The sidemen meet some rich donnies
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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● algone.infoPlays

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 JJ (KSI)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

  • MB AH
    MB AH

    8:50 lmfao


    What was the only fans chicks name


    What’s here only fans hahaha

  • Nicolas Detore
    Nicolas Detore

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  • Badnews718

    I'm with Ethan. The minute they all turned the 100 down and he said "I'll always take free money" that confirmed it for me. Though I could tell from the start it was him but when he said that then that was the nail in the coffin for me. lol

  • grassbandits

    Just uploaded Harry singing baby by Justin bieber if anyone wants to watch it

  • Grant Owenb
    Grant Owenb

    The apathetic file inferiorly matter because square optimally walk amongst a juicy epoch. squealing, tender tense account

  • Sleptix

    I knew it.. The minute I started the video, I instantly thought it was him!

  • FrankTM

    Millionaire don't keep their hands in the pocket

  • Maham Pasha
    Maham Pasha

    Ayo ngl w2s kinda got burned in 22:24 lol

  • Rogoznica FC
    Rogoznica FC

    Damn thought plane guy was a millionaire and he gave his watch to can guy

  • cupboard

    I love how confident vik was about how the watch was real

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    the water can one is a real thing i have heard of it

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    millionaire s always wear black pants with the white shoes with the watch and with the shirt that is black

  • Shaswat Jha
    Shaswat Jha

    Millionaires guessing millionaires.

  • Zako

    Rich people are fat

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez

    Bro I guessed the guy before they started talking les goo

  • madison saverina
    madison saverina

    i knew it was him from the start :))

  • Damir Shavkatov
    Damir Shavkatov

    I sneezed, bless me

  • MKAY

    38:58 BADASS

  • DCGaming001 RBLX
    DCGaming001 RBLX

    I knew it was the aviator!

  • Erik Tostinos
    Erik Tostinos

    What’s the only fans girl name ?

    • tee cee
      tee cee

      Bonnie locket - go on her website to find all her socials :)

  • Yourboymadi

    why does JJ sound so rude?

  • David Lnn
    David Lnn

    Brian was done bad

  • Tinashe Munyongani
    Tinashe Munyongani

    ZIMBABWE 🇿🇼!!

  • Do one out there
    Do one out there

    Anyone know what her onlyfans is

  • Hubert Levale
    Hubert Levale

    The moment I saw dad bod with plain polo jeans and converse it was obvious. But then he would barely speak. Just made it more obvious. But yeah dad bod was the big giveaway followed by the older lady

  • Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards

    Ik it

  • Matiego Modise
    Matiego Modise

    I mean JJ is a millionaire so surprised he didn't realise

  • Rylan McHugh
    Rylan McHugh

    It's hilarious how vik & JJ are too for how young they are

  • Nilutpal Baruah 144
    Nilutpal Baruah 144

    This is more of an among us


    What a sick outro

  • Fusion Zyqo
    Fusion Zyqo

    Dude I feel bad for this guy.... he came in for a video then got out of there BULLIED..

  • Saka

    They shoulda known it wasnt the josh guy when he said his best year was 4 mil in revenue and its co owned by 3 people

  • Bizer


  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker

    Onlyfans girl also said properties to the other team knew from then she wasn't the millionaire

  • Jens Haugaard
    Jens Haugaard

    29:54 "no free subs"😂

  • Gaming Ghost
    Gaming Ghost

    The millioner is sdmn

  • Olle Svedberg
    Olle Svedberg


  • Danilo

    Anyone know the women's onlyfans?


    Damn these guys know Zimbabwe 🇿🇼🇿🇼

  • Paul Andrew Yapcengco
    Paul Andrew Yapcengco

    The moment I heard that guy buy and sell planes and helicopter, I already knew he was the Millionaire.

  • Shane Fisher
    Shane Fisher

    Should’ve asked about there credit cards

  • YouOriginal

    Go by body language "hands in the pockets"

  • aka Perry
    aka Perry


  • Damon Persona
    Damon Persona

    The millionaire looked too much like a millionaire in casual attire which is why I thought it wasn't him (too obvious)

  • Banjo Jo
    Banjo Jo

    What's the @ lol

  • LiamQ10

    I recognised the only fans girl 😭

    • tee cee
      tee cee

      Bonnie Locket - her website has all her socials :)

  • coemar 1000
    coemar 1000

    In the end, the helicopter dude is the one wearing a Richard Mille on the Lambo haha

  • Michael

    Knew who the millionaire was at first glance

  • Osheen Galagah
    Osheen Galagah

    I new he was the millionaire he is so modest

  • Off the Leash
    Off the Leash

    I knew who it was straight away he looked so happy and confident

  • Adit Afrizal
    Adit Afrizal

    This video was a stinker lmao

  • 8th - Joaquin Jose Fretes Centurion
    8th - Joaquin Jose Fretes Centurion

    i new it the first time i saw that woman i was like not that casual style face all bro i freaking new it

  • Leo Bekos
    Leo Bekos

    I feel bad for the first guy

  • Namaefox

    I knew it was him the minutes he described what he does

  • Sabbixr

    Copied beta squad

  • No Emos here
    No Emos here

    I recognise that bonnie girl from somewhere...

