The Journey along the Pilgrimage Road in the City of David, the Heart of Ancient Jerusalem.
Visit the very thoroughfare used by the ancient Jews to ascend to the Temple thousands of years ago during the Passover festival. Archaeologically documented and with inscriptions that match names found in the Bible, the Pilgrimage Road is amongst the most significant discoveries in Jerusalem.
Credit: City of David Archives-Asaf Peri

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    The judges sat under the Palm trees

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    Jeanne Giambrone

    I was in Israel 1969 and at that time it was incredible and now, oh my goodness, such AMAZING FINDS! How exciting! Biblical History coming even more so ALIVE! It will help those who still question Bible stories/history are now an actuality not just a story, just as God/Jesus said ("in the later days...."!) Very exciting!!!!

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    I would love to visit

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    I joined the pilgrimage last 2017 but this was not part of the tour and i planned to go back but next time not With the group package so i can go to places i have not been and at my own pace... so grateful with this documentary video...

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    fantastic journey I will never get to this world but I feel I can journey with you .Thank you for taking us with you love from Australia

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    Great point: Yerushaliem is the focal point of everyone’s existence and it is of the upmost important,that the exploration be handled with the up most of care,integrity almost or if not, with the same approach as the scriptures... to ensure to well being and safe passage for everyone who will endure the journey

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    Toda rabah! This was awesome! Yes, please do more of these!!!

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    Yes please Take us to tunnel next time!

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    Can someone explain to me the meaning of the first 5 passages of Genesis 1

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    Would love to come and see this wonderful place🙏

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    jon zitting

    Have you been able to dig far enough starting from the northwest corner going to the west of the givati parking lot dig and locate the continuation of the road at that point? Please respond.

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    Brian Monahan

    When is the video of the finished work?

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    Annette Fields

    It would be absolutely amazing to see this again when we can see the tunnel. I hope you will! God bless you all abundantly!!!

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    Tim Archer

    If the stones could talk what would they tell us ? In a way the excavation does speak to the archelogists. One day in Jerusalem.



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    I love this all your videos thank you 🙏 you people let us meet ourselves

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    Ken!! KEN!!! Please take us to the tunnel underneath! This is AMAZING! My family and I have been to the City of David many times and we can NOT WAIT to journey on this Pilgrim Road!!! Please show more! Many blessings and shalom to you all! Toda Raba!! 🇮🇱

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      Who's Ken? ... ;-)

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    Walter Smith

    After purification why would people walk all that way to a Roman fort?

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    So, so awesome to see these awe-inspiring sites! I'm floored at the low number of people who've seen this video... everyone should see this!!! Thank you for bringing me to the City of David🙏

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    Excellent!! Thanks so much!! I pray one day I can come and walk there with you all!! God bless Israel!

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    Joel 2:27

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    David Mescheloff

    Thank you very much. You say you will accept questions. Here are three: 1 - I understand that the stairway was under the open sky; how thick is the layer of dirt above it now, and does that include private people's homes? 2 - How wide was this stairway, and was it only "one-way"? People came to it from living quarters elsewhere, to which they had to go back down; on this road? 3 - Although a stairway with steps is a fine way for people to walk, it clearly doesn't allow vehicles of any type with wheels to go up to the Temple Mount. The streets of the Old City today have both steps and ways to go up and down on wheels. That must have existed then, too. Where were the roads on which vehicles (and animals, to be brought as offerings in the Temple) went up and down? Thanks in advance for answers; Rabbi Dr. David Mescheloff

  • Cameron Parker
    Cameron Parker

    Man, I would love to be a part of that work. God willing.

  • Cameron Parker
    Cameron Parker

    If the road was completed in AD 30, then Jesus would have walked up this road on his way to the temple?

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    Noela Jones

    I was in Israel in 1988, and this is so interesting to see how much has come to light. Wonderful!

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    Plumbline Cattle

    Let's do go to the secret tunnel!

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    Stefani Norman

    Baruch Hashem! He has changed bad for good!!! We want to see more please

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    What a treasure this project is and that we are able see this excavation on video. Thank you so very much !

