Ruination | Season 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends
A king returns. All he touches turns to ruin.
Video created in partnership with Digic Pictures.
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  • Marcovaldo Bonaccors
    Marcovaldo Bonaccors

    Lex ?

  • disneyrockz12

    Will we see his dead queen as a champion? Or will they just rework Elise? LoL.

  • Đen

    League of legends: End Game

  • Naty White
    Naty White

    Now i wonder if Yorick will have a role to play in all this. I sure hope so :D .

  • Young Multiverser
    Young Multiverser

    Galio: hey, what did I miss?

  • Drip too hard Jim Tropf
    Drip too hard Jim Tropf

    Viego: "return my Queen!" Senna: "you are a SIMP!" Viego: "she is my WORLD!"

  • reib Gaming
    reib Gaming

    WTF hero mobile legend brody .. Walang originality tlga to wildrift nato 👎👎👎 mobile legend number 1 bren export lng malakas

  • fuat can sevinirrr
    fuat can sevinirrr

    Samira da maşallah erik gibiymiş

  • Artan9000

    Good to see Lucian again

  • Connor Stickels
    Connor Stickels

    Really cool to see a new arc in Runeterra's lore! Now, will the void become involved in it? Because my void beasties have been hungering for new lore

  • JUNE!

    "We can't defeat him alone" basically sums up trying to play against Viego unless you're late game Nasus

  • cro

    We don't run from darkness, we are darkness xDDD

  • C M
    C M


  • Revanth Rao
    Revanth Rao

    Coming up nxt: lol urination

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    I swear this is lookin to be an avengers movie.

  • Thanatos

    Sire Denathrius is that you?

  • JSP3NC3

    Love league animations!

  • D.M.P.

    Fun fact Viego is Vladimirs Nephew, the ruination took place about 1500 years ago, which means Vlad must be at least 1600 years old thanks to his hemomancy.

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      why isnt the whole game like this cutting to the fighting takes me out of immersion and its boring i like the cinematics more

  • Iron Storm
    Iron Storm

    is there an extended version of the music from 1:00

  • Seanneken -PH-ZC
    Seanneken -PH-ZC

    this is so good i hope they can make a movie out of this

  • Red Zone
    Red Zone

    Where is Yorick?

  • DreAdNova_TV

    Riot needs to make movies about champion stories.

  • Fahim Sadi
    Fahim Sadi

    "We can't defeat him alone" says the Darius who literally 1v5's in a game after getting a trinity force.

  • Balavignesh .R
    Balavignesh .R

    I love these animations. I wish there was an RPG for these to experience these scenarios.

  • Joao Guerra
    Joao Guerra


  • 하준형

    그래서 비에고가 가져간게 뭔데 누가 알려줘봐

  • That guy With the face
    That guy With the face

    Who wants to tell Viggy that his sword looks dumb and super impractical?

  • Fizco

    This dude looks like jankos wtf


    Biggest Simp in History:The Ruined King

  • Best Slowpoke EU
    Best Slowpoke EU

    kinda miss the music though

  • Basic Counter
    Basic Counter

    Where is twisted tree line?

  • Animegersub

    ahhh now i understand why they all focus on me first in a gank

  • VOLËNA Love
    VOLËNA Love

    why isnt the whole game like this cutting to the fighting takes me out of immersion and its boring i like the cinematics more

  • Aashish Shashi
    Aashish Shashi

    Whats the music at 1:00 ?

  • 이지원

    대동맹 결성한다던가 ㅇㅈㄹ 하면 알지?

  • Raven6689

    Es wird wirklich langsam Zeit fürn Kinofilm

  • Crystal

    this would've been the perfect cinematic for morde to show up.

  • Dayvey.

    Am I the only one who feels Rumplestiltskin vibes when he missed Belle from Once Upon a Time? 🥺

  • Umbra

    Wtf are you doing Dante?

  • Gonçalo Dreamweaver
    Gonçalo Dreamweaver

    This gave me the chills when is riot gonna make a full length movie

  • Andre Vera
    Andre Vera

    You should make moviep

  • Robby Naftaly Matulessy
    Robby Naftaly Matulessy

    I thought it will be mv like warriors or awaken

  • Benjamin I Meszaros
    Benjamin I Meszaros

    I am so intimidated by League but the world building is so on point that I really want to take the plunge

  • Fa Mulan
    Fa Mulan

    Why the white wash karma?!

    • xD

      ? She looks same as in game

  • Duje Blaca
    Duje Blaca

    the best cinematic so far I would love a sequel to this

  • 최규호

    Vayne like NEO for matrix

  • Adelion aray
    Adelion aray

    So cool

  • rifki amdani
    rifki amdani

    LoL i thought Viego wearing a Biker Leather Jacket

  • Neşeli Sahtekarlar
    Neşeli Sahtekarlar

    Yeni bir harita yapsalar ne güzel olur..

  • Corporal Hicks
    Corporal Hicks

    Thx for Poppy !

  • Rikashi Rufuku
    Rikashi Rufuku

    What did senna mean by "we need to go back for her" is veigo a waifu lmao

    • Celestunia

      @Neo Chan Isolde wants to stop the Ruination, and needed Senna and lightbearers help for that.

