Saagar Enjeti: Trump’s Closing Message SOMEHOW Gets Even Worse
Saagar Enjeti criticizes the Trump administration's plan to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.
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  • jamie mccoy
    jamie mccoy

    i wonder who bought this show i remember when they used to be unbiased

  • yjy tgftkuh
    yjy tgftkuh

    HONEST QUESTION: when did managing or containing the virus AND keeping the economy open become mutually exclusive concepts? It is mind-boggling, to me, that people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that COVID & the ECONOMY are interconnected. We cannot have a fully-functioning economy that is dependent on consumer spending if the health of those consumers is in crisis.

  • Kyle Ricardo Massviur Pahal
    Kyle Ricardo Massviur Pahal

    Jesus saagar becomes more and more unbearable everyday

  • kingfish99

    Alan Combs of the right

  • Ryan Jobb
    Ryan Jobb

    It’s called nature

  • Ryan Jobb
    Ryan Jobb

    Are you becoming fake news....? The way you frame your recent segments sounds bias.

  • saint patrick
    saint patrick

    the virus will make its way thru the population. nothing known to man can stop it. your a fool if you think you can. lockdown simply delay the inevitable. why have we not contained the flu. because we can't.

  • Christos Anatolitis
    Christos Anatolitis

    Where are the flu number cases? That’s right they disappeared! The flu is now Covid too!

  • Christos Anatolitis
    Christos Anatolitis

    Instead of Covid Krystal gave Saagar TDS!

  • Name Withheld
    Name Withheld

    Anyone not intelligent here? That thinks this is not a Rightwing media show?

  • Elizabeth Kraszewski
    Elizabeth Kraszewski

    "No one says that [Trump caused the pandemic]" Are you SURE? Biden led at the last debate, essentially placing the deaths of 200,000+ on Trump's head. The Democrats pretend that, had Hillary been in office, this once in a century pandemic would have been a minor annoyance. Biden's entire campaign has been, "Your grandma is dead because Trump didn't tell people to wear masks." Why does Fauci get off w/no blame after admitting to lying about masks?

  • Chad Koehler
    Chad Koehler

    It's almost like he doesn't want to win, he just wants to be worshipped.

  • lucas .servera
    lucas .servera

    Saagar, Biden isn’t “hiding in his house” HES TRYING TO PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE FROM GETTING SICK!!!!

    • R. m
      R. m

      He's 100% hiding, and that is not even my opinion, his own campaign repeatedly stated that they were avoiding public appearances and interviews because of Biden gaffes.

  • theLanceInPants

    So... are you telling me. Don Jr's psychotic girlfriend was lying when she said the best is yet to come? *surprised pikachu face*

  • Diane Kerrison
    Diane Kerrison

    Trump never made any concerted effort to bring the country together to organise a response to the virus, it was all about optics. Here in Tasmania, we haven't had a case for over 70 days. The rest of Australia isn't far behind. Even in Victoria with a second wave in July; new cases have now slowed to just 2 a day. The reason for this is that the government at federal and state levels co-operated in March to form a strategy of measures along with economic support and the people co-operated with stay at home rules, social distancing, travel bans and handwashing. It isn't rocket science! It really isn't that hard to figure out that a refusal to believe the science, a ridiculous belief in so called freedom, and delusional conspiracies, at the expense of collective safety and an almost intentional negligence on the part of the leader of the country has led to the abysmal situation in which American citizens now find themselves.

  • James Frazier
    James Frazier

    Bullshit Biden doesn't even have control of his own mouth. He is saying nothing different than what the country has been doing with one small but very important exception. Biden wants to take control away from local authorities even though they are better suited to assess the local needs. Biden would lock down the whole country if one city needs a shut down. He is a mindless fool.

  • Bernie Sandinista
    Bernie Sandinista

    We get it saagar you want more anti gay and trans Supreme Court justices.

  • Prolific Painter
    Prolific Painter

    Saager, it's the best play ever. People focus on their own health. It's just as it should be.

  • Gary Kerns
    Gary Kerns

    I miss seeing Krystal's well-toned arms.

  • J H
    J H

    I can't wait to come back and read the comments after the election when everyone here is freaking out because reality has set in.

  • Matt Kopec
    Matt Kopec

    I used to like Rising, but over time I’ve just realized you guys are just a bunch of CONS. Sometimes the worst thing to do is to not pick a side at all. Can’t have ideally what you want with both candidates

  • me Notme
    me Notme

    Trump is the creepy old uncle that rants and raves about shit nobody cares about, is inappropriately over affectionate to his 15 year old niece, and makes everybody come to his house for holidays even though he lives in a different state than everybody else.

