i really wish the empire was still threatening. I'm tired of stormtroopers being incompetent. They take 5 shots and miss everyone, and the main characters take one and kill 2 stormtroopers. Other than that, the show is truly amazing

  • Dj Pro
    Dj Pro

    Mandalorian's can fly but can't install eating or drinking tubes to their helmets??? #plothole

  • Buford

    second season episodes suck ass, just crap and we're only getting 30 min episodes wtf!

  • geek Man
    geek Man

    Honestly I hope the clone is snoke, we need more story for that guy

  • Joshua

    Dark Troopers arent JUST droids. Phase 1's were droids. Phase 2-3 were exoskeletons. You should know this

  • Rahzz Capone
    Rahzz Capone

    I hope he doesn’t go against his code and take his helmet off. I like how he is and it feels like he is a more strict/true mandalorian. Like real life religions e.g. catholics vs Protestant

  • Craig Mcewen
    Craig Mcewen

    Ok. I don't know if someone mentioned it or the story changed. If you go back to the clone wars Ahsoka was a youngling. At this time line in Mandalorian the jedi order except Yoda were not even born yet. So at this time in Mandalorian Yoda was 50 years old. He lived to be over 700 years old. So unless her great..great...great grandma was cloned. Ahsoka wasn't even born yet. I don't know maybe I missed something.

  • Nikolla Tesla
    Nikolla Tesla

    Man literally stole emergency awesomes thumbnail

  • Luis D
    Luis D

    Luke is the chose one.

  • Child of God
    Child of God

    What was that Resistance emblem the cop gave to Cara? Why and what's it for?

  • Child of God
    Child of God

    What was that Resistance emblem that the cop gave to Cara? Why and what's its meaning ?

  • N8oR

    Can this series sink any lower?

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