Shock Therapy LIVE: What UTV to Buy?
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  • Michael Bury
    Michael Bury

    Can you redo this video with some of the newer models? Rmax etc

  • Lenoard Snyder
    Lenoard Snyder

    if you were to choose between the KRX and XX for east coast trails, which would you choose?

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      since big power is not a consideration then KRX. Stronger UTV, better geometry and overall ride quality and responsive in corners.

  • Gary Woodgate
    Gary Woodgate

    This guy says the General is the best utility utv 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Polaris are dog shit!!! The Yamaha Rmax eats it for breakfast in every way

  • J Gar
    J Gar

    More of a question than a comment, for the non turbos you didn't really talk about can am or rzr, between those 2 and kawasaki Wich would you buy. I live in the mountains but I'm in so cal so I can hit the dunes also would a turbo be a bad choice for crawling some rocks

  • DP Thatsme
    DP Thatsme

    Thoughts on the rmax?

  • Escape Orion
    Escape Orion

    Thanks for this informative video Helped me make a decision on what machine to order for my son and I

  • Jim Alden
    Jim Alden

    I've never heard of a UTV like these referred to as a car, but okay, why not?

  • The Pyrrhonist
    The Pyrrhonist

    nice job, clear concise answers to the questions

  • Steel Here
    Steel Here

    I just want a four-wheeler. Maybe, a Polaris. I guess I'm just old school.

  • 85ZERO17


  • Paul Yaw
    Paul Yaw

    He should try a season of short course.

  • Will Wilber
    Will Wilber

    What are the major differences between the turbo s and the xp pro?

  • 97outlaw01

    What is the Best do it all sport sxs out of the box ????

  • Timber Bear
    Timber Bear

    Do you do only shock type customizations I guess you'd say

  • Christopher Mann
    Christopher Mann

    Thanks for the great information.

  • Glade Goodrich
    Glade Goodrich

    You have such a great voice. No stammering or stuttering, perfect pitch. You should be making 10 million a year on NBC.

  • teufel314

    This is what it means when someone says somebody is an expert in their field. The kind of guy that if you took your UTV in to have it worked on, you know he is going to tell you exactly what needs to be done, and it will work perfectly.

  • SurefireWoodsman

    Kubota got it wrong. The XG850 CVT clutch doesn't shift down when you stop quickly resulting in ($270) belt squeal, jerky starts and belt burn in soft snow or mud. Also, the 4X4 clashes gears after delayed disengagement. Kubota dealership calls it "driveline wrap" which is still a problem, only less serious than he actual problem. They won't honor their warranty by denying that these problems exist. Company reps. will not inspect these problems if owner is anywhere on the dealership property. I build 2000hp airplane engines for a living and verified the problems before requesting warranty repairs. Additionally, they use expensive proprietary oil for the rear differential (not available in stores). Kubota buys up rights to affordable aftermarket products and then sells them at inflated prices. OEM replacement parts arrive with "made in China" labels. Anyone know a good warranty lawyer or want to join a class action?

  • David Firth
    David Firth

    Drink eveytime he says car

  • Ron F
    Ron F

    what you think about the rzr xp1000 4 seater 2021 for familly ?

  • V8inaS4

    Can am none turbo are that bad?

  • Matt Adams
    Matt Adams

    So if you were to pick your favorite 4 seaters, what’s the top 3 of your list?

  • 10rdmag

    new sub! great channel

  • Charlie Griffin
    Charlie Griffin

    What’s your thoughts on the Polaris 1000 highlighter model?

  • LGHTSPD675

    Shock Therapy, you are the suspension and ride handling expert for SxS's. Why are the RZR 1000 XP, RZR Turbo, and Turbo S vehicles so dang fun to drive compared to their competitors (even or especially in 4 seat versions)? Why do they make you feel so much more connected to the vehicle and have so much grin factor? New products are amazing and can crush terrain just as well, in fact even better, but the fun factor isn't really or necessarily higher...why is this? I have driven my fair share of speedy off road vehicles and motorcycles, but for some reason that group of RZRs just seem to hit a sweet spot for fun factor and giggles. Why is this?! I am so interested if you have objective reasons!

