It’s Time To Pray. To Vote. To Stand. - Part 2
Pastor Jack continues to encourage Christians to put their Biblical values into practice by praying, voting, and standing with the Word.

  • Jada Parks/Villanueva
    Jada Parks/Villanueva

    11/13/2020: California went BLUE this “cheated” election. I wonder if they will really get to the bottom of all this. GOD help us all if Biden/Harris wins this election ( ballot counting is not over yet).

  • Bobbi


  • Thang Nations
    Thang Nations

    Please kick out all non Christian values from US before it is too late. PTL

  • Emmanuel B
    Emmanuel B

    I mean why do you think that the BLM logo looks the exact same as the communist fist? They claimed to be a Marxist organization and you can see that they are leading the insurrection in all of the riots.

  • shoe 22
    shoe 22

    we are with you california in tennessee!!! come together ,and change your state goverment. vote for the President and things will change!!!

  • Liz Stewart
    Liz Stewart

    What if Trump is the Antichrist? The Jews believe he's the Messiah. He is placed on a coin. Trump has now made a peace treaty. He will make peace and then help finish building the third temple. Let's talk about that?

  • Rebecca Colley
    Rebecca Colley

    All believers in Yeshua are yisrael.

  • Connie Vanscyoc
    Connie Vanscyoc

    Utube currently inserting more ads because they need and want to make money, like every other content provider. ... ALgone differs from broadcast in that users look for specific content when they wish and see ads when they view content that advertisers are willing to support. This is not the church or pastors doing the only way not to have ads is to pay for service through utube yourself otherwise we have the ads thankfully we can still have this freely and skip over them after a few seconds

  • beverly bangasan
    beverly bangasan

    drip irrigation has been taught in our agricultural university by Israelis. and there were agricultural engineers who went to work in a huge agriculture field in the middle that produces food for that kingdom's monarchies. Those Filipino engineers applied what they had learned in that university 'drip irrigation'.

  • Elizabeth Wiese
    Elizabeth Wiese

    BEWARE of demon-crats!

  • Graphiclee63

    It's weird that a pastor has to tell the people in the church who to vote for.

  • Psalm_85 L
    Psalm_85 L

    Thank you for sharing this message. Very inspiring. Sadly, most my family is brainwashed and held captive by the enemy. They don't want us around because we're Christians and can't even engage in a conversation...I see them reaping what they've sown. Their one son disowned them because he says they are racist and so are their ancestors apparently although he doesn't know them. This happened after graduating a libnut university in Colorado... their other son says white people are too purpose, no God and we are mocked when we have tried to hang out as a family. It's heartbreaking and we moved to Florida to get a mental break. I can't watch people I love perish but I keep praying. No matter what I show them, they refuse to just have a dialog and reason together. Jesus told us this would happen. Thank you for sharing, I don't feel so isolated and crazy. God bless and maranatha.

  • Collette Blanchard
    Collette Blanchard

    Watching from Aloha, Oregon.

  • Elaine Martian
    Elaine Martian

    This was one of the most powerful messages I've ever heard. God bless you, Pastor, and God bless America!

  • ADA

    That's why we pray for a landslide. Pray with me that God allows Trump to win all 50 states, the electoral and popular vote! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

  • truthclips

    Maybe you would have voted for Nixon in 1972 then, using the exact same pragmatic (yet non-biblical) arguments. The 1972 Republican Party platform was very similar to Trump’s in many ways - just Google and read it. Nixon's Republican platform of 1972 bragged that they had "added to the Supreme Court distinguished lawyers of firm judicial temperament and fidelity to the Constitution." And guess what - if you voted for Nixon, you effectively cast an affirming vote for Roe v Wade and 60 million abortions. Nixon appointed both the Chief Justice (Burger) AND the Justice who wrote the decision in Roe v Wade (Blackmun). So congratulations! You just pressured your Christian brethren to cast a vote for abortion telling them it was the "biblical" and "Christian" way to vote. Our Savior is not an unbelieving godless politician. It is Jesus. If your conscience tells you to vote for Trump and you do, you will answer to Jesus with that - and I don't judge your motives. But don't pretend that constitutes the "biblical" vote - any more than Christians in 1972 would have considered a vote for Nixon and his baby butchering abortion judges to be the "biblical" vote. Blessings.

