Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser // Session 2
Session 2 of our Supernatural Seminar from Dr. Michael Heiser, Author of Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches About the Unseen World - and Why It Matters.
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  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner

    Kniw your not making anything up conect hits to the enemy that's smart

  • WimWorldWide 2017
    WimWorldWide 2017

    Great insights! The earthly is a mirror of the heavenly.

  • Rosemary Villet
    Rosemary Villet

    It's certainly renewing our minds completely

  • q werty
    q werty

    For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • Cecil Spurlock jr.
    Cecil Spurlock jr.

    Calvinists will not like these teachings..LOL

  • John Kavanaugh
    John Kavanaugh

    Northern Idaho in the house and back for some more nuggets.

  • Whatever Jones
    Whatever Jones

    Any man who likes pugs is all right with me. They are the wierdest, funniest dogs there are.

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James

    Lucifer began the attack in heaven. The assault of sin began in heaven before the creation of man. The assertion was made that God's governance, His law was unnecessary for sanctification. From SELF you can attain to being god. Humanity was created from love to image love and to display before all the unfallen worlds that God's law is perfect. It's God's character that is being judged. Think of a judgement, the judge can't judge if He is the accused. He also can't judge if He is the prosecutor. Well, don't you know you will judge Angeles!

  • Ms. Gomez
    Ms. Gomez

    "In the image of GOD" I believe to mean that Humans have Two Feet and Two Hands, each with a set numbers of digits. One Head with Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth and Two Holes in the face for Breathing. I.E. a Nose. Also we Think and Feel Emotion.That is the Spitting Image of GOD and that's it in a basket. Nothing more.

    • q werty
      q werty

      If you are made in the image of God, then your God is Satan. For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • Kevin Everson
    Kevin Everson

    Odd you brought up a person in a comma, yet what function does a person in a comma have that is equal to all others?

    • Darren Schlack
      Darren Schlack

      Maybe how others might relate to the person in the coma, the loved one at their bedside.

  • Warrior Soul
    Warrior Soul

    Incredible research on his book

  • Benjamin Leftwich
    Benjamin Leftwich

    God bless this man

  • andres sitorus
    andres sitorus

    hi everybody...i finally found the teacher who teaches the bible plainly! however, my kindle does not have his ebooks...can somebody direct me as to where i can get his ebooks?

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • chris hey
    chris hey

    God is the one and only creator that is why he says in the king James version " I your god created good and evil" . You are the first person I have heard who has given an explanation akin to my own understanding. It was so we could have free will to chose between them , after all he doesn't want robots , he can make them, just the ones who seek to be good. Sort the wheat from the chaff. Thankyou.

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • Ms. Elizabeth
    Ms. Elizabeth

    Thank you God for these nuggets of teaching to a greater understanding of you. Thank you sir, for taking the time and energy to share this with us. My intellect is not great enough to understand the points you make, but I do not give up. I always come back to try again.

  • RekT sweats
    RekT sweats

    The government knows they are coming here on earth and that they are here under ground

  • Pat Hanley
    Pat Hanley

    50:40 Ummm no, He predestined those events not to happen and that's why He told David. His decreetive will and prescriptive will are two different things that work together perfectly. God is the only being with true Libertarian free will. Our wills are in bondage to our nature which is dead in sin until the miracle of regeneration takes place. There are more Reformed guys taking this position now and it's totally compatible and in no way challenges Reformed theology. Why take a shot when it's not needed?

  • Kyle Cravens
    Kyle Cravens

    I'm getting a lot from these videos but personally disliked how handled topic of abortion. I understand what he was trying to do but he never resolved it - although he did say 'even if you are a few cells in a woman's womb', you are part of the image of God. I think as a teacher of God's truth, that's a bit reckless and out of touch with the horror & injustice of abortion. Maybe should be handled a little more carefully ?

  • rabbitcreative

    I liked the very last statement he made. "... to impede God getting his way."

  • Maria Mendoncs
    Maria Mendoncs

    You See Me.... and Hear Me....Then You Meet Thy FATHER.........I Am....The Way, The Truth, The Light ....Noone Will Come By Thy Thee Father Then by Me...

  • Maria Mendoncs
    Maria Mendoncs


  • Maria Mendoncs
    Maria Mendoncs


  • Eric

    "God found it preferable to permit human suffering that not live with us at all" is profound, and yet more profound is that God found it preferable to die for us, than not live with us at all.

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • Wild Westmama
    Wild Westmama

    I am humbled and in AWE, I’ve listened two times and indeed will listen again lest I forget! Thank you dear sir for your hard work and wonderful insights into scriptures that can’t be read at taken in at face value! You are a very Rich man in your knowledge and presentation! May God’s Blessing be heaped upon you! 💕

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • Gerardo Chin
    Gerardo Chin

    Amen & amen

  • jongmagee

    @23:16 For any Orthodox Christians or Roman Catholics, this is another explanation of the Logos and logois that come from It.

  • Shelly Pfluger
    Shelly Pfluger

    How do each of us know if we are children of Abraham lineage or from the Nephilim lineage?

    • q werty
      q werty

      If you have serpent skin flesh (human flesh), then you are of your father the devil. That's why you have to be adopted into the family of the Lord God. For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

    • Marc C
      Marc C

      If you're a born again believer then you're part of the body of Christ. Galatians 3:16 Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.

  • Christin songbird
    Christin songbird

    Just bought the unseen realm yesterday.


