The 2022 Subaru BRZ is a New Sports Car Designed to Stand Out in an SUV World
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The #SubaruBRZ was always an outlier in the #Subaru lineup. As the company's only RWD car, its bespoke chassis, high-revving engine, and near perfect 50/50 weight distribution made it a huge hit for enthusiasts looking for an entry-level sports car with a big tuning potential. For 2022, the long-awaited second generation #BRZ is here, it gets a new 2.4L NA F-4 with up to 228 HP and 184 lb-ft of torque. Subaru has also given the BRZ a new design inside and out and when it goes on sale next Fall, pricing shouldn't stray too far from the current models under $30k base price.

  • Redline Reviews
    Redline Reviews

    A brand new sports car doesn’t come around very often. Especially an affordable one like the BRZ, expect to see Toyota unveil the new 86 very soon. We’re looking forward to seeing how that new 2.4L feels, do you believe Subaru should have gone the turbo route with a higher price tag? Or are you happy they elected to leave it naturally aspirated?

    • Cindy Sue
      Cindy Sue

      @Zachary B. Jump over to a 400Z for that option.

    • Wesley Griffiths
      Wesley Griffiths


    • Darrell Willis
      Darrell Willis

      @Mario Eid yes I do adding a little bit more power would be nice as well especially hitting corners better acceleration out of corners

    • Mario Eid
      Mario Eid

      @Darrell Willis do you think the same about the miata? It would definitely be nice with more power but thats besides the point of a car like this

    • ybaha199

      @M G a turbo does not add $13k to the price of a car. Especially when it's a parts bin conversion


    Very Aston Martin to me

  • Anarchy 543
    Anarchy 543

    Not a fan of it's looks. I feel last gen looked distinct in a good way. Hope Toyota did some style changes on this design.

  • Josh

    nice, glad my passenger can have a table to eat off of

  • GT

    The 8" screen looks like one of those old aftermarket stereo installations from 80's. It seems to have been attached to the dash as an afterthought & doesn't fit or flow at all into the center console below or the horiz dash to the right. This issue is so glaring considering how well the rest of the car is designed. I'm surprised the reviewer didn't comment on this poor dash design.

  • a b
    a b

    Thank god its ugly lol i want a cheap 1st gen

  • Nick A
    Nick A

    Looks like a baby Lexus RC-F from the side.

  • Slinky

    Next time please don’t record with such a wide angle lens. It distorts too much

  • Nick Flint
    Nick Flint

    The front end looks like the new Ford escape 😄 🤣

  • rtcmanga - JDM, Nismo & more Fridays from Japan!
    rtcmanga - JDM, Nismo & more Fridays from Japan!

    Looks much better now and the lack of power is also fixed! Good job!

  • HVAC Vids Burke
    HVAC Vids Burke

    Nice I’d rather not have a turbo


    i wonder if they're not letting other people drive it who are youtubers because it still has torque dip. as soon as we all hear that, the preorders will get canceled.

  • Zoltrix77

    Thumbs down for no traditional analogue tachometer.

  • SnowAFK

    Why do the older ones look better :(

  • Andrew Doolittle
    Andrew Doolittle

    Looks like a Nissan 350Z but tighter and lighter. Definitely not a Veloster by Hyundai.

  • Wayne C.
    Wayne C.

    The interior is really disappointing. But damn, it looks great outside.

  • Brian Allan
    Brian Allan

    BRZ/FRS= Bootlegged wannabe sports car

  • Snan Guidry
    Snan Guidry

    Front reminds of the s2000

  • Avery Loinette
    Avery Loinette

    bruhhhh WHY did they do it again. it needs the turbo. the torque figures are too low. it would be so nice with 30 to 70 more hp and 50-100 more torque

    • Avery Loinette
      Avery Loinette

      you can literally see the torque figures drop in the high end at 7:34 pretty disappointed they don't have a turbo option. I'm trying to understand why there isn't a turbo, is the manual not strong enough for more power?

  • Ji Han
    Ji Han

    looks like shit, the last gen brz and 86 looks so much better. This looks like a generic sports car in GTA

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson


  • farkas007

    Subaru needs to start making practical sport cars like Kia Stinger, Series 6 Grand Coupe, A5 hatch... Who are they targeting with this 2 seater thing, puberty boys who can’t afford them?

  • Stoop Solo
    Stoop Solo

    Nice job, Subaru. This looks like a well thought-out update to the car.

  • daalp11

    No matter the car...I just cannot love any head/tail lights that explicitly protrude out of the body shape

  • CuiZinieR7

    These orange reflectors on the front bumper are so ugly...