  • apatriotone

    It's no longer a pandemic. It's endemic. You cannot control it. Besides therapeutics and vaccines, those are the only options. There is no proof that masks and social distancing will stop the spread.

  • Laremy


  • Infoseeker dotmaduro
    Infoseeker dotmaduro

    To make a choice which benefits your health both in the short and in the long term, you have to understand and know things related to health in depth and see it in a broader light. It is something that requires study, experience and reflection for years. Without an open mind and a filter from when money talks or truth and principles talks, one can only be of insignificant use to help people as it was intended to (by Hippocrates and other great men, who dedicated their life to curing sick people). The dynamics of illness requires a dynamic understanding of the patient, the illness and the medicine (cure). The ability to cure are not for everyone to master, even though most people can learn and develop some kind of basic skill/understanding, to manage our own health to some extend, with the proper guidance. That should be the doctors first priority. Most doctors don´t have the time or knowledge for that and when the patients walk out the door with a recipe, nobody knows how the patient manage that medicine, or if the patient even take it (the right way and doses). Today some medicine is available in supermarkets, which in my mind is totally reckless and stupid knowing that "some", push for further drugs to head that way. Vaccines are a very complex matter. Those who blindly advocate for vaccines for every one, are either plane stupid or corrupted in mind. Those who are against it in any case, maybe don´t see the bigger picture. One thing is for sure. When people make a decision out of fear, based on knowing maybe 1 to 5 % of what there is to know about vaccines, they are often making mistakes against their own health and happiness. Ask your self. If you outsource your bodies own healing qualifications to medicine, what will you be in total dependency of in the end?

  • janetmillsrice

    i wish trump would stop pandering to the vaxxers.

  • none of your concern
    none of your concern

    Who is this American public opinion? Because I dont know many people who think the pandemic is any more to worry about than the flu. I'm in the midwest and just dont see the panic you are saying is out there.

  • Eric W
    Eric W

    As an Independent I see so many hypocrites on both sides it's truly disgusting! Actions speak louder than words and although I'm not a huge fan of Trump he has done more for "we the people" than any other POTUS! *Haters don't see anything positive and anything positive is never good enough* ... if maturity grew on tree's I'd pick a basket full and send it to you selfish self-centered socialists.

  • Nicolas Chinchurreta
    Nicolas Chinchurreta

    Man Krystals take is so off. Is anyone believing this. Trump was getting hammered for his task force briefings, now you want to say it was a good thing and he should have kept them up? He could never win and it’s because of people like you and Sagaar. You help parrot the narrative then hit trump for changing strategy to deal with your hits. Makes no sense. It’s circular reasoning

  • Tony Gotelli
    Tony Gotelli

    Wrong! He does have a health care plan and he’s been very clear about it. Israeli intelligence? Huh?

  • Mike

    This is how all Trump ventures end.

  • Jeff Hassen
    Jeff Hassen

    Saagar: "I primarily blame Pelosi" (next sentence) Saagar: "Even though Republicans don't want to pass a bill, and have been sitting on House legislation for months." So where is the blame? Yes, she pushed for too much. But NOT negotiating, and ONLY negotiating in bad faith got us here. Blame the recalcitrant and criminally negligent Grifters Only Party .

  • Eric Adair
    Eric Adair

    Why not just say we’re taking a strategic balanced approach to the pandemic? Which is easy to digest as messaging point because that statement is at least debatable.

  • James Pitoola
    James Pitoola

    Trash smug paleo con wants to go back to cuddling with his buddies in the lincoln project

  • RD BT
    RD BT

    cases are irrelevant; the death rate has steadily gone down and stabilized

  • M. Mesa
    M. Mesa


  • Cheryl Daniels
    Cheryl Daniels


  • vampyr69

    Krystal looking real good in that tight burnt orange sweater. Or is it umber?

  • Jim Barry
    Jim Barry

    Hahhaha the virus isn't deadly stop the bullshit

  • G F
    G F

    It's adorable how much the tone and reporting had changed since the start of the election. It's almost like Krystal and Saager are scared of what will happen to them in a Biden administration... weak reporting on the Hunter story, ramped up criticism and vitriol for everything Trump, Saager all but denouncing everything Republican... Y'all scared or something? 🤣🤣

  • manolo manolo
    manolo manolo

    If you want to satisfy the journalist you must lie.

  • James Mahurin
    James Mahurin

    The way to keep our nation fighting with each other instead of paying attention to what is really going on we need to stand up as a nation this is GOD'S nation this is AMERICA not a race not Democrat or Republic we are all AMERICAN'S don't decide or we won't have a chance with the evil the cult is getting ready GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Whitleypedia

    Hey a guy named "Saagar Enjeti" hates America. Huh. Who would have thought?