  • Saved by Grace
    Saved by Grace


  • S.E. Wagger
    S.E. Wagger

    I tried to watch the Obama speech. Disgusting!!!! Had to close it after he referenced Jesus, Moses and Mohamad praying together.

  • Patricia Kane
    Patricia Kane

    I watched this on my smart tv and got zero ads.

  • Timothy Cunningham
    Timothy Cunningham

    Hello people! If see at the bottom of your picture you see a little red dot. When your video starts take your finger and move the dot across to the end then start your video again. It stops all the interruptions.

  • Rowena Cranmer
    Rowena Cranmer

    What of Agenda 2030 ... the replacement of people with more rights in a country, to make a new compliant slave race.

  • Judith Dheming
    Judith Dheming

    God bless you pastor.. Let’s go out and vote.. Trump 2020

  • Christopher Carr
    Christopher Carr

    Please Jack, I hope you are not receiving government funds with all the campaigning you are doing for Trump. I hope you are preaching all of this one sided politics with a good conscience at least. People should pray before they vote and vote from their heart. The way you are preaching is creating division from Christians and non Christians on the other side of politics. Your congregation may see them as enemies instead of people that need to be gently preached to in order to be persuaded or converted. I’m praying for you Jack. I’m disappointed because I love how you preach the Word. I tell people to follow you in my book. I’m disappointed because of the lack of compassion for other people. The lack of compassion for people who are suffering. You are driving your people to live in fear that crime will come to their suburban homes. Like I said, I’m praying for you.

    • Christopher Carr
      Christopher Carr

      @Visto che voting is a privilege because it can be taken away. It’s not about putting a particular person in office. You guys are looking at Biden, Harris, and Obama like the devil. God will put who he wants in office through the hearts of man. He can work through any administration. And some people think Trump is truly evil and I can see why. Pastor Jack has everything negative to say about Black Lives Matter, but rarely does he acknowledge the plight that so many Black people in America are facing. Don’t look at Black people as evil. No one is evil and everyone needs Jesus. Like I said, I hope the church is not putting lives in danger in order to campaign for Trump from the pulpit. It was so many people coughing in that church and I think plenty of people have caught COVID, but he probably will continue to stay open even though anyone can have church virtually. He probably has an overflow with a screen in another room. I watch twice a week from Illinois! It’s a reason why God blessed us with this technology, for such a time as this. There is no reason to put lives in danger. Where 2 or 3 are gathered, God is in the midst.

  • Estelene Arterbury
    Estelene Arterbury

    God bless you Pastor Hibbs

  • Bill

    God wanted to be the ruler over his people, but the people wanted a king like other nations had. So God gave them a man to be king over them and here we are today. This is where man goes wrong. Keep demanding, wanting and voting for your king. God's Will leads to antichrist as your king. Pay attention! You people already look to him with your premellinialism and 1000 year reign. Jesus already set up his church with the Apostles 2000 years ago, and he reigns as king sitting on David's throne as we speak. If you don't believe that, you are deceived. Your Jesus is weak if he couldn't accomplish that the first time. Wake up! You support the very same Jews that Jesus stood in front of saying: "you are of your father Satan." Trump or Biden, does not matter, they are of the same puppet master.

    • Bill

      @Visto che that's because Satan has been loosed already. Jesus is reigning and continues to as King of Kings. This new age preaching has its eschatology incorrect, therefore deceiving many into worshipping the antichrist. But instead they look for the rapture which won't happen except "on the last day". That day Chrst comes to get His remaining and destroys the rest along with the world. Eschatology, pray God shows you by using your zeal to search out truth. This New age deception, watch out.

