Test & Tune With The 2JZ Camaro! (Huge News)
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  • Cooper Bogetti
    Cooper Bogetti

    We already passed the goal but let's keep it going! We can still give more!

    • Shad ow
      Shad ow

      Great work cooper hope your noodle gets played with lol 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


      Contact Ragu and Barilla directly through their public relations and tell them what your doing.... you may be able to get drop shipments made. They will not reach out... you need to make contact. And God bless you for doing this!!

    • DerekM

      Awesome what your doing, maybe get some other ALgone channels in automotive world involved. I was thinking superspeederRob (aka Rob Spaghetti) and I believe Tavarish donates a good chunk to charity?


      Bring henry to drag racing so he could be the fastest turtle in florida

    • Jeff Fowler
      Jeff Fowler


  • Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R.
    Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R.

    Wicked Coop we are trying to help with our channel too! If anyone wants to come subscribe please do! So good to see ya getting the time you should Coop love the TP2J (Trailer Park 2J)

  • Brenda Garner
    Brenda Garner


  • tonyrod86

    You two are relationship goalssssssss

  • masskilla469

    Cooper really nice of you to do this!!

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    This is such an amazing video thank you for sharing your experience i can never get enough ❤

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    This was such a cool video keep it up your crushing this ALgone thing in an amazing educational not click bate

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    every single time you post your story its an inspiration to so many people out here and I can't thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your journey through this life

  • Steelo G And Natalia
    Steelo G And Natalia

    Just watched the video from 1320 on cooper. Now I'm subbed to coopers channel and plan on watching all his videos. Love the content cooper keep up the great work. Love the Camera work Coopers finance.

  • A

    Would anyone care about this dude if he wasn't Garrett's 3rd testicle ?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    The dislikes are scrooges who dont like a good pasta

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson


  • Joe

    69% to 42%. Nice.

  • Matthew Creel
    Matthew Creel

    Bad ass

  • Daniel Berend
    Daniel Berend

    I can’t believe I missed this video... I subbed when the channel was announced, just a couple weeks into the channel and you are already doing selfless charity. You two are absolutely amazing! Using this platform for the better good... Absolutely love it!!!

  • Bill Cutlip
    Bill Cutlip

    Have you considered approaching Ragu and Barilla directly to see if they might donate the spaghetti and red sauce? Love that you're thinking of those less fortunate!!

  • Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley
    Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley

    Hey Buddy what your doing for homeless people is absolutely amazing. Lol. Also your girl truly awesome. She is such a cool down to earth chick. When I say chick I mean that in the upmost respectful way too. She's really cool.keep her happy no matter what you have to do brother. It's next to impossible to find a lady that that cool and also into cool stuff like cars and trucks and side by sides ect..

  • cokevspepsi516

    I'm so proud of you two!

  • Albie Rossouw
    Albie Rossouw

    Hi Cooper,some good runs that you made butlike they say Rome wasn't built in one day and you will get their mate.Nice to see that you and you wife have a heart for Charity,so do me and my wife and at some time i will swnd you some pics of what we do and some of it is we feed a Safe House for kids once a month but the rest i will explain later because its a Heart Braker.So mate enjoy your Drags and i have been their and done that. Regards Albie

  • Jeremy Shover
    Jeremy Shover

    I just wanna know Are you guys putting money towards it to or just expect everyone else to put up all the money ?

  • Garrett Jean
    Garrett Jean

    What a wholesome charity. I'll donate next check :)

  • E36titan

    Bogetti Spaghetti 🤘 you guys are amazing- need a shirt ASAP

  • Zac Freeman
    Zac Freeman

    Deep staging will result in a slower 60', not a faster one fwiw.

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    Yes put the power glide in

  • Dudley Do right
    Dudley Do right

    Love the fact that cooper is still repping Cletus. Love the shirts guys!

  • Tim AU
    Tim AU

    You can see how much Coop loosens up and sounds much more comfortable talking to the camera after he's done a pass and got them adrenaline feels. Doing great man!

  • Jacqueline Oldhaver
    Jacqueline Oldhaver

    Most food banks get great deals on food. They have better buying power.

  • justin cicairos
    justin cicairos

    Cooper do you still work for Garrett or just doing your own thing?

  • Tony Hightower
    Tony Hightower

    Prego is better than Ragu, just saying.

  • Jacob Shoda
    Jacob Shoda

    Tell me you have the baby face filter on during the intro of the video

  • carl darren bautista
    carl darren bautista

    Why aren't you with cleetus mcfarland?