  • Brian Bell
    Brian Bell

    Conservatives: *YOUR REPUBLICAN VOTE COUNTS* Trump and every other Republican needs you. Vote. Vote early. Vote in person. Vote red from the top down. No single drop of rain thinks it's responsible for the flood. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Trump 2020!!!!!

  • Randy Lamping
    Randy Lamping

    What he was saying was you can’t control the virus so instead of hiding from it they plan on fighting it head on. Someone soft and weak like Saager obviously can’t understand that.

  • Chuck Bailey
    Chuck Bailey

    I wouldnt trust Joe Biden to Run Bingo night at the senior center none the less a pandemic response

  • Dave

    Saagar you likely won’t have a job as an advisor anywhere. I agree with your attack on Big Tech. Other than that, I think your estimates will not age well buddy.

  • Tony Gotelli
    Tony Gotelli

    I can’t wait for the Hostess Candidates Biden/Harris a.k.a. Ding-Dong & Ho-Ho lose so we can take back our country out of the hands who want to murder babies, raise taxes, institute Communism as our system of government, be forced to pay for O’bama Care or get FINED!, kill the oil industry which wipes out our economic recovery, embrace sick sexual practices as “normal”, be told what you can say, where you can work, what you can and can’t say, give illegal immigrants more rights and money than those who spent their life working for it! No thanks! Trump for four more years and if the LIBS, COMMIES & SOCIALISTS EVER get in power this country is TOAST!







  • Rahul Nath
    Rahul Nath

    GOP legit just lined their pockets and left haha

    • Rahul Nath
      Rahul Nath

      @tricountyrefinishing Let's make a deal: For every Dem that's ever lined their pockets, I will give you 5 republicans that have done so.

    • tricountyrefinishing

      They've all lined their pockets every single one of them, Dems and republicans, why don't people get that? Keep cheering for your side that's what both of them want, and then they laugh at all of us who blissfully remain stupid. Then they censor the rest who try to talk common sense to cheerleaders like you seem to be. Sorry to say. Have a nice day

  • s1hemp

    Why does this guy keep saying Biden can barely talk? Has he seen the debates or the interviews? For someone who watches news 24-7-365 he seems out of touch. Just admit it, you're going to vote for Trump. Krystal needs to find a better partner than this guy.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Dude, you are nothing but a punk.

  • MrZZooh

    This was the most brutally honest and unbiased an opinion on this stuff as it gets. Saagar nailed it. Good job dude.

  • Tony Hung
    Tony Hung

    They cannot come up anything to help people but they can approve ACB in record time.

  • Tony Hung
    Tony Hung

    The biggest mistake is he still assume Trump and Republican care about people.

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh

    Carrying bidens water guys?

  • Winger#Yemen calling for help
    Winger#Yemen calling for help

    Law suits are being won against governments lying to us about the Scamdemic. In Michigan, California, Ohio and Germany. The science does not support what we are being forced to do. Why aren't you covering this?

  • Philip Harding
    Philip Harding

    Let's face it. Trump is a HORRIBLE president. He never was a president. I pray he's no longer our president a week from now.

  • Philip Harding
    Philip Harding

    To be fair, Biden's hiding out is not cowardice or laziness; it's STRATEGY!

    • tricountyrefinishing

      If you call it strategy it must be because you believe the facts that bidens a crook and he doesn't want to be questioned or to have anybody hear him speak. The fact that you know that means you're rooting for another criminal to be president. Trump doesn't get anything done because they're all in the same boat together high five-ing each other as people like me and you talk this way. We keep cheering for our side and there is no side they're all the same . Why don't people get that? . Have a nice day

  • SecondComingTwice

    CNN? Propaganda and mind-control for idiots.

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia

    Joe Biden needs to be subpoenaed to testify before Congress .

  • Alvin Su
    Alvin Su

    Intelligent and normal people will vote for Trump 2020. On the other side are snowflakes and socialist.....

  • apparentweight

    For a straightforward non-partisan semi-independent media show, odd that I haven't seen any comments regarding the World Economic Forum/Bilderburg the years old "Great Reset" global economic policies now being implemented as a response/solution to the crisis. I don't think you have to go so far as pointing to Bill Gates family history of eugenics. But, cheerleading the expansion of 'contact tracing' and technocracy is disheartening to me. Krystal and Sangar both use the term 'military industrial complex' from Ike's warning. How many have heard the second half of the speech. His primary warning was detailed ending with "... public policy itself controlled by a scientific technological elite." Interestingly the official Eisenhower archives .gov site claims his farewell address ended in under 9 minutes. The STE warning comprised the additional 6 minutes,. which didn't register with the public consciousness then, and is ignored today. Regardless of the virus statistics and tragic deaths, the real story here is being ignored.