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson

    KRX vs RZR xp1000? Some light jumping, mainly cruising and drifting and some trails that are cut for a 72 wide

  • James C
    James C

    If you’re a bro desperately trying to look cool buy a Polaris. If you like quality and reliability buy Japanese.

  • Construction King
    Construction King

    I subscribed i would LOVE to do a q&a with this guy

  • Construction King
    Construction King

    What's his thoughts on the 2014 800 s le

  • Johnny Wishbone
    Johnny Wishbone

    Why is Polaris the BEST? Why does everyone who hate Polaris wear pink granny panties?.... LOL kidding! I love your channel!

  • Vanblindguy

    If the KRX had a turbo would it beat (in your rating) the XP Pro ???

  • Dizzy Peron
    Dizzy Peron

    I got 4:35 seconds and then had to turn this off. The man starts his video out talking about he drives every car everyday and I know everything, then he says he don’t know how fast one of the cars go, then he says that they don’t even test those cars in mud and all the type of environments we have down south. So how do you know everything when you don’t know shit?


    Would love to see something on trail riding what car would be the most best steep hills rocks a lot of hard abuse

  • The Beaten Trail
    The Beaten Trail

    Very insightful, video. Great job, guys being so helpful!

  • Knuckle Sammich
    Knuckle Sammich

    Never saw a car the whole time.

  • vf12497439

    I live 5 minutes from the oregon dunes. Never had a sxs before and decided to get a yxz because I was going to be dunning mostly. I was also not impressed with belt drives. Fast forward 10 months, love my yxz but my initial ideas were incorrect. On the weekends my friends go to the woods I sit it out because my tall geared yxz doesn't like tight, slow trail riding. On the dunes the polaris machines are everywhere I am and if not in front of me they are right behind me. Belts... seen one belt fail on a friends rzr in 10 months. He said his belt was bad and didn't expect it would last the weekend. Inside of 20 minutes he had the new one installed. My yxz suspension is too stiff, it does soak up big hits. Whoops it bucks and porpoises. Ive tried adjusting and it just needs progressive springs. Im not spending more money on it. Im buying a 2021 turbo S, bone stock the turbo s spanks my yxz. The suspension is better for my needs. I will be able to trail ride. I wasted a bunch of money being ignorant about my needs.

  • Bakes

    What roof rack is on the Turbo S? Great video!

  • Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas

    Where would you guys put the Yamaha RMAX on this list?

  • pjbuckmaster

    One of the best videos for what a good machine is on the type of terrain people ride and what can be done with suspension.

  • Michael Woodfield
    Michael Woodfield

    I appreciate the honest input. Just ordered my 2020 RZR XP 4 Turbo S and will looking for more great advise from you and the Shock Therapy Team!

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels

    What do you think about the CfMoto 950 sport?

    • upbury

      I know, i was wondering the same thing? It's half the price but it is a good?

  • Randy Krus
    Randy Krus

    Can Am needs to get their ¢hit together!

  • Logan Furrow
    Logan Furrow


  • Logan Furrow
    Logan Furrow

    What about the Honda pioneer

  • David Outlaw64
    David Outlaw64

    I'm looking into getting a 4 seater? Is the xp pro really that much better? Why do you make it seem like it's impossible to roll. But you're right about the looks the turbo s looks way better. I'm leaning towards the turbo S.

  • AmericanKeto

    I'm new to the side x side world and all I hear is xp, xps, for pro, xts, sts, ps I cant keep up with all these versions haha.....guy wants to trade me a can am maverick 1000. So I start research and get into canam 1000r, x3, damn im overwhelmed....note, my one and only offroad vehicle (1993 Honda fourtrax) still running no mods lol

  • fmxman1564

    Love knowledgeable guys like this!!! Let’s all go have some fun!

