Selena: The Series | Official Trailer | Netflix
Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice. Selena: The Series explores her journey from singing small gigs to becoming the most successful female Latin artist of all time - and the years of hard work and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigated together.
Starring Christian Serratos, Gabriel Chavarria, Ricardo Chavira, Noemí Gonzalez, and Seidy López. Part one of the two-part series premieres on Netflix on December 4, 2020.
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Selena: The Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Clarissa Gonzalez
    Clarissa Gonzalez

    Coming December 4!!

  • Theresa

    But why does this actress look exactly like Naya Rivera

  • Niki Amini
    Niki Amini

    She looks more like JLO than Selena... anyone else think so?

  • Lexi Alexandria
    Lexi Alexandria

    People are complaining about the cast when her whole family basically produced this show. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Chris Felix
    Chris Felix

    Man Hollywood is really running on fumes on the road of creativity and originality

  • jlo96f3

    Netflix: “We can’t find someone who looks like Salena.” Wait! What about someone who looks like Jennifer Lopez who looks like Salena?”

  • I. Quintanilla
    I. Quintanilla

    It’s not just about physical resemblance. She doesn’t carry her spirit. The aura of a girl that eats Doritos, menudo, fries and still has love to share. The actress gives me the energy of a skinny girl. And that’s not my way to shame, but she’s removed from a certain earthiness and infectious joy Selena sent in her performances. Curves are more than a physical attribute. It’s a flow of female energy that’s unique to some, defined in different ways by others. They are just not alike. JLo had this spirit, not entirely like the real Selena. But we could suspend disbelief because she most definitely understands the power of her curves and what they mean. Booty is life.

  • Jennifer Hammel
    Jennifer Hammel

    Gonna be hard to top JLo...she embodied Selena in the film. I’ll still watch tho.

  • Gagsha Babana
    Gagsha Babana

    I can’t believe the canceled the movie I’m pissed 😠 🅢🅞 🅢🅐🅓

  • Joey Hernz
    Joey Hernz

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Joey Hernz
    Joey Hernz


  • Elena Narsingh
    Elena Narsingh

    Yea trailer is wack and the actors especially Selena don’t look like Selena. I ain’t watching it Gonna ruin my memories of the first Selena movie

  • A.A. Beat Timbo
    A.A. Beat Timbo

    For all those who complain that the actress does not look like Selena I tell you, that Selena was not "a physical", Selena was more than that ..... she was SOUL. It matters more to me that the series shows how Selena was..... as an a human, and not simply physically similar.

  • Kristen Cowser
    Kristen Cowser

    I love selena and I love Christian as an actress. I just dont like that she was cast as selena they don't closely resemble at all and selena had a bigger ass tbh. I wish they did better on casting but I will still watch.

  • osman toro
    osman toro

    Y quien era el chico del apartamento 512

  • norma creation
    norma creation

    This girl is pretty, but doesnt beat Jennifer Lopez's curves and beautiful face, not even the real Selena does.

  • norma creation
    norma creation

    Jennifer Lopez is prettier than the real Selena and the actress in this video. Im sorry, but if it weren't for Jennifer, I would like not Selena. Jennifer made me love her.

  • stix b.
    stix b.

    I'll just say it, Chris' book "To Selena, With Love," should have been made into a series. That would bring in millions of viewers and a LOT of money, which is why I think Abraham blocked it. Because he knew that that money wouldn't be going to him. But besides that, Chris' book showed a side to Selena that not many people knew about. We got to read about the Selena that loved fashion, the Selena who hated being woken out of her sleep, the Selena who had breakdowns because of the stress of her rising fame, the Selena who forced Chris to teach her how to ride his motorcycle and even snuck out with it, which resulted in him being really upset with her, the Selena who even would have intense arguments with her father, who she felt was very controlling, the Selena who would take afternoon walks with Chris' mom so she could feel the warm concrete under her feet. I say all of this because I feel like Chris' book humanized her in a way that nothing else could. He really loved her, and knew her in a way that no one else did, which makes their relationship even more special.

