SPY NINJAS Imposter Role in Among Us
Playing Among Us with SPY NINJAS
After Chad Wild Clay made "CAN I SURVIVE 24 HOURS in a FIGHT CLUB?", Vy Qwaint created "SURPRISING STRANGERS with LOVE PRANKS! Funny Situations & Awkward Moments in Public w/ Best Friends", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "McDONALDS vs MRBEAST BURGER Food War! Taste Test Eating Challenge for 24 Hours by Spy Ninjas", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "You LOSE = You SHAVE | FORTNITE Battle Royale Chad Wild Clay vs Melvin vs PZ9 Friends", we all jumped into a game of Among Us for the first time! This time I invite my previous special guest Crushcader and TheLeak to join in on the fun. We get right into it and have a good time trying to figure out who the imposter is... among us! Later on, the Spy Ninjas become more suspicious of Melvin's friends though as they could potentially be the stalker that's been watching us. Comment Below on what games would you like to see Spy Ninjas play next! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter
    Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter

    HELLO SPY NINJAS! How much do you play Among Us?

    • Sofia the bells
      Sofia the bells

      Like very day😂

    • Danendra Makaio
      Danendra Makaio

      Not much

    • dj tj
      dj tj

      A LOT LOT

    • Chris Yazzie
      Chris Yazzie


    • Stanley Kwanda
      Stanley Kwanda


  • Prince Prince
    Prince Prince

    Like it alit play it a lot

  • Torrie Taylor
    Torrie Taylor

    i love your vids subscribe.

  • Mia Reyes
    Mia Reyes

    Vy said that the leak name is specific

  • Torrie Taylor
    Torrie Taylor

    i play lot of among us

  • Iqra Ali
    Iqra Ali

    Guys if you don’t believe me that the leak and cruchcater are the stalker then don’t believe me because I know.

  • Nessa Dunn
    Nessa Dunn


  • amina azhar
    amina azhar


  • that cocomelon kid
    that cocomelon kid

    @ 19:42 try ur best but u don’t suceed


    Hi Melven the best figher I also play among us

  • I'm Caitlin and I am a fan i Riley lick your songs
    I'm Caitlin and I am a fan i Riley lick your songs

    Ads on the house polakdot sign 3pm is 6great on collection plz not sure

  • Bb Gautam
    Bb Gautam

    Why is vy so not hipper than all the other spy ninjas is she scared?

  • Savannah Rucker
    Savannah Rucker

    I like your among us games and your fighting

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson

    No I play robotics among us

  • P Usman
    P Usman

    When I play among us I be pink whith a flower hat just like vy my name is veronic

  • Arutha Smith
    Arutha Smith


  • Arutha Smith
    Arutha Smith

    I want to be a spy ninja

  • Nancy Tayea
    Nancy Tayea

    Hey Hi

  • Jon Marsden
    Jon Marsden

    I play amungist us every day.

  • Renita Bolin
    Renita Bolin


  • Anthony Bend
    Anthony Bend

    When vy was thinking who are you ?😂😂🤣🤣

  • Hammad Saeed
    Hammad Saeed

    Crush cader1 is doppelganger

  • Sissy Starr
    Sissy Starr


  • Waseem Akbar
    Waseem Akbar

    Rigena got killed 2 times sorry Regina

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones

    Crush is horseradish

  • Kamaradi 2 Hubert
    Kamaradi 2 Hubert

    Now not much i have a youtube chanel of roblox

  • Junkie


  • Gill Haverty LMSW
    Gill Haverty LMSW


  • Taraji Williams
    Taraji Williams


  • มณี พรมสุวรรณ
    มณี พรมสุวรรณ


  • Jacobbb b
    Jacobbb b

    Crush has no friends

  • Safeena Bi
    Safeena Bi


  • Gresi Alla
    Gresi Alla

    49 time playing among us

  • Donna Jones
    Donna Jones

    I love you

    • Donna Jones
      Donna Jones


  • B.W Diaz
    B.W Diaz


  • lucia Perez
    lucia Perez


  • Lucy Garcia
    Lucy Garcia

    a 1b

  • Shannon Ermi
    Shannon Ermi

    In The future Daniel gets a GF and she's the stalker but The leak is helping her and I thing the Horseradish dude is Crushcader

    • samia haroon
      samia haroon

      I think the chef is crush cader he has a similar voice to crush

  • Lisa Burgy
    Lisa Burgy

    1 hole day i love among us and i also think the leak is staker

  • Alicia Niffen
    Alicia Niffen


  • KingG 9714
    KingG 9714

    Dog do you think I might want to ask when you don't know and he said that you dog do they think your mom will trash that you don't know anything of your mom thinking that you don't even know your content I don't even know what I'm saying right now so I'm just going to spank my blue blue detox dog doo-doo Sankar Mama trashed I don't even know what I'm saying I couldn't take you back yeah yeah yeah yeah hey Alexa

