The End Times: Mark of Beast, 666, Armageddon & Great Tribulation - Mark Hitchcock
What is the mark of the beast? What happens in The Great Tribulation? Where is Armageddon?
In this interview, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, explains what we can know about end times prophecy as revealed in the Bible, specifically Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation.
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    • Cecil Kodi
      Cecil Kodi

      H h

    • sat hon
      sat hon

      χξς=[(650)=κυριον(sovereign)+16=ις(θηριου=prey's name)]=666 but human's number=κυριοσ(800) language has three double consonant letters,ζ=σ+δ,ξ=κ+σ,ψ=π+σ therefore χξς=χ+κ+σ+ς=826=human's number=κυριοσ(800)+κς(26)=Θηριου(prey's) number=κυριον(650)+θηραμα(159)+ιεβ(17)=826.Translation of θηριον=beast is wrong,θηρ=beast,hunter and θηριον=prey.

    • Tina Searcy
      Tina Searcy

      Read Satan's counterfeit Christianity by Roderick C Meredith and or the full read of the MP3 download to listen to it

    • Jeremi Wagner
      Jeremi Wagner

      Emanuel macron 666

    • Marie Timagene
      Marie Timagene


  • Nap Kat
    Nap Kat

    Atheist paying attention here.

  • Jack Scruggs
    Jack Scruggs

    It's says IN not on kinda like your SS number

  • snack pup
    snack pup

    Barack hussein obama = 666 (english ordinal + full reduction+ reverse ordinal+ reverse full reduction) raises trump from the dead

  • מיכאל ירון
    מיכאל ירון

    He sounds like a pre-trib(er)

  • Sebastian

    666k views lol, the Antichrist is coming soon...

  • Good To Grow
    Good To Grow

    In watching this at 666k views...

  • Janeen Taylor
    Janeen Taylor

    Land marks. Mark my word's. To make your mark on the world. To be without spot from the world. On your mark, get set, go. To leave your mark. X marks the spot.

  • Massimo Bosco
    Massimo Bosco

    The whole story of mankind is a "world of terror".

  • Mark Delfino
    Mark Delfino

    I really love how you guys speak so well, articulate, & pragmatic concerning the return of our Savior, JC. Thanks for this inspirational talk piece. (subscribed).

  • Emo 32
    Emo 32

    Could we currently be living during the tribulation...

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Its the prince of france it all adds up

  • Jerod Ramey
    Jerod Ramey

    Praise the Lord!

  • Moses Luceo
    Moses Luceo

    Sunday is the mark of the beast

  • Michaella Coopman
    Michaella Coopman

    I cannot wait for my King to bring me home! 🤞🙌💯

  • John lemay Lemay
    John lemay Lemay

    Guess what? The USA will be on the outside with Gog and Magog. People refuse to look at that. Should say Americans won't realize that.

  • John lemay Lemay
    John lemay Lemay

    The " Battle"? Hill of Megiddo is the staging area for destruction.

  • John lemay Lemay
    John lemay Lemay

    It's not the anti Christ's mark.

  • Glen Parey
    Glen Parey

    Capitalism leads to satanism

  • Rj Tumamao
    Rj Tumamao

    When that time is come don’t accept that chip

  • James Hornby
    James Hornby

    Will Jesus be a man or a movement? How will we know?

  • Diane Mcdermott
    Diane Mcdermott




    • Wuhoo

      So we been in tribulation for more than 50 years when it’s supposed to be 7

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper

    These heathens dont know nothing



  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    Its happening right now biden is the snti christ

  • Skrapenpennies

    Somebody tell me something so important as the mark of the beast damning you forever was never spoken of by Jesus, his apostles or Paul. Seems something that important Jesus would have spoken of it

  • Eddie Slaven
    Eddie Slaven

    🙈🙈 we are here for tribulations then raputered before Gods wrath (Day of the Lord)

  • Johnny Irenchi
    Johnny Irenchi

    6uild 6ack 6etter the Slogan of the Great Reset. The 666 Agenda has began.