  • Issata Gibateh
    Issata Gibateh

    Jlo was the best when they picked her do Selena back in the 90s no one can replace her Jlo killed it when she did Selena the best person they picked to do always will be number 1 on that list

  • kabayanhustler

    Selena Gomez is shaking

  • Anthony Florez
    Anthony Florez

    Not for nothing but jlo looks exactly the same as she did ten thousand years ago... Just bring her back.

  • jheveanae Hunter
    jheveanae Hunter

    wheres jennifer lopez she should be playing selena

  • harlem baby
    harlem baby

    i can't wait to see this😍

  • Thyago Sena
    Thyago Sena

    Ansioso para assistir desde já. Cresci ouvindo as músicas de Selena e sempre me encantou bastante. Uma pena ter morrido de forma tão trágica.

  • Chanel Heartz
    Chanel Heartz

    Y'all heard about the lawsuit that Abraham (Selena's dad) is facing cause he broke a contract to work on this show?

  • JohnnyMartini

    I get it but yall niggas bashing da show and aint even watch it yet

  • destiny philbin
    destiny philbin

    This Selena girl is ugly

  • Milagros Gonzalez
    Milagros Gonzalez

    Ansiosa x que comienze se merecía una serie la reina de mi vida

  • Maya

    ngl she looks like she’s trying to play jlo playing selena not like she’s trying to play selena herself

  • rbncj

    So excited for this series! Can’t wait! She is truly missed!

  • Jon VG
    Jon VG

    Its gonna be a hit, period. The production looks amazing and the musical production too.

  • 3lement2010

    I kinda feel bad cause I'm Hispanic and didn't know who she was til a few years ago and I'm 23.

  • ImJustCarolyn

    I still say JLO did the best at Selena💋

  • Cindy Manzanarez
    Cindy Manzanarez

    Omg that’s Carlos Solis from Desperate house wives, I didn’t even recognize him without the beard. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • fje4nette209

    Deadass this series will either make or break Cristian’s career

  • Chazz2086

    Jennifer Lopez did the movie back in 1997 fairly well. Let's see how the show does this December on Netflix. I wonder if Jennifer Lopez is an executive producer...🤔

  • Nayely Altamirano
    Nayely Altamirano

    This acttris looks more like jlo not selena

  • Kejenvijia[kqligul] Tshijenniy-Sakvovnc
    Kejenvijia[kqligul] Tshijenniy-Sakvovnc

    pierdj vornev. really. hi, alex ricci the 2007 stupid. really.

  • Jenica Losloso
    Jenica Losloso

    The fact that everyone saying they don’t like the actress they chose, FYI Selena’s family preferred her over any other actress. You guys haven’t even seen the Netflix show yet and you’re already judging. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t watch it but it would be nice to give people a chance.

  • melissap581

    I REFUSE to believe that Netflix prop department couldn't find better wigs that the mess I'm seeing. Selena's hair never looked tore up whichever style she was donning. I see wigs like this in the bins at Goodwill. Did Party City have a Halloween clearance sale and Netflix jumped on it? This is NOT respecting the memory or legacy of Selena.

  • Tyler

    Is that Susie crabgrass?

  • Samuel Momodu
    Samuel Momodu

    In my opinion: I think this Selena the Series on Netflix might be better then the 1997 Selena movie.

  • Valerie Serratos
    Valerie Serratos

    That's the same girl who played Neds crush on Ned declassified school survival guide 👀

  • Kaelin Robinson
    Kaelin Robinson

    Did anyone else the guy who played Spooky in On My Block is in this and he looks different 😳

  • Christ is lord
    Christ is lord


  • Cleber Spanic
    Cleber Spanic

    Great Actress, I wanna see her. But Jennifer Lopez was incredible !! 😍🌹

  • Maria Villarreal
    Maria Villarreal

    These people look nothing like Selena or her terrible family

  • laRandomRara

    I'm sorry, but they kinda ruin this... The actress playing Selena does not look like a woman -she looks like a teenager... Before you haters come at me, look at her pictures/interviews... Besides, some of the actors do not look Hispanic/Mexican/Latinos. No. I'm not being racist. There are other actors that would've fit perfectly for some of these roles. With that being said, not sure what to expect because Selena did not enjoy singing. She wanted to be a fashion designer. This series portrays Selena's passion for music...which is not true. Watch some of her interviews. She literally states she hated singing/practicing. I feel like they should've done a series based on Chris's perspective and not Abraham's.