    Psalm 82 NOT a divine council of angelic spiritual beings!! His words as God (Father and Son) . "You are gods" is used twice in scripture, once in Psalm 82 verse 6 and once in John 10 verse 34. This is a similarity because it is the words of God spoken through the prophet Asaph in Psalm 82 and then again said again by Jesus the son of God in John 10. Both accounts this is the "word" of God (Father and Son). The Jews, God was referred to as Yahweh in Hebrew. Another use in Hebrew is Elohim (God), Jesus name in Hebrew is Yeshua. God in Greek is "Theos". Psalm 82: 6 " I said, “You gods, And all of you children of the Most High. The word "gods" is lower case meaning elohim. I said, “You are gods>>>>>>God the Father "words" speaking through the prophet Asaph. Asaph a “seer” or prophet. The word of the Lord would come to prophets in the Old Testament and God would speak through the prophet. John 1:14 " The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." God would speak the "Word" through a prophet like Asaph in Psalm 82, in the NT the "Word" was spoken by God incarnate in the flesh by Jesus in John 10. John 10: 34 Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”’? 35 If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken),>>>>>>Jesus the Son speaking as God in the flesh. Jesus repeats what the Fathers words "You are gods" from Psalm 82:6 that were spoken and written by Asaph the prophet. When the text says "You are gods" is directed to humans not angels or spiritual beings in both Psalm 82 and John 10, very clear. The "gods" (elohim) are Jewish officials that are in the position to rule and judge certain matters with in the nation of Israel. God instructing Moses certain men in Israel to be judges, rulers, or elders ("gods" or "elohim). A Divine Council, Congregation of the Mighty or the Great Assembly Exodus 18 25-26 And Moses chose able men out of all Israel, and made them heads over the people: rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. 26 So they judged the people at all times; the hard cases they brought to Moses, but they judged every small case themselves. Psalm 82 with commentary Psalm 82 is also written Poetically by Asaph 1 God (Elohim) stands in the congregation of the mighty; (divine council, great assembly) He judges among the gods. (elohim>>>judges, rulers, and elders with in the Nation of Israel) Note: when God "stands" and" judges" this is by the spoken/written word of the prophet Asaph, because the word of the Lord would come to prophets in the OT. 2 How long will you judge unjustly, And show partiality to the wicked? Selah 3 Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. 4 Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked. 5 They do not know, nor do they understand; They walk about in darkness; All the foundations of the earth are unstable. Verses 2-5 Is a court setting, where the courts were intended as the place where the needy could find justice, but they were not fulfilling this responsibility. These verses could be applied to Pharisees in the time of Jesus, basically bad rulers/elders. 6 I said, “You are gods, (Father's "words spoken and written by the prophet Asaph who wrote Psalm 82 ">>>>>Son's "words" addressing Pharisees who are Jewish rulers/elders a certain sect at the time of Jesus. John 10: 34-35 Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”’? 35 If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken). Note: Looking back at verse Psalm 82 verse 1, since God "stands" this is the prophetic fulfillment with Jesus (God in the flesh) as the Son of God would literally stand before Jewish rulers/elders the Pharisees, since Psalm 82 is written by the prophet Asaph a seer. Verse 6b cont. And all of you are children of the Most High. (The children of the Most High are Israel) 7 But you shall die like men, (referring to those elders, rulers and judges with High Authority are just "men" so they will die like men) And fall like one of the princes. (referring to earthly rulers or even angels) 8 Arise, O God, judge the earth; (God is the supreme Judge) For You shall inherit all nations (God inherits the nations by Jesus the son, Jesus is the coming King)

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • trapper kcmo
    trapper kcmo

    yea. yea, you are making things up.

  • hunan being
    hunan being

    He created us to enjoy what? Suffering? 😅 oh, this guy!

  • Gmaw

    Share the gospel.........

  • Gmaw

    Love your work, thank you and God Bless 🙏

  • Carrie Crane
    Carrie Crane

    I am sooooo joyous God allowed me to find you! I read (see) the Bible as you see the Bible. Honestly I see the Bible as a record of heaven as opposed to a record of earth. On earth as it is in heaven. And very little is as it appears. The surface is the milk.

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    I wish Dr Heiser would just go away.

  • rogwabbit

    Regarding the trinity, then why does it clearly state not the son only the father knows the day of return? I believe the father must know something the son does not. I know they are a godhead, he refers to himself as a trinity in plural and sometimes as singular but the singular context is always referring to his uniqueness as the top and only all knowing God.

  • Matthew Aislabie
    Matthew Aislabie

    18:00 Don't be so sure of yourself young padwon.

    • ELIJAH

      Padawan, young one.

