Teacher Embarrasses Poor Student In Front Of Class
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  • jayden Johnson
    jayden Johnson

    Is sleeping. She ok

  • Lillian Squire
    Lillian Squire

    the teacher should feel ashamed

  • Imani Kodila
    Imani Kodila

    Hi sniperwolf I hope you know you make everyone's day better

  • Lillian Squire
    Lillian Squire

    man that teacher mean

  • Lillian Squire
    Lillian Squire

    poor little kid

  • kammorie Fortnite
    kammorie Fortnite

    Love your vids keep it up

  • Dan Krueger
    Dan Krueger

    Miss teacher lady 😂

  • Athlon 8 airborne gaming
    Athlon 8 airborne gaming

    its embarrassing how the 40 to 50 year old teacher is making fun of some 10 year old lol

  • Makayla Henry
    Makayla Henry

    My teacher didn’t like me At all

  • Heather Macantan
    Heather Macantan

    OK the important in Christmas is shere caring not can I have this I like this


    Watching at morning squad and you remember u at school

  • Keith Stone
    Keith Stone

    I bet mr. Freeze about the biggest amount of guilt when she read the note

  • Farzana Waseem
    Farzana Waseem

    When teacher was i was crying i was like hahahahaha😂😂😂😂

  • School Account
    School Account

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh burn

  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua Newton


  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua Newton


  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua Newton

    It’s not good to bulky

  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua Newton

    And mean

  • Valda Carwin
    Valda Carwin

    Awe so sad

  • Tajrian Hossain
    Tajrian Hossain

    Santa Teacher: Maria What Are You Wearing Maria: Dark Blue Shirt Santa Teacher: I Told You To Wear Nice To Christmas

  • Dina Gonzalez
    Dina Gonzalez


  • Јована Куриш
    Јована Куриш

    I know how is she feeling my teacher was always thinking im poor because i was didnt go on sea when was school holidays and i was hate my teacher because of that. But now when i going in fifth grade nobody of my teachers dont think that and they are kind on other kids like and on me👍❤😜

  • Nocternalizer

    I love when u go hehe

  • Ocêán Cloūd
    Ocêán Cloūd

    Maria: This is for ME Me: bruh IT SAYS TO MARIA

  • CAM- MAN
    CAM- MAN

    4:58 I'll be calling my mom to pick me up without permission if this happened! She just snatched her toy due to not bringing a gift o.o

  • Renae Cassidy
    Renae Cassidy


  • Renae Cassidy
    Renae Cassidy


  • Eik Lee Foo
    Eik Lee Foo

    I agree with the teacher.. No chips is the worst feeling ever

  • Erin Galloway
    Erin Galloway

    I love the ending

  • Sofia kambo
    Sofia kambo

    Hi ssniper wolf

  • Dhilan Trivedi
    Dhilan Trivedi

    No one: Lia: I’ll snatch your wig!

  • peachy_pink sahmer
    peachy_pink sahmer

    Hey at least the poor girl had something to give like the note is ok but like having a teacher like that is super super bad at least she had something to give you can see she has no money until the teacher gave her some gifts

  • jl fresco
    jl fresco

    SSSsinper wolf you did a savage alert at 1:18 to 1:21 and don't judge the book by its cover

  • tantan D'Ultimate gamer
    tantan D'Ultimate gamer

    that small tree was the crismas tree

  • Buttercup Pom Pom
    Buttercup Pom Pom

    Hello, I am Butter cup the Pomeranian, I bless you with happiness, love, and most importantly, snuggles and protection! For no cost at all,

  • Agata D
    Agata D

    Teacher: You can be the last in line to eat. Me: BISH WHAT, YOU CANT DO THAT >:(

  • P.B Gaming
    P.B Gaming


  • Kim Angeline Llavore
    Kim Angeline Llavore

    SSSniperwolf: you sure its her? ruining the photo? and not that thirty dollar wig *me dabs* me: SNIPERWOLF COMING IN WITH A !BOOM!

  • Cherry Caroline
    Cherry Caroline

    Me if i was one of the student: Miss i don't like chips i like PIZZA AND COOKIE I REAALY LIKE THEM

  • anoopchacko k
    anoopchacko k


  • •Pokemon Pikachu•
    •Pokemon Pikachu•

    My face: Mom's face: Maria's face: Tears

  • Kareem Underwood
    Kareem Underwood

    I swear I would scream at her like I don't even know

  • Kareem Underwood
    Kareem Underwood

    Did this teacher just say that


    I'm crying really really hard its just so sad😥

  • Epic Aviation YT
    Epic Aviation YT

    *gets memories from kindergarten*

  • Jacob Andrews
    Jacob Andrews

    That’s a fucking worst thing to do

  • London Harsch
    London Harsch

    wht kid says Clothing...

  • irene osmil
    irene osmil

    Am sorry hearing that girl but i cried

  • Luke Morris
    Luke Morris

    who else cried

  • HoneyStar

    I didn’t think I was going to bust out the tears today…

  • cesiah yaihnee mendoza
    cesiah yaihnee mendoza

    Its just a movie.



