Stealth Camping At Repair Shop
I went to do a stealth camp at Canadian Tire! It didn't turn out as long of a video as I thought it would when I was filming, but it was fun. Parking lot camping at it's finest. Late into the lot, early out in the morning. Next weeks video will be longer I promise haha, I had no idea how little footage I got after 20 hours in a car.
Cheers everyone!

  • Derek Croft
    Derek Croft

    Hi Steve, come to Nova Scotia for some camping, if Covid EVER goes away & also....our Hot Chocolate is about $2 cheaper here. Lol 😀😂🤣

  • Nathan Dickerson
    Nathan Dickerson

    I recommend not living like this unless you need to here, for real. There are some phenomena in play when you seriously do this that can catch up to you that aren't explained to you when you start.

    • potawatadingdong

      What? Like having a good life?

  • Nathan Dickerson
    Nathan Dickerson

    We have a spot to camp, which is done heavily now with RVs and vans, near Canadian Tire & Walmart. You can also use your overpass skill set to camp and live there. If you need more gear, go to Canadian Tire.

  • Cheeky Monkees
    Cheeky Monkees

    DANG! $4 CAN for a hot chocolate. “-10* ....a perfectly reasonable temperature”. Geez

  • Dusty Road Design
    Dusty Road Design

    Good video

  • James Espin
    James Espin

    You got it Canada, take it away!

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    Wife: He’s out the cheating on me, I just know it! Steve: Sleeping un some random parking lot.

  • TMK Cooking
    TMK Cooking

    $4 hot chocolate

  • Dirty Hippie
    Dirty Hippie

    Biggest crime I saw was $4.08 for a hot chocolate, especially from McDonalds, of all places. Probably just powder mix and hot water, or liquid syrup and water.

  • NewEnglandChris

    Steve has mentioned Canadian Tire in so many videos that it wouldn't surprise me if the company anticipated this eventuality and installed those "No Camping" signs specifically for him. That did not work. Trying is the first step towards failure. 😂

  • Greg Heidt
    Greg Heidt

    Try stealth camping in a stealth camper's stealth camp site while he/she is stealth camping.

  • Percy Plod
    Percy Plod

    Why can’t you sleep in your car is it against the law

  • J. B. Bost
    J. B. Bost

    Well now I want to see the disaster!

  • C J
    C J

    I like the stories of your previous life. You have a knack for describing your old days.

  • Sean Mcintyre
    Sean Mcintyre

    Gotta say ...I love campimg but not the cold watching your cold weather camping I'm sold I'm hopefully getting the girlfriend out in the next week or so to do an early spring camp (westcoast) keep up the good work Steve 👍👍

  • blamegame101

    U can camp in my basement.

  • dab641128

    This cat has some mental health issues

  • Don

    Cup: $0.04 Hot chocolate mix: $0.12 Minimum wage: $15.00 Large hot chocolate: $4.08 Poor Canada 😒

  • david esktorp
    david esktorp

    $4 for a hot chocolate?! _that's insane!_

  • Lynne Pierce
    Lynne Pierce

    Interesting channel😮👍. Amazing where you stealth camp.

  • Gordon Greenwood
    Gordon Greenwood

    Hey Steve..come to Chicago and camp on state street downtown Chicago are the only one who could get away with more thing steve perhaps it's time to go camping with Steve around the world by the Vatican or by a pyramid..or Moscow center are top of my list for entertainment .

  • ZigZag Rambo
    ZigZag Rambo

    It's dark as hell for 630

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes

    This is quality ALgone.

  • Michael Varney
    Michael Varney

    I grew up in a bus. This brings back memories. I found that if you ask the store manager directly, offer to clean up part of the lot, that they will be cool with you parking.

  • Polly Dube
    Polly Dube

    Iam new here to your channel. My husband and I enjoy your camping video. We both love to camping .but we dont go no more .because of health reason. And iam sorry that your friend loos is Dad .prayers go out him and his family .

  • B Steen
    B Steen

    You should slam a dounut tire on for stealth 2.0

  • Ryan

    It's equally crazy that this guy roleplays being homeless and I fantasize about role playing being homeless. Love ya Steve!

    • Slowjamcdub

      Same!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think we just want to make sure that we could survive if it ever happened LOL

  • Bazooka Llama Productions
    Bazooka Llama Productions

    i slept in a walmart parking lot in a SMART CAR for two days once lmao. girlfriend got kicked out of her house so we stayed at walmart for two days till i managed to get her another place lol.

  • Bazooka Llama Productions
    Bazooka Llama Productions

    oh yeah, canada carrot... i remember those lmao. NO ITS NOT AN RV PLACE. ITS CANADA CARROT!!!!