  • richard bello
    richard bello

    Jesus and his father the Supreme Creator is permitting Lucifer to have his own kingdom and both are in agreement with consent. The Anti Christ has already deceived the world and almost all stupid humans also. For those of you who actually believe earth is a wonderful place this is for you. Earth looks and appears to be beautiful and it is beautiful to your human eyes, but looks are very deceiving. Could it be that earth was created to deceive you into believing earth is a wonderful and beautiful place ? How is it that many people are not affected by perpetual wars and hunger poverty and famine. Why is it more than most people suffer and the few don't. Could it be someone else's turn to suffer while you are given a break from pain while waiting your turn in the future or in your next incarnation having to endure the suffering that missed you ? I believe you are all already in Hell and just don't know it. I also believe the beautiful things of earth has already deceived you into believing life is really good, as you must create your own happiness and joy in life otherwise it will be a boring place in hell. And I do believe you humans are in hell and aren't even aware of it because you have become accustomed to love your hell as your home. This I believe is the reason for all of the crimes, corruption, depravity, murderers, rapist, thieves, liars, pedophiles, child blood sacrifices, devil worship, perpetual wars, atrocities against humanity, fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, air and sea and earth pollution, lightning strikes, toxic poisons in your air foods waters and vaccines, love of money, satanic ritual music concerts, cannibalism, abuses against children and animals, wife and husband bashing, divorce, hatred, cursing, witchcraft, black magic rituals, abortion, birth defects of every kind imaginable, human trafficking, children sex slavery trafficking, organ trafficking, stabbing shootings hangings, burning alive, church corruption, Vatican corruption and pedophilia, injustices of every kind under the sun, diseases of every kind imaginable, illnesses of every kind imaginable, viruses of every kind imaginable, slaughterhouses of every kind of animal, and the inhuman abuses of the very animals you eat, earth is a cannibal world where all human animals eat other animals, every animal eating another animal even alive, vegetarian animals forced to live among cannibals, human torture during wars unspeakable crimes against innocent people and children, slaughterhouses of all kinds of animals tortured and abused just so you can eat them, don't you know they have souls and feelings also, I could go on and on, and on and on etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. But you get the idea or don't you ? Because if you don't you are worse off than a deaf dumb and blind person without limbs. Do you actually believe this is all normal human behavior ? Do you know those who still have souls are imprisoned among the soulless and the soulless are sent to earth to do the above aforementioned things against those who still have their souls ? As your souls consciousness are imprisoned in the pitch black dark universe that surrounds earth void of light, you are all actually in darkness and aren't even aware of it, because the sun lights up the earth. You are on a prison laboratory earth in a prison sabotaged human body skin suit sleeve, all of this is a soul trap that is ment for you and you aren't even aware of it, souls are imprisoned among the soulless, but you wouldn't know that would you ? Because life is good ?

  • Maaike Kamstra
    Maaike Kamstra

    I was very suspisius of this man. But he got me. He feel very real Christian to me.

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

    • Thank-full

      But, does he claim JESUS IS LORD? Scripture is clear....anti-christ will not say this. That is how we know it is an anti-christ entity. Where does he claim...Jesus Christ is Lord??!

    • David Carter
      David Carter

      Once you understand that the other gods, are the archangels. Or the gods from ancient sumerians, it's fairly easy to understand. The most high, is called the most high because he's not the only one from up high. It's truly an amazing thing. Jesus Christ is still the way, for he is the Jacob's Ladder for us to god.

  • Gerald Johnson
    Gerald Johnson

    Predestination does mean that God Almighty can deliver you from the Evil you intend to do or did, when God knows you are destined to change your ways and return and Repent of the evil you sought to do or had done *¤*!

  • Constantine Levis
    Constantine Levis

    In Greek mythology the Greeks they believed that the gods lived on Mt Olympus with Zeus as the head of the gods such as Hermes, Athena, Aphrodite Poseidon, etc.

  • ThatNightWind

    This is seriously awesome.

  • celal777

    Dr Heiser I don’t think your argument separating foreknowledge and predestination works for the simple reason that the Bible doesn’t separate the two see Romans 8:29. I do accept the point that man has free will but it needs to be distinguished as creaturely free will. Although I don’t like James White much he does explain this point very well.

  • Andrew Mckeown
    Andrew Mckeown

    I like the description that Dr. Jordan Peterson uses of Humans confronting chaos/disorder/potential and creating reality from it through true speech and honest/genuine intention👍

  • Gabriel Davidson
    Gabriel Davidson

    Angels don't create Mike...The "Our" and "Us" are the Father and Son communing...You're welcome...

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

    • Gabriel Davidson
      Gabriel Davidson

      @miketheorganist ...Well, I suggest you learn Hebrew...Even Heiser isn't that good in Hebrew and CREATION in ANY form, is for GOD ALONE...Hope this helps, bub...

    • miketheorganist

      I suggest you give another listen. Your remark is purely private interpretation. If that were the case, the rest of Genesis would use the same terminology but it doesn't. Heiser is explaining how Yahweh engages the other elohim in His court, his sons, to do things in concert with Himself.

  • Paul Raynaud Jr
    Paul Raynaud Jr

    Regarding the statement made at the 15 minute mark about God telling David Saul was coming. If God was listening in on Sauls plans to go to keilah and also heard the men of Keilah talking about giving up David if that happened, then it probably wasn’t a predestination conversation.

  • God’s little Man
    God’s little Man

    If he’s correct about “let us make man in our image” being the council or the Sons of God or the little g gods. Then it means that the Sons of God are ALSO made in God’s image. Hmmm 🤔🤔

    • q werty
      q werty

      For Daniel's sealed scroll, unsealed for this generation, watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

    • bob Soya
      bob Soya

      Did you study grammar?

    • God’s little Man
      God’s little Man

      There is a difficulty in the “divine counsel” language Heiser talks about. If it is divine, it’s only divine because God is present. Perhaps another name for this counsel would be less alarming especially since some of them are rebellious.

  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee

    Mike in Church..people need to be filled with the Holy Spirit they do not need a lecture...oh dear, where are the David Wilkersons of the world.

