Super Cleaning The NASTIEST Car I've Ever Seen! | INSANE Bio-Hazard Detailing Transformation!!
This Pontiac G5 was the NASTIEST and most disgusting car I've ever seen! Not only was it full of garbage and cigarette butts, but I also found needles, and some items of a more intimate nature....the transformation this bio-hazard car made was absolutely incredible!
#disasterdetail #cardetailing #carcleaning
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    Well that was one heck of a transformation! The car is ready for a new life now! 😄 Condoms, needles and lacy guesses on the previous owner’s occupation/lifestyle?? 🤔 🤣

    • Aiden Hunemuller
      Aiden Hunemuller

      What pressure(power) washer do you use.

    • Shashin Masuta
      Shashin Masuta

      I bet we can also guess what the previous ower did with the money from the sale... probably only even sold the car to pay for their habit.

    • Huzaifa FN
      Huzaifa FN

      Won’t it be better to do interior then exterior

    • Tifanny Vitoria
      Tifanny Vitoria


    • Epic gamer
      Epic gamer

      S3x b0mb

  • Akeelah Fulton
    Akeelah Fulton


  • Artistic Anna
    Artistic Anna

    It's so extreme it almost doesn't feel real

  • Alan D
    Alan D

    You've got some big nuts man, I would have noped out and sent the car back after finding the first needle.

  • zophielparker

    Oh buddy, please don’t touch used needles. Since you do a lot of repo details, get some metal tongs and just an empty plastic clothes detergent bottle, and make a simple sticks box. You don’t want them just going lose into the trash, as they can poke through and possibly scrape/infect you.

  • Aiyana Crimson
    Aiyana Crimson

    Just imagine how it smelt >-

  • syed ahmed
    syed ahmed

    Every fu.... car nasty dirty wht fu.... is happening

  • Noah Beach
    Noah Beach

    I think every new video you have is the nastiest car you have ever seen.

  • H E F T Y
    H E F T Y

    Bro man has the balls to drive it

  • Izzysmom

    Those were some nasty folks!

  • tanner mackay
    tanner mackay


  • ugh squirrel
    ugh squirrel


  • Joaquin Monteverde
    Joaquin Monteverde


  • Martinez Pathway
    Martinez Pathway

    So satisfying 👀

  • Brittany Bennett
    Brittany Bennett

    But does it still have a stale smoke smell?

  • Maria Lynn
    Maria Lynn

    The transformation is crazy 😱 so impressive!!!

  • Miya J
    Miya J

    Nasty af burn it

  • 8bit72HAC

    A bit unrelated to the video, but at this point I watch so much ALgone I know all the royalty free music by heart

  • Isabella Pockevich
    Isabella Pockevich

    $400 wow i think they were high when the sold it to her

  • esautrash

    just like the phoenix bird, this car rose from the ashes, quite literally

  • ChrisplusTina96

    Bro why hasn't Bissell hooked you up yet with a sponsorship??

  • ChrisplusTina96

    Last thing it needed was a sprinkle of Holy Water for all the kind of stuff the last owner did in there 🤢 That poor car is lucky to have a new life!

  • Brendon Ratliff
    Brendon Ratliff

    At least there was a surgical mask next to the tampon :)

  • Courtney P
    Courtney P

    I would've said to throw the car away. Dump it, crush it. And then you come along

  • Dedias

    Why'd he play Johnny b goode

  • Nicolas Dill
    Nicolas Dill

    This is like getting someone out of drugs

  • Edward Garner
    Edward Garner

    the previouse owner must have been on drugs and was a stripper

  • Hunter Murphy
    Hunter Murphy

    Imagine the guy that brought this in saw this vid

    • Hunter Murphy
      Hunter Murphy

      Who wouldn't at least take some of the trash out? He's not a dumpster

  • Big Kahuna
    Big Kahuna

    Man we need to get Bissell to sponsor you as much business as I'm sure you give them. Great work my dude, I find your content very relaxing and satisfying to watch. Especially since I'm to lazy to wash my car myself :D You did get a tetanus shot after this nightmare right?

  • Junk Bot
    Junk Bot


  • Kenny Ellis
    Kenny Ellis

    😳 i have 4 kids and i try to clean my car every week this is absolutely disgusting

  • TLaVawn Barnes
    TLaVawn Barnes

    Wow I was not expecting that outcome!! That car looked awesome!!!