  • David Allie
    David Allie

    $4.08 some tax you must have.........Hot what

  • Quaid Nasty
    Quaid Nasty

    3:00 #feelthebern


    So Steve when are you running for Prime minister? Pretty sure you could get a few million votes. All those in favor say Eh!!!

  • Coltons endless adventures
    Coltons endless adventures

    I work at mcdonalds in ontario a hot chocolate should not be 4.08$ godamn

  • RenosVids


  • Andrew Van Schaick
    Andrew Van Schaick

    its jugimufu 's brother

  • Smudgybrute

    Lethbridge AB

  • WhisperJet America
    WhisperJet America

    You could always tell them you're having car troubles.

  • michael higgins
    michael higgins

    Welcome to vanlife. This life shoe is amazing

  • Lucas Robertson
    Lucas Robertson

    2:28 is that a freight train Steve? R.I.P Stobe 😥 What an honor it would be to see him carried through that same town you're in, during the darkest hours of the night. It's crushing that Jim was taken way too soon... I'm grateful there's folks like you who carry on your individual brand of art that resonates and harmonizes so much with us stobeattack fans. Thanks Steve :)



  • 79tazman

    You cool your meal on the engine wrap it up in tin foil toss it on the intake and while your driving around it's cooking then just pull over there you go it's cooked no need to cook in the car it's good for sausages, baked potatoes even corn on the cob is great too on the engine

  • james murray
    james murray

    $4 hot chocolate holy shit I feel old

  • Valleyrivers 6
    Valleyrivers 6

    I did this for 2 years. I hated the paranoia of doing something so innocent, yet you felt so guilty. Can’t a guy get some sleep lol. You see a guy sleeping in his vehicle leave him be!

  • obsidian

    Come try stealth camping in a little park right beside downtown Calgary! Elbow Island

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl

    If i had to pay $4 for a hot chocolate. I would be living out of my car as well...

  • William Pancamo
    William Pancamo

    Never have I ever seen a no camping sign anywhere in a US parking lot... Is this a Canadian issue? Lmao

  • fish cow
    fish cow

    That's kind of interesting , but I doubt you could pull that in my suburban town in america , high police ratio

  • Guyo Dunkno
    Guyo Dunkno

    4$ for a hot chocolate! What part of canada are ya in steve

  • Harley Hardway
    Harley Hardway

    Stealth champ in Walmart next .

  • J M
    J M

    CT better campground thn an actual store

  • Mark Dinicols
    Mark Dinicols

    The hot chocolate was a little pricey

  • Vickie Barbee
    Vickie Barbee

    Stumbled across your channel this am and pretty much have been binge watching most of the day. My husband and fam. live in NC. I love all forms of camping and we have a rather lrg. TT. Currently looking into converting our Ford Expedition into a mini camper for cc travel, once dad-man retires. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

  • Jay Dixon
    Jay Dixon

    Lol sorry hadn't been watching much of your vids Steve, but I just was suggested a dr niki... what a putz. Dont get involved with any other channels I guess you dont even have to try anymore..

    • Jay Dixon
      Jay Dixon

      Man.. stay cool! You're a huge inspiration to me. I show my wife your vids but she jus roll her eyes ya know. But I am stealth camped in a cargo trailer (no rental costs ) and powered in with 1500w space heater all -40 - -55. Sure its plugged in to the house but it can be done ;) Yoda Steve says: " oohhh new trade have we created? Good is the beer!"

  • Samson

    $4.08 for a hot chocolate is crazy

  • steven konzen
    steven konzen

    Is it illegal in Canada to have a step 2 even if the keys aren't in the ignition?

  • MADSkater

    You're so good at this it is almost boring

    • Flip T
      Flip T

      That's the whole point. It's like ASMR for actual weirdos.

  • kayakman

    What a country ! I stop my car where i want and can sleep without any problem .

  • Nathaniel Nunez
    Nathaniel Nunez

    Much respect brother I done something similar here in california. But canada is way colder.

  • steffcaulton1

    This looks like Hinton

  • Green Dragonfly
    Green Dragonfly

    Retail work teaches you very quick that those spots by the door are for customers not staff ;)

  • Hiltz007

    Team up with Greg Ovens! look him up on youtube steve!

  • Cheryl Campbell
    Cheryl Campbell

    So much liquid at bedtime. What do you do about going to the bathroom?

  • Douglas Scofield
    Douglas Scofield

    im calling steve out. he had a step two long before he ordered that hot cocoa

  • agirly1503

    I miss the cooking part!

  • The ramble
    The ramble

    i can see the step two in your eyes it must be in your hot chocolate, no worries were Canadian boys, its in our cereal some days.