  • Sissel Pérez Calderón
    Sissel Pérez Calderón

    Rosita of the Walking Dead

  • MidNiteR32

    Look @ 1:03. Green screen looks bad.

  • Ferguson Tilibacbu
    Ferguson Tilibacbu

    So this is what Rosita did before she joined the gang

  • Jon VG
    Jon VG

    I JUST DISCOVERED SELENA ....omg no words....God Bless her and her legacy

  • Lana Ali
    Lana Ali


  • F Ram
    F Ram

    Julio Macias “Spooky” with that long hair tho 👍🏼

  • Juju Bean
    Juju Bean

    Dam this is bad...... smh they should just let her Rest In Peace they already made a movie which was perfect this just.... doesn’t look or sound like her

  • The Nico Show
    The Nico Show


  • Lano Del Rey
    Lano Del Rey

    We love you Selena❤😭

  • William Vega
    William Vega

    I remember as a kid everybody was always blasting Selena. She was at her career peak. Is sad what happened to her. I heard that they were planning something big with her and Tupac but I guess we will never know now. Sad man. Could u imagine how amazing it would've been if Selena would've make a track with Tupac. Man. They were both at the peak of their careers so I know it would've been big very very big. Dammit man why do we always lose the good ones. It really just pisses me off.

  • Mourya K
    Mourya K

    I can't be the only one who thought this was about Selena Gomez

  • Fatima Ramirez
    Fatima Ramirez

    I don't understand why they made series of her. You can just watch the movie of her and practically know everything! I feel like her dad is just trying to find a way to make money! Smh

  • Oscar Vigil
    Oscar Vigil


  • Brianna Alexandra
    Brianna Alexandra

    Am excited 😊 too see it

  • meow23

    Selena look native american or even a little bit asian but this actress just looks ligth skin black honestly nothing to do with selena. Family needs to stop milking the cow she is gone already.

  • btsuniverserm

    YOUR NOT GONNA FIND SOMEONE WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER, You just can’t. It’s telling more of Selena’s story so why can’t we just watch it first before judging.

  • Ed Cerv
    Ed Cerv

    They could of easily found a girl that looks more like Selena and less like Jlo. But I’ll wait for the premier before I’m actually mad.

  • Elizabeth Torres
    Elizabeth Torres

    That girl don’t look like no damn Selena what an insult 😑🙄

  • karla kathleen
    karla kathleen

    Wow so many haters in the comments about the actress when not 1 of yall actually knows yet how well or poorly she will do. Jennifer Lopez looks nothing like Selena yet was cast as her in the movie and did a fantastic job. I personally think Christian Serratos is a beautiful woman who looks closer in appearance than Jennifer Lopez ever did. Regardless, this series isn't about the actresses appearance, its about a beautiful talented life that was cut short due to greed and jealousy from someone she loved and trusted. If all you care about is who is playing her then you need better things to worry about. I personally am excited to watch this. Love her music and loved the movie, we missed out on so much talent when she died.

  • Barajas Family
    Barajas Family

    Is it me or does it seem they tried to make her look more like j Lo then Selina?

  • Cece Parra
    Cece Parra

    Pero like, where is Selena? 🤔

  • Kaitlyn Vazquez
    Kaitlyn Vazquez

    She was not that skinny

  • Eduardo Rojas
    Eduardo Rojas

    It seems that instead of casting someone that looks like Selena, they casted someone that looks like Jennifer playing Selena.

  • The Tyliek Show
    The Tyliek Show

    She looks more like J-Lo


    I’m sure this series is going to be fantastic all around, but it will be hard to complete with the movie and J-Lo

  • PunisherChris

    I wonder if jlo would make a guest appearance

  • Cecilia Shanks
    Cecilia Shanks

    It looks generic. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Dominique B
    Dominique B

    I lowkey rather have Jennifer Lopez to he Selena again😭 than her no hate.