  • Wonpil’s Piano
    Wonpil’s Piano

    The nastiest cars and homes I've been in belong to smokers.

  • linares

    Holly s#@% 13 hours!

  • Dancing Dorks
    Dancing Dorks

    Dude I can smell this car 🤢

  • Jennifer Atwell
    Jennifer Atwell

    How much do you charge for something like this?

  • Jennifer Atwell
    Jennifer Atwell

    My first thought looking was 'wow I hope he knows to look out for cuz junkies owned this thing for sure' .. My first time on your channel and you did an amazing job.

  • Ahmet Cem Çiçek
    Ahmet Cem Çiçek

    Bu arabanın içindeki bakteri virüs ve mikropları Çin de bulamazsın.

  • Benjamin Joseph Bruner
    Benjamin Joseph Bruner

    Poor towels, buckets, gloves, etc.; the abuse we put them through 😅😅

  • Joseph A. Tato
    Joseph A. Tato

    Yikes. Syringes. 💉 I'm amazed by your level of meticulousness.

  • Kaiimei

    Main thing I like is that this guy respects his clients enough to not post without their explicit permission. If someone's camera-shy or whatever, then he doesn't post anything about them, and props for that!

  • CJ Westover
    CJ Westover

    I'm horrified to think someone was having sex in that car.😬

  • Itz_Ye Ally
    Itz_Ye Ally

    Plot twist : It was actually her car and was just Embarrased to admit it was hers :0

  • nchia

    As nice a job cleaning that car, I still can’t get over how awesome it is to be able to pressure hose INSIDE your own garage!

  • Jessica West
    Jessica West

    Insane. Absolutely mental. Wonderful job

  • veliki tata
    veliki tata

    How can somebody even drive car like this? Great job!

  • Just Afen
    Just Afen

    did you clean the engine part?

  • Gerardo Salazar
    Gerardo Salazar


  • Quentin Smith
    Quentin Smith

    This poor girl likely spent more than this car is worth to have him detail it

  • Brian Conroy
    Brian Conroy

    And I thought my car was bad my minde was blown

  • Soul Surfer
    Soul Surfer

    Why would someone do this to their car? Do you ever ask?

  • MJ. Ziqri
    MJ. Ziqri


  • JR Gameing
    JR Gameing

    The ash tray looked even worse after but you never know what was in it 🤢

  • Captain Caveman
    Captain Caveman

    Does the lic plate say PIGPEN? ha!

  • Priscilla Campbell
    Priscilla Campbell


  • Danielle Medina
    Danielle Medina

    Do you ever do squats or biceps at the gym, or are you good just doing the detailing the interiors? Because that looks incredibly strenuous!

  • Daniel Timbs
    Daniel Timbs

    Paused it at 5:12 just to say this...that tire product stuff is crap. Just a money grabber. All tire cleaning stuff. If a tire is dirty, u can spray it with a hose and it will look the same as if u sat there and scrubbed the hell out of it like u just did. I noticed no difference. That's why I think it's silly for anyone to use product in their tires. Water is sufficient

  • Danielle Nichols
    Danielle Nichols

    How much does a service this thorough US dollars??

  • Stella Mae
    Stella Mae

    PURE NASTY .. but that TLC gave it life ❤️

  • itsjustme Flo
    itsjustme Flo

    If Covid was a car 🥴

  • Slothman118

    You can tell a good product by the fact that the person who made it, is using it, don't see that very often

  • james mcneill
    james mcneill

    Brave man think I would off cleaned it with petrol and matches.

  • Joshua99v

    Music to be murder by - by Eminem CD at 10:51

  • AppleFanBoy 1
    AppleFanBoy 1

    M I K E E A T S B R E A D


    Bro you make wanna clean cars you make it look fun

  • Sazzorak Skills
    Sazzorak Skills

    OMG was that ground up broken glass at the bottom of the car by the needles??? Holy shit

  • Karen Rumney
    Karen Rumney

    I seriously hope you wore a suitable mask during the steam cleaning, otherwise God only knows what you would be breathing in!

