Taking Delivery Of My Brand New 702hp RAM TRX! *Launch Edition*
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  • Joey Ament
    Joey Ament

    Your brother Corey should buy it Iam a huge fan of your guys channels and of course your brother officer Jones

  • Steel on Target
    Steel on Target

    Wish my dealer sent techs to my house :(

  • Sik Edition Performance
    Sik Edition Performance

    That low key look like a bigger Ford Ranger when its lifted from the side views


    nice truck


    man down LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • R1

    Omi in the hellcat 👍 get over here...

  • R1


  • Shemi’yah son of Zion
    Shemi’yah son of Zion

    TRX looks like a Rebel on steroids...

  • OneShot-Berry

    The minor bat phenotypically race because string proportionately meddle within a sudden event. abounding, third catsup

  • SavageMode Youtube
    SavageMode Youtube

    Raped the rev limiter 😂💀💀😂😂😂

  • Guy Johnson
    Guy Johnson

    Ayoooo I can't stop ROLLING 👀🤳😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Guy Johnson
    Guy Johnson

    😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣👀3!!!!!!!!! GET UPPPPP

  • 9 Breezo
    9 Breezo

    I usually never rocked wit trucks but this jawn is top level on list now Fosho

  • Isaac Black
    Isaac Black

    Big motivation 💪🏾🐐

  • Loud’N’FAST Motoring
    Loud’N’FAST Motoring

    Did you find the Easter eggs in the TRX that troll the Raptor.

  • Pretty Bossy A
    Pretty Bossy A

    Car Giveaway Tall Guy🚦🚦🚦bcuz i need one......


    Can u do another review on a manual Nissan Gtr the first time u did woz funny mr organik did not like the car he hated it dis time make him drive it or make him drive this manual mustang that would be a banging video lots of laughs

  • Qugie

    I wanted the TRX but if I can't get the Launch Edition I will just wait for the next Track hawk.

  • Cesar Gallegos
    Cesar Gallegos

    Bring a GTR to the channel but only a nismo 2017+

  • Baldman_FPV

    Where did the GT350 come from? Was wondering what hapnd.

  • iBody Clan
    iBody Clan

    3 bussed his ass🤣🤣

  • ——— Jr———
    ——— Jr———

    What happened to full blown performance

  • FuZion Marcos
    FuZion Marcos

    My favourite part was you calling omi in a hellcat! That’s a real friend bro 😎

  • FuZion Marcos
    FuZion Marcos

    Let’s see some street drag races in your hell cat my g

  • Dickotine

    I just want you guys to know that. A car manufacturer "BUILDS" cars All of these other cats are "MODIFYING" a car that was actually BUILT already. You MIGHT be able to claim "BUILDING" a car if you are actually BUILDING a car. What you guys see here is the MODIFYING of something someone actually BUILT

  • Michael Reese Jr
    Michael Reese Jr

    That’s wassup but you play with the gas tallguy off of it on the gas

  • Kameron Mills
    Kameron Mills


  • Nando Leura
    Nando Leura

    This dude just getting loaners .. Ill give him a month before he makes an idiotic blog... Watch

  • Monte

    Gtr yessssssirrrrrr bring to the channel

  • Christopher Suarez
    Christopher Suarez

    Gt350 sounds so damn good

  • B Hayes
    B Hayes

    3 ofem, "He one of them one's" 🛵 What y'all just accident prone on this Video. Alright now be careful you could of jacked your eyeball up, frfr. Put some NEOSPORIN ON IT SLIM.

  • Hassan Tisdsle
    Hassan Tisdsle

    Luv to see niggas wining

  • Hassan Tisdsle
    Hassan Tisdsle

    It shouldn’t be no dislikes on here bro doing his thing I watch every videos

  • 3L 3NANO
    3L 3NANO

    Thats that Minneapolis driving foo lol 😂

  • Delshawn Stevens
    Delshawn Stevens

    He forgot about MrBeast

  • nolimitperez

    Corey: “You boutta rev it?!” Sway: “Nahh I would never” Also Sway: *Revs engine right after*

  • D Bennett
    D Bennett

    That mustang nasty

  • Don John
    Don John

    People are saying its rented? Why people haters? Even if its rented, who cares? Its showbiz, if its not rented who cares, its showbiz! We own nothing in this world the most high allows us to use everything. Anyone can finance a car and pay for it monthly, once its paid off then you own it. If you buy it outright then your doing your thing, if not, praise to you

  • A 1 C r e a t i v e Z o n e
    A 1 C r e a t i v e Z o n e

    i stopped watching your videos a while ago yall became too holywood with it missing the reviews and the roots of this chanel but this video was good i got that vibe again and congrats on that new RAM LEGENDARY

  • Anton the redneck
    Anton the redneck

    Thats crazy bro thats hard core

  • Smith&westbrook

    I wanna see you do a video with turboview tv

  • Papi Wolf
    Papi Wolf

    Sway funny af 🤣

  • What's Poppin
    What's Poppin

    um well damn!!!! how many vehicles do you have? can you buy me one too please ?

  • Darran Mason
    Darran Mason

    About time bro we been missing your blogs

  • ChrisyDaBlack

    Aye This Lit lol

  • YoungShoota713

    Bro this video was badass it felt more like a episode quality over quantity slim 💯

  • Freeway Phil
    Freeway Phil

    Sway Money “I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic right now” 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brian Guerrero
    Brian Guerrero

    @Mrbeast lol has gave out cars and houses lol

  • KrazyScat

    Inspiration at its finest🔥💪🏾😤💯

  • Bernard Sampson
    Bernard Sampson

    finally, now i watch yo channel. you the only person who pushes their cars, have fun, nd be safe at the same time

  • Gustabo Morales ayala
    Gustabo Morales ayala

    Take care of that joint!

