The Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas and the Efficacy of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and Closings
Recorded on June 18, 2020 and originally published on June 23,2020
- Original post accrued 719K views and 18.5K likes.
- Reposted on September 28, 2020 (see note to viewers below)
Dr. Scott Atlas is the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, an accomplished physician, and a scholar of public health. When this was recorded Dr. Atlas has been making the case in print and in other media that we as a society have overreacted in imposing draconian restrictions on movement, gatherings, schools, sports, and other activities. He believes the virus is a real threat and should be managed as such. But, as Dr. Atlas argues, there are some age groups and activities that are subject to very low risk. The one-size-fits-all approach is overly authoritarian, inefficient, and not based in science. Dr. Atlas’s prescription includes more protection for people in nursing homes, two weeks of strict self-isolation for those with mild symptoms, and most importantly, the opening of all K-12 schools. Dr. Atlas was also adamant that an economic shutdown, and all of the attendant issues that go along with it, is a terrible solution- a cure that's worse than the disease. Finally, Dr. Atlas revealed some steps he’d taken in his own life to try to get things back to normal.
On September 11th, 2020 ALgone removed this episode of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson with Dr. Scott Atlas and notified The Hoover Institution that the video “violates our guidelines." The takedown notice further explained that “ALgone does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19, including on methods to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19 and means of transmission of COVID-19.”

In order to reinstate the interview on their platform, ALgone required the Hoover Institution to add the following disclaimer to two portions of the interview: "Prevailing medical consensus suggests that children can transmit the disease, but at a lower rate than adults." While we disagree with ALgone’s interpretation of what Dr. Atlas said in this video, we have complied with this request to make the video available to viewers.

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  • Rudy Vargas
    Rudy Vargas

    Check with dr. Prof. Sucharit bhakti about the truth about the lies of this virus scare ..all false the ultimate lie..

  • Robby Turbo
    Robby Turbo

    I feel like the small minority that left Germany in the early 1930’s but have nowhere to go

  • Elaine Lethborg
    Elaine Lethborg

    Do you go to a law office for medical advice? Here in Australia where I am the federal minister for health is a lawyer.

  • Elaine Lethborg
    Elaine Lethborg

    This virus is a flu. We have all we need to fight it. Politicians are pushing the panic button Help! The Spanish flu is back! Wrong! The Spanish flu is gone and if it did come back, unlike 100+ years ago, we have the means to knock it down. Lies deceit deception. The worst is the diagnostic lies and that medical practitioners are telling people what the government wants them to, not the truth!

  • Sharon Gauthier
    Sharon Gauthier

    Check out Dr. Bhakdi, Professor of Microbiology Are We being told the truth about Covid 19. It will blow your mind.

  • Manuela Bigvava
    Manuela Bigvava

    Fauchi is THE Criminal !!!

  • Maranatha Today
    Maranatha Today


  • Dana JT Haha
    Dana JT Haha

    People didn’t get treated for deep cuts we all got turned away even if we said we didn’t feel well!!! But testing sites hmmmmmmmmm

  • Mukul Gogoi
    Mukul Gogoi

    President Trump ia actually a genius

  • Mukul Gogoi
    Mukul Gogoi

    President Trump is correct to state that "Corronavirrus cure can not be worse than The Problem Itself". Trump had correctly analyzed the pandemic COVID 19 that lockdown is not required economic activities are important.

  • Mike Jo
    Mike Jo

    The Real #’s are (and have been) Out... LkDwns & Maskz- are just trying to see if you will obey to their Tyranny and false new sense of power...No one is dying...No one is getting sick- period. (Use f lu season as a wave excuse...?) Just Say No- It’s Simply a duty Now...

  • Katwoman

    God Bless America!

  • Julian Sherborne
    Julian Sherborne

    Very interesting discussion

  • Tamara Rogers
    Tamara Rogers

    Vaccines are a significant profit center for the CDC. No wonder they say that there are death stats supporting that they must continue. I believe death under age of 5 has decreased since covid.