  • Elior Elady
    Elior Elady

    The first car that popped in my head when I saw the rear, was the Acura NSX. Definitely a huge improvement as far as looks, but again very disappointing that there is no WRX & STI version. I think, as a lot of other enthusiasts that if Subaru came with an STI version it would have made an amazing car and a lot more would be attracted to purchase it.

  • christopher

    Front Facia

  • Jay Pav
    Jay Pav

    6:50 A BRZ / GT-86 buyer is really going to care about having a large LED screen display? Tech should be at a relative minimum. Please Subaru.....These aren't pretetnious "look-at-what-I-can-lease" cars to to impress your equally pretetnious neighbor. Make these cars simple enough so I can still own it and drive it 20 years from now, without a bunch of glitching out-of-date software driven components!

  • Hazy

    why did they butcher the design, like it’s awful

  • Justin Kuehn
    Justin Kuehn

    huge improvements with this new model very happy to see it!

  • Adam Thomson
    Adam Thomson

    It looks like an RX8

  • Swat Me
    Swat Me

    looks a lot like the new supra

  • SwindleLad

    should of titled it "this is how subaru killed the brz" lmao

  • BrainFuck10

    Am I the only one who thinks this facelift makes it look like a snapping turtle? 🐢😂

  • Bryan

    Functional vents for only 230 hp NA engine smh. They had one job for the brz, a spooly snail would’ve made this car amazing

  • DeWitt Fitness
    DeWitt Fitness

    Why take the turbos off come on Subaru

  • AboveAverageDetailing Productions
    AboveAverageDetailing Productions

    Are those civic taillights ? 😂😂

  • bob smith
    bob smith

    Seems as if Subaru is in the power mode, first the Crosstrek and now the BRZ. Now having flogged a BRZ limited performance package around Buttonwillow raceway many times, I can say that power isn't really a big issue on track as I'm able to harass multiple other big power cars. On the street or highway is were the lil BRZ feels like it needs a little more. Now I would like to see how the improvements affected the handling as there are a few shortcomings with the old model that hopefully Subaru addressed with stiffer anti roll bars or shock dampening changes.

  • vuthina roeun
    vuthina roeun

    The rear lights look like my 2014 Honda Accord coupe

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Looks cheap and completely impractical. Interior is terrible. Probably very reliable and I bet it drives half decent but overall it’s a hell no.

  • Spool2K

    Matches your white frame glasses and very soft voice

  • Darryl Kucmerowski
    Darryl Kucmerowski

    this is great, but there's a 22B sitting right next to this I would of much rather heard about... tell Subaru to make an AWD coupe again with a turbo. :)

  • Stellor Lucas
    Stellor Lucas

    2.5 engine.... Leaves room for lots of any swap room.

  • Stellor Lucas
    Stellor Lucas

    The fisheye cam fukked up all dimensions of the design.

  • Duane Selby
    Duane Selby

    Does it have a Fo motor and Fo carbon trim and Fo aluminum trim

  • maninredhelm

    More torque is nice, but is the engine more fun to rev than the previous gen? It still sounds a little strained to me.

  • Hybrid Nex
    Hybrid Nex

    So they changed everything we liked and didn’t touch what we didn’t just made an extra laughable 25 horsepower against the 400 claimed protoz this car is gunna bomb

  • AJ Calvo
    AJ Calvo

    LS swap Time!

  • Nicholas Alawine
    Nicholas Alawine

    I love the way this thing sounds!

  • High-Tech Redneck
    High-Tech Redneck

    See that Honda. It's ok to have bumper vents...When there REAL

  • Hypervizor

    Baby Corvette?

  • rosenfeld8

    There ain't no replacement for displacement, V8 5.0 Mustang ftw

  • Person Man Man
    Person Man Man

    2022 _checks year_ it is 2020 ... Checks out

  • Dean

    Surprised that they didn’t make a Turbo option. I imagine a lot of people are super happy with that engine going in the car and I bet there are going to be a lot of people putting in a turbo charger or super charger in...

  • Eff Taroza
    Eff Taroza

    It looks like one of those Lexus sports cars, I don't like the way those look either!!! Tail lights do look like an accords so in other words bla bla bland!!!

  • DaBrute

    I just wanna say that race driver's shifts were on point 👌

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages

    The inside looks toyota? ... the EXTERIOR is TOTALLY TOYOTA !

  • Simon Far
    Simon Far

    probably an unpopular opinion: i think they strayed too far from the original exterior design I definitely dont hate on it, i love that we get another gen but the rear somehow looks like an opel insignia to me and i liked all the old lights a lot more

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages

    Looks cool ... and it's a twin turbo right?