  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed

    *What type of teacher comes for outfits all I see is red probably 9.99 from Walmart*

  • Lavender Gaming
    Lavender Gaming

    Wow rude she is she mean

  • Hailey Dickson
    Hailey Dickson

    im crying omg can i adot plzzzzz

  • Star Bright
    Star Bright

    I love to watch her channel😍😍😍😍😍

  • Richie Mendoza
    Richie Mendoza

    sssniperwolf: ay you got that 20$ wig me: u got that 5$ pants too and yo chair B)

  • SeaElSea

    In the Dhar Mann videos, someone ALWAYS says "but you see" during the explanation that makes the mean person feel bad

  • Summer Schmeisser
    Summer Schmeisser

    So ungrateful to The teacher Teachers LIST: Be grateful, Get gifts for the kids, Be kind to the poor!😥😖😞😤

  • Arisha Sabesan
    Arisha Sabesan

    That teacher ain’t being nice

  • roblox boy
    roblox boy

    Teacher:wow your outfit is treibble. Me:look here teacher I'm broke if u were broke u will see what it feels like.

  • Betty Parker
    Betty Parker

    If you become a teacher you you become it because you like teaching and you love children

  • Werty FN
    Werty FN

    i have a really nice teacher

  • Namrataa Bhavani
    Namrataa Bhavani


  • Avxni _Butterfly
    Avxni _Butterfly

    "You were supposed to spend $20" Me: i did on the pen and paper do the math ma'am😜

  • Makayla Collin
    Makayla Collin

    She’s the worst teacher in the World 🌎

  • Agnieszka Piotrowska
    Agnieszka Piotrowska

    Her: I’m sorry to ask for a lot Me: DEAR SANTA, I WANT A IPHONE NIGHT LIGHT AND S MACBOOK PRO

  • Mariam Ahmed
    Mariam Ahmed

    I am a simple person like everyone and I wanted to say if u are seeing this also if we don’t know each other I am so sorry if I did something wrong that maked u sad or angry because we are all humans and every human makes mistakes ...

  • deyvi gonzaga
    deyvi gonzaga

    Anything is a gift

  • Thamid Tajuar Ayon
    Thamid Tajuar Ayon


  • Elaina Brown
    Elaina Brown

    that ugly teacher

  • Brianna Ochoa
    Brianna Ochoa

    Like your videossniper woof

  • mojisola shitu
    mojisola shitu

    0:16 THATS BELLA!

  • Shyanne Nesbit Alexis
    Shyanne Nesbit Alexis

    This is sad in the beginning but sweet at the end

  • Witch Doctor
    Witch Doctor

    She is just like my old school teacher Miss sheets

  • Dawn to Daylight
    Dawn to Daylight

    Ik this is set up but how could anyone do that especially teachers she’s so beautiful and pretty

  • Honey Comb
    Honey Comb


  • Patricia Holloway
    Patricia Holloway

    The end made me cry it was so happy

  • Camille Paul
    Camille Paul

    Bruh I'm crying u shouldn't have clicked this video TuT *likes*

  • Buttercup Pom Pom
    Buttercup Pom Pom

    Hello, I am Butter cup the Pomeranian, I bless you with happiness, love, and most importantly, snuggles and protection

  • Angela DeBow
    Angela DeBow

    Why did I cry 😢

  • Connor Fiamengo
    Connor Fiamengo

    im crying

  • Andrea Draws
    Andrea Draws

    I feel so bad for laughing but when she pulled out the chips is was so funny for some reason


    Sharing os caring


    Its the teacher the piece of paper

  • Starry Stareilla
    Starry Stareilla

    No seriously 1:21 really got me laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cecil Bicca
    Cecil Bicca

    At my school the feild trips r like 5 bucks anyone else?

  • Dis3mber PuterixBTS
    Dis3mber PuterixBTS

    Mrs Jeffries: “ that is a worthless piece of paper ! “ Me: * shows homework * are you sure about it? If you do I don’t have to do your stupid homework

  • 32kJessie

    I could see a tier in her eyes

  • maryfer805

    I’m so disappointed in the teacher hen she’s like 10000000 years old I wonder if her face herts if not it’s killing me

  • Blue boy
    Blue boy

    I want a caprisun

  • Allison Workman
    Allison Workman

    that is a fashion karen

  • Angel Bonilla Reyes
    Angel Bonilla Reyes

    why you report me @sssniperwolf

  • Henry Crabb
    Henry Crabb

    Why are you watching these videos they would show us in the 5 th grade

  • Debree Brown
    Debree Brown

    RIP Carl Juidie we love you very much

  • Debree Brown
    Debree Brown

    Lia you are the best you make my day!

  • XKaxie X
    XKaxie X

    fun fact: if you put fun fact at the start of a sentence people will read on, Hi !👋

  • Adriana De mazgul
    Adriana De mazgul

    What a nice girl😭😪😥😢😥😪😭🙂!

  • Isabella Acevedo
    Isabella Acevedo

    How rude

  • Gabrielle Bobb
    Gabrielle Bobb

    The end is emotional 😭😭😭😭😭

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