  • Phillip Johnson
    Phillip Johnson

    The end game is NOT COVID...the end game is to wreck the ECONOMY and a COUNTRY.

  • Judy Callaghan
    Judy Callaghan

    Feckless Fauchi!

  • Maureen Dunn
    Maureen Dunn

    Good lessons for our leaders to observe

  • Chris Toph G
    Chris Toph G

    If you dont understand how they can do this to kids... Rockefeller Lockstep read it or stay blind

  • CK Choo
    CK Choo

    Send him to work in the covid ward

    • Dede Tudor
      Dede Tudor

      He would be fine.

  • Elisa


  • tgchicot

    Donald's quack.


    "Fear & Ignorance driving public policy". Bingo

  • Carrie C
    Carrie C

    You had me until you got to the kids missing the immunizations. Dude come on.

  • Rondo Cat
    Rondo Cat

    We don`t commit economical suicide every time there is a influenza epidemic, same tactic should have bee used for the Covid_19, specially after it was proven it was not really dangerous.

  • Ken Butler
    Ken Butler

    Dr. Scott Atlas radiologist not a Infectious Disease Dr period. I'm sure he's a smart guy but he does not have the training, education or background to be advising our nation on covid-19. Hence that's american is headed into dark times. You may only recognize is in spring when the death toll reached wwll death count. Thats a bench mark comparison. But I guess he's as good as any because Trump is not going to listen to anybody except someone who he thinks benefits him not our nation. I remember not long ago Trump signed a an executive order that he claimed to reduce pharmaceutical drug cost, this was symbolic basically a b******* story by Trump. I can go on for days about this idiot. Dr Atlas is only occupying the chair as advisor to Trump because it feeds his narrative not because his advice is based on science but because anything because Trump thinks it lends credence to his lying to the American people. Again we can go back to Trump's lies because he tells him everyday and he has for the last 4 years.

  • DK SL
    DK SL


  • I'm Out
    I'm Out

    Scott Atlas is another completely problematic individual. Surely, later we will see his incompetence to the point of criminality. Could prosecution be in his future?

  • john beasley
    john beasley

    Scott atlas is deplorable

  • Sonia Rosado
    Sonia Rosado

    Due to ignorant people like Dr Atlas millions of Americans died during the Spanish flu who did not listen and refused to wear masks and not go on quarantine. Wear the mask when you are around others, keep your distance and wash your hands several times during the day. Stay away from group activities including family gatherings. Don't go shopping for nonessential items. Stay indoors as much as possible. If you follow these practices you will be safe and you will make through this pandemic. Don't listen to these fools and egomaniacs who are grandstanding to get attention and get their names on the news. 🇺🇸🗽😞

  • Starlightwalk

    time to lock this grifter up!

  • ed mod
    ed mod

    This guy is as dangerous as a crazy with a gun !!!


    You, distinguished gentlemen, rock. Great expose even now at the end of 2020. Thank you.

  • Douglas Oliver Smith
    Douglas Oliver Smith

    1,210 dead today, sure they died as political operatives just to thwart your thanksgiving plans

  • Lizz Barnett
    Lizz Barnett

    Oh Dr. Atlas you are the best thing to come out of this crazy event. How do we get these people to take the damn masks off???

  • Gary Ward
    Gary Ward

    But NOT a virologist. I'm going to go ask my car mechanic about Covid. Stop following this conspiracy theory bullshit and ask a real virologist, an expert in viruses and public health.

  • AmericansUnited4Life MakeAmericaGreatAgain
    AmericansUnited4Life MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    Are we having a second waves

  • marjana velkovrh
    marjana velkovrh

    You know what dear people all overthe world, this is a message with light. Look his eyes, look his shine, look his positive energy.Isn't so touching what he is telling us ! Our children ! You konw all the world will stend up for this...really.. Trump and his people please recive my gratitude...The WORLD is supporting you, soon or later !