  • public domain
    public domain

    America is a test tube with all the ingredients under the sun enough to do terminal damage. Mask, goggles and thick skin is the remedy till death for my generation. The youth certainly inherited a nightmare over all. Too many have no clue. ShakeUp!

  • Al

    At least 60% of workers are in the entertainment, restaurant, and hospitality sector of the economy- they are getting killed! Trump and his privateering cronies (how many of them own appreciable amounts of stock in the companies that make remdesivir and Regeneron?) and the elites with cash on hand will now buy up millions of homes when the forbearances end and folks have to file for bankruptcy. This pandemic will have all kinds of downstream effects on the economy and on the health of people for years to come. There will NOT be a V shaped recovery even if Biden and Harris win and institute national policies to protect people from this plague. New research also shows that germinal centers in lymph nodes are destroyed by the virus- potentially those who have suffered mild disease may have compromised immunity throughout their lives to all pathogens.

  • Mike M44
    Mike M44

    Trump message.. "I do not give a flying turd if you die of COVID.. so thats that"

  • brs04wsc

    5:17 - HA HA HA !

  • Nick Vogt
    Nick Vogt

    Thank you

  • Dave La Violette
    Dave La Violette

    This is about trying to save capitalism - not loves. The corporatists need to take the next step and that involves destroying all small businesses and corporatizing the needs of the people. If I want a coffee - then go to Starbucks. I want to eat something exotic then go to Olive Garden or Taco Bell.

  • WikeddTung

    Sagaar with the spit-take 💦💦

  • Muslim Minarchist
    Muslim Minarchist

    so you are mad that meadows didnt lie to the public? stopping the virus was never an options. shut down were a mistake. flattening the curve while developing a vaccine and therapeutics is the most logical option. its kinda sad that the lying media and dems cannot agree to this position due to political reasons.

  • Scott Freeman
    Scott Freeman

    Just remember the only reason Saagar has this job is because he will fall in line ultimately with illiberal progressive media. He's not on our side, he is smart, but not loyal, and not willing to call out Biden who has literal dementia. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • Kevin

    Biden is compromised - potentially blackmailed by our enemies - it's a huge deal! But it's probably too late for it to get people to switch sides. It will simply keep some left leaning people home and embolden some right leaning people to vote

  • Balbaneth

    so we are gonna ignore the blm "peaceful" protesters all huddled together everywhere course they are not gonna spread the virus right?

  • Mike Schaeffer
    Mike Schaeffer

    wrong. sagar. mkt crashed today...becuz of trumps fecklessness

  • David Orland Brown
    David Orland Brown

    "Maybe I'm wrong... and if I am, I will never believe another poll in my life" lmao love it Saagar 🤣👏🏼

  • Trent Landwehr
    Trent Landwehr

    Yes ae need to take the person out of office who has no idea what he's doing and replace him with the other person without a clue! What are we voting for?

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee

    Of course. He rides his shining Trump businesses into bankruptcy. His second terms would be akin to that phase of his normally business venture trajectory.

  • MUYFA East bay
    MUYFA East bay

    Holy crap imagine if the trump people didn’t socialize the stock market Also “can hardly talk” 😂 KEEP SAYING THIS PLEASE

  • MUYFA East bay
    MUYFA East bay

    So repukes ramming a justice through was more important then the stimulus Don’t like pelosi but give me a break look in the mirror bro

  • Charles Treibley
    Charles Treibley

    Republicans "We are making efforts to ensure that there are Treatment to buy, so you can buy things, ya know spend that money you dont have so there is a ready indenture servant class ready to make me more money. What else do you want me to do!"

  • nathan middleton
    nathan middleton

    I support your opinion that its out of control look at Belgium they will have 24K cases a day by the end of the week which is 750K per day in the US and they have stricter than average restrictions

  • J. Lahtinen
    J. Lahtinen

    The pandemic in America could be controlled quite effectively if the administration was willing to do the right things. First, a complete, nationwide lockdown for two weeks - everything non-essential shut down. Movement restrictions implemented - people only allowed to go to the grocery store, and to hospitals for necessary treatment. And a manditory mask wearing in all public spaces. To make that palatable and possible for people, you would need a rescue check of at least 2000 dollars to every American, plus a pledge to pay the rent debt of people who haven't been able to pay their rents because of coronavirus. And a compensation package to keep the small businesses that have to shut down afloat. That would be a very big spending package, but it would be a spending package spent on the main street, not Wall Street, and it would dramatically cut the spread of the disease. After that two weeks, a gradual opening of businesses depending on the number of infected could be allowed, with further rescue an stimulus checks to people if restrictions needed to be extended. Ultimately, that would end up a cheaper solution than allowing the virus to spread, because it would allow for a fast economic recovery after the restrictions. It would also, of course, save countless of lives. But what is the chance that a Trump administration would be willing to do all that? Absolutely zero. I doubt that a Biden administration would have the balls to do that either, but they would at least do the basic pandemic time virus spread prevention tactics.