  • EndOfDaysasweknowit

    Covid -19 is the hoax that brought in tyranny.

  • Rita Thomson
    Rita Thomson

    Thanks you😇


    I didn’t have adverts !!!!!!

  • BeThisBell Art Collective
    BeThisBell Art Collective

    Vote to restore decency and church values. Vote for Joe & Kamala 2020

  • Carol Crowder
    Carol Crowder

    We all have a responsibility to vote, and it is also a privilege.

  • Carol Crowder
    Carol Crowder

    Thank you Pastor Jack. I sadly see this coming but we know that in the end God wins. Our children need to be taught in the ways of the Lord, by praying for them, and set the example for them to follow. .

  • Vince Hall
    Vince Hall

    I have not had more commercial interruptions during this video than any other video i've ever watched on ALgone

  • edwin smith
    edwin smith

    they can try to discourage us but they will never win

  • Matthew Garland
    Matthew Garland

    Jack, please point me to the part of Obama's speech where he says America isn't a Christian Nation. As you suggested, I watched it but must have missed it.

  • Manny Cruz
    Manny Cruz

    Thank you Jack God Bless you

  • Marie Cosmo
    Marie Cosmo

    AMEN and AMEN!!! God Bless you and everyone that surrounds you, hears your voice; GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN ME THAN HE WHO IS THE WORLD! ‼️🥰

  • heather thompson
    heather thompson

    Brilliant preaching Jack. Don’t spoil your lovely face with a beard! It wasn’t too many adds for me. 16 minnutes in and no adds yet.

  • marcie harris
    marcie harris

    We’re voting 🗳 this morning! We vote for Biblical Values Pro Life Pro America 🇺🇸 #2 Amendment Pro Israel 🇮🇱 ♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🙌🏻✝️

  • ScottLoves PlayingBass
    ScottLoves PlayingBass

    What’s with all the ad’s???

  • Beverly Frazier
    Beverly Frazier

    Jack why are there commercials during the sermons now?

    • Mirian Duran
      Mirian Duran

      Because they know that we are watching and wants to discourage us!!!!

  • Susan T
    Susan T

    P.S. Dear Christians. We all love Pastor Jack, the blessing of seeing every message and the tangible hope from every message. It's been disheartening to see people complaining about the ads that pop up. As God's children: we aren't supposed to sweat the small stuff. Our state, country and world "are in a world" of hurt right now. We all know this by now. 1.) Just calmly "skip over the ads". Please .... show your pastor respect, kindness and gratitude. He is absolutely one of the BEST pastors on the planet. We are blessed and fortunate for every service .... even with a few ads. Hate to see grown mature Christians complain out in the open, it smacks of being somewhat tacky. You ... can dislike my comment all you want. But it's true. Instead ... show some class; it looks "better" especially to atheists who may be ready to move past being a atheist / nonbeliever in God.

  • BB

    Why are the scandinavian countries so much more advanced than America? Hello dumbasses!!! You think you are God's little darlings. No you are not!!! Get ready!!!! You are about to get your asses kicked!!! By China!!!!!

  • Sandy Conover
    Sandy Conover

    So so true!!

  • Laura Bowlin
    Laura Bowlin

    Definitely, an inordinate amount of ads during this message.

  • Shirley Hughes
    Shirley Hughes

    AMEN! Praise the Lord! This is truth! The truth shall set you free.

  • M Crocker
    M Crocker

    Awesome, just awesome! The best hour of my day! 🙏🏻

  • Tom Stack
    Tom Stack

    I can see how the hitech can affect viewing,there are so many comercials l don't want to watch!!

  • kacy white
    kacy white


  • Katie Faith
    Katie Faith

    We all need to print George Washington's prayer and put it on our walls!