  • Tessy McCall
    Tessy McCall

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • antibs

    I loved your seminar. But how could you miss the bloodline of Abraham Isaac and Jacob? It's plain that he chose one family one bloodline and all the promises are to that one bloodline. So let me ask you, if6 MS-13 gang members came to your home and said we believe that you are our father and we are moving in. Even if you let them in to influence your family to do evil would they be of your bloodline? Are they now in your family because they except you and believe in you? He said you don't believe me because you are not my sheep. He has an inheritance. It is by blood only. I know that you understand this, so why is such a learned one is you saying that one can get in a family by speaking an incantation and getting dunked. You know there is an evil bloodline, and yet after he turned the nation's over to the fallen ones you insist that he made a mistake all those Nations become his inheritance. He never said that, and the apostles were only only only to the lost sheep of the house or the blood if you will of the House of Israel.

  • m.p.h. vdb
    m.p.h. vdb

    So.....time for ....Tikkum Olam ?:-)))

  • Tuesday Summers
    Tuesday Summers

    I taught my children one day, I asked them, you have heard God knows everything. But there is one thing He does not know. And that is what choice you will make. He may know every possible choice you might make, but not which choice you will actually make. For only free will can give birth to true love.

    • IndianaJoe0321

      That's not biblical. God is omniscient and knows the end from the beginning.

  • Denzel Dickenson
    Denzel Dickenson

    You have to watch this on psycodelics. But I'm happy you found "it" without the substance

  • Denzel Dickenson
    Denzel Dickenson

    Some people can't see the "It" yet. Or the it's. The concepts. They have to live in "it" the concepts and can't see them

  • Denzel Dickenson
    Denzel Dickenson

    Oh I get it the image is the consciousness. It's the everything you're seeing. The fact that you can. In his image. Amen glory

    • IndianaJoe0321

      No, Dr. Heiser said the opposite. Did you not listen to the lecture & read the slides? By your definition, if someone is in a coma, then s/he is unconscious & no longer an imager of God.

  • Zihan Nan
    Zihan Nan

    I found myself sobbing & sobbing as I listened to this sharing. I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit to seriously love, care for and show respect to every single human being who has been created in the image of God. Thanks very much for sharing this knowledge with your extended family worldwide.

    • Cindy Needham
      Cindy Needham

      Amen Amen Amen ❤️💯

    • P0W Rescued
      P0W Rescued

      Me too

  • Victoria R
    Victoria R

    I agree, YHWH wants mankind to become like His Son Jesus Christ and live with them on the earth:)

  • Katina Parker
    Katina Parker

    I am currently reading Unseen Realm. I was a bit worried it would be too academic to hold my attention but Heiser makes the complex attainable. This book is blowing my mind!

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth

    How lucky for one to have been created as an angel instead of fallen fleshly humanity.

  • Lorraine Bathurst
    Lorraine Bathurst

    Hi - Does anyone know what concordance programme he is using? - Thanks

    • q werty
      q werty


  • Robert Gordon Eicher
    Robert Gordon Eicher

    interesting stuff. Though I could do without the conjecture about what God thinks and plans. I'm not sure where you got the idea that you know what God is thinking; but i hope you get over that delusion and just do as you claimed you'd do; which is just stick to what the Word says. "That's it." Unfortunately... No, that's not it. Also I do not appreciate your smug belittling of atheists that resent existence. Your suggestion that they have integrity and just kill their selves is not only utterly repugnant in that you are suggesting images of God kill their selves; but it's also simply ignorant: Suicide wouldn't negate their existence. THAT is the entire reason they resent existence in the first of places: They don't want to be in a position to make choices about their life; precisely because they're painfully aware of the folly of their own flesh. Suicide would do nothing but cause them to enter the first death. The very fact that you can't empathize with that feeling of being so disconcerted by one's own flesh... That would explain why you're so comfortable saying what God plans and what he doesn't.

  • Baroque Revolt
    Baroque Revolt

    This stuff will make more sense from an Orthodox perspective. See also Dr Margaret Barker.

  • Jeni Hendrix
    Jeni Hendrix

    So Michael believes the angels and other Elohim are also “Imagers?”

    • Kevin Misael Alvarez Espinoza
      Kevin Misael Alvarez Espinoza

      they are, as they have free will

  • Tracye Moore
    Tracye Moore

    Oh yes! I fall into the category of a person who appreciates you breaking it down for those of us who don’t have a doctorate degree nor am I a scholar but I do desperately want to understand the word of God! Thank you for helping people like me!

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller


  • Lauren Shivers
    Lauren Shivers

    One question...11 minutes in. He says God doesn’t need to converse within the trinity because he already knows what he’s going to say, etc. But isn’t that true about him conversing with everyone? There is no need for prayer, yet he still desires relationship and conversation. The trinity is one but is three PERSONS. Part of why his existence is triune is because of relationship, right? And conversation is part of conversation. So while he may be talking to the sons of god also...surely he could have been speaking within the trinity as well?

  • Toby Harbuck
    Toby Harbuck

    Dr. Heiser...when you say that the trinity are co-equal, co-eternal and omniscient, how am I to read Mark 13:32 when it talks about no one knows the day or hour not even the Son but the Father only?

    • Rudi Mauldin
      Rudi Mauldin

      When Jesus was on the earth he took on being fully human, so in that state he knew not the hour, now in eternal condition the triune God surely knows the time

  • Tk

    The first part WAS GOOD The second part WAS BETTER. Going to listen to part #3 right now.

