The Invention Of Blue
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Written, Produced, Edited and Hosted by Kevin Lieber
Contributing Researcher & Editor Matthew Tabor, Koala Fight Media
VFX by Eric Langlay
Select Music by Jake Chudnow
Special Thanks Paula Lieber
Vsauce2 Links
The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay
Blue: The History Of A Color by Michel Pastoureau
Secret Language Of Color by Joann Eckstut and Arielle Eckstut
Virginia Postrel
Victoria Finlay
Joshua J. Mark
Outro Song “I Came Back For You” by Trevor Something
Pigments Through The Ages
Color In Art
Harvard Color Vault
Little Snow White
A Story Of Blue
The Material History of the Color Blue
True Blue Stands Out in an Earthy Crowd by Natalie Angier
Why Is The Sky Blue?
Blue Through The Centuries
History Of Blue
William Gladstone And The Odyssey
No One Could See The Color Blue Until Modern Times by Kevin Loria
Why Is Blue The World’s Favorite Color?
It’s Not Easy Being Blue (For Plants) by Eric Dillalogue
Color Wavelengths
The Science Of Blue Flowers
First Blue-Eyed Human
Humanity’s Favorite Color
Color In Market Research
What’s Your Favorite Color?
Islamic Poetry
Starry Night, Edvard Munch
Newton And The Color Spectrum
Blue And Green Language Distinctions
Rainbows In Art
True Origin Of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Russian Blues Reveal Effects Of Language On Color Discrimination
Ancient Color Categories
Philip Cohen
Scott Design Inc. Color Poll
Namakura Gatana 1917 restoration by sumerias1
Egyptian Blue Eye at The J. Paul Getty Museum
Indigo by Shisha-Tom
Archaemenid Bowl from David Aaron
Lapis Lazuli Eyes photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen
Lapis Lazuli Buddha
Indus Valley Diorama by Biswarup Ganguly
Denim by Nikodem Nijaki
Blue Cat The British Museum
Woad by H. Zell
Lazurite by Didier Descouens
Cochineal by Dick Culbert
Cochineal by H. Zell
Portrait of Edvard Munch from National Library of Norway
Tekhelet by Mnavon
The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural... The brighter it becomes, the more it loses its sound, until it turns into silent stillness and becomes white.
-Wassily Kandinsky
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    Welcome. You found Blue.

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      Максим Корзников

      Привет из России! Голубой и синий!

    • liz musa
      liz musa

      Why is there no blue in most Pinos that’s just weird

    • Terry Michaels
      Terry Michaels

      You should amend the video: Age studies show that our ability to see the spectrum shifts with age, causing you lose and gain perception of colors at the end. Quite literally due to the lack of people living to the older range of age, they might not have had many learned adults capable of perceiving purple. Even the royal "purple" of European fame wasn't purple.

    • Subham Kumar
      Subham Kumar

      Blue is my favourite colour

    • Bard Madsen
      Bard Madsen

      Great, this will haunt me forever. From my research blue and gold, representing the sky and the sun, are the most esteemed colors after red ocher. There is blue in Mesoamerican codices and at times painted their bodies blue. It is said that the ancient people of the UK painted their nude bodies blue for war. There had to be a term for it.

  • Hanna Mäkelä
    Hanna Mäkelä

    That bad "blue / blew" joke was actually a good one! :)

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    Sean Rallis

    There are tons of blue fish, and also blue tarantulas.

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    povmaciulis GAMING

    0:38 kings robe - am I a joke to you?

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    Global Warrior

    8:29 What is this painting called Edit: never mind its the girl with the pearl earrings

  • James N
    James N

    As i age through my 50's i'm losing my ability to differentiate between shades of light blues and greys. I also have noticed i'm liking darker shades of green for the first time in my life. Weird.

  • Rohit Rai
    Rohit Rai

    what's up with the active discrimination against Sanskrit...Vishnu is Blue, Shiva's neck is blue. Both are the gods of ancient and still alive Hindus


    Every old society regonise green but no blue While japan regonise blue not green

  • Blitzkrieg

    Does anyone know when blue clothes started to be used in Europe?

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    Shadow X

    Wheres orange

  • Martin Eldritch
    Martin Eldritch

    Wha? But waddabout woad?

  • Scott Bergeson
    Scott Bergeson

    Total rubbish; Bible has the Hebrew word techelet (light blue, bleached purple, indigo) H8504, as well as sapphire (or lapis lazuli/lazurite), waters (mayim) and sky (shmayim - fiery waters). Ancients other than Egyptians may have had difficulty describing blue, and distinguishing it from green, black, and dark wine color.

  • Danilson Carvalho
    Danilson Carvalho

    Lapiz Lazuli... I feel like I know that from somewhere

  • Crøütøn Crumbs
    Crøütøn Crumbs

    Ancient greek literally has the word "κυανός" (kianos) which means light-blue/cyan

  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh

    Truly Western concept aprajita flowers (meaning the one that cannot be defeated--ancient feminism eh? scientific name -clitoria terntea) worshipped in India since ages, blue indigio, blue saphhire and egyptian love for lapiz lazuli..Muslim countries love mosque (lovely !!) .....AND NO....RED WAS IMPORTANT FOR INDUS CIVILIZATION...GREEN FOR MIDDLE EASTERN ..SO ON AND SO FORTH.