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis

    I don’t think y’all know what y’all talking about, sounds like entitlement

  • John Borges
    John Borges

    Republicans fumbled aid early on, and repeatedly. Can't really blame the opposition for not suddenly being in a hurry to bail them out - particularly when we all know this kind of hardball is a Republican specialty.

  • Sir Dukingham
    Sir Dukingham

    Dems are delusional, that’s why I left.

    • Thejus Unnivelan
      Thejus Unnivelan

      No you right

  • Rudy Giuliani’s Event Coordinator
    Rudy Giuliani’s Event Coordinator

    I love it how Trump’s Chiefs of Staff tank him accidentally, first Mick Mulvaney now Mark Meadows!! This is HILARIOUS!


    First of all I get sick of listening to politicians and news hacks and opinion pundits constantly telling the American people how they would have taken care of the Coveid problem. Not one of these people stand in Trump shoes. Nor did they have this crisis fall in their lap. So stop all the Monday morning quarterbacking armchair Psychiatry and doctoring. I agree with Meadows.... you cannot contain or control a virus. Any sane intelligent person would know that. A virus is like the cold or flu and yet every year millions of people catch colds millions of people get the flu a lot of them die. All you can do is mitigate the disease. And if China had not owned all of our medical equipment and medicines then maybe the US could have dealt with it more quickly and more proficiently. We should think of keeping all of those types of supplies made in America so that when something happens they're easily available and readily available..... that might have changed the course of it but again you cannot contain a virus and saying anything else it's dangerous and ludicrous.

  • Ash Green
    Ash Green

    There will be wave after wave of corona until most people have had it. That's what "flattening the curve" does

    • theLanceInPants

      Let's be perfectly clear about this allusion to herd immunity: it is unethical to strive for herd immunity without vaccinations being the primary means. In turn, it IS psychotic to purposely infect as many people as possible for herd immunity by essentially foregoing any kind of mitigation efforts, taking the Mark Meadows approach and damning our health-vulnerable populations. These waves happen to us mostly due to our "YE-HA" culture and "mA rIGhT" to not wear masks, social distancing in rallies or antifa parades, lack of contact tracing, completely denying the severity or existence of covid. There's a reason why the US makes up 4% of the world's population and 25% of covid cases and growing.

    • Laremy


  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen

    Since when did the GOP stop being the party of neoliberalism? Trump might have trumpeted populism, but in practice he was just like every other conservative.

  • Daren Sweeney
    Daren Sweeney

    Why do we call people like Obama "technocrats" when they rule so badly?

  • Kirmie44

    I like you guys but I consider myself libertarian and don't get the hate show towards it here. Like do you need a bad guy or something? It's odd you give so much power to an idea that is used as an excuse by corporate politicians

  • Shawn

    Krystal you hit the nail on the head. I'm not a citizen and didn't grow up here so have no loyalty to either party. I'm also an immunology student. I was totally giving Trump the benefit of the doubt early on. He seemed to be listening to Fauci, Birx and other scientists and actually making some effort. It all fell apart very quickly though.

  • Scott Bomboy
    Scott Bomboy

    So tired of hearing about wuhan virus. Protect the weak and elderly reopen the economy and let the people choose what to do. Politicians have forgotten they work for us. I'm a steelworker who somehow is deemed essential business. Been working more than the whiney politicians on both sides, not dead yet

  • Vegard Fjeldberg
    Vegard Fjeldberg

    The US is not a real democracy. It is a silly comedy with Rob Schneider playing the leader of the free world and Adam Sandler as the Secretary og Education.

  • You Exist
    You Exist

    It's the flu. Where did the flu go? Oh yeah we're calling it Rona!

  • Dave

    You think Trump was bad,.. After Biden and Kamala spits in the face of the masses, the next "outside politics" leader will be the next Hitler.

  • the Branch7757
    the Branch7757

    How is Pelosi responsible for holding up the bill? Trump could agree to a higher amount and lose the provisions for corporations. You can say that isn't a good deal, but Trump is free to take it. He is refusing. If he really wanted that stimulus he would do it...but he doesn't.

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