  • dinah ward
    dinah ward


  • Tinker Cooper
    Tinker Cooper

    BOOKS BOOKS EVERYONE'S SELLING A BOOK Some10 or more.. Or they're having seminars on What GODS WORD truly is saying.. Their own private interpretation of GODS WORD.. Why isn't GODS WORD Enough for folk's today !! This is exactly why there's all these different group's religion's today !! YESHUA, told us YOU HAVE NO NEED THAT MAN TEACH YOU, LET THE HOLYSPIRIT BE YOUR TEACHER. The Pharisees nor the Rabbis didn't seem to get YHWHS WORD They lived in that time even had GODS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON YESHUA walk among them. GOD WAS THERE.. So, NO THANK'S I'm staying in GODS WORD and I'll let the HOLYSPIRIT be my teacher.. I'll pray for wisdom to understand, And trust in my ABBA GOD ALMIGHTY... There is NO other. Amen & Selah, 🙏

    • Rudi Mauldin
      Rudi Mauldin

      Good luck with that!......a wise man seeks wise dont need to follow Michael, but he has spent more time in the anchient launguage studies than you

  • Little miss S in a mini dress
    Little miss S in a mini dress

    A zygote never has six cells. It has it has 1, 2, 4, 8.

  • Little miss S in a mini dress
    Little miss S in a mini dress

    It can't be both it can be a combination but it can't be completely other and in his image like him.

  • Little miss S in a mini dress
    Little miss S in a mini dress

    You say he wants a family like him. Then you say in the seventh minute that he's not like us that he's "completely other".

    • Rudi Mauldin
      Rudi Mauldin

      That is not a contradiction

  • papinbala

    The whole abortion thing should have been 2 minutes long. He went off into 5 rabbit holes, by the time he made his point i already forgot what he was talking about. and he gives five examples of the same meanings every time. such a time drain get to the point for gods sake.

  • Only Good Business
    Only Good Business

    In Gods mind? 🤔 perhaps he should rephrase that. Because he says it often but in no way could he ever fathom what the Almighty would think, if the almighty even thought in the same manner we did.

  • gray skies
    gray skies

    Re: cells in the womb: "Before I formed thee in the womb I knew thee"...Jeremiah 1:5 Human beings exist in the mind of God before they're formed. By ending zygote cellular division, one ends a creation of God. We may not see a few cells as "human", but God certainly does. He said so.

    • Ashlea King
      Ashlea King

      @Tammy. Yahushua is Lord and King What do you mean?

    • Tammy. Yahushua is Lord and King
      Tammy. Yahushua is Lord and King

      At the same time the bible condemns the fatherless.

  • AB 87
    AB 87

    This guy is starting to scare me the more I listen to him. 1. David said he would go to his son who was still-born. He understood that the child had a spirit. 2. Who is he to say who can commune with God and in what way. Jesus rebuked the disciples for removing the children from him. There was no way they could understand Christ as the adults could but God still accepted them. Also what of mentally handicap people. It's a dangerous road to assume who is capable and incapable of communing win God. If the line is not at conception then when is it? Is he willing to define when life begins?

    • AB 87
      AB 87

      @Hazel May Lebrun Hi, I did listen to him. He specifically calls a conceived unborn child a lump of cells. I'm not understanding his argument of image of God being applied to everyone including the unborn "which he never States is the case, not sure where you got that." If imaging is a function and not a quality then how can you be in the image of God if your not completing that function? Specifically how can a "lump of cells" image a function of God? Please explain since you stated I obviously did not listen to the rest of the lecture

    • Hazel May Lebrun
      Hazel May Lebrun

      YOu obviously didn't listen to the whole video or you didn't understand it. He never said that life does not begin at conception. He made the argument that it is. Did you not understand it? Or did you stop listening and assume. He simply pointed out the flaws in certain arguments and then presented a better argument... every human being is made in God's image and that is why we all have the same value, whether we are in the womb or old and infirm or in a coma or anything else. It is you who did not listen to what he said.

    • MrRobfullarton

      Yes, I didnt agree with him there either!

  • Elizabeth Proverbs 28:9
    Elizabeth Proverbs 28:9

    All of this works without the doctrine of the trinity too. I still don’t see a trinity in scripture without the lying pen of the scribes. YHWH is ECHAD.

  • sam Thomas
    sam Thomas

    Great teaching. Thank you Dr. Michael Heiser

  • aoeulhs

    Exodus 20.7 `Thou dost not take up the name of Jehovah thy God for a vain thing, for Jehovah acquitteth not him who taketh up His name for a vain thing. Young, Robert. Young's Literal Translation (p. 18). CrossReach Publications. Kindle Edition.

  • Greg Crocker
    Greg Crocker

    Go Mike!!

  • Lawrence Taylor
    Lawrence Taylor

    It is difficult to find a church with this spiritual attitude.

  • AtlasDust

    Nothing implies Everything

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    Ryan McBride

    Praise God for this! ❤️ For His kingdom.

  • Andrew Lightbody
    Andrew Lightbody

    I used to have access to JSTOR when I was at the University of Washington. Wish I would have been reading the Bible more back then

  • James Lee
    James Lee

    1. Gen 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. a.angels, sons of God, spirits are never said to be in the image of Most Hight God. b. the verse and surrounding context doesn't mention any other beings that can create. 2. Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him... a. the only person that does the creating is God b. the only image that is used is God's Nothing about this verse speaks about other creating beings, the only creator is the Triune God. Dr. Heiser is reading into the verse of his ideas. He is not Exegeting.

