Ruined my 2020 Hellcat Charger Bumper 🤦🏾‍♂️
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  • Taylor Brewer
    Taylor Brewer

    That’s was me in the semi truck that honked At you 😂😂

  • Kiara Robinson
    Kiara Robinson

    Do you know mager

  • Derrick Rudd
    Derrick Rudd

    U listen to youngboy music but u have bead with him that's crazy lol.

    • AustinThegamer55

      Bead what you talking about he don't have beef with him

  • Dev Os
    Dev Os

    Grandpa voice 👴🏾 “ A little Gorilla Tape and you good to go Boy “

  • 0kota4

    😂😂😂😂 Hell yea corey enjoy life bro

  • Bee

    green Camaro ain't siitn rite

  • Bee

    I think it would look cleaner without those stripes cj

  • Fatty3232

    Damn you got sneakers on an no slides 👏🏾👏🏾

  • SwagBoi Matt
    SwagBoi Matt

    Cory help him fix it up

  • Malique Williams
    Malique Williams

    Bruh showin da address

  • JAY Vlogs
    JAY Vlogs


  • Jr yensel Arzu
    Jr yensel Arzu


  • mrkwyatt1268

    That was the muffler hit that front bumper

  • Thatboy DaDa
    Thatboy DaDa

    Rip king von bro had the same car for his birthday

  • O'Daya Chapman
    O'Daya Chapman

    Yes Corey like others said ur truck pipe mite had fell off an hit ur HellCat

  • Big Homie229
    Big Homie229

    Dats my Brother Blue Impala on 32's Chevy Ryder Jay on Facebook Check him out Cory Pritchett

  • Antwain Dixon
    Antwain Dixon

    Cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars all this channel consists of 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • OG Chesse
    OG Chesse

    Bro not bein nosey wats your profession . . Spendin dat 💸 cash hole world 🌎 watchin 👀

  • OG Chesse
    OG Chesse

    Bro u flexing to hard showing errything .For 1 the shirt gotta go bro 👀 Boyy u playng wit wolves out here bro ill never hate .Just words of advice🤔 Cats will follow u page for a fresh fish🐟See wat happened to Pop smoke location serious 📡

  • Jay Anthony
    Jay Anthony

    I been looking for some jeans like that

  • Jay Anthony
    Jay Anthony

    Corey where you get your jeans from

  • Damion hughes
    Damion hughes

    I thought that was a girl in the front seat

  • Connie Matthews
    Connie Matthews

    Love you guys #Gang

  • İshanteria Myers
    İshanteria Myers

    Yes Sirrrrrrr how you do that Corey that's a bad a.. Car you need to get that fixed asap love all you &Carmen Vehicles💙💕💙💕

  • eggy Jk
    eggy Jk

    What was the nba youngboy song he played in the car at 3:20?

  • rvinson1988

    Why the hell you got a 307 Oldsmobile motor in a box Chevy..????

  • Cii

    Inspiration and motivation fr 🔥✅

  • Mikey Trill
    Mikey Trill

    I swear it’s like every time my dude take the cars out they get messed up 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Expert Junkie
    Expert Junkie

    U should get him a paint job or get him a body work for appreciation

  • imserious2187

    That blue charger or whatever that is riding by is ugly as f****

  • Armanda Williams
    Armanda Williams

    Corey what happened to the vlog channel

  • RichKidKing

    What brand tires are those I need those ASAP

  • sabrom

    Corey, have you thought about green caps on the Hellcat? that would set that off for real.

  • life wit lia
    life wit lia

    Damn corey how you do that😞....corey and carmen looking good. With the drip❄🖤

  • Jeremiah Luckie
    Jeremiah Luckie

    must been when yo pipe tip came off

  • Rickey Mason
    Rickey Mason

    That’s my homie Impala on them rims 🔥

  • Rayvaughn Fort
    Rayvaughn Fort


  • Nat Turner
    Nat Turner

    I got the hardest box chevy in Duval two tone blue on blue

  • BJ Turner
    BJ Turner

    That was the pipe from the truck that came off and hit the car

  • Rhonda R
    Rhonda R

    You won’t go far in life NOT FORGIVING OTHERS because God forgives us 7 times 77 times.👌🏽💯🔥

  • EAustin

    Remote start in the garage is that Pressure! Lol

  • LRV 2020
    LRV 2020

    I 4got bout Sikk Whips

  • LRV 2020
    LRV 2020

    That Shit Fixed Already

  • Dee.licious Creations
    Dee.licious Creations

    Love all your cars one day I’ll be like you I came to Orlando wanted to come to the car show but couldn’t bring the babies in the rain and sister tooooo pregnant one day I will love to meet you

  • e Jackson
    e Jackson

    You need to come S.C DARLINGTON earl

  • TeddywitdaScatpack

    8 ads got DAMN

  • Time well Spent
    Time well Spent

  • Jarquse Mcmillon
    Jarquse Mcmillon

    Do u think it was the tip off of the truck when it came off and hit the bummer

  • juan allen
    juan allen

    Did his box get a up grade on the A/C if not you have to use R4 to charge the A/C cause R-134 won't work from what I understand.

  • CJ

    What happened to the hellcat??? IM super lost.