  • renee ellis
    renee ellis

    I play every every single day3 hours never Get off I'm trying to say I stay on the whole night on Among us

  • SPR10 X
    SPR10 X

    Me and dad play among us

  • Mahong Know
    Mahong Know

    I quit Among Us 2 days ago

  • SPR10 X
    SPR10 X

    L love among us too

  • SPR10 X
    SPR10 X

    It Daniel

  • Sreshta* Srishti!!*
    Sreshta* Srishti!!*

    every 2 times the day

  • Brittany Orlando
    Brittany Orlando

    The leak

  • Jasmine Mai
    Jasmine Mai

    16:52 its way better with headphones guys trust mee

  • Nontuthuzelo Gugushe
    Nontuthuzelo Gugushe

    Cool video I love among us 👍

    • I'm Caitlin and I am a fan i Riley lick your songs
      I'm Caitlin and I am a fan i Riley lick your songs

      This video is the best even when he dies

  • nibir Naisa
    nibir Naisa

    Fun fact:when you creat a game then if the first one is you than your the imposter


    She was looking for the cheese pizza but she’s lactose intolerant

    • ßłāčķťāň FøřŁıvē
      ßłāčķťāň FøřŁıvē

      @Shannon Ermi Its with an I not an E

    • Shannon Ermi
      Shannon Ermi

      It's Lactos Entolerant

  • Karen Martinez
    Karen Martinez

    The L

  • Eli Ladner
    Eli Ladner


  • Mickenly Stone
    Mickenly Stone

    The leak Is the stocker

  • ahmad naimi
    ahmad naimi

    we know the leak But not THE CRUSH CATER

  • Lucy Garcia
    Lucy Garcia

    it buly

  • Cassie-Ann Thomas
    Cassie-Ann Thomas


  • Jackblow 10
    Jackblow 10

    A lot

  • Jessica Policarpe
    Jessica Policarpe


  • Fathimath Shiudhaa Saeedh
    Fathimath Shiudhaa Saeedh

    2021 among us

  • Fathimath Shiudhaa Saeedh
    Fathimath Shiudhaa Saeedh

    I play among us

  • Bou Bunpisey88
    Bou Bunpisey88


  • christine pazon
    christine pazon

    Daniel killed you

  • mar1n3tt3

    crushcader sounds like chef croo

  • Yahir Canales
    Yahir Canales

    Melvin how much robux you have i have 12,273.

  • Shelly Mansfield
    Shelly Mansfield


  • Playing with Micaela
    Playing with Micaela

    Zero is the same thing that is the last thing that you Know

  • Playing with Micaela
    Playing with Micaela

    Hi v

  • Emily Rios
    Emily Rios

    It’s Daniel

  • Alisha Gracie
    Alisha Gracie


  • Mehhaq Ahmed
    Mehhaq Ahmed


  • Kurt Schroeder
    Kurt Schroeder

    A lot

  • Kirsty Lovatt
    Kirsty Lovatt

    i am a fan you are the best youtubers on earth

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    I like

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    I li

  • Zayed Alyahhal
    Zayed Alyahhal

    project zorgo is olwes poping

  • Dummy email
    Dummy email

    Yes 👍

  • Rebecca Patrick
    Rebecca Patrick

    my mum now dosn't let me watch you becayse crushcator swore

  • Maisarah Shaikh
    Maisarah Shaikh


  • Jethro Jones
    Jethro Jones

    I am not sure if I like among as

  • silent master playz
    silent master playz

    Melvin said bi*čh

  • Parris House
    Parris House


  • Jayesh Patel
    Jayesh Patel

    I believe crushcader and ithink you guys should play among us once a week plsss :)

  • Jaycob Zhong
    Jaycob Zhong

  • Ryann Pettit
    Ryann Pettit

    Um evey day

  • Ureno Mytv
    Ureno Mytv

    Ross Taylor

  • Chau Do
    Chau Do

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • joanne wick
    joanne wick


  • Laila Campbell
    Laila Campbell

    I never get killed anymore

  • Laila Campbell
    Laila Campbell

    0 or 1 times a day

  • Kirsty Johnston
    Kirsty Johnston

    i love your among us games🌋😎😎🤩😎🤩😏😐🤔

  • Ashley Andrades
    Ashley Andrades

    Can you play among us in vr .....please

  • Lucid.

    ThAtS KiNdA SuS.....

  • Dante Darsana
    Dante Darsana


  • Payton Ellison
    Payton Ellison

    hahahahahahaha evey one voted vy exsept vy

  • Mr Anthony Elizondo
    Mr Anthony Elizondo

    Amung us is my life

  • Erin Anderson
    Erin Anderson

    I think you should try crossed tater?

  • Camila Gallardo
    Camila Gallardo

    Just saying I know I am super late but I think crushcader is the clocker is voice sounds the same 🤔

  • satha satha
    satha satha

    my nam is Anani

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