  • Lou Lucas
    Lou Lucas

    Would like to hear your opinion on the new Yamaha R max 1000 compared to the general

  • Lil Evil BBQ
    Lil Evil BBQ

    I'd love to see this comparison among the 4 seat machine's.

  • Preston Faust
    Preston Faust

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says car

  • Steve Kerns
    Steve Kerns

    Any experience with the new RMax in comparison to the General XP?

  • MonsterZ !
    MonsterZ !

    Krx boosted will take over

  • MonsterZ !
    MonsterZ !

    Florida is new sxs capital lol

  • Agriont Nogo
    Agriont Nogo

    This was a very insightful video. I have watched the follow up regarding the benefits of and what makes the KRX suspension better than most out of the box (geometry). I am shopping for my first SxS, a significant purchase, and I am torn between Polaris, Can-Am and the Kawasaki. Each model I am drawn to is very attractive for certain features. I like the low profile, power and sound from the X3. I like the accessories of the Polaris and their General model. I like the look of the KRX and your point that it has a very good suspension without need for much work. I like the plug and play capability for lighting, options that Polaris and Can-Am have... Kawasaki not so much. I like a roomier seat, a more reclined seating position and comfort in a unit that is fun as well as one that I will not have to mod out in order to make it reliable. In my area, trails, wooded areas, hunting etc are part of recreation life as well as a small amount of utility. I'm also interested in something that I can put an complete enclosure on for Fall temps... would prefer that I could buy it from factory that way. Thanks for the great information, I am nowhere close to deciding what to buy however. ;)

  • Chris Spence
    Chris Spence

    Love my shock therapy suspension you guys are awesome !

  • Randy Krus
    Randy Krus

    Did he say no belt maybe next year? For the 2022 models? Do I buy now or wait? Help!!!!!!!

  • BJ colibaba
    BJ colibaba

    For a 64" turbo what would you recommend. I'm on the fence between the XP pro and X3 XDS. I'm all trail riding, with some trails being pretty tight.

    • BJ colibaba
      BJ colibaba

      Awesome thanks. Now is it worth the extra money to get the ultimate, or is the base model more then good enough?

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      XP Pro

  • Dell Parker
    Dell Parker

    What makes the XP PRO next to impossible to roll?

  • Dell Parker
    Dell Parker

    No way I’d ever learned all this on my own! I think most couldn’t either!

  • Dell Parker
    Dell Parker

    Has the 2021 Can Am Maverick X3 XRC RR suspension been improved over the 2020 model? Specifically the sheers points?

    • Agriont Nogo
      Agriont Nogo

      @Shock Therapy llc Any idea about the 2021?

    • Dell Parker
      Dell Parker

      @Shock Therapy llc Thanks very much!

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      Nope all are the same

  • Feedrate 138.
    Feedrate 138.

    Thanks for the good info .my wife said she's never seen me take notes before .😁

  • Joe Digout
    Joe Digout

    man say car one more time lol

  • TIM Barton
    TIM Barton

    Are walker evans shocks any good?



  • Nick Bar
    Nick Bar

    Great video! Help needed finding the right vehicle for the wife and I. Never did any off roading but love agate hunting in the UP of MI. Want something that can get us through the sugar sand, up sand dunes, through mud/occassional flooded trail. Both of us are around 50 and don't care about going fast but do prefer a more comfortable ride. Not looking for a forest caddy but don't want to be tossed around by every little bump in the trail. Adjustable seats, desscent leg room, storage, heater for her is a must. Wife is balking at $20k price tag but is onboard for $10k. Having a heck of a time figuring out what to get that is durable, low maintenance, and will get us to the places we want to go in that price range. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

    • Nick Bar
      Nick Bar

      @Shock Therapy llc thanks for responding and giving me the ammo I needed to spend 20k! 😃 You guys are awesome!