  • Cool Bro
    Cool Bro

    Blue screens, blue light, blue paint, other stuff you suggested, blue pixels followed by red and green, blue tint, blue plastic, and blue food coloring

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    Cool Bro

    How about “Blue Screens!!!!!!” Blue screens for 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s tv shows, movies, and the news.

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    Graham O'Brien

    Isn’t the word for blue in Japan the same as their word for green?

  • Mark Omega
    Mark Omega

    People: *Sails through oceans, fishes in and crosses rivers, looks up at the sky* Also people: I see no colour.

    • Sebastian Gudiño
      Sebastian Gudiño

      The did see the color tho. They just labeled it as "green" or "white" or whatever It's not that people learned to persive blue like it's a new thing, but simply labeled it as "different"

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    Cobalt Victor

    Y’all found me 🥸 Damnb

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    Stephanie Schumacher

    1:57 Minecraft players be like

  • Boris Zakharin
    Boris Zakharin

    Fun fact: purple doesn't exist. It's an illusion which appears to be a transition color between violet and red... except violet and red are on the opposite sides of the visual spectrum. There can be no transition between them. The color wheel is a human invention.

  • Vicente Guzmán
    Vicente Guzmán

    Is it just me, or the song at the end of the video went silent, almost as if my phone was blocking a copyright protected song

  • Moop

    The English language has a very modern version of this; brown 🧡 is not a color-it is dark orange 🤎 with context. Go look on a rainbow and find brown; you can't. Go find brown on a color wheel; you can't. However, if you have a color wheel which let's you adjust brightness, you can get brown by making orange darker. That's why you can't get a "brown" light. It's literally a construct of language.

  • scazab

    0:25 Guess what flag is this when you put a black star in middle

  • Nachiket Venkat
    Nachiket Venkat

    I bet he researched this video just so he could use "He blue it" that he came up with one night.

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    lol pol

    I am german and i have to say: your blau sounds not very good

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  • Rachael Bean
    Rachael Bean

    Maori Art in New Zealand preEuropean times was red black and white.

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    Ann Sidbrant

    As a devout lover of the color blue, I sincerely thank you for this video.

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    Samuel Banks

    I have a blue house with a blue window

  • Edivel Sandoval
    Edivel Sandoval

    Place: The valley of the stone Game: the order of the stone Lapis lazuli: Exists Minecraft lapis lazuli: Also exists *I don't see any references here*


    Vsauce:where is blue Comment:how is blue Me:why is blue

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    Blau is german for Blue

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    Kian Curatolo

    The invention of Series is one of my favorite pieces of human culture full stop.

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    Dave Frey

    What other color has a kind of music named after it "" THE BLUE'S" !!!

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    Jay Paans

    Point for those who know where this is from: "Black then white are all I see in my infancy red and yellow then came to be reaching out to me lets me see" _P.S. if your name starts with Google, you're out of the quiz_

  • Jay Paans
    Jay Paans

    What if... the "blue" receptors on our retina came to be only very recent in evolution? The sensitivity curve lies a significant distance away from the "red" and "green' curves, which are closer together. It would also explain how people could call the sky black. That's something I just cannot imagine. What do you think?

  • Spiro Mentos
    Spiro Mentos

    Phoenicians got a purple dye from shellfish. They also had a blue dye. Maxfield Parrish has the best blue in his paintings.

  • Алексей Смирнов
    Алексей Смирнов

    "In russian light blue and dark blue are called goluboi and sinii" Me, a russian: They both are goluboi. (sinii is much deeper)

  • נשמה טהורה
    נשמה טהורה

    What about brown? The most common color! Why was it ignored?

  • neonsays

    no one gonna talk about how this dude just went ‘let’s paint a classic rainbow!’ and then started with green

  • Varvara Mironov
    Varvara Mironov

    4:03 me a russian, hearing that horrible mispronuciation. No really. I had to rewatch that moment 4 times to understand what does blue have to do with russians and to understand what he was saying lol.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    7 chakras

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    Brat Naylor

    blue has always been there but only manifested in human psyche with the advent and advancement of communication in our times ,yeah blue is also the throat chakra yah! nice colour!

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    Definitely my favorite VSauce2 video so far.

  • DarkestElemental616

    I remember in Lois Lowry's Gathering Blue how they mentioned how hard it was to create blue dye. The whole plot revolved around it.

    • DarkestElemental616

      Also, my favorite use of a not-blue word for blue is still the Greek "wine-dark" for the sea.

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    Mary Mir

    *Laughs in colour-blind*

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    For those that are wondering, HEX codes (RGB) display colours red, green and blue at a scale of 255, equal to FF in hexadecimal.of the greatest value is 255 for each colour then there are 256 possible combinations per colour. 256^(3)=16777216 different possible colours.

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    The Oh Hellos have a song called Lapis Lazuli that covers the non-existence of blue in the ancient world, mentioning “wine colored skies” so I thought I better learn about it. And I ended up here somehow.

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