  • The Uno
    The Uno

    Your car is a reflection of your house 🤧

  • Aisake Makasini
    Aisake Makasini

    Customer's Story don't add up to me 🤔🤣

  • Carson Huffman
    Carson Huffman

    Anyone else go back to see whem he pulled the car out to see if the message was there too?

  • Ali

    omg god forbid but imagine it was a drug addict and they over dosed in the car and then that’s how the car made it to auction

  • Ali

    holy shit....needles tho... the previous owner was a crack head

  • Deb Phalen
    Deb Phalen

    Just wondering if anyone knows the names of the songs from 18:30-23Quite relaxing but not sure if it would be the same to listen to without the vacuuming 😳😎🤣

  • Jesse

    I think this cleaning would cost another 400

  • J K Seward
    J K Seward

    Have you ever been stabbed by a needle?????

  • Nate weter
    Nate weter

    I bet I know what the previous owner spent that $400 on. Detailing cars it’s amazing the amount of pills you find. Sooo many, it’s insane. At least in my area.

  • Elizabeth Willis
    Elizabeth Willis

    Should have worn a hazmat suit to clean that!

  • Ashley Calderon
    Ashley Calderon

    The opening scene I noticed a package Said “condom and lube”

  • D. O.
    D. O.

    How do you even drive in a car like that. I would pass out, as soon as that person opens the door. Yikes you can catch diseases in there. Thank god the women has a nice car now.

  • lsxbc77

    Nice work, your bill was probably more than the car was worth.

  • Secret

    This girl just bought a 400$ trash bin

  • Lemon Drop
    Lemon Drop

    The is exactly the type of car I picture a gambler driving

  • Emmanuel Dipom
    Emmanuel Dipom

    I am sure that the car lost weight from this.

  • Lindseyg Sullivan
    Lindseyg Sullivan

    I can't imagine getting a 2008 car for $400, destroyed inside or not, that's worth it lol I once bought a car for $800 that was a 98 and only drove for about two weeks before breaking down to the point that the mechanic literally couldnt figure out how to fix it lol

  • Maddie Garthe
    Maddie Garthe

    Omg when I say the needles with no caps on mixed in with the garbage at the start of the video my heart stopped! I work as a sanitation tech and have to dispose of used needles all the time and they still freak me out to this day.

  • Mak Lowder
    Mak Lowder

    Oh my

  • Roberto

    Imagine the previous owner comes across this vid and tries to buy it back from the current owner lol

  • Debrah Richardson
    Debrah Richardson

    Bio-hazard is correct. Ik it was full of MRSA & Hepatitis ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY&Z! Filth!

  • WorkFleaux

    Got the ride so clean, the junkies probably want it back

  • Salutations

    Y’all rockin with all that crystal on the floor 👀

  • Anthony Sagigi
    Anthony Sagigi

    Let's all take a minute to appreciate how handsome this man is 😊

  • DeanTheDreamer

    it's only 9 mins in and he's done with the outside....... uh oh

  • Other YouTube Is Deleted So Here Iam 2.0
    Other YouTube Is Deleted So Here Iam 2.0

    She brought the car for $400. Who sales a car for that low of price😮 not to mention the pointy things on the floor (can’t say what it is because I’ll get deleted AGAIN). We all know who her the car

  • Craig Hoosier
    Craig Hoosier

    I love detailing vehicles, it can be exhausting work if you dont have all the equipment, but its always rewarding for you and the customer to see the after results

  • EliteGamer14

    How did it smell ??

  • Emma Wilson
    Emma Wilson

    this car has seen some things, but hopefully now it's seeing better days

  • Jaydan Smith
    Jaydan Smith

    That car should be investigated 😫😫😫

  • Jaydan Smith
    Jaydan Smith

    They better paid you like a lot for that cause Lordy I can only know what it smell of that car not only how it looks 🤮🥴🤢

  • Beatrice

    How the fuck does this happen. It doesn’t even take that much time to clean a car, and if you do it a little, at a consistent pace, it’ll never get this bad. The poor girl that bought this, lol. Hopefully the mess was the only problem with this thing. Edit: Well, after seeing those needles, the previous owner had bigger fish to fry rather than concern themselves with cleaning, LOL.

  • Fabiola Villanueva
    Fabiola Villanueva

    I’m curious on the mileage. Like even though it’s clean now, was it worth it?

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