  • Katie Faith
    Katie Faith

    Jack is annointed of GOD..the best most informative preacher of our time..telling us what we NEED to hear NOT a loose putrid message that tickles ears! Thank you Jack...God's hand stay upon you!!♡♡♡

  • Mary Owen
    Mary Owen

    Pulpits like YOURS will revive the American churches & then the Nation💪🏼💪🏽🙏🙏🏾👊🏾👊🏼🤜🏻🤛🏽❤️🇺🇸 THANK YOU, Pastor Hibbs!!!

  • Zachary

    I love CCCH message. I love Pastor Jack. I hate all these ads. It's getting difficult to watch these videos. Is this Real Life's doing?

  • Triffina Underwood
    Triffina Underwood

    Hello (from Australia) Christian Family - almost at end of this awesome delivery by Pastor J. Hobbs and only 1x advertisement so far - I rest my case ! Time to band together and vote - OVERCOMERS - we are praying for the Deliverance of your country USA 🙏 Lord.

  • Debi Rose
    Debi Rose

    Love one another please!!! As God has loved us. Serve HIM! If you do not know the LORD, please do not wait another moment... “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” -2 Corinthians 6:2 None of us knows how long we have on this earth. The only opportunity we are guaranteed to have is right now... A: Admit you have Sinned
 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” -Romans 3:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” -Romans 6:23 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” -1 John 1:9 It is tough to admit that we are wrong. Even before God, we feel we are basically good, and we would like to think we are never as bad as some... The truth is we are all sinners and can never be good enough to earn our own way to heaven. B: Believe on Jesus Christ
 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” -John 3:16-17 “So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” -Acts 16:31 “And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the Name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment.” -1 John 3:23 “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” -Ephesians 2:8-9 Salvation is not complicated. Jesus said, “Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” - Mark 10:15 NKJV A child simply puts their trust (faith) in the father’s strong arms. Likewise, we entrust our life to Jesus Christ-believing on Him and His finished work on the cross. The Apostle Paul defined the message of the Gospel (good news) like this-“...that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,” - 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 NKJV Jesus Christ, the perfect, sinless lamb of God, laid down His life and took the penalty meant for us, dying in our place Isaiah 53:6. He paid the debt we could not pay and redeemed us (bought us back) from the power of sin and death. John 1:29 / Galatians 3:13 / Romans 3:25 C: Confess Jesus is Lord and Savior “...that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” -Romans 10:9-10 God did His part, sending His one and only Son to die in our place. He has offered us a free gift-salvation, the forgiveness of sin, eternal life with Him in heaven. BUT…we must receive that gift. We must confess our sins 1 John 1:9 and confess (or proclaim) our faith (belief) in the death, burial and resurrection of God’s son, Jesus Christ. Confessing with our mouth requires an outward, public action, not a secret, hidden, timid faith. The Apostle Paul boldly proclaimed his faith so that others could hear and be saved. God’s plan of salvation is freely offered to everyone. If you are not familiar with prayer, it is simply talking to God openly and honestly. Remember, the Bible says we are saved by grace through faith. God sees our heart. We are not saved by simply saying some special words in a formal prayer. We are saved when we reach out by faith, admit our sin, believe on Christ and confess Him as our Lord and Savior. Saving faith produces a forever changed life. “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” - Luke 15:10

  • Joyce Lawson
    Joyce Lawson

    Pastor Jack is my favorite Pastor and I wish his church was closer to me. Love his teaching

  • Kimberly McClintock
    Kimberly McClintock

    Praises & glory to our One True God, the Holy One, Creator of ALL, in His Son, Jesus Christ strong Name amen 🙏

  • MaryLynn Tully
    MaryLynn Tully

    Just wondering why there are so many ads today?

  • Terrie Freeman
    Terrie Freeman

    Every American should see this.

  • Odelia Tan
    Odelia Tan

    Dear Pastor Jack! You have become a Moses!

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis

    Jack! Note what ad ALgone put at ~32:30... Looks like an attempt to change your message.

  • Miae Kim Thomas
    Miae Kim Thomas

    I will see very soon which party of America really sinful to God???

