Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]
Adult Swim
Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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  • The.RoninOf239

    Very tempting lol

  • Sai


  • acme420

    I thought Rick said "Alright were done, Go play PS5 if you can fucking find it!"

  • Andrew Rush
    Andrew Rush

    This is like a big middle finger to everyone trying to get a console. Probably won’t get one till April. Crazy that they didn’t make enough along with the amounts of Bots buying them up.

  • OmarTheGreatest

    Lmao that was a goat investment 😂

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      man i love rick and morty commercials

  • Sebastian Guzman
    Sebastian Guzman

    Yuuuuuurrrrrrr 💫💫💫💫💫

  • John Vega
    John Vega

    RIP Xbox

  • Robo Luigi
    Robo Luigi

    El comercial perfecto no exist..

  • Shaun

    Xbox Fanboy: Fuck man, I hate the PS5 but... R+M are like the Kardashians for the *intelligent and enlightened* (or at least for those, whom unanimously agree, that "orange" isn't a voluntary self-disclosure of ethnicity) so fuck Orwellian Capitalism, but for what it's worth, fuck Microsoft too. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤫🛸😉💲🤗

  • Brandon Mulryan
    Brandon Mulryan

    Funny how sony knows they suck ass so much they need to buy out ad time using one of the most popular television series.

  • Itz_Hunted

    Me, an all time Xbox users because the controller and player experience is better and Sony is scummy after seeing this ad: I M C O N V I N C E D

  • B1rE

    Sony: pLaY hAs nO LiMiTs You probably need to buy PS+ just to play online. -Posted by a PC user.

  • Jacob Dulac
    Jacob Dulac

    My brother went to gamestop to see if they had the PS5 and they did, but they didn’t have Xbox series x, just proves Xbox is better LMAO

  • ㄥ工れK

    I like how playstation didnt give a fuck what they said

  • Christopher Laudon
    Christopher Laudon

    plot twist: rick programmed the bots buying all the stock from online sellers and is scalping it on ebay.

  • The Banana Overlord
    The Banana Overlord

    Maybe stop the bots first before you try to sell us the product we can’t buy, like at least add a captcha or something

  • 84tanooki

    So the 70 episodes happening.. not happening... What?

  • Mahesh

    I still can't afford a PS2 😪🤧

  • TheFamousJose

    I’m gonna wait until I have the money

  • Lelio A.D.
    Lelio A.D.

    I read the title as "Season 5 Trailer". You read what you want to read

  • Jacob The Saiyan
    Jacob The Saiyan

    man i love rick and morty commercials

  • BreeDahFluff

    I still prefer xbox

  • Zhou Enlai
    Zhou Enlai

    They made like 20 of them, they have a high chance of breaking, and they literally pay money to keep games off of Xbox. Fuck ps5

  • Sageof6ixx

    Loved it

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Wait, everyone's on the waiting list, too?

  • Patrick

    Make more.

  • Zarehl Gutierrez
    Zarehl Gutierrez

    I don't believe the PS5 exists

  • Esco Whitfield
    Esco Whitfield

    “Rick why won’t it turn on”

  • Kev

    alguem traduz ai

  • Tortle

    First time I willing watched an ad

  • Katlyn Dobransky
    Katlyn Dobransky

    The PlayStation on this short clip looks better than how it does in real life lmao

  • Dredgen Sin
    Dredgen Sin

    Alright, I'm not much a fan of Sony/Playstation, but this ad was gold. Well played Sony, well played.

  • Daniel Christ
    Daniel Christ

    How is it people got arrested for buying up all the toilet paper but people are sitting on 5-10 systems selling them at double prices?

  • Bruno Chinchilla
    Bruno Chinchilla

    "Maximum Effort!!" -Deadpool

  • Volt web457
    Volt web457

    I’m convinced

  • bust2007

    I think I’ll watch Rick and Morty on my ps5 ... 80” tv with all the shitz and giggles that are new in tech and thingy with the glitz and lights that make it sound cool when you turn it on .. then when you turn it off the image looks like the closing of a theater show ... yea ... you don’t have that going on . Shit ... I guess the next question is ... mK11 ultra all exclusive access with the cool up to date stuff or demon soul with the peewww , pewww , bonk .... zap !!

  • Skating Devil
    Skating Devil

    Well we're trying to buy it

  • Milo

    rick counting his money from scalping consoles

  • Alan Castro
    Alan Castro

    That's cool but, does it stack flavors?

  • Kaio_K!d

    Now I see how my dog feels watching me eat, knowing he's not gonna get one bite.