  • TheblkSaturnannihilator

    The new "Subaru accord"

  • Ben Klassen
    Ben Klassen

    Car for vertically challenged people

  • Joe Botelho
    Joe Botelho

    Is it 6cylinder'd?

    • Joe Botelho
      Joe Botelho

      so they just bored the cylinders? Or is it due to an increase of the stroke??

    • Joe Botelho
      Joe Botelho


  • Ali Mildred
    Ali Mildred

    I wasn’t certain about this new BRZ when I first saw the pictures, but I really like the front end now that I’ve seen it in a video. Same can’t be said for the back, very underwhelming.

  • Marc Howell
    Marc Howell

    How much tuning can you do with an NA car unless you want to go down the slippery slope of slapping a turbo on there.

  • Peter Tingley
    Peter Tingley

    He needs to make a shirt that says- "Soft touch injection molded plastic"

  • Hasan Shah
    Hasan Shah

    Looks like a baby Lexus rcf from the side

  • Daniel Pawłowski
    Daniel Pawłowski

    It will be mine in 10 years

  • Sven Gogalla
    Sven Gogalla

    The taillights look like the ones from a Honda NSX though...

  • angahcole

    A lil bit supra-ish, 400z-ish and civic-ish design, but i like it....

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    2:57 B oy he must of had the stereo on real loud for that. Making fun of Ford.

  • more fun in ph
    more fun in ph

    You mean this car is a SUV entry?

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo


  • 845ToastT

    Forget the BRZ, I want that Impreza in the background!

  • Rauhan Lasharie
    Rauhan Lasharie

    Wow. 0.4L and only 28 more horses. Should've kept the old engine, put in a small turbo churning out an extra 30bhp. Would've addressed the torque dip in the mid as well.

  • Ian Hobday
    Ian Hobday

    RIP anyone wearing headphones.

  • 7even5 GTI
    7even5 GTI

    garbage interior 🤢

  • John Faulkner
    John Faulkner

    I like the revised front and improvements to the sides and rear, its good for the bigger engine with increased in power and torque - but "where's the turbo"

  • Marcus C
    Marcus C

    Still not turbo

  • codsam25

    It looks like a coupe accord from the back

  • pgilb70


  • theArchive1O

    Not a fan of the taillights. Copied

  • Havoc

    Mazda 3 2.5T > BRZ

  • Mick Wrinkles
    Mick Wrinkles

    "Unfortunatly no turbo", give the car back, you have no idea why it is better because of the NA engine.

  • Cosmic Perspective
    Cosmic Perspective

    The old headlights looked way better. I said "oh no!" When i saw the civic rear. Jeez this car used to actually look cool.

  • 5dmc1

    whole new generation....and they STILL cant give us unequal length headers on this thing...cmon Subaru!

  • justin brady
    justin brady

    This or a new wrx?

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy

    224HP is just not that much from a 2.4 l flat four. Compared to the recently introduced Toyota Yaris GR which makes 261HP from a 1.5L turbo 3 cylinder.

  • Corey Becraft
    Corey Becraft

    They can sell the wrx for 28k with a turbo but not the brz its just marketing that Toyota probably won't allow although I don't think a turbo is the answer I think it needs a flat 6 personally.

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light

    it is really nice but i prefer the old brz

  • Lifted_Above

    So they removed the turbo, so to speak, from the 2.4L. Let's hope they didn't remove any of the durability of the force fed engine design. The last gen BRZ/86 required some upgrades to make the 2.0 actually strong for force feeding. And if the previous gen is any indication of actual running characteristics, the "power/torque" graph on the display does NOT show a nasty torque dip. Thank goodness. The design of the new car is quite stunning. I like it a lot and I think it will age very well. Screw the critics, they'll never be satisfied.

  • Austin ATOM
    Austin ATOM

    YES!! Much better design than the first one. Great job Toyota and Subaru


    Taillight from nsx lol

  • Small K
    Small K

    Final struggle before discontinued...

  • Kevin bond
    Kevin bond

    The screens look...old. And I'm trying to be nice. Would've been nice to see it hit the 250 hp mark.

  • Cars of Pennsylvania
    Cars of Pennsylvania

    I love the overall shape, but I don't love the front bumper. I hope the new 86 is more my taste

  • Camden Murphy
    Camden Murphy

    notices 22b in background, uwu

  • Momin X
    Momin X

    The previous model looks so much better.

  • Reveur


  • Ben Churchwell
    Ben Churchwell

    Where is the TURBO!!!!!!

  • AK41

    Is Toyota gonna get a new 86 as well?

  • Bill Bronson
    Bill Bronson

    the rear looks like a NSX mini

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