  • FollowChrist 2020
    FollowChrist 2020

    Amazing message! Want to share but so many commercials :(

  • edwin smith
    edwin smith

    what is all the adds for

    • Mirian Duran
      Mirian Duran

      They know that we are watching and wants to discourage us!!

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    I had to leave. Too many ads.

  • Jekku

    Pastor Jack, I just last night saw a post that had screenshots showing how easy it is to not only hack into the voting system in certain regions, but to actually _change an already-cast vote_ to another candidate! 😱😫 More than our votes, we need to PRAY for this election and our nation! If Trump wins, we MAY get 4 more "good" years, but if Biden wins, it's all over. Even 2024 is something we need to think about NOW!

  • Joan Johnson
    Joan Johnson

    Watching from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. May God have mercy on our Christian nation as we stand for righteousness and vote for Biblical principals.

  • whimsical1one lola mills
    whimsical1one lola mills

    thank you

  • Jan B
    Jan B

    The ads are to distract you from hearing the word. Google does what it wants along with facebook, twitter and the mainstream media. Christians and conservative's are under attack. Stay strong with God.

    • Elizabeth Wiese
      Elizabeth Wiese

      Apply to you tube premium! No ads! It's so worth it! Dear Jan be safe, be happy and be blessed!

    • Ann Baxter
      Ann Baxter

      Download the CCCH app and you will not see any adds.

    • Ann Baxter
      Ann Baxter

      Download the CCCH app and you will not see any adds.

  • Texas Kaz
    Texas Kaz

    Great message, but wow ads every couple minutes is hard to follow.

  • P Graves
    P Graves

    All of you that are complaining about the ads on this video, it takes approximately 3 seconds before you can skip the ad. If that is too much of your precious time wasted purchase the premium service for $19.95. But don’t call pastor Jack greedy. Don’t speak against God’s anointed.

    • Susan T
      Susan T

      Glad to see your comment; I was just thinking the same thing. It's a YTube issue .... not a Pastor Jack issue. ( ugggg ). Kinda looks bad to see Christians complaining en masse over a few ads. ( I skip over them ...). People need to stop complaining over the small stuff. Our beloved country is in a world of hurt right now; and people pick, complain and bicker over the lamest stuff. It's superficial and tacky.

    • Corbin Dalles
      Corbin Dalles

      After you fall out of that ivory tower and get on your high horse..dont forget to point your nose in air while lookn down on everyone

  • Jeanne Jellison
    Jeanne Jellison

    Who is the speaker that he shares segments of his video on the indoctrination of socialism?

    • Dana B
      Dana B

      William Federer. author of "American Minute'


    Preach is good, BUT TO MANY ADS...

  • Tammi Bacon
    Tammi Bacon

    Thank you Pastor Jack for speaking the truth! I'm very surprised at how many professing Christians are voting for Biden? The Bible is very specific about the right and the left! Many are focused on how they don't like the way Trump acts, speaks or tweets! What they should be focused on is upholding God's Laws and principles, what Trump is doing! We are in end times and this will be our last time voting! I believe Trump will win this election but won't finish his term? The democratic party (the left, satans agents) will not stop trying to steal government power! The left does get in... the "beast system" comes into play... the "mark of the beast" is implemented! Life as we know it will be gone forever! Your rights will be taken away in a socialist/communist country! The left will tell you what you can do and not do, your life is not your own anymore and the Constitution is done away with!

  • Christopher

    I have never heard politics or Jew defined that way before.

  • Melanie Staubitz
    Melanie Staubitz

    We watch a few minutes of local news in the morning, NO national news. Behold Israel Amir Tsarfati is our main news source.

  • Aldene Carroll
    Aldene Carroll

    My anointed pastor Jack Hibbs that I watch every time to hear the end time prophecy and what we need to hear for such a time as this 🕊📖🙏🙌👏‼️‼️

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    So true what the pastor preaches! Be wise you Americans!

  • 5aith

    Proverbs 23:1-11

  • Sarah

    Falling Away to the Antichrist is a great message from David Wilkerson.