  • Gustabo Morales ayala
    Gustabo Morales ayala

    This is sick broooo yesss natrual excitement:)

  • Skate Tv
    Skate Tv

    The only wack thing about putting tire stickers is that every time you get new tires you gotta go get new tire stickers

  • GeopioneerGSXR

    If YOU build your car, it's never gone..


    Tap the gas stop red lining it


    When you doing donuts you gotta tap it. Leave it in 1stgear

  • WatchinTrev

    Tall Guy Car Reviews you should do a DESKTOP picture for people to put on there computer backround! That would be sick & Epic! Keep up the good work !

  • In Your Nargaz Z
    In Your Nargaz Z

    Sway had that I’m bout to die look lmao 😆

  • JAy

    I thought you put a down payment on a 2020 c8 corvette?

  • Andre wilson
    Andre wilson


  • Andre wilson
    Andre wilson

    Yo go check out iscream blogs tall guy and organic are big real deal cappers yo

  • Nadir Nawabi
    Nadir Nawabi

    you claim that you "own" these cars but i havent seen you in any rallies or taken the car anywhere far smh. Can you post content riding these cars instead of taking it dealer to garage

  • J Sauce
    J Sauce

    what song at 27.00?

  • J Sauce
    J Sauce

    Why so many ads?

  • Thor Clevelandson
    Thor Clevelandson

    DO NOT JUMP THAT TRUCK THEN SET IT ON FIRE 🔥.... it’s been done already 🤣🇺🇸❤️

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Tall guy act like u can do a donut anywhere 🤣

  • That Guy rece
    That Guy rece

    Omi going crazy with that giveaway

  • Sikk Speed
    Sikk Speed

    Dope man 🔥🔥

  • Burt Boston
    Burt Boston

    Sweet! Please take care of it, unlike some ALgoners out there

  • Spaghetti Spaghetti
    Spaghetti Spaghetti

    I haven’t watched tall guy in a while did he end up selling the super stock?

  • JoseDJordan

    The dream is real. Respects ✌

  • juan hernandez
    juan hernandez

    Let’s try them out brotha modded raptor vs the trx I’m in the Bay Area CA

  • tony boyd
    tony boyd

    Damn serious motivation keep going bro

  • All Auto Repair
    All Auto Repair

    Saw another video of a youtuber buying a TRX the other day...first time running across this channel cool content and real nice truck. Not sure if its worth 98k but hey it is what it is. Keep up the feedback TG.

  • Allandre Smith
    Allandre Smith

    Only real ogs remember his dog called king

  • Sir Shawn Kirby
    Sir Shawn Kirby

    Congratulations bruh. Been following you for a min and I know you been wanting this for a while now.

  • Chris Mejias
    Chris Mejias

    8:34 my mans sway was bout to cry lmao

  • red07JK

    Streetspeed has had his for over a week. And have destroyed it already

  • red07JK

    Man can’t hardly hear you but the music is super load.

  • TroyBoy Harper
    TroyBoy Harper

    Street speed 717 beat you but he’s destroying it😅😅🤮😭😭

  • Tanner Roberstsonski
    Tanner Roberstsonski

    This was cool and all but you didn’t light it on fire☹️

  • xTerps

    you need a better mic for when you're talking

  • irob rf
    irob rf

    For god sake don’t jump any ditches with it !

  • Jarrett Boyd
    Jarrett Boyd

    Tall Guy Looked Legendary In That rolls

  • Joel Scott
    Joel Scott

    Nice truck

  • R J
    R J

    Dont get why people have their masks on their chins. It's like putting a condom on your balls

  • CeoEli

    i like the video cause brah said the car would make it to "New York" !!

  • master of reviews #1
    master of reviews #1

    Love the content but the mask man🤣🙄 on off half on . Just put it on bro.

  • Scott Owens
    Scott Owens

    Street speed 717 had already destroyed one of these before you posted the vid😂

  • 117trt

    Don’t ruin this one by wrapping it gold

  • cashout

    “Now relax “ 😂😂

  • Adrenaline Seeker
    Adrenaline Seeker

    Also they are not rims they are WHEELS

  • Adrenaline Seeker
    Adrenaline Seeker

    Why did you put a ricer wrap and ricer wheels on the redeye. It looks so bad but you do you!

  • Luin Haden
    Luin Haden

    Nice trx, but wasn't the 1st delivered on ALgone. 😊 Make sure you stay away from Hershey, Pennsylvania if you want the trx stay in one piece. 😆🤣

  • Dirk Dingle Berry
    Dirk Dingle Berry

    Mr_Organik is a stud.

  • Prodigy Lifestyle
    Prodigy Lifestyle

    Now you gotta send it like street speed 717 😎

  • martineli312

    The only mod I can see for the trx is a wrap....I'm i wrong😬

  • Smokin ' Metal CarFun
    Smokin ' Metal CarFun

    Congrats bro💪💪💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • bagchasin_t

    Sway : see the Mustangs are more fun Tallguy : nahhh hold onn relax 😐😭😭

  • Eric Perkins
    Eric Perkins

    It’s great to see you and Mr_Organik succeed.. BLACK is POWER... GOD Bless Brothers!!!!

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