  • Matthew Snyder
    Matthew Snyder

    Thank you dr atlas you are a true patriot

  • greta Stan
    greta Stan

    My good friend , the ESPN reporter for Falcons, killed himaelf due to lockdown. A heavy taker of antidepresive medication had it all! He couldn’t overcome the loneliness. Gone at 48 yo.

  • Gary Dunn
    Gary Dunn

    Scott Atlas is a bovine gynecologist. Absolutely no public health experience.

  • Shawn Miles
    Shawn Miles

    They keep saying listen to Doctors buy why are they trying to silence Dr. Atlas??? Because he's telling the truth!!!

  • Michael Higgs
    Michael Higgs

    common sense is a breath of fresh air , good going guys

  • Howard Dressler
    Howard Dressler

    The lockdown is a crime against humanity and they'll be a big price to pay and one big reason for the lockdown was the overthrow Trump's Administration because without the lockdown and covid-19 Trump would have won by a landslide

  • Aura Daraba
    Aura Daraba

    Public information from internet, free to be accessed by anyone :;; Thus, musk and bill are "taking" care of our health. In simple words so anyone can understand : printed R N A, printed vaccines.

  • Trevor Jackson
    Trevor Jackson

    You two are intelligent people your telling me you can't tell what's wrong it's not about a virus if you really don't know then you are part of the problem

  • Wild Thing
    Wild Thing

    Yeah, it was put back after the election is over.

  • Anna Warner
    Anna Warner

    Trump lost election because general media misinformed public about corona virus protection

  • puer aeternus
    puer aeternus

    They still haven't proved that that rna sequence is causing any syndrome or illness

  • Barbra French
    Barbra French

    This is all about forcing their Great Reset onto people, and that is why it looks like politicians have failed and were incompetent. They are actually doing a super job, if "the job" is to crash the economy, destroy small business, get the people to be compliant and obedient, get people to accept surveillance and monitoring of their movements, and introduce a cashless centralized society. Then this whole debacle makes sense.

  • History is Fake
    History is Fake

    how about we end pseudoscience and germ theory.

  • Naris Nilubol
    Naris Nilubol

    Dr. Atlas, As a MD, a scientist, and a civil servant, I strongly consider you as a disgrace to our beloved profession that is supposed to make people live longer and better based on scientific evidence. You have no credential or experience to comment on Covid19, let alone regurgitating unproven and dangerous remarks to suit your agenda. Should I remind you the oath you took?


    We were told the virus was soo dangerous people couldn't work, even with distancing and PPEs. So called "essential workers" were allowed to work, yet there were no mass numbers of fatalities among them -- so the justification for the lock down was clearly wrong !

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Google this and watch the video *CONNECTING THE DOTS: WHY THEY’RE DOING THIS*

  • Angella Maragh
    Angella Maragh

    Also listen to science in another country. This is just a scheme to bring down the President

  • Angella Maragh
    Angella Maragh

    I have been listening to sky news in Australia and it is amazing to learn from them and how much different it is from what Dr Fauci is forcing in the USA and the world. Sad sad sad

  • Winger#Yemen calling for help
    Winger#Yemen calling for help

    At least some MDs have some kind of integrity. Speak up. They lied to you.

  • Jenn Oswald
    Jenn Oswald

    Unfortunately in Utah because our cases have risen we now have a mask mandate and they are asking that we have no social gathering except with household members, yet all businesses are open and public spaces. Our deaths don’t even equal 1% of cases. It’s so confusing!!!

  • Jeff Besos
    Jeff Besos

    Dr Evil (Fauci) has been misleading the country since day one, he should be held accountable for that.

    • Dede Tudor
      Dede Tudor

      People are calling for rope.

  • Ralph Turner
    Ralph Turner


  • Seeker of Truth
    Seeker of Truth

    Definitely very logical and rational. I stand by this Statement (interview) of Dr. Atlas in entirety as an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and Global Health Policy Expert.