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      my suggestion would be a Polaris General. You will be around 20k but that is what it takes for a nice new UTV. Older, Rangers or Defenders don't have the suspension and will ride rough. The new General can come with a heater kit that was used in the Ranger but fits it the General. Also the General is the only one with a completely sealed cab door and window option that makes that heater actually work. That's pretty much it. You really need to work on her for that budget or it's over. LOL

  • pecanpie100

    Justin made two very interesting comments in this April 2020 vid. At 16:27, he mentions that there might be a turbo car coming out in 2021 that is not a belt drive. And at 19:15 he says that there will soon be "choices" in the width of the XP Pro (i.e., not limited to 64"). I wonder if, in both of those comments, he is referring to the much anticipated XP Pro "R" that Polaris is currently working on that might be 72 to 74 inches wide and might have the 200+ hp 2-liter engine with 5 speed transmission that is currently in the Slingshot. There are a number of vids on YT that talk about this new "R" version. Here it is November 10, 2020 as I'm typing this, and still no official word from Polaris on the "R" version.

    • pecanpie100

      Edit: here is a YT vid that talks in detail about the upcoming R version: And this one has a pic of the new R version at 11:12:


    Would you still recommend the artic cat 1000xx. I’ve heard they are discontinuing them. I love the wildcat but my worry Is parts being available if something breaks


      @Shock Therapy llc thank you

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      I would not. Exactly for the reason you mentioned.

  • Max Dragonette
    Max Dragonette

    Krx or base model x3? Seems like you can get them for similar pricing

  • Firestarter

    The talon doesn’t have a front locker differential... 🤣

  • Firestarter

    Yxz has a turbo kit from Yam-ee-ha! And no belt

  • Bangin Gears
    Bangin Gears

    Honestly, not feeding Polaris is advertising bullshit, Honda all the way

  • Josh S.
    Josh S.

    Great video

  • Colton O'Dell
    Colton O'Dell

    I quit watching because he calls them cars. 😐

  • Jason Issel
    Jason Issel

    I just recently started thinking of 4 wheeling again, I used to ride with a club for a tiny while in 2003-2004, but I didn't have the money for the Jeep or Truck. I'd love to own a UTV, and I know for a fact it will never happen, but it's a nice daydream. I like the Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo: 2 seater.

  • Tim Moore
    Tim Moore

    Thanks for all of these videos, very insightful. Hypothetical question; if you had $30k max budget, what would you build? A ready made turbo car or install a turbo on a KRX? Thanks

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      @Tim Moore I feel the same. we have a kit for more sway bar control coming out in the next 30 days or so just for that reason.

    • Tim Moore
      Tim Moore

      @Shock Therapy llc excellent response. Thank you. For now I guess I’ll just enjoy my KRX with some clutch/slip-on/re-flash mods. We ride the Black Hills, SD, so big power isn’t totally necessary just more fun. FYI, the KRX is a blast in the snow. I call her the “Beast”. I think it needs heavier sways bars though. I softened it up for the rocks and ruts, but she’s a leaner. Your thoughts? Thanks again. Keep the vids coming.

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      Ready made all the way. If the KRX had a factory turbo I would do that. Reason is I don't want the hassles and pain of an aftermarket turbo kit. Even the best kits have issues. Loose your warrantee, bla bla bla. Also the KRX computer has yet to broken into properly and support a turbo. Big companies have tried so I don't see that as a viable option. An aftermarket computer will do it but then your budget is shot. For all those reasons and more I am ready made turbo car or wait for the KRX turbo.

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders

    Thinking I NEED general

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders

    Q: best 4 seat, 4x4, trail rider, full suspension, load bed, dependable , lights & radio? Thanks

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      Polaris General all the way

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders

    Great show, learned a lot,,,but , please name maker with code names, thanks

  • Jorge Jurado Soldevilla
    Jorge Jurado Soldevilla

    Hi guys what's the Best rzr for Big sand dunes ?