    • Andrew Nusz
      Andrew Nusz

      you may want to hear him again - he says exactly what you just said about creating

  • MustaffaCuppa

    19:23 fabulous :-)

  • Lady of the Woods
    Lady of the Woods

    I want that book 📚

  • Brian Carman
    Brian Carman

    Dr. Heiser doesn't understand how horribly selfish he makes God sound by claiming that God decided He'd rather create humans knowing most will suffer Hell forever as opposed to not creating them and the grief that would bring Him. I mean, how sick a God is that? That's incredibly self-centered and weak and pathetic. Poor God...He couldn't handle being alone so He created humans, billions upon billions who would suffer for eternity in Hell, just so He wouldn't have to feel lonely or grief-stricken. I mean, wow...that's quite the opposite God I know and love. This is a blatant example of mankind's doctrines being shoehorned into the Bible and defacing God's character as a result. Happens constantly. The fact is that the early Church believed Hell purified people to get them to Heaven, and that all would eventually get to Heaven because of what the New Testament clearly says in the Koine Greek it was written in. 4 out of the 6 schools of Christianity taught Universal Restoration, and those were the big schools. The other two schools didn't even had buildings or materials or anything like a real school--they were more like schools of thought/beliefs. Very few held their views of annihilation or eternal torment in Hell. Augustine in the 5th Century is who popularized a fiery eternal Hell. And the Nestorians, whom the corrupt Pagan Catholic Church deemed heretical, went on to dwarf the Catholic-controlled Christian church until the 14th Century, and they believed that Hell was to break people's resistance to God's grace so people would allow Him to heal them and take them to Heaven. I think the Nestorians were the real Christian church once Catholicism destroyed Christianity. That makes the most sense. Once the Catholics used Islam to destroy the Nestorians, thankfully, God raised up the Protestants. And the Protestant scholars--every single authority on the early Church in that time--doing their own study, discovered in the 1800s that the early Church was Universalist. And somehow, that belief didn't survive much past the 1800s, regardless of them proving it. It's sad that Christianity has been so deceived on things like this for so long and defaced God's character all that time without realizing it. Imagine how many more would've been saved had Christians retained the truth of God's amazing character.

    • Brian Carman
      Brian Carman

      @Albert Warsaw Hey, I'll take your approach instead of explaining things. Here are two videos that are well prepared and explain some key points of Christian Universalism / Universal Restoration. Combined, they're less than half the time of the video you shared with me. The pastor uses a lot of scriptures in one video that I forgot to mention. When you hear a few of them, you start to really rethink wha they mean because they're pretty straight forward. The first video is just about the gross mistranslation of the smoke of their torment in Revelation, which is talking about the lake of fire. The second video will give some great verses and some quick overview and points. This pastor started out a few years back doing ALgone videos where he'd address doctrines by taking an honest look at them to see if they stood the test of scripture and theology or not. He did a video on Christian Universalism expecting it to be bogus. But by the end of the first video, he says that he was very surprised that Christian Universalism has some decent scriptural backing. And his second video said the facts led him to believe it's definitely true. So he ended that channel and started a new ALgone channel all about Christian Universalism. Hope you enjoy these. They're way easier to get through than the video you gave me. LOL ;) Video 1: Video 2:

    • Brian Carman
      Brian Carman

      @Albert Warsaw Hey, quick question: do you believe God works with the demons?

    • Brian Carman
      Brian Carman

      @Albert Warsaw (Continued) What I hear from Christian Universalist scholars is that no one, historically, had made a decent argument for eternal Hell or annihilation. And sure enough, I haven't found anyone who's made a good argument for eight of those. The arguments are what I just addressed. They paper thin; easy to poke holes in and invalidate. Look, there are tons of denominations out there. No single one has everything right. Period. That's just common sense. Doesn't take a genius to know that. So SDA is going to be wrong about some things. Hell just happens to be one of those things. Pay very close attention to this next statement. The ONLY reason most of Christianity believes in eternal Hell or annihilarion is because Augustine convinced tons of people it was true. Had he not done that, we would all believe Hell is temporary. That's VERY telling since Augustine said he hated the Koine Greek the New Testament was written in and he didn't understand it. And like I said before, it was when I stepped away from intellectualism and strictly went for relationship with God that He showed me Hell was temporary. So by your standard, that's the best way to do it. And if you ever want to know the best way to develop a strong relationship with God, email me. I've had way, way more progress with my method than any one I've read about and tried. It's not always easy, but at least it deals with and resolves the issues that cause a person to have a hard time getting into relationship with God and a hard time staying away from sin. Actually, a good first step that I recommend before people use my method is to buy the book The Presence Process (second or revised edition) by Michael Brown and go through its process at least once. It teaches a person how to get their repressed emotions to come up and it's the repressed psycho-emotional issues in our heart (subconscious) that keep a person from getting into a solid relationship with God and continuing to sin. That process helps a person, especially an intellectual, to stop analyzing and using their mind to cope and try to figure out everything so that the subconscious feelings (psycho-emotional issues) can surface to be processed. It teaches a person what unconditional love is and how to give it to one's self properly so they can heal from the past which is what's driving our actions, behavior, and even our personality right now. I don't think I told you how I was born again. I lied and cheated and did things my parents didn't know about in the early to mid 90s. All the shame caught up with me by the time I was 16 and I became depressed for the first time in my life. It took me 2-4 hrs to fall asleep at night because my mind would race. And sleep wasn't really restful, or not restful enough. I didn't know it was the shame and lies that caused all of that. Then one night when I was really bored, my mom and I were on a trip to see family near New Year's. My uncle showed me my a verse in the Bible and said, do you know what this verse means? I was so bored at the time that I said, "Can I see the verse?" I figured anything was better than what I was doing. So I read the verse and it was nothing special. But to fully understand it, I needed to make sure I understood who the saints were in that verse. So I asked my uncle who the saints are and he said, "The saints are us." The moment he said that, all of my shame dropped. I went from rock bottom to cloud nine in a split second and stayed there for two years. I was on top of the world and had an awesome relationship with God (or as best a relationship as I could have back then as a new born again Christian). I'd been in church all my life but was actually born again. So that night I confessed to my mom everything I'd ever done wrong. When my head hit the pillow, I was out and slept like a baby. Life was awesome. I confessed to everyone what I'd done to them and luckily none of my friends got upset with me. I didn't tell my dad for some reason. Not sure why. I wish I had. Many years later I told him. I think I didn't at first because I was still maybe a little scared he might be disappointed or get upset with me. I'm not really sure to this day why I didn't tell him right away. I talked to a high school acquaintance about 17 years later and she said during that time, she got saved as a result of me telling her about Jesus. I had no idea she'd gotten saved back then but it was nice to find out. She thanked me for that and I said it wasn't me it was God. Someone else got saved while talking to me back then, too. A co-worker. I don't know how many others have been saved as a result of my being saved and talking to them about God. But what I do know is that I wasn't trying to get them saved at the time, I was just genuinely, naturally being friends with them. And because of that, they saw God in me and He saved them. It was never me who got them saved. It was 100% God giving me the freedom to have a great friendly loving attitude with everyone. He drew the to Him and I never had to try one bit. I also wasn't correcting anyone when it happened either. I was just being a normal friend or being friendly. That right there should preach. When I approached people trying to share the truth with them because I assumed they weren't saved, God never used that to save anyone. Having that mindset and ulterior motive almost always puts people in a defensive footing, and sometimes they don't even realize it. It creates instant tension between two people. I eventually leaned not to do that anymore. Hopefully, that'll be help to you in the future.