  • AnnieP

    Dr could you please clarify why they put the swab through your nose to your brain and not a cheek swab.

  • AnnieP

    I’m in U.K. I live in a village last week a mum age 43 went away for a few days. Her friends daughter had tested positive. The young mum came home isolated started to feel ill and breathless called hospital they said call back if you get worse. She called a friend told her where her insurance was and said she was dyeing. Next day her son called ambulance. She died minutes after the phone call. She did have covid. She may have had a heart attack. She lived with just her and her son so no support at a very scary time.

  • M gronich
    M gronich

    Atlas is a total quack. Misinformation and outright lies, with a straight face. His advice is exactly what Trump wanted to hear and it helped Trump lose the election.

  • Janet Marmaro
    Janet Marmaro

    Thank you Jesus.

  • Ingrid Harrison
    Ingrid Harrison

    I believe the CCP Virus is nothing more than the NWO's attempt to destroy all the nations economies through fear-mongering to advance their agenda of taking over, and to do that they must destroy President Trump and America. I totally mentally shut down every time I hear anyone quote the corrupt WHO, and it's partner in crime against humanity, the CDC. I believe in Personal Responsibility. If you are sick, you stay home, if you have the Flu you do not go to see your 90 year old grandparents. We have medicine for it, but it was too cheap so it was made illegal to the public, and the zinc blocks the viral replication. Return to normal life, open up the country, everyone back to work and school. No masks (power), no plastic barriers, no 6 ft distancing, no fear, just normal common sense! Return to normal life, give hugs, shake hands, smile, Enjoy life again. This has all been about money, the drug companies are really raking it in, along with many others, all on the backs of the citizens. Actually they have taken over the world, by lies and fear, but we must not let them have control over us, the people of the world. Never Surrender!

  • Derek Heckley
    Derek Heckley

    If ALgone is editing content they are a new agent and should be subject to that legislation. Its preposterous that they can get away with this type of censorship and disallow the highest level of discourse on critically important issues.

  • Jose Angel Flores
    Jose Angel Flores

    I am surprised youtube has not taken down this video. Enough is enough, lockdowns don't work and they are destroying our lives, our social fabric, millions of jobs lost, millions of small and medium size business gone. It is madness!

  • Susan Woodward
    Susan Woodward

    "Top two mistakes" - 1) initiating and funding the coronavirus gain-of-function studies; 2) allowing the WHO, World Economic Forum, et al, to intentionally release the SARS COV 2 virus to facilitate implementation of the "Great Reset"

  • the real truth matters continue the search always
    the real truth matters continue the search always

    Well let's just hope that Justin Trudeau is not the Prime Minister in the next election as well as other countries leaders need to be thrown out . WAKEY WAKEY people stop voting in a corrupt government establishment. How come no one is talking about the covid camps??? like the one in Manitoba how come so few people know anything about these covid camps what are they hiding? The covid pandemic was planned since 9-11 200 generals said thats enough and they came out with a massive deployment of 5g technology in Wuhan China people started getting sick with flu like symptoms they went to the hospital where they were given a vaccine that has the virus in it!!! all these lock downs and closures are just getting completely out of control we better not have another lock down ever again our economy will be completely ruined. Stop letting the rich 1 percent enslave us don't you realize that with all the unused office space restaurant closures etc all that unused real-estate will be bought up by the 1 percent so that they can have large masses of land that the public cannot use. and will all be corralled like a flock of sheep into smaller pieces of land like blind sheep in a barn so that absolute full control will be taken of us all by some very bad people. And the great reset or whatever those evil freaks want to call it is going to happen. Something needs to be done here people we have to say NO

    • Dede Tudor
      Dede Tudor


  • Prayon Kreutz
    Prayon Kreutz

    Imo, These National Health Policy Makers DID know all of the numbers. This is a Plan demic. The Swamp Kabal is trying very hard to Silence the Scientists & Physicians trying to speak out. You need to Ask WHY! I Urge you to do some research on "The Great Resrt".