  • Gary Wilhelm
    Gary Wilhelm

    Love it

  • C See
    C See

    Last half of tribe had started people; make no mistake of it. More plagues are coming; this was just the beginning.

  • Jay Mahavira
    Jay Mahavira

    I got a question 🙋🏾‍♂️ Are the Jewish people the true Hebrews or is it black people aka the chemical build of 6 protons 6 electrons And 6 neutrons And I thought Judas betrayed Jesus so why is the Jewish religion based off of him? Please I need answers

    • Jay Mahavira
      Jay Mahavira

      @snack pup doesn’t answer my questions... I asked who the Hebrews were and why Judaism is a thing

    • snack pup
      snack pup

      Followers of Jesus! Race doesn't matter! Follow the Bible and pray!!!

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown

    Bill Gates patent a chip micro chip W0/2020/060606 that he wants to implant into every human in the world that gets his covid vaccine. If you dont have it, you won't be able to shop or work or leave your house. So looks like the it is coming into fruition.

  • TravelWell

    Chinese names also have a numerical value. Just saying for interest.

  • Stanley Jett
    Stanley Jett

    Numbers are funny things. Try this: Pick any number from 1-9. Multiply that number by 9. Then multiply your answer by 12345679, leave the 8 out.

  • Al A
    Al A

    Demon that tempts you will then turn and condemn you. Fear is a liar.

  • Said Mohammed
    Said Mohammed

    This man talks the truth the world is in the second promise that 6000 years after the Noah ark. The end of the century to the return and exodus. Jesus returns after the second exodus to fight Gog ma Gog.

  • E. T.
    E. T.

    Did you know that Jesus IS Satan?

  • ArtCS


  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino

    666 is a patent number for an invisible tattoo that will be used to check if you have received your vaccine. If you have not taken the vaccine, you won't be allowed to travel, shop, or move about freely.

  • Kaleb S.
    Kaleb S.

    The mark could possibly be the vaccine, I know the Word says a mark in the Right hand but just notice that majority of flu shots or vaccine shots are given though the right arm

  • Savannah Rossy
    Savannah Rossy


  • Savannah Rossy
    Savannah Rossy

    Dubai made the treaty!!!! They homosexuals

  • Savannah Rossy
    Savannah Rossy

    I am 🔥🙆🔥

  • Susan Jordan
    Susan Jordan

    That and they are changing the Bible somehow not the lion and lamb; just weird stuff some think it is CERN. Idk what to think anymore.

  • tballgame43


  • Samuel Carter
    Samuel Carter

    It must be them dang phones 📱

  • Steven Lunsford
    Steven Lunsford

    Why do you people keep throwing a past fulfilled event into the future.? Perfect love casts out fear. If you want to learn something about Revelations get the book The Days of Vengeance by David Chilton.

  • Robin Mohabir
    Robin Mohabir

    Interesting to think about, I wonder if the aliens will come to help on the fight.

  • Edgar Bikermas
    Edgar Bikermas

    Funny..Those whom are always talking about the 'end times' , are the one's whom always telling you,how to live your life. What's the point? They are not goi g to be here right?

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King

    The emperor Nero is what 666 is refering to.

    • snack pup
      snack pup

      Barack hussein obama -> English Ordinal+Full Reduction+Reverse Ordinal+Reverse Full Reduction=666

  • Chafed Coochie
    Chafed Coochie

    I mean we essentially already have a “global economy” and global financial fiat which is the U.S DOLLAR which will translate over to digital within the next 10 year at max which is just normal progression of technological advancements which we’ve been doing for thousands of years from apes to humans. Christianity really religion in whole doesn’t make sensical logic

    • snack pup
      snack pup

      Consider for a second you are living in babylon whose statue of liberty is isis ishtar even. And they shut down the whole world this past year. And are talking about the mark of the beast and a president who is not conceding

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen
    Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Joe Biden is 666

  • DukeOfTennessee117

    “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.” Matt: 24:6 Everyone think “now is the time” that Jesus will return. You all need to calm down, because we don’t know when. Stop trying to call it and calling this the end times you fools. "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

    • snack pup
      snack pup

      We keep watch so we aren't like those who Jesus comes upon like a thief in the night

  • Lisa Taggart
    Lisa Taggart

    It’s BiDEN

    • Lisa Taggart
      Lisa Taggart

      @Kalla H actually he is not Biden is the baby killer who is friend to POPE who accepts death of innocent babies who tortured and even though they made the 9 month mark parents leave room. Baby is slaughtered for its parts did you Trump made a law to give that 9 month old baby a chance but first thing BiDen wants to do is take away. I wonder why.