    • Brian Carman
      Brian Carman

      @Albert Warsaw I'll approach this from a foundation that Jonathan Edwards completely missed, which will totally invalidate his arguments. (By the way, on a side note, I really like Dr. Heiser's stuff, so just because I posted about something I disagree with him on doesn't mean I don't think he's a great scholar). Edwards gave one of the worse defenses of Hell in that video that I've heard. He doesn't even try to argue God's love vs His judgment, which is where most preachers battle it out. He didn't even try to say that God is showing His glory by making people suffer forever or be annihilated eventually (another one of the deeper arguments a lot of people try to use). Maybe he was smart enough to know that those arguments make God look really unloving. Then again, so do his argument. Edwards arguments all stem from a belief that the Bible uses the word "eternal." Unfortunate for his argument, that word is not used in the Bible. Dr. Edward Beecher in the 1800s is one of many scholars back then who wrote about that subject. Beecher proves the Hebrew and Greek words we translate to mean eternal cannot mean eternal. The book tracks the Greek word from its inception to its use by Jesus and then the Church Fathers for hundreds of years. Even Jonathan Edwards admits at the beginning of the video that the word translated as eternal or everlasting (same word in Hebrew) often don't mean eternal. He's almost correct. It never means eternal in the Bible or in any historic use of the word until people translated it poorly a hundred years or more after Christ. The verse form Isaiah Edwards used as evidence had "everlasting" in it. In Hebrew, that word is owlam, and it literally means, "Over the Horizon." They were nomads and didn't know what was over the horizon intil they got there. So the saying indicates a future time and place, not a duration of time. That's key. The word is mostly locational and not at all durational. So when God says He gives Israel the Promised Land "forever" (owlam) and then it's taken from them later, what He meant is that He gives them the Promised Land into the foreseeable future, but not necessarily forever. There is variation of that word that means over the horizon and back again. I forget how to spell it. It means a really long time in the future. It's just an exaggeration of owlam for the most part. Neither variation means eternal. As for the Koine Greek word, Aion (Age), that is sometimes translated eternal, it, too, is being translated incorrectly. As I mentioned before, Beecher proves the word never meant eternal. Further more, in the Greek Septuigent (the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament) we see "owlam" translated to "aion." So we know the best Greek equivalent is "age." That's fairly accurate. Yet we idiot Americans still translate it to mean eternal. That's because the Latin Church Fathers did their best to popularize the belief in an eternal Hell in the 5th Century. Augustine was the culprit. Not many Christians believed Hell was eternal before that point. Augustine was very successful at persuading the crowds. But let's look at the words around eternal to develop its meaning more. Jesus uses judgment and punishment in our translations but in its original Greek language, it's judgment and correction. Can someone be corrected if they are suffering for eternity? No. Can someone be corrected temporarily and then once they're corrected (fixed), they're suddenly annihilated? Yes, but what's the point? If they're corrected, then they've naturally and willingly repented (turned from their ways in exchange for God's ways). They want to go to heaven at that point. So why kill/annihilate them? Judgment is also a corrective term. It's meant to fix things, not vengfully punish them. The idea of eternal Hell never existed in the Old Testament years. That concept crept into Hebrew culture shortly after the prophecy that said God would stop giving Revelation/Prophecies to the Jews. Malachi was the end of the Old Testament writings and it was written in exactly the year it was prophecied that God would end revelation to the Jews. About 200 years later we start to see the idea of an eternal Hell starting to be considered by the Jews. That's due to their Pagan captivity. They were taking the ways and beliefs of the Pagans, to a degree--something God said not to do. If someone wants to argue that God can't overcome human free will, and that's why humans go to hell forever or until annihilated, then they're admitting that God isn't smart enough or powerful enough to save everyone, nor is He loving enough to choose not to create anyone knowing that many would suffer Hell forever or temporarily before blinking out of existence. God shows no glory by making people suffer forever or temporarily before annihilating them. He simply shows that He can't even do what He Himself says is in will--that none perish and all repent. I'm sorry but it's horribly evil and pathetic to choose to create mankind knowing that many will suffer Hell forever just so a few could be with God. How awful would He be for doing something like that? Pretty awful. Also, if God created us against our will, and we could end up in Hell forever, then that's just horrible. Unconditional love always respects a person's free will. It wouldn't create people against the person's will. You might say, "A person has no will before they're created," but God knows the future so He knows what they'd choose if they were to get to the end and have to suffer Hell. He knows they'd choose not to be created at all. Also, He could easily creste them in Heaven in His image and then ask them if they wanted to risk going to Earth as a human and possibly going to Hell. (continued)