  • Debbie Freund
    Debbie Freund

    I have tears rinning down my face at the message you gave today. I will implore all I can share with to listen and CHOOSE our God-given right to choose. May the nation fight with you, Pastor Jack, for the only way to victory, through faith in God! Bless you!

  • Keto extreme
    Keto extreme

    Wow 13 commercials in this video

  • Refrigerator

    If you’re a real person, you would know that voting is all rigged. The whole government is rigged. The whole world is rigged. Wake up people!!! We’ve been deceived, and if you think your tiny little vote makes a difference in the world, think again! I can’t believe how blind and ignorant people are to the TRUTH. This world needs a reset.

    • Jeanne Jellison
      Jeanne Jellison

      @Refrigerator Hallelujah🙌🏻

    • Refrigerator

      @Jeanne Jellison Yup, and by the looks of how things are going, he might be coming very soon.

    • Jeanne Jellison
      Jeanne Jellison

      The only reset will be when Yeshua removes the church and leaves the unbelievers here for 7 years to learn that they have been the ones who have been deceived.

  • Karen Leslie Ardagna
    Karen Leslie Ardagna

    I retired from teaching 30 years of high school chemistry. The last two years were awful.

    • Elizabeth Wiese
      Elizabeth Wiese

      This is just a preview of much worse events to come. Don't be scared be prepared!

  • RickyO

    Hunter Biden's laptop was turned over to the FBI a year ago. When the computer shop owner never saw a report come out, he passed on copies of the hard drive to other sources. Some of these source found videos of Hunter Biden sexually abusing under age girls. This is most likely related to Epstein's Island. FBI must be covering this up, just like Hillary's emails. Joe knows.

  • Holly Weldon
    Holly Weldon

    There’s a whole bunch of secular ads showing between this church service video . We need to PRAY VOTE AND STAND!!!

    • David Halseth
      David Halseth

      @M3Fred we are M3!!!

    • M3Fred

      @David Halseth @Holly Weldon We need to pray like only God can make a difference and campaign like every one of us is needed to make a difference.

    • David Halseth
      David Halseth

      Pray for ads to go away too Holly!

  • Humble Servant
    Humble Servant

    What's with all the Ads ???

  • Dianna Lauer
    Dianna Lauer

    Can't enjoy the message for all the advertising :(

    • isthiswheremynamegoes orherr
      isthiswheremynamegoes orherr

      Get the Real Life's pastor Jack Hibbs can listen to all the messages there

    • Hero Zero
      Hero Zero

      use google chrome's ad blocker! i've had it for years and can watch youtube un-bothered on every video

  • Dianna Lauer
    Dianna Lauer

    What's with all the Adds. Aweful

  • venusiandesigns

    🙏 may God helps us, I was born in a communist country and is exactly what the pastor is talking about. Let all pray this beautiful country needs it.


    Too bad my and every other church don't Take A Stand for Socialist trying to take our country

    • Tevye

      Too bad that semi illiterate and ignorant man children don't go to their local community colleges in- between church services to be able to communicate without bastardizations of the English language and the meanings within. BTW....if you partake in medicaid, medicare, social security pensions or drive on the freeway...then gasp, you're a socialist. Silly to throw words around that you don't have a clue to the actual meaning. Or to use it correctly in a sentence. I guess you can't go to that community college..... it's socialist.

  • 82 Porsche 911 SC
    82 Porsche 911 SC

    Wow, the people at ALgone must be hearing God's still, small voice at work, at home and at play. All those ads they have added to the broadcast to disrupt the flow of Pastor Jack's message. Time for the church to start praying for those employees. God can change their hearts, set them free from their sins and open their eyes to truth. You can always tell when someone is fighting God, they try to be a little more evil. But, God will prevail if His people pray for them. He is faithful to hear our prayers and change their path. God, open their eyes and ears to hear the Gospel. Amen

    • Psalm 91
      Psalm 91

      @Elaine Martian if you look down the comments many people had a ridiculous amount of ads. I took one persons advice and forward to end ads disappeared. Makes me suspicious it was youtube and not Jack Hibbs behind the excessive ads.