    • Kalla H
      Kalla H

      Trump is a false prophet though, they are praying to him like they did to the golden calf in the olden days

  • Sosha

    Didn’t Trump make a peace “treaty” with Israel this year? (This is non political statement, just seeing if this adds up).

    • Sosha

      @littleangel4780 I’ll continue to keep my eyes open...

    • littleangel4780

      He only brokered the peace treaties. The pact between countries is Israel and other countries, not the United States. An Islamic country will breach the treaty. But those who protect Israel, like the Trumps, will br saved

    • Sosha

      @Jaden Gomez Thank you

    • Jaden Gomez
      Jaden Gomez

      Yes He Did

  • FreeSpirit21 WildCat
    FreeSpirit21 WildCat

    My sympathies for those who are not in CHRIST ✝️✳️💜✳️👑✳️🕊️

  • Joseph Vickery
    Joseph Vickery

    The 6th Trump, 6th seal, 6th vial. 666 Satan returns at the 6th Trump, Jesus returns at 7th Trump. It's not that hard, even a child can count to seven.

  • Natalie Terrazas
    Natalie Terrazas

    Imagine tribulation can start any minute hour year or second we don’t know so be right with Jesus

    • snack pup
      snack pup

      They said it would be a 2 week lockdown 😭

  • Christina Lucy
    Christina Lucy

    And what's the use of all this planed virus and cip and etc if the world it's Goin to an end? What the world leaders and de mean Rockefeller and Bill Gates and the rest of them gonna win??

  • Johan Conradie
    Johan Conradie

    'vicarius filii dei' 666 'papum deum nostrum' 'roma!!!'

  • Tony Luxton
    Tony Luxton

    The numbers of a roulette wheel all add up to 666..

  • Nel Av
    Nel Av

    When you say pray for my son or daughter say by they name

  • Nel Av
    Nel Av

    Before that happens we going to go to heaven then we gonna come with lord to stop the army's but we gonna be behind the lord!!!!

  • Aris Ali
    Aris Ali

    Islaam is the truth

  • rod gillen
    rod gillen

    We are at the end of the first 3 1/2 years now biden will turn his back on israel.

  • Robert Fiallos
    Robert Fiallos

    Going into the United States Army, a very strong believer in the Holy bible, our Heavenly Father, and our son Jesus Christ. Am I making the right decision? Just want to be a righteous soldier is that even possible to do right now.


    Why the right hand?

  • Kentucky 89 Nation
    Kentucky 89 Nation

    The virus symbol has what could be viewed a 666 in a circle, coronavirus scare is only intensifying. Who’s to say after the Democrats shut the country down in a few months they’ll require anyone that wants to leave their homes to head to town, work ect to show proof they’ve received the vaccination to safely leave their homes. Who’s to say the vaccination won’t leave some sort of administration area sign like a destictive mark on your hand where it was given. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I mean anything that can be viewed in a sequence of 666 could always be flipped or turned to 999 so speculation? Probably. Inevitable? If you believe in that book that the government wants you to ignore, Extremely.

  • The drummerboy 121
    The drummerboy 121

    The so called SMARTPHONE is the numerical value of 666- the tool the beast will use to control people, they cannot buy, sell, hold a job without one because they will be required to scan. Read on.. The phone is held in the right hand and the brain is used to work it. The mark of the best is the IP address of the phone or APP used to identify you- to allow purchases and Identity of the user.They already started this system in China. Check it out. 666 is the total number which is worked out using the following method: If A equals 6. B equals 12, C equals 18. D equals 24 etc, each time going up by six, up to the letter Z.Put the word COMPUTER in and add up the scores.Guess what??? 666. There you have it. The computer is the mark of the best( or the smartphone which is basically a computer) .