  • senyaw53

    All the reactions to the virus that Dr Atlas said were proven to be ineffective and stupid are still the law Victoria, Australia. November 4. 2020.

  • Julie

    Oh come on, vaccine catastrophe!?! Pretty sure the kiddos can do without the mercury.

  • Wanda Fetter
    Wanda Fetter

    Thank you Dr. Atlas....we so appreciate what you are trying to do--your work doesn't go unnoticed by many of us!

  • Idie Clement
    Idie Clement

    Should children need to wear masks in school?

  • God bless the less fortunate
    God bless the less fortunate

    Greetings fellow delusional political hacks.

  • Obozo MustGo
    Obozo MustGo

    Trump's biggest mistake was giving those frauds Fauci and Birx a national stage and near total control over the county. Finally he brought in a clear thinking person when he hired Scott Atlas. Trump's todo list tomorrow, win or lose, should include firing Fauci and Birx along with Wray and Haspel.

  • massmanute

    Sr. Scott Atlas is well respected in the field of neuroradiaology, but when it comes to infectious disease, public health, and epidemiology he is a quack who has been condemned for his pronouncements in this area by a group of his former colleagues at Stanford Medical School where he was formerly a faculty member.

    • massmanute

      Typo correction: "Dr. Scott Atlas" instead of "Sr. Scott Atlas".

  • D. E.
    D. E.

    It's time we start talking straight and stop avoiding the real questions. The first question is why? Why are world governments continuing these genocidal policies? It is apparent that this is not due to incompetence. It is being done against the will of populations. Government's have ignored there constitutions, civil, and human rights. This is no mistake and is being directed. It is very deliberate. The next question is who? Who is responsible for these draconian measures? Who is behind all of this? It is obviously being directed from a central source of power and influence. This is highly coordinated and could not be happening randomly.

  • Shooting sports Transparency
    Shooting sports Transparency

    A lot of Russian moles in America

  • dale carpenter
    dale carpenter

    Kids transmit every disease known to man every year ! As soon as school starts its one desease after the other ! If contagion was a concern we would never open schools ! These so called government officials have caused s panic ! It's not a pandemic ! But there a few governors that need to be charged with murder 1 ! Because it was is and slway was known that you don't expose old people to anything and the only possible reason to put infected people in a old folks home is if there was absolutely no other place to put them ! The hospitsls were empty the field hospitals were empty the hospital ship was empty ! And this was well known ! The only possible reason to put infected people in old folks homes was to kill them for numbers because they knew they were not going to get enough deaths to keep the panic going ! Now they are truing to use children to keep the panic going ! These are evil a holes are runing acriminal con ! And they have knowingly committed murder to do it !

  • James Beeksma
    James Beeksma

    Excellent balanced common sense medical professional. I am glad the US President is getting his advice.

  • paradise lost
    paradise lost

    Folks are so brainwashed by now that even if Trump is elected, and even if masks are deemed ineffective / unnecessary, many will continue to wear them and criticize/confront those of us who choose not to.

  • Rayna Piskova
    Rayna Piskova

    A natural question comes to mind. The nursing home not being properly quarantined in the entire world is an intentional or unintentional decision? Some governments are very smart ( at least a few) and yet, elderly non producers and costing money elders are not protected. About the children... another population of society that is not productive and defenseless!! Child abuse crisis and spike was described in April 2020!! Domestic violence spike and suicides are 200-300 percent up! Now we have the data! Still no moving out of the original plan of action when we had NO DATA! Where is the best interest of the people??? Who is in charge? Not the ones we see on TV 📺 for sure. Look at the RESULTS!! Not at the words, politics etc... only results matter and speak the truth.