  • stayedfaded

    Food banks can get a better deal on food than you. Just give them the cash.

  • Big Bear Humphrey Groodle
    Big Bear Humphrey Groodle

    I think I have an addiction to cringe shit...

  • Kawika Smith
    Kawika Smith

    I GOT YOUR NEXT SHIRT DESIGN!!! "Slow and steady only works for Henry" and have Henry as a racecar on the strip!!👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Andy Klund
    Andy Klund

    🤣🤣🤣 you mean $10,000 of pasta and $10,000 of red sauce! That's A LOT of Bogetti Spaghetti!! LOL!!

  • Redd Codeine
    Redd Codeine

    Yall picked the best food for donation how can you go wrong with spaghetti 😩😋

  • stykyun

    Beautiful. Almost double raised already. You guys are good people

  • sismofytter

    Imagine og you teamed up with a spaghetti sauce maker and have them make your own sauce for free in return of some good promotion 😎

  • rando awesome mix
    rando awesome mix

    Cooper seems so much more relaxed in the limelight. I like it.

  • Coello 3D Prints
    Coello 3D Prints

    I just came across your channel. I know you from your friends channel. I'm sorry I had to unsub to his channel because I hate hearing so much about freedom when we have a monster in the white house. But I'm going to check out your channel.

  • Kurt Knas
    Kurt Knas

    Will they give some to all the millions of poor white people as well?

  • Patrick Thomas
    Patrick Thomas

    A t shirt with all proceeds going towards this would be awesome way to go forward, big ole plate of spaghetti on the back.

  • Pommy Life
    Pommy Life

    Abit vloggy for me specially with the wife hehe im just here for the cars not the waffle

  • c eazy
    c eazy

    nice dome light

  • Carl M
    Carl M

    It would be cool if Ragu would sponsor you!!

  • Nunster's Place
    Nunster's Place

    what about the meatballs?

  • Rodney Harris
    Rodney Harris

    Any day at the track that you don't break or wreck is a good day at the track

  • Rodney Harris
    Rodney Harris

    Dude you need to make a pass with Henry that way he can claim fastest turtle in the world tortoise

  • Evo Guy 603
    Evo Guy 603

    Donated $110, such a good cause run by awesome people. Good work guys.

  • Hunt Moorhouse
    Hunt Moorhouse

    Great cause - if you can do your pitch in one take, you would get a lot more support.

  • Cjstricklen111

    69% to like 42.0% nice

  • Vasili V
    Vasili V

    Cooper great work. stay positive good vibes.

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Need a Henry Bogetti t shirts

  • 402CarKid

    Hey tip for your computer. When you have it out turn the brightness to the lowest setting and the battery mode to battery saver. I have the same problem on my touchscreen dell. In battery saver I have like 6-7 hours on a full battery. Without it I have maybe 2

  • Alonzo Perez
    Alonzo Perez

    don’t donate. Buy food and donate it yourself. This is how people write off taxes and end up paying nothing while making crazy amounts of income. yes i’m sure his intentions are good but cut the middle man out go do it yourself if you truly want to be apart of the cause

  • sparkyguy277

    The lights are on point

  • Brian Coleman
    Brian Coleman

    this man shouldn't be on the track

  • Greg Wayne
    Greg Wayne

    I love the idea of giving Spaghetti to those in need. The way our governments are going we may all need spaghetti through our Churches and food banks. I'm from Canada and our Government has gone completely evil.

  • Turbo Foxbody
    Turbo Foxbody

    You guys are awesome for that! But I still say you need to cut all three pipes on the camaro into a tear drop

  • William Turrell
    William Turrell

    Go to Aldi to get the pasta and red sauce. Talk to a manager to bulk order

  • TaterTheGreater

    I'm just gonna say, "Coop, loggin' it?" next time I see you.

  • The Architect
    The Architect

    Bronte good call on the trans brake sexy girl! Bad ass!

  • The Architect
    The Architect

    As an architect, seeing your place, good Lord ! Wow’ glad you’re doing THAT well brother ,..love it!

  • The Architect
    The Architect

    Good on you , God bless!

  • Nick Crye
    Nick Crye

    So glad to see things taking off for you.

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox

    You guys are amazing.

  • AJ

    I love coop , sometimes he talks just like Mark ZuCC lol

  • Blake Deshevy
    Blake Deshevy

    The 2JZ28!

  • Sweaty Welder
    Sweaty Welder

    just sent 1000 lots of Boggetti!

  • Sweaty Welder
    Sweaty Welder

    Good Luck Little Brother....that's all I can say right now is good luck.......