    • Neo Chan
      Neo Chan

      The little blue soul that Senna had on her chest was Viego's queen, Isolde. I still don't know why though, but I think Isolde wants to get away from Viego with the help of Lucian and Senna.

  • 치티


  • Kanavaer

    I just like to think aurelion sol is somewhere watching this whole fiestco happen

  • HappyBulalo Gaming
    HappyBulalo Gaming

    Lucian: We can't defeat him alone. Rick astley: never gonna let you down

  • greent26tube

    Ok so like what actually happened here?

  • Arindam sen
    Arindam sen

    does any1 know what music is in this video?? its so good.

  • Quinton Marks II
    Quinton Marks II


  • lumberluc

    Viego sounds like a really angry Spaniard. Well, the feelings mutual when Lucian lost his wife.

  • Sejdr

    let's go poppy mid then

  • Sejdr

    merci d'exister.

  • Suan Balaguer Sanchez
    Suan Balaguer Sanchez

    When i saw this 3:42 only one thing came to my mind "Frostmourne hungers"

  • Qivos

    There's not teemo cinematic. 😤

  • WalterJames Buena.
    WalterJames Buena.

    My Flirting skills: 1:28

  • Alistaire Wu
    Alistaire Wu

    If you listen to the voice in the background when Samira and Darius are introduced, it sounds like Darius is saying "Noxus, noxus,...NOXUS"

  • Valdo Kroy
    Valdo Kroy

    Хай Артас, давно не виделись

  • loveurlife4ever1


  • Sam Broggi
    Sam Broggi

    Ok but where’s yorick though, the mist and seeking out the ruined king is like his whole lore

  • Zavier Crawford
    Zavier Crawford

    why can't we get a movie they'd make so much money so i'd be a win win

  • Hard Core Gaming
    Hard Core Gaming

    Xul + Lich King

  • Noctu' PtitGaming
    Noctu' PtitGaming

    So nobody talks about the music in the cinematic? I can't find it anywhere, litterally, i'm so sad. When Darius gets corrupted, the ost is insane

  • Igor Wojciechowski
    Igor Wojciechowski

    *crosses through death and invades Earth* Viego: Return my queen! Senna: NO, simp Viego: Understandable. Have a nice day

  • Vilezi

    Did you just stole these Viego sounds from Sea of Thieves bounty skulls? o.O Edit: Grammar

  • Sina B.
    Sina B.

    Why does vayne remind me of laura croft played by angelina jolie?:D

  • Joaquin Rodriguez
    Joaquin Rodriguez

    Can you release the song of this cinematic? its so good.

  • Kira Gaming
    Kira Gaming

    An Ionian Sword interesting.

  • Perry Olson
    Perry Olson

    Where’s Teemo!

  • Atticus Cariño
    Atticus Cariño

    1:44 You know a champ's broken when Evangelion explosions start appearing

  • Lot Lot
    Lot Lot

    Хороший сюжет !! Неее не слышал

  • Ahmed Basha - أحمد باشا
    Ahmed Basha - أحمد باشا

    what's the song starting at 1:00

  • Nunote

    ok, if this isn't the set up for a big event, i'm gonna be sad.

    • xD

      It's setup for whole season

  • 파카fen T도둑 기무찬호
    파카fen T도둑 기무찬호


  • Светослав Веселинов
    Светослав Веселинов

    Jungler : “Hey bot can you help me with drake ?” Bot : 0:08

  • Justin Gabriel
    Justin Gabriel

    Is this the reincarnation of Arthas as the Death Knight?

  • nexdroid

    Mortal Kombat X ft. League of Legends

  • ahmetsercan soydan
    ahmetsercan soydan

    Me after killing the Ruined King Restwell Viego I ll find Isolde.

  • Kelvin Odier
    Kelvin Odier

    This cinematic is really great Also I'd love to get the music too, it is so good

  • Darkrai

    what is this? a new yordle champ?

    • xD


  • Draco Braving
    Draco Braving

    The Arrangement is so beautiful....

  • Graf Kater
    Graf Kater

    3:41 i get here hard Lichking vibes from WoW

  • Yuri Daisuki
    Yuri Daisuki

    I just notice doesn't viego look like v from dmc5

  • Alvia The Ginger
    Alvia The Ginger

    Does anyone know the name of the music used in the cinematic?

  • Penn Jalandoni
    Penn Jalandoni

    This has a better lovestory than twilight

  • Mexican JoJo
    Mexican JoJo

    Yorick is trembling right now

  • Bea

    biggest simp in history

  • SmileSama

    Bruh just make a movie already 🙃

  • ImuG

    I want to see mordekaiser bonk viego in cinematic

  • Conor Keith
    Conor Keith

    Dying for a ruined karma for legends of runterra

  • Ha Vitins
    Ha Vitins

    This guy came from Maldraxxus

  • Dirgama Muya Permana
    Dirgama Muya Permana

    Me as jungler: Hey botlane i need help to take a dragon Duo Bot: 0:09

  • 2Chef

    This isn't 60 fps is it ?

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