    • Christine H
      Christine H

      The big tech companies like Google came out publicly stating "they will do everything they can to make sure Biden wins." If that's disrupting Church service that supports Trump it may continue. I like praying for them. It's a good idea. Bring California back to God!

    • Elaine Martian
      Elaine Martian

      @Psalm 91 I didn't have one single ad during this video. Strange, because I don't pay for free ALgone, there is usually a ton of ads in everything I watch. I like J.D., as well.

    • Psalm 91
      Psalm 91

      I watch J.D Farag . No ads.

    • awaken4Jesus

      No, this channel can disable ads, right?

  • Tommy Binford
    Tommy Binford

    Why so many advertisements????

    • Carol K
      Carol K

      Buy a subscription

    • Wanda Herring
      Wanda Herring

      You can by pass them. It is explained under one comment.

    • Jan B
      Jan B

      Because of the recent purge of truther channels. Google has to make up for the lost revenues. Many channels are not monetized but Google plays the ads anyways.

    • Judy Akers
      Judy Akers

      I'm wondering the same thing, never had these before, wondering if he is being hacked.

  • Jesus Discipile
    Jesus Discipile

    The current generation pastor Jack spoke about certainly verifies that "WE" are that final generation spoke about in God's Word.

  • Shape Loomis
    Shape Loomis

    If you choose not to vote in the are sinning!!! You cannot sit by and allow politicians to be voted into office to further their antichrist policies....and think God is okay with it...all because you didn't like either candidate! Give me a break! Look at each candidate and ask yourself...who supports the Biblical principles more and vote wisely. If your candidate is for abortion...there is no way Jesus would be okay you voting for them. Jeremiah 1:5. God knew you in the womb. may say, but that's Old Testament..okay..Jesus said in Matthew 5:17...He did not come to abolish the LAW or the teachings of the prophets...but that He is the LAW! Jesus is Jeremiah 1:5. Vote...but you had better think long an hard, what you will say to Jesus one day...when you stand before Him and He asks..."How did you vote for someone who was for abortion...the killing of innocent babies inside the womb? I know their names. Do you?" That's a sobering reality.

    • Shape Loomis
      Shape Loomis

      @Sarah If he did once he's elected...that's on him, not me. We know one candidate is already take what you will...with how or if you vote.

    • Sarah

      @Shape Loomis But who knows maybe he changed his mind.

    • Sarah

      @Shape Loomis I'm asking because he said in the debate that he's not doing anything about that. That theirs nothing happening there. That was disappointing I had just heard Pastors Jack Hibbs say that Trump will try to overturn Roe V. Wade a few days before the debate. And when Biden brought it up he straight out denied it.

    • Shape Loomis
      Shape Loomis

      @Sarah He's trying to...and believes it may be possible with Amy Coney Barrett.

    • Sarah

      @Shape Loomis So Trump is going to overturn Roe v. Wade?

  • M T Corner
    M T Corner


  • Carol Hay
    Carol Hay

    Jesus is going to catch us up soon, may He find us taking care of His business when He comes. Thank you pastor Jack for being faithful and for showing us and pointing the WAY.🙏🙏🙏✝️💜🕊

  • Kalyssta Drentwett
    Kalyssta Drentwett

    Before I moved out of Seattle, during the time of the riots and large protesting going on, I noticed, randomly, there would be huge palettes of bricks appearing in town. Just dropped off. where there wasn’t any construction going on requiring bricks?? I didn’t know what they were for at first (honestly didn’t even think about the rioters being influenced to destroy property). But it was REAL CONVENIENT that those bricks were being thrown around.. 💡

    • Lesu Kirisuto Kid
      Lesu Kirisuto Kid

      same in Minneapolis

    • Elizabeth Wiese
      Elizabeth Wiese

      I believe it was pre planned like the plandemic!