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      If when you say RZR you mean Polaris then an XP pro is my favorite in the dunes. If when you say RZR you mean any SXS then an X3 RS would be my favorite.

  • Kevin DeChambeau
    Kevin DeChambeau

    What are your thoughts on the Maverick sport line up.

  • Captain Mike K
    Captain Mike K

    I would get one if I could drive it on the road legally.

  • James Volpe
    James Volpe

    I'll take the new Robbie Gordon SPEED UTV

  • adam0U812 Davies
    adam0U812 Davies

    What has happened to Polaris general and quality control ? I'm hearing a ton of people who are always working on them. I have a 2004 sportsman 700 and have only had to change a temp sensor. Other than that it has been perfect. So has Polaris lost their way ?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Is it worth hanging off buying a new x3 or go ahead and buy 1 ?? Thank you for the info !

  • Shelly Cooper
    Shelly Cooper

    Too much lingo to follow, I want to buy my first utv and I am overwhelmed. I had a old Jeep because I loved the short wheel base. I want ground clearance, I’m older, I need comfort, I love power, I don’t want to be working on it. Have that with our boats, plus I plan on doing some muddling in West Virginia. Do I need a snorkel. Hubby is 6’3” and I’m fat! We need room

    • Wild Hurst Manor
      Wild Hurst Manor

      Have you decided? The Honda Pioneer 1000 looks pretty sweet. Big, comfortable, reliable. Fast enough for me. I think that’s the one I’m going with.

  • Shelly Cooper
    Shelly Cooper

    Kwai, what about ground clearance

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    He comes across as wanting to turn a wrench, manage his business and drive. I completely understand.

  • jott2121 ott
    jott2121 ott

    Just bought an XP Pro 4 Ultimate, I did alot of research and its seems like it gets a bad wrap online on the forums. It seems like all guys who are really into this stuff like him love the Pro XP. Itll be here in a month, cant wait to see for myself.

  • Bandon99

    Why isn’t the rzr 1000 included in the non turbo

  • Kungfu Commando
    Kungfu Commando

    Bought a new RZR RS1 last night. Cant wait to take it out this weekend.

    • James C
      James C

      I’m sorry 😞

    • Blake Howard
      Blake Howard

      Was it difficult to buy?

    • YOGI MrEmerald
      YOGI MrEmerald

      How much was it?

  • DA

    Wow that was great info - but disappointing since I was going to by a yxz 2019 SESS as my first UTV - coming from a WR450F. I still plan to buy it but will have to seriously reconsider CANAM. Prefer the standard shifting of the YXZ. With a spare tire and trail riding on the east coast (no whoops) I think it will be fine for me. Now I need to figure out which CANAM might suit my riding which is Hatfield McCoy and Michigan sandy trails/ I see the comment from Ty below. I am sticking with my gut and bleeding blue most likely

  • ryan mulhall
    ryan mulhall

    I have a wiring question. When wiring accessories to the cage, do you run wires through your cage or run them externally?

  • Nuestra Musica
    Nuestra Musica

    Can I sand tires

  • Texas Adam
    Texas Adam

    CVT bad. Next.

  • Alan Wallace
    Alan Wallace

    Turbo addon Honda talon. Thoughts

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Where is Suzuki in this war? Is Can Am Suzuki???

  • godmuzic

    Outstanding gentlemen! To have the advantage of your knowledge and the years it took to accumulate, is priceless! You have generously given a continent of knowledge sparing the bs. This is the most real, direct and educational video I've seen. Well done sir! Thank you for your kindness and vast knowledge in your field of expertise.

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      You sir are too kind. Thank you and we are glad to help!

  • Harry Jerry
    Harry Jerry

    Where is your shop located

  • Aaron Gorby
    Aaron Gorby

    Go through the razor rs1

  • Micheal Smith
    Micheal Smith

    What about the cub cadet utvs?? Lol.