    I see u 👀 #One love


    Maybe when the tip fell off, it bounced back on the trailer and hit the charger. "MAYBE"


      Yep that what I was thinking

  • C. C. & Bar B Q'n
    C. C. & Bar B Q'n

    You take care of your car, and it will take care of you.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Hey corey i was in that same house complex with yall i was down there for a week tho

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    Da Drip 💧 A1

  • Real Life SINclair
    Real Life SINclair

    Bruh got all that money into a 4 cyl Camaro?

  • Destiny Pittman
    Destiny Pittman

    @life with corey... That cold start🎶🎶👂

  • Sai’s Way
    Sai’s Way

    Are those mids?

  • keepdemeyesup11

    goofy axx shirt

  • Anthony Caldwell
    Anthony Caldwell

    Yo bro i love all your cars and trucks ,💃🕺🔥🔥🔥💯🏁♥️🏆yes Sir .

  • Michael Leary
    Michael Leary

    Weather must be nice there

  • Rickey Mason
    Rickey Mason

    Man that’s real grind to drive the box that far 💯

  • Life_With_Tailor_ Made
    Life_With_Tailor_ Made

    Subscribe to stay updated on this Build !!

  • BIGT 400
    BIGT 400

    Corey was talking to da wrong dude about Mr. Hensley(87chevythang) box chevy😂😂😂😂

  • Aumorian Tv
    Aumorian Tv

    Same video wtf

  • Cheez Superstr8
    Cheez Superstr8

    Gone and drop it off to #PCcustom and get the hellcat wett up

  • Danny Floyd
    Danny Floyd

    Starting something support mane

  • Yulonda Stephens
    Yulonda Stephens

    i love the vibe u and the wife showing these women out here who trying to ruin yall marriage. That's how you do it have her own your side and let them no she number one

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael

    Hi Carmen and Corey I am so glad that y'all are doing so good and just stay strong together hang in there don't let no one separate what God put together don't forget what I spoke about in the last time I spoke to you guys about doing something yourself this is Michele be blessed and follow your dreams just stay true to what God put before you

  • Low9204

    Possibly when your exhaust tip fell off, bounced up and hit the charger

  • Marlow Bell
    Marlow Bell

    It don’t look that bad charger bumper.

  • Marlow Bell
    Marlow Bell


  • leroy jetson
    leroy jetson

    205/334 so smooth gang 🤮🤮🤮🤮🚙🚗

  • Allan Aleck
    Allan Aleck

    Let's get Life with Corey to 700k subscribers guys

  • Jahtivz_Gaming

    Where is carmen benz

  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney Rucker

    We need people like you Cory, big ups to y'all Bros

  • Drip lord Vonta
    Drip lord Vonta

    He going to fix that box up and make it look brand new

  • Keshaun Hawkins
    Keshaun Hawkins

    Love your videos keep it up


    Y’all make sure Corey see my comment


    Corey your exhaust tip that came off the truck might’ve hit your car on the highway for that big thing in the front of the car

  • Trucks R Us
    Trucks R Us


  • Chris Savage
    Chris Savage

    Damn Corey

  • fly by
    fly by

    A true racer will NEVER tell how much horsepower they got 😁😁😁

    • kromedome gg
      kromedome gg

      @fly by keep lying to yourself

    • fly by
      fly by

      @kromedome gg I do this for a living kid

    • kromedome gg
      kromedome gg

      @fly by keep lying to yourself

    • fly by
      fly by

      @kromedome gg obviously you don't race cars

    • kromedome gg
      kromedome gg

      lol that's a lie

  • Dwayne Parker
    Dwayne Parker

    Corey Bro y'all gotta start a car club Bro really fcuking with u to get a Box Chevy, but not only that Drive that thang 1000s of miles.....Circle of Kings!!!!

  • TheKBshow

  • TTG Classic
    TTG Classic

    bruh please dont be like sway and rev a cold 6.4 they dont like being revved under operating temp youll blow a rod right throught that block doing that dumbass shii

  • Even Steven
    Even Steven

    No what kind of speakers to put in the trunk I hope you got the 1200 HD to go behind

  • Melo Melo
    Melo Melo


  • Curtis Blaze
    Curtis Blaze

    guys edit the video ur # on

  • SoldierMike6ft2

    You know what, I'm usually never a big fan over completely changing up a BRAND NEW whip that is already a banger. But I gotta give it to Corey on THIS one. The mods actually looks good on this one.

  • Dwayne Parker
    Dwayne Parker

    That Truck came out Good

  • Gavin Glenn
    Gavin Glenn

    You know he is going to fix the Chevy up🛺

  • Dwayne Parker
    Dwayne Parker

    We got messed up potholes in Texas, but them Miami streets ditches Every where

  • Certified JAY
    Certified JAY

    Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you and stay safe i’m struggling to get 2k with notifications 😞

  • Damary Santos
    Damary Santos


  • Lekirk Williams
    Lekirk Williams


  • Tyreke

    I respect tf outta sikk whips no cap 💯💯💯💪🏾

  • Sandra Williams
    Sandra Williams

    Hey Carmen and Corey love you guys

  • AlsoBear

    It’s the shirt for me😂

  • Martin Dalcour 3
    Martin Dalcour 3

    Lol make the MC yr race car

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