    • Albert Warsaw
      Albert Warsaw

      @Brian Carman It explains why hell has to be for ever, or else it isn't really hell.

  • KoolKiller Kyle
    KoolKiller Kyle

    All I can say is, “WOW “! I have never thought of the reason for God just getting rid of evil the way Dr. Heiser explains it. This guy is onto something. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to answer some of the questions he answers about the Bible. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes.

  • Mr McDonald
    Mr McDonald

    10:00 why is he whispering,i would like to know what you said,geez.

    • IndianaJoe0321

      "Let us make humankind in our image."

  • Neal Headley
    Neal Headley

    @19:00 I just had a light flick on when you mentioned this. Before battle, how do you test your shield? By hitting it and inspecting it. What is our shield as believers? Our faith. Kinda what you were doing there.

    • Mark Forquer
      Mark Forquer

      Neal Headley Excellent point

  • Ophir Arkhale
    Ophir Arkhale

    Digging deeper like dr Heiser presented it will debunk trinity. You will find out there is only one YHWH Yahuah Elohiym some verses supports Deut 6:4, John 1:1etc.

  • S Carter
    S Carter

    Thank you Dr. Heiser. This teaching has answered so many questions that have confused me for years. The eyes of my understanding have been enlightened tremendously. I thank God for you!

  • carmen oneal
    carmen oneal

    Thank you

  • Margaret Sojourn
    Margaret Sojourn

    you are exactly what i asked for..and in following bible fell open exactly on psalms 82...a confirmation that your research and presentation are divinely inspired...godspeed yo

  • Common Law
    Common Law

    I would NEVER come to this knowledge and understanding on my own. Thank you for dedicating your life to bringing this information to those of us who can't. May the Most High continue to Bless and Keep you well

    • Roy Hale
      Roy Hale

      @AB 87 my point is you probably have not done your own research on the sphere shape of the earth you are going strictly by what you have been told. Pictures and videos can be faked. I'm not a flatearther my point is unless you your self have done the research you are going by what someone else has said.

    • AB 87
      AB 87

      @Roy Hale hey Roy your missing the point. It's not, just that someone told me the earth was a sphere, but I've seen pictures of it, there are experiments you can do to verify its atleast curved, and It also makes sense because the moon and the sun appear as a circle. However if someone tells me the earth is flat then what do I do? The truth, no matter the source, should always be verified by your own mind and heart. A believer has the holy spirit residing in them which bears witness to the truth. As soon as someone tells me something that I would admit to never having the capacity to come to myself then I need to research and confirm what they are saying is in fact truth, Rather than blindly believing it. Have a good day

    • Roy Hale
      Roy Hale

      @AB 87 and how do you know the earth is a sphere, because you were told it was. The only way you could know for certain is if you yourself have been in space.

    • AB 87
      AB 87

      @Erin McCarthy-Hewitt I'm not sure where your going with your comment. I have read the maps in the back of the Bible, I have an interest in ancient history but I'm no scholar. All I was doing was cautioning the OP on blindly believing things that other people tell him, simply because he thinks they are smarter, have more understanding than he does. The Bible tells us to"test" every spirit to make sure it lines up with the whole truth of God's word. I stopped believing every word a preacher it teacher says a long time ago and getting that with the truth found in the Bible. It has saved me from getting caught up in the many traps that are laid out for believers.

    • Erin McCarthy-Hewitt
      Erin McCarthy-Hewitt

      AB 87 Have you read the Bible & study Ancient History? The Catholic Church does not teach the people to read their Bible. The Priest teaches from the podium. C.C. teaches the Holy Trinity. I have read the Unseen Realm & read the foot notes & looked up the verses In the Bible. NASB NIV ESV NKJ KJ CSV. Have you looked at the maps in the back of your Bible?

  • Tobias Stamenkovic
    Tobias Stamenkovic

    For someone who claims to never have an original thought your surprisingly entertaining. ;) Love the reasoning for "why you do this" to your students btw, i hope you dont mind if i steal that once ina while.

  • Leslie Kendall
    Leslie Kendall

    We don't become like Jesus when He comes. The subject in 1 John 3:2 is God. And there's 1,000 year's difference.

  • A Carpenter's Son
    A Carpenter's Son

    One more thing. Are there no examples of God on Earth speaking to God in heaven. I know that when Sodom & Gomorah were destroyed, the LORD rained down fire from the LORD in heaven, but are there none where there is a communication between them?

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