  • Mel Mara
    Mel Mara


  • D.5 lefar
    D.5 lefar

    does any one here know beta squad - guess the millionare ?

  • Eleonore Mangin
    Eleonore Mangin


  • Genghis Khannae
    Genghis Khannae

    We have £100 notes in Scotland

  • ellie

    Brian should become a Millionaire for all that roasting

  • Thomas Kaatje
    Thomas Kaatje

    Ooo they took that cute tik tokster mmmmm

  • Max Haley
    Max Haley

    Anyone else think at the start of the video that the logo on jjs sweatshirt was spotify

  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken

    I love how awkward this is

  • Bebisha

    millionaires ain't flexing. outro was sick though

  • Black Mask
    Black Mask

    Ight no one is asking the real questions here where is her OF? lol

  • Diego Robledo
    Diego Robledo

    so whats her of

  • xFlqx

    9:35 Vince McMahon, my instant thought LMAO

  • Nesandu.

    Brian was made fun for his teeth ,was the first to get out and insulted so many times despite being an actor 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mama Kidongo
    Mama Kidongo

    JJ, how don't u know the brand Casio bruh??

  • SaikoPanda

    12 milllll yessssssssssss mabrook

  • Saleh Alhilal
    Saleh Alhilal

    *what is your price*

  • Catherine B
    Catherine B

    I knew by the white top and everything right away when I saw him

  • Mispatched was here
    Mispatched was here

    I could’ve picked them off off the start

  • LITTLE o
    LITTLE o

    The next episode should guess who the richest sidemen member is

  • Karl Kavanagh
    Karl Kavanagh

    How did ethan not say to the OF girl "I googled it already I know"

  • Escanor

    The beta squads guess a millionaire was better

  • Anonymous_ Zack
    Anonymous_ Zack

    Jj is a millionaire

  • Kelvin Lai
    Kelvin Lai

    22:28 💀💀💀

  • TF2 Friends
    TF2 Friends

    id that bonnie locket?

  • Keneth Scotty
    Keneth Scotty

    The maniacal dime orally yawn because modem preauricularly push times a steep drink. nebulous, caring goal

  • Marina Chappell-Pike
    Marina Chappell-Pike

    Omg i live in putney i knew i recognised that lady

  • John D'Souza
    John D'Souza

    I called the dude at the back near the start of the video lol

  • glaz

    i would've of picked plane guy if he didnt show signs of lying such as touching his face and blinking alot, props to him though

  • Zakariya Majeed
    Zakariya Majeed

    12:52 heeeeeeeeeeee

  • Shadmaan Hossain
    Shadmaan Hossain

    Funny how all the sidemen are millionaires

  • Alpha_destroyer

    Who is here after seeing the guy in the vid in niko's story

  • Max Lonsdale
    Max Lonsdale

    Not nice the way they picked on the mustard shirt guy. Very evident sidemen lack class.

    • Scientist Joe
      Scientist Joe

      THey are joking lmfao

  • Felix Flixxen
    Felix Flixxen

    Poor Brian

  • D Man Lewis
    D Man Lewis

    My guess before watching is the white shirt!!

  • Cyber 786
    Cyber 786

    who git her of?? lol!!!

    • Scientist Joe
      Scientist Joe


  • Yamiko Lengalenga
    Yamiko Lengalenga

    18:03 this is where I knew the white shirt guy was the millionaire. The non millionaires have been told to convince them they are millionaires while the millionaire was told the opposite so this random request from JJ made everyone act out on pure instinct. The real millionaire didn’t want to raise his hand immediately

  • Chxpter

    28:44 what

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes

    How did they get a millionaire to come what they do pay them :)

  • Hakan Çankaya
    Hakan Çankaya

    i knew it

  • The Agent Meme
    The Agent Meme

    Ofc he's a millionaire, he look like the type of guy who rob banks and steal cars. His name should've been michael

  • Luca Brown
    Luca Brown

    I feel sooooooo bad for brian

  • Perla Rivera
    Perla Rivera

    I’m watching this on my phone and my little sister out of nowhere asks “Is that Drake?” I asked her which one and she pointed at Josh. This just proves the white Drake comment in the tinder video.

    • Mario Molina
      Mario Molina

      Stfu no one cares