  • Jas Can
    Jas Can

    Deep staging will cause a loss in 60ft time. You were on a 1.25 60ft if staged shallow.

  • Jas Can
    Jas Can

    What if they don't like red sauce because it gives them heartburn?

  • Bryce Knezovich
    Bryce Knezovich

    Lenovo... there's your problem F

  • Mr. Marcus
    Mr. Marcus

    I donated $5 its not much but I like what you're doing coop.

  • asubutler

    You should get that as a domain name for a well named charity in the future. It is currently available!

  • eastwoodsn352

    Bro I need one of your croc work boot shirts but you aren't showing the fat guys any love. Please get some fat guy friendly sizes.

  • G W
    G W

    For once you clear out every grocery store within 25 miles www.webstaurantstore.com/139/couscous-and-pasta.html

  • Cameron

    Totally thought during the intro that u guys were gonna announce that u were having a little one.....but spaghetti is cool too who doesn’t love spaghetti:)

  • Nick Walston
    Nick Walston

    Almost ready for ruby and James 240

  • Austin's Stuff
    Austin's Stuff

    11-12 grand alone will buy 1000 packs of pasta that’s insane lol awesome stuff I know 1 pack is good for 3-4 people love it

  • Austin's Stuff
    Austin's Stuff

    Do some white sauce for people with heart burn love the work

  • Zach

    @2:23 Cooper, you completely forget about public speaking jitters when you talk passionately about something. Just wanted to point out the difference I see in the first minutes, it's a very helpful tip I learned in the military. Be confident in yourself and what you try to do for others. Great guy, stick with it.

    • HP Builds
      HP Builds

      Talking to a camera of people definitely brings out the nerves. He is way better than I am no doubt lol

  • runtman13

    You should use The Mystery Machine to go buy it and drop it off.

  • Tom Brenes
    Tom Brenes

    Dude u just invented a great PRODUCT NAME and THEMES think big take license your name logo script and color. Make your own spaghetti NOS BOTTLE package hit up NOS for a colaboración put your dumb face on the package then the dogs then the turtle. Put the logo on your parachute. Bogetti & Meatballs. Keepin it Saucy

  • Ian Crosson
    Ian Crosson

    Holy cow, I think everyone on youtube showing night car videos needs to steal your lighting. Nice job!

  • hayden Delaney
    hayden Delaney

    Whatta dope turtle

  • Alexander Fields
    Alexander Fields

    tuna no crust!

  • JeremyBlanchard Secondary
    JeremyBlanchard Secondary

    10:51am October 26th 2020. Nearing the $20,000 Mark!!! Spaghetti for everyone in need!!!

  • Jonathan Gery
    Jonathan Gery

    Awesome GoFundMe! The car is looking great man! Love the white led rope/tape light idea on the interior being able to se EVERYTHING.... I don't know if it is worth it, but think about picking up a small 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC for your laptop and maybe a GoPro or 2???

  • Nik Thurnwald
    Nik Thurnwald

    Holy crap where you gonna get all the noodles and sauce?! Great job Coop

  • First Last
    First Last

    Cooper should build a solid axle RWD K swapped Mini Cooper drag car. Maybe to a collaboration with Boostedboiz.

  • Keith Clayton
    Keith Clayton

    It would be cool if they sponsored you. You deserve it!

  • Bryan Dearstyne
    Bryan Dearstyne

    I have 3 kids and Braley are making it. Its so hard out there. U go u guys.

  • Old men rule racing
    Old men rule racing

    Love your girlfriend! She's a keeper

  • Aron Boulton
    Aron Boulton

    Just gonna say coop watching from AUSTRALIA and all I can say it goes to show those who understand hard times and think of others ( like us aussies ) and you and your partner compared to those who are only worried about them selfs making it through and carry on like everything is good ( Donald trump ) and cleeter, big respect from AUS brother and hope you can make the trip here once everything returns to normal !!!

  • Peter Hartz
    Peter Hartz

    Wow $18K in 4 days, may the Lord bless your efforts

  • southernracing24

    People are gonna be pissed when there’s no spaghetti left in your whole state to buy😂

    • HP Builds
      HP Builds

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    I do 3 spaghetti competitions every year. My secret weapon is a 6 cheese spaghetti that usually takes at least 1 first place finish each year. Mmm mmmmm spaghetti!

  • Keith Blair
    Keith Blair

    That would be a great restaurant name

  • Randy Ellis
    Randy Ellis

    Pretty sweet and genuine you seem like a good dude much respect Bro👊🏻

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