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    Emma Webb

    Amazing 🙏💙🙏💙 I am so thrilled...God is giving direction to the archeologist engineers students theologian's for the truth to be revealed... praise God & all is glory ❣️Looking forward for more videos & updates

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    Jane Monroe

    So so amazing! I can't get enough of the archeology of Jerusalem and this part of the world! It is magical for me! The bible is brought to life! I can wait to meet my Lord Jesus in person! Thank you for sharing!

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    Wow! We thank you Lord for the opportunity to be able to tour in the time of pestilence! I pray for your people and their return to Jerusalem.

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    Ishaq Sahhar

    Isaiah 56:7? "For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” THANK YOU.

  • MFPhoto1

    I'll come to revisit Ir Dovid on my next trip to Israel -- whenever the choronavirus crises ends. There seems to be a lot more to see since my last visit. Where exactly are these sites in relation to Ir Dovid itself? BTW, Herod did not build the second Bais Hamikdosh (Temple). It was built by King Zerubbabel and Yoshua (Joshua) the Kohen Gadol. Not the guy who won the battle of Jericho, but another guy. Herod restored the original structure and expanded on it. But the original was by Zerubbabel and Yoshua.

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    Kay DeBerg

    It is so fasinating how this is all from long ago but apart of humans life today. Just amazing

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    Diana Davidson

    So this excavation is only about 10 years old? Absolutely incredible all that has been accomplished!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. What an incredible opportunity for Dr Joe. Very happy for him to have such an incredible life work. All glory to God!

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    Thx u for the journey ☺... Staying at home in this time of corona and can still explore amazing place with blessed... Thx u 😍 watching from myanmar.(South east asia) ☺

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    How can no one have not commented on this wonderful video?! I didn't want it to end. I wanted to soak up every nook and cranny of this road and imagine how it must have felt to walk it centuries ago. Please don't stop making these videos just because no one is commenting. Diane in NC

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    Much love from the Philippines! We are a church group and frequent visitors there. We would really want to visit again to give help in any way possible.

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    Fascinating! I can't believe how well preserved the road was. I learned so much, thank you!

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    Anne Teller

    Kudos to the cameraman who did an excellent job trying a film with 2 people hosting a video who had to remain 6 feet or 2 meters apart. Still this was a great idea! I didn't know the ancient City of David was outside the old City of Jerusalem. I learned so much. One thing I have never understood is how the Romans turned the city to ruble so quickly. How did they burn a city to rubble that looks mostly like stone that does not easily burn and not like wood that easily burns? Even if they were soldiers on horseback with spears and armor, or they were on foot, how did they quickly turn an entire city into rubble without explosives or anything like that? It is difficult work to turn large amounts of stone into ruble without explosives. I just don't understand how they did it so quickly. Maybe you can answer that in your next segment. I have seen pictures of the Holy Land my whole life. When I was old enough to understand what the Roman had done to this beautiful city in 70 AD, I have always wondered how they destroyed it so quickly. Thank you for sharing this priceless jewel.

  • Marius Richard Cilia
    Marius Richard Cilia

    Amazing! My wife and I ended crying all along the pilgimage road, as if We were actually part of the Jewish people of 70 AD. Thank you so much for sharing all these discoveries with us. May God grant me and my family the desire of our hearts to visit Israel another time in our life and experience the journey up the Pilgrimage Road!

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    Thank you so much. The coin of the woman and the Roman said so much. The smooth stones that you walked on are smooth and glossed because of all those that walked before you. Your presentation brings us so much closer to the City of David.

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    OriYah.... this excavation is in good hands

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    Isaiah 56; not a verse from Psalms

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    Laura Blair

    so the road was built by the Romans.... so not that many people were ever on it.... where is the road traveled by MOST of the Jews in Israel BEFORE the Romans?

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    Why are there no comments here? I think people are too are struggling to put their thoughts into words possibly excellent excellent film thank you for sharing that with us. I have a question for Aurea (sp?) and or Joe, have you ever heard of Ron Wyatt and/or seen his ALgone videos in search of the Ark of the covenant?

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