    There is no resemblance to Selena. She looks more like Jennifer Lopez playing Selena.

  • Ismael Tapia
    Ismael Tapia

    When you realize the actor who plays Selena is an ex Porn star lol

  • Yasmine Bensai
    Yasmine Bensai

    She looks absolutely nothing like her in the slightest

  • Reinhardt

    Selena had a killer body tho... But yeah we get it...

  • junior rojas
    junior rojas

    They should got jlo

    • jordan fisher’s cumbucket
      jordan fisher’s cumbucket

      to play her grandma maybe

  • Lady Don
    Lady Don

    Why Netflix. It is going to be too hard for anyone to follow up j.lo's performance. IMO Netflix should have left this alone

  • Diane Gigante
    Diane Gigante


  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz

    Why are they making a series?? Haven’t fans pay enough tribute to this beautiful talented woman and wasn’t the movie play by Jennifer Lopez and all the documentaries enough to honor her? . Who’s gonna benefit from all this hhmmmmm 🤔 let me guess..... her father right ? . So many years have gone by already I can’t even imagine the pain that her family has gone through but to continue to do this movies and propaganda etc. is inconsiderate and selfish to continue to benefit from her death .by making all this a show . LET HER REST IN PEACE. SHES IN HEAVEN AND WILL Never be Forgotten. Enough is enough.

  • Bre'Donda Rae
    Bre'Donda Rae

    OK I’m not hating on who they chose to play Selena it looks like she did a great job

  • alycia gonzalez
    alycia gonzalez

    Okay but out of everyone they could of picked they picked her ??? I’m sorry she looks good but no this ain’t the look for Selena

  • Tracey King
    Tracey King

    I love this woman!!!!!

  • Heriberto Sanchez
    Heriberto Sanchez

    not to spoil it for all but she dies at the end hahahahahaha

  • P Dig
    P Dig

    I wonder if they're going to leave Chris out of this series also they seem to leave him out of a lot of things Abraham her father Suzette her sister seem to control everything that was Chris's wife and they should honor that because they know how much she loved him !!! I feel sorry for Chris with Chris being her husband's she should get half of the money for everything that they do because her name is Selena Perez !!!!!!!! Abraham and Suzette seem to me money hungry

    • Jenna Denjern
      Jenna Denjern

      The way her family has treated Chris over the past 25 years is so horrible. Like you said, he was her HUSBAND, and he deserves to talk about his wife just as much as they deserve to talk about their daughter/sister.

  • Darriah Baker
    Darriah Baker


  • Anttonia Peñaloza
    Anttonia Peñaloza

    Que MIERDA la Selena que pusieron, en que estaban pensado!

  • CassAndTheChaos Cassandra Fortin
    CassAndTheChaos Cassandra Fortin

    It’s the curly haired wigs for me. I’m not feeling it I’m not getting Selena vibes at all.

    • jordan fisher’s cumbucket
      jordan fisher’s cumbucket

      you clearly don’t know what selena looked like in the 80s then.

  • Trevor Korey
    Trevor Korey

    Omfg I seriously can not wait

  • Dreya.thartist

    Idk why I feel disrespected that they casted her as Selena and I’m brown. JLo is def unmatched and they honestly should have left it at that. BUT that’s just my opinion

  • Edmond Madison
    Edmond Madison

    Was I the only okay with the Jennifer Lopez version...

  • Dnorth Star*
    Dnorth Star*

    There better off making a Aaliyah tv series.

  • Ashley

    The actress is beautiful! But I know for a fact they could’ve found some one who resembled her more, ugh so frustrating!

  • Meranda Marie
    Meranda Marie

    Man I wish she was still here 🥺

  • Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen

    Shout Out to all my Tejanos out there. We're #1 always and Forever. R.I.P. Selena Quintanilla La Reina Del Tejano.

    • Meranda Marie
      Meranda Marie


  • Diana Flores
    Diana Flores

    Selena is my favorite singer I'm still crying for her pray for her love u selena 🙏🙏🙏

    • Meranda Marie
      Meranda Marie


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