ROBLOX BATTLES: NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER: Spy Ninjas Thanksgiving Cooking Challenge Championship!
After Chad Wild Clay made "CONFRONTING MY BULLY Who Hacks My ALgone Channel!", Vy Qwaint created "FBI ARREST US for Crimes Committed in GTA 5 and Do Lie Detector Test on my Friends!", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Wearing a FAT Suit For 24 Hours and Competing in Hacker Games Giant Obby Challenges IRL to Win", PZ Funf, the dumb Project Zorgo hacker wanted us to play Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) in real life! Now we are angry and will confront that bully, PZ Funf, who is the boss of the gaming division. We go on a mission to save PZ Funf from his Project Zorgo bullies from the fighting division, and he quits! Now we can get Regina's ALgone channel verified and stop Project Zorgo from deleting it. In order to get Regina's channel verified, we need to make gaming videos! Regina invites the Devster over because he used to be a part of the Project Zorgo gaming division until he quit! The Spy Ninjas challenge him to Roblox and Super Mario Party. Vy Qwaint is also hosting a cooking challenge for their Thanksgiving Feast. Regina makes an Among Us pumpkin pie! While the Devster is thanking the Spy Ninjas for helping him quit Project Zorgo, they get an emergency alert that Melvin is missing! Hopefully, the Spy Ninjas can find Melvin and he isn't in trouble. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Happy Thanksgiving Spy NInjas (if you celebrate it)! Which game should we play in our next gaming video?

    • Harold Paterno Jrqqqowosmwkwoal\ Soberano
      Harold Paterno Jrqqqowosmwkwoal\ Soberano

      Hi vy I do

    • Mohd Salleh
      Mohd Salleh

      Hi vy i love T

    • Mohd Salleh
      Mohd Salleh


    • Mohd Salleh
      Mohd Salleh

      Hi vy 😉😘

    • Jermaine Foye
      Jermaine Foye

      Addison Hi

  • gachagamer _lol101
    gachagamer _lol101

    At 0:08 at least they did not delete the ones that people videod

  • Beyblade Max Lee
    Beyblade Max Lee

    what about melvin weapon mech

  • Andrea Markan
    Andrea Markan



    Hi I ship Regina and Daniel

  • Madison Lemon
    Madison Lemon

    regina: is it obvious me: regina and daniel sus

  • Murtaza Ali
    Murtaza Ali

    RIP TO PZ🙏🙏🙏

    • Murtaza Ali
      Murtaza Ali


  • ingris a.
    ingris a.

    Hackers are just friends

  • ingris a.
    ingris a.

    You you guys are not real

  • Arisara Chalermpairoj
    Arisara Chalermpairoj

    vy shout too loud and chad and dempster can not hear them lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣me 2 I get so frustrated so much when I play roblox🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aliyah Juarez
    Aliyah Juarez

    Do you know your talents already verified

  • Elana Flatfoot
    Elana Flatfoot

    What does most of us watch iPad

  • gloria ramirez
    gloria ramirez

    you too

  • Eva Ogletree
    Eva Ogletree

    daniel has a lover

  • Moustoutou London
    Moustoutou London

    Melvin made a funny joke

  • Moustoutou London
    Moustoutou London

    I don't celebrate thx giving... and when the bread fell and then Daniel got mad he was so funny i am laughing so bad

  • Johna Joebel Soria
    Johna Joebel Soria


  • Dexter Timothy
    Dexter Timothy

    Maybe ill eat it without the choclate

  • Dexter Timothy
    Dexter Timothy

    Me to

  • Nico Cabalang
    Nico Cabalang

    Among us depositor hacker

  • Maiko TV Vlog
    Maiko TV Vlog


  • Shawndeil Simbajon
    Shawndeil Simbajon


  • GalaxyGirl 213
    GalaxyGirl 213

    Among us

  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez

    Now tell me Daniel sports

  • Camila Echeverria
    Camila Echeverria


  • Sherlyn Ariza
    Sherlyn Ariza

    Oops robolx

  • Sherlyn Ariza
    Sherlyn Ariza

    Vy why do you don't know how to play ro9

  • Nayeli lara 1
    Nayeli lara 1

    Awoooooooo I am a wolf also chad Daniel and desaulnier watevert

  • Riza Fathima
    Riza Fathima

    I don't know why i put the sound + while wearing earphones now after hearing vy scream now i think i cant hear anything 😂😂😂

  • Lucas Sanchez
    Lucas Sanchez

    YXOWNf pz9 now pz

  • Rafan Alam
    Rafan Alam

    i don't

  • Sophias Life 123
    Sophias Life 123


  • Mary Kelly
    Mary Kelly

    I. Miss. Melvin. Pz9

  • Mr Jrv
    Mr Jrv

    among us

  • Clxudy Lex
    Clxudy Lex

    You who'd play roblo x gunipig simulator

  • Amy Yang
    Amy Yang

    I like the dester

  • XxZach_aftonxX

    I think chad said a bad word 6:21

  • shiven shah
    shiven shah

    I am vegetarian so i dont care about daniels footlong

  • Muysym and meng kuong Family YouTube channel
    Muysym and meng kuong Family YouTube channel

    Daniel Jean is rib

  • Muysym and meng kuong Family YouTube channel
    Muysym and meng kuong Family YouTube channel