    • Susan T
      Susan T

      (wow) ... that must have been weird to see the palettes of BRICKS .... just sitting there. And no construction sights to be found anywhere. That would have made my intuition alarm bells go off. Thank you for your open honest comment; I bet a lot of people out there didn't even know or notice this was happening in Seattle.

    • Brenden Rathgeber
      Brenden Rathgeber

      My sister lives in Seattle and told me about that exact thing happen at the original Nordstrom kinda near pikes.

  • Teresa Hodges
    Teresa Hodges

    I've repented and I will be voting this year. I'm choosing Life.

    • Susan Pullar
      Susan Pullar

      @Christopher Carr Because we have the ability to vote against policies that are Evil, God will expect us to vote against evil policies. You wanted us to check the Bible.... here you go only 3 but there are many more about standing by while evil is perpetrated. Don't lead people astray just because the word vote is not in the text. Pastor Jack specifically addressed apathy and in action. Revelation 3:16 ESV / 235 helpful votes So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. Romans 12:11 ESV / 126 helpful votes Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Zephaniah 1:12-13 ESV / 121 helpful votes At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps, and I will punish the men who are complacent, those who say in their hearts, ‘The Lord will not do good, nor will he do ill.’ Their goods shall be plundered, and their houses laid waste. Though they build houses, they shall not inhabit them; though they plant vineyards, they shall not drink wine from them.” I dont want to be viewed as lukewarm about abortion, socialism to replace worshiping God. But you may chose to.

    • David Halseth
      David Halseth

      @Visto che wow long dissertation! Paul had some wisdom on it too. Father ordains leaders Rom 13 and tho hold those people accountable

    • David Halseth
      David Halseth

      @Visto che That's a pretty good take on it Visto!

    • David Halseth
      David Halseth

      @Christopher Carr Well your certainly right about that Chris! Just vote for life and Freedom if you can.

    • David Halseth
      David Halseth

      Well, blessing you Teresa!

  • Jeremy Steinwand
    Jeremy Steinwand

    Keep speaking the truth psstor Jack WE ARE LISTENING BROTHER

  • Cherri Zirkel
    Cherri Zirkel

    Don’t desire to vote a king in flesh . That’s exactly how Jerusalem was destroyed their temple they chose a man king Caesar over Jesus Christ !

    • Shape Loomis
      Shape Loomis

      @Cherri Zirkel Ezekiel 37:11-12. All prophecy is past, present, and future events. This prophecy of Israel happened in 1948. Jews were scattered all across the globe and they returned. Whether or not...everyone who says they're Jewish are from direct not for me to decide. I believe the state of Israel is Israel...not in a metaphorical sense of believers, but the literal nation of Israel. Notice..Jesus even referred to Gentiles as separate during His earthly ministry. All believers are adopted and can be called the children of God, but Israel is Israel.

    • Cherri Zirkel
      Cherri Zirkel

      @Shape Loomis we are Israel what sitting over in Middle East is Judah or people calling themselves Jews they can’t prove who they are because all the tribes of Judah were killed or committed suicide by 70 AD with destruction of the temple and destruction of their records of existence altogether. They were the ones Jesus called the vipers and serpents they persecuted the saints and apostles with crucifixion of Jesus Christ . Israelites are 20 scattered tribes the Judah tribes are 2 tribes of Judaism ✡️

    • Sarah

      Agree. Remember the Israelites also asked for a king like all the other Nations so God gave them Saul. It wasn't God's plan he wanted to be their KING, but they wanted a king in flesh.


      Jesus is NT on the ballot.

    • Shape Loomis
      Shape Loomis

      You should vote for which candidate's policies align with Jesus. No earthly candidate is perfect..but the main issues...are: The sanctity of life. Freedom of to practice our faith. The continued support of Israel and peace. If a candidate supports abortion...Jesus would not support them. Anybody who thinks Jesus is okay with that...has never encountered Jesus.

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