  • Heather Franklin
    Heather Franklin

    Acts 2:38 Repent, be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy ghost ( Death, burial, resurrection)

  • Reiss DL
    Reiss DL

    It is the chip the frid chip goes in the hand and no don’t head soon enough and the number is the program so u can’t see what numbers ur in because it will be over all there ways of programming it or that and if u look closely it could never be a tattoo lol because it says “ the shall not buy or sell “if I don’t have this chip and what better way could that be than a chip that goes under neath ur skin and is used to buy and sell and if u battle a point back about it they will shut down ur chip u will have no money so it’s no doubt gonna be the chip

  • Sheila Huffman - Teague
    Sheila Huffman - Teague

    what is Bill Gates name in Hebrew value?

  • Sheila Huffman - Teague
    Sheila Huffman - Teague

    I will starve first.

  • Dorthy Cole
    Dorthy Cole


  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones

    Bill Gates or George Soros - one of them is the Antichrist.

    • Petronie Zepeto
      Petronie Zepeto

      Yes I think so too


    sad truth Jesus ain't coming from the sky.

  • sp4rt4ner13

    Can somebody just calculate the name of bill gates? Maybe the vaccine is something in that direction 🤔

  • Alan Bartley
    Alan Bartley

    When Christ was alive the roman numerical system was used. 666 = IVXLCD . I =1 - V = 5 - X =10 - L = 50 C = 100 - D = 500. Total = 666. Still in use today.

  • Daniel Lee Clingan SR
    Daniel Lee Clingan SR

    Obama is the son of perdition the lawless one! It says in the Bible I saw satan fall in Greek it says I saw Brock obama as satan fall just a coincidence? The day after Obama was nominated for the Democratic Party for president of United States in Chicago the midday lotto number was 666 just a coincidence?

  • Clay Mac
    Clay Mac

    Matthew 7: 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name cast out demons, and by thy name do many mighty works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  • Engr Kecity
    Engr Kecity

    True true

  • Kodhayer Tahir
    Kodhayer Tahir

    sexmovies rickbeato lily

  • Priscilla Brown
    Priscilla Brown

    BILL gates

  • Rolando Tuklaw
    Rolando Tuklaw

    The Great day of JEHOVAH is near (ARMAGEDDON)

  • Dream Games
    Dream Games

    In order to receive the mark of the beast, the person will need to do some form of pledge of alliance.There won't be anything sneaky about it.The person will know what he's getting into. I want to mention something out of topic:Please watch closely and deeply research Jared Kushner.

  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker

    666 is not the mark of the beast it is his number the mark is Sunday worship your fooled people come out before you receive the plagues

  • Cami C
    Cami C

    president Obama is the real anitchrist and he is living today

  • Kochiwu

    I think the mark of the beast is gonna be those brain implants their trying to make

  • Walter LaHaye
    Walter LaHaye

    Pastence verb pal! It already happened! You’re a false prophet!

  • golden streets
    golden streets

    Kjv says IN the right hand or IN the forehead.

  • Oh Long Johnson
    Oh Long Johnson

    Are they referring to the recent treaty from a few weeks ago?

  • ila's Style
    ila's Style

    Definitely seeing the signs.

  • Lucky B.
    Lucky B.

    Point out the rapture in our bible! It's NOT want to understand? Christ tells us in a parable Matthew 13:24 kjv.

  • Lucky B.
    Lucky B.

    These people DO NOT READ THE BIBLE! We have been in tribulation from the time our Messiah left! I have lost faith in these online preachers, they do not teach from the bible but from their imagination.....false doctrine!

  • Garis Bryan
    Garis Bryan

    Anybody Notice their ties are different from start to finish huh?

  • Chelsea Dean
    Chelsea Dean

    j balvin


    Buuuuull sh😣😣 no human knows anything..everything is blah blah blah blah blah

  • Implacablu Prophet
    Implacablu Prophet

    By him inserting his own way of thinking in the matter he had already messed up in the conversation. We cannot begin to think, we can only believe how Yahuah would do things.


    Open my eyes

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