  • Cassie Amber Gomez
    Cassie Amber Gomez

    No is so gross 🤢

  • Sandra Carlin
    Sandra Carlin

    ❤❤❤❤❤ I love you baby but the best and also the other spy ninjas I love you and also you are the best and people think you sure but not really sure you're very beautiful this way or I am bell by the way my brother what you want I'm me and my brother saviour and Bella which is me mine as my brother's name is saviour and also we like watching your videos and Siberia Xavier like your videos from Bala

  • Mikasa Hajome
    Mikasa Hajome

    Daniel is funny about the bread falling

  • Sandra Carlin
    Sandra Carlin


  • Sandra Carlin
    Sandra Carlin

    I love you baby you're the best ALgoner ever and also your husband Chad and also I like every spider and also some people the Space part of the people who you're you are fired this way you are I love you baby you're beautiful

  • Javier Gutierrez
    Javier Gutierrez


  • Scott Perkins
    Scott Perkins

    Regina loves Daniel

  • Angel Robinson
    Angel Robinson

    i see somewhen walking into the kinch;)

  • Ben Bywater
    Ben Bywater

    I just wanted to say something to you spy niga happy new year

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson


  • nicki cut
    nicki cut

    I would never eat a phone log I'm a kid I don't eat footlong and stews me anyways I got some videos tonight you can make videos my pants for me that's the whole house that's for your face and that's what I did and all this other games you don't even brezina lost her golden play button I can tell the future see I can really tell the future what's money does you have to dress up like finger thumbs okay

  • Jelly Slogo and Crainer Fan
    Jelly Slogo and Crainer Fan

    I am a huge fan I love you so much I wish I can see you but I live in tipton

  • Jelly Slogo and Crainer Fan
    Jelly Slogo and Crainer Fan


  • khaled allouzi
    khaled allouzi


  • Meishi Su Padilla
    Meishi Su Padilla


  • Jennifer Nandin
    Jennifer Nandin

    i I love your videos

    • Jennifer Nandin
      Jennifer Nandin

      My real name is Riley

  • Annie Rankine
    Annie Rankine

    Vy: *ded* Devster: you didn't hit the jump button vy I dyed 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • Maruf Khan
      Maruf Khan


  • Tyreze Ann Jacob Roque
    Tyreze Ann Jacob Roque

    Is that your editer in the backround 13:48 ahhahah lol

  • Vera Mata
    Vera Mata

    I hat daniel bat I love Regina and dabster maybe Regina and dabster at in 😘💕 love i like dabsterets so koll

  • Emily Eastwood
    Emily Eastwood

    I love you. Spicy vy

  • hendra stmt
    hendra stmt


  • hendra stmt
    hendra stmt


  • hendra stmt
    hendra stmt


  • sandis rutka
    sandis rutka

    But melvin is Green

  • Rowena Tolentino
    Rowena Tolentino

    i laughed when daniel trow the bread

  • Mallory Garcia
    Mallory Garcia

    Where is h

  • Mallory Garcia
    Mallory Garcia

    Danny boy don’t like you are gross

  • Cooperchad gamer
    Cooperchad gamer


  • Cooperchad gamer
    Cooperchad gamer


  • putinwork261

    I wouldn’t eat Daniels foot-long turkey

  • putinwork261

    I don’t like Daniel because he goes in garbage cans

  • putinwork261

    I love Melvin and Peezy nine the best fighter

  • Madeline Pereda
    Madeline Pereda


  • Cornelia Staehle
    Cornelia Staehle


  • Arianna Yeoh
    Arianna Yeoh

    On 13:49 there was somewon in the backround

  • MsLovsky

    Vy I Like Your Videos So Much I hated Project zorgo by beating the leader but you get hacking To Be here

  • Moh Alghaz
    Moh Alghaz

    VY DED COUNTER: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • YamiFN

    Can that boy death a spy ninjas he is nice

  • Skyler Miller
    Skyler Miller

    I think Daniel has a crush on Regina because he pushes the Depster when they were dansing

  • Claribel Gutiérrez
    Claribel Gutiérrez

    Very not no

  • Carter super cars :
    Carter super cars :


  • salvador7242


  • Camille Diaz de Leon
    Camille Diaz de Leon


  • Aura Lopez
    Aura Lopez


  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    u guys can not make food bit VQ and regina

  • James M Valentine Jr
    James M Valentine Jr

    I would not

  • Sophie Mata
    Sophie Mata

    rof rof rof rof

  • Sara Burnfield
    Sara Burnfield

    I would never eat Daniels food eww yuck

  • Ana Leveron
    Ana Leveron

    thx 😀😀😀😀

  • Sirus 4258
    Sirus 4258

    I have never seen vy. Get mad

  • EliseCool Gaming
    EliseCool Gaming

    I’m eating vy

  • Ariana Plays
    Ariana Plays


  • Ernest Wimbeton
    Ernest Wimbeton


  • Maruf Khan
    Maruf Khan

    I was drinking lacrrois the drink devertster gave them i started lol

  • Tonny Awang
    Tonny Awang


  • Rachael Birchall
    Rachael Birchall


  • Ofelia Viceral
    Ofelia Viceral

    West song ever


    Devester and Chad are having fun when i saw chad came in and Devester was like punching chad and chad punch back

  • Valerie Larra
    Valerie Larra


  • Aufa Nur Imani MSN
    Aufa Nur Imani MSN

    Uoxdfkjgh.k Brd

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Schlatt gets fit
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