  • Shooter Ray
    Shooter Ray

    I'll leave a case of step 2 somewhere in beaverlodge if ya wanna stealth up here

    • Steve Wallis
      Steve Wallis

      Oh ya!!! I lived in gp for a few years, been to beaverlodge a few times as well! I’m going to be up that way one day soon!

  • fun2916

    Actual video title: how to successfully live homeless

  • Tabatha Alexander
    Tabatha Alexander

    Hey Steve! Not sure what kind of music you're into, but this western/folk song about living on the road in a van may resonate with you. I love your channel, keep on keepin' on.

  • Paul Rees
    Paul Rees

    Hi Steve I love watching your videos on stealth camping, it's exactly what me and my girlfriend do when we go camping. Plus I love the fact you're so down to earth. Just subscribed (first time I have for a you tuber). Keep up the good work we love your vidoes.

  • Mark Catuzza
    Mark Catuzza

    I would like to see you attempt to stealth camp in Manhattan.

  • Sarah York
    Sarah York

    Come stealth camp in Slave Lake AB! :-)

  • Jeffrey Turcotte
    Jeffrey Turcotte

    4.08$ for hot chocolate at McD!

  • Yosemite Scout
    Yosemite Scout

    You can stealth in my bedroom closet ANYDAY Steve!

  • Cheng Zhang
    Cheng Zhang

    Calling Canadian Tire's Repair Shop a "Repair shop" is a real stretch... worst car repair in Edmonton.

  • Elbowguts

    4.08 for a hot chocolate? Holy fuk

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones

    I absolutely love you’re stealth camping videos. Have you ever car/truck camped in a parking lot at an apartment complex.

  • Vincent Pinlac
    Vincent Pinlac

    no Camping signs. Bah humbug! LOL

  • Jared Wilson
    Jared Wilson

    I gotta ask. What are the consequences for doing this? You seem do be documenting a class-action lawsuit aimed toward yourself by??? Motels? Gypsy Inc ? Vagabond Capital?

  • Christopher Anderson
    Christopher Anderson

    Stealth camping in High Park, or Humber River, Toronto

  • Reagan Hataway
    Reagan Hataway

    Was expecting McDonald’s. Dude got a casserole to feed a family 😂

  • MadMo_11

    Love a good ole dirty stealther

  • Connor O'Brien
    Connor O'Brien

    Fort McMurray, I haven’t been there since I was 6 since i moved back to the UK would be cool to see if I recognised any of the places and just seeing it from your point of view would be cool

  • Chad Ryan
    Chad Ryan

    I just found your channel today. I'm really enjoying your videos!

  • Ben

    You need to do a vid with the Trailer Park Boys

  • Geir Balderson
    Geir Balderson

    I wonder where Stealth Steve does his natural elimination when in a parking lot? That might be another whole video. That might be why these businesses do not like overnight visitors. But, Steve seems like a real nice friendly guy. Someone to have as a friend.

  • jediineducation

    your a good man

  • Pretty Piano
    Pretty Piano

    I had no idea that this was a thing. But I sort of want to try it.

  • Andy Melling
    Andy Melling

    International stealth would be good. Come to the UK 🇬🇧

  • Barbara B.
    Barbara B.

    Voting for Canmore.

  • Wayne Smith-langridge
    Wayne Smith-langridge

    Step 2 a hot chocolate, now that would of been the hardest part of parking lot stealth camping for me. Cheers from England.

  • barbara walker
    barbara walker

    getting hooked on this channel

  • traitorouskin

    By big thing I mean is it a crime?

  • traitorouskin

    Is sleeping rough a big thing in Canada? Where I live (Bolton UK) in the last couple years the homeless numbers have rocketed.i would rather see them in a makeshift camp than huddled in a doorway.

  • Jay

    I'd like to see a video of stealth camping in the heart of the slums. Now that would make for an interesting video.

    • Michael D . Polit-o-logic
      Michael D . Polit-o-logic

      You wake up in the morning and your car is up on blocks and your tires and rims are gone 😀

  • Omega 3
    Omega 3

  • Twenti 2
    Twenti 2

    Every video I've watched of this man he eats some humongous portion of food in his car lmao

    • Michael D . Polit-o-logic
      Michael D . Polit-o-logic

      And he's in good shape if I ate that much food I'd be 300 lb

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Stealth Camping!!

  • Elyjah Fong
    Elyjah Fong

    Banff or Canmore,AB? Should be some good stealth car camping in the area

  • K T
    K T

    The Canadian McDonald’s menu is interesting

  • Loretta White
    Loretta White

    Have u ever tryed a rest area just for fun??

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