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright

    I applaud Dr Atlas. It takes a lot to go against "the narrative " If we have any hope of sanity in this mess I think Dr Atlas is it

  • GA B
    GA B

    Around 18-20 min I couldn't help but think of George Carlin. George Carlin: The children. Always about the children. You know what I say about the children?

  • L F
    L F

    This doctor atlas knows nothing about pandemics and is a witch doctor.... The only reason why he's around is that he spouts trump's lies...


    do not comply

  • Darwin Secrist
    Darwin Secrist

    It's political move they the left brought this to help china and them

  • Lidia Jakin
    Lidia Jakin

    The doctor lost me when he said children need vaccines

  • Gym Trition
    Gym Trition

    Very insightful

  • Jems May
    Jems May

    This guy pushes a false dichotomy; that society must choose between taking broad and mandatory precautions and or lockdown. What we need is a reasonable voice to say lets open to the extent reasonable and take reasonable precautions known to be effective. Don’t need lockdowns except in very local scenarios (e.g. nursing home with increasing cases, food processing plants with outbreaks, and so on), do need to wash hands, keep distanced from people not in your bubble and wear masks (they are effective based on virtually all available science, and are no more of a “personal preference” than driving the wrong way on the freeway is...), prevent crowded indoor situations (sorry bars, crowded restaurants, ski lodges...). These measures are cheap, collectively effective and of limited economic cost (people are avoiding indoor crowds anyway; people aren’t stupid). Then hope like hell that a vaccine gets approved/authorized soon and people are smart enough to take it. BTW, if the vaccine is lets say 75% effective (would be great, could be less) then to achieve “herd immunity” of 50% immunized or exposed (best case recent est in JAMA) for the 331M Americans (minus the 10M who have had Covid) means we need to vaccinate approx 213M people to reach herd immunity. Best case this happens by mid 2021, and is the only way to get back to normal. Disclosures: republican, immunologist, married to an epidemiologist (yes, really) and old enough to remember polio. 3rd wave (happening now) will be very painful for this country, we should do what we can to reduce the 4th wave (there will be a 4th wave unfortunately, viruses dont care and follow simple math).

  • Artemas Ward
    Artemas Ward

    South Korea - only 400 covid deaths - their economy running at 95% Listening to Atlas helps China CCP because ruining the American economy benefits China. Hoover plants the seeds of socialism.

  • Joe P
    Joe P

    People who listen to Fauci are brainwashed. That idiot should have been fired. He stands to profit off certain drugs so he keep pushing fear.

  • bill zeitzmann
    bill zeitzmann

    Thx for supporting my rational thoughts about the harmful rules our Elected officials are pushing. Fight back!

  • Ryan Spikowski
    Ryan Spikowski

    About the 28:00 mark you talked about the mistakes made from the lockdown... there was no mistake to shut the country down, cause divide, and create a dependent population. Make that very clear, this was intentional and you can see that between states as we moved through it.

  • Ryan Spikowski
    Ryan Spikowski

    I was taught that mainstream that the only thing I’m allowed to think and feel about covid is: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! So I’m having trouble understanding you gentlemen ;P

  • Pocket Rocket
    Pocket Rocket

    This man is radiologist he’s not a epidemiologist. He’s just a yes man sycophant for Trump. America has the highest coronavirus death rate & infection rate in the world. Trump is the problem including this man.

  • Denise Beresford
    Denise Beresford

    Now we here in the UK are going into another lockdown! I think we should all ignore it and end this pandemic by simply locking UP the idiots who think the rule our lives. There are more of us than them. Just ignore it. I haven't complied since 2 weeks after the start of the first lockdown and have now intention of starting now. The data was there very early. If you're scared and brainwashed it's because you've listened to the propaganda and not read or understood the data for yourselves.

  • John Qian
    John Qian

    Many countries are shutting down again!

  • Linsey

    False, the lockdowns are causing more harm. Everyone needs to wake up now. Your government is trying to control you. Stop tHis now and fight back before you don’t have a country left to fight for.

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