    Very good

  • hustlinjustin

    I would if I could

  • GamerZ Logic
    GamerZ Logic

    *Can I get some of that Ad money for watching this? technically we're the most important part of it.*

  • DaxGamer 98
    DaxGamer 98

    Thank you rick and morty now everything makes sense but I go more for the xbox series x thanks equally I love them xD

  • Djread Reactions
    Djread Reactions

    Best. Ad. Ever.

  • MrDrRandy

    My pc is way faster

  • Gooby

    Okey im going to buy it

  • sebius

    jjajajajajajajajaj xd q risa q rick y morty promocionen la ps5

  • Zenn22

    15fps 😂😂😂😂😂 even the ads have trash performance

  • Santiago Scanio
    Santiago Scanio

    Mierd4 esto es publicidad!!!

  • masterred82

    i feel very compelled to buy a -Xbo- *PS5*

  • Mr. Blunt
    Mr. Blunt

    Meh not funny.

  • Batmad28 !!
    Batmad28 !!

    Now if only I could play PS5 with the actual Rick and Morty

  • Ludger W.D
    Ludger W.D

    RICK: "Come on morty they played a lot money for this" Ye money well spent, this is genius marketing

  • Hoang MVP
    Hoang MVP

    Plash speed

  • Jonathan Wittenmyer
    Jonathan Wittenmyer

    Sony > Microsoft And then there was Nintendo

  • Ludger W.D
    Ludger W.D

    Aight im sold

  • James Silva
    James Silva

    Very Sad that Rick & Morty's ads, gives a better review then Kotaku! :'D

  • Demon BEST
    Demon BEST

    The writer for this show is chomo

  • Jossy Rancher
    Jossy Rancher

    This is why the PS5 is selling for more than the xbox.

  • Sanic

    Just got a ps5 for only $1100 thank god for scalpers.

  • Fábio C
    Fábio C

    Xbox you little ##@$$!

  • Kayden Cleveland
    Kayden Cleveland


  • Candido Villanueva
    Candido Villanueva

    Pretty sure theirs things wrong with it just like the time ps3 came out ps4 xbox xbox 360 and Xbox fall out 67 no mans land and all the games that dumb ass people paid for all because it looked good but was shit on release games nowndays is about graphics instead of gameplay or story telling

  • InThaStickz Irl
    InThaStickz Irl

    Who still watches this trash

  • voney


  • Denniz

    When the new season

  • Saint Germain
    Saint Germain

    Id love to buy one but you've only made like 100 of them

  • Antonio Blanco
    Antonio Blanco

    Remember when they did pringles

  • XicuriCJ

    Bro I was gonna buy the series x, fuck that ps5 it is

  • floyd watt
    floyd watt

    It's official Rick and Morty are complete sell-outs.

  • Kill Rox
    Kill Rox

    U know u have to buy when Rick N morty says it

  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone

    Ps5 play has no ps5 consoles

  • TRC563 Dereck
    TRC563 Dereck

    Sony: U want the PS5? Me: Yes! :D Sony: Well buy it for $500 Dollars! Me: °~°

  • Lily Green
    Lily Green

    Best ps5 ad ever

  • Orlando Baltazar Uitz Ku
    Orlando Baltazar Uitz Ku

    I'm a xbox fanboy and I'm proud about that.

  • TastyAlpacas

    I'd wait to buy a second gen of the ps5. It has so many bugs right now :/

  • Frithnanth Caleb
    Frithnanth Caleb

    i would say hell yeah but it is less of a chore to Invent a Portal gun and travel to a alternate Dimension, kill a ps5 owner, take his ps5 and come back to this one than to try and Buy one in this realm....

  • Laughter O.T
    Laughter O.T

    Rick isn’t impressed

  • jameson sperling
    jameson sperling

    Play has no limits. UH APPARENTLY IT DOES

  • Andrew Wiles
    Andrew Wiles

    XBOX SERIES X > PS5 (digital foundry)

  • Luca 1278
    Luca 1278

    Will you do one for the next xbox

  • Sérgio

    Shut up and take my money!

  • iTz Art3mis
    iTz Art3mis

    Omg I knew rick invented the ps5

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo


  • WISHIN 935
    WISHIN 935

    Nah, no this time xbox is better

  • Reexx 58
    Reexx 58


  • Darrell Aaqila
    Darrell Aaqila

    Morty playing ps4 & ps5 Morty on 2013 ps4 hdd 1tb : That loading its so slow Morty on 2020 ps5 ssd 825 gb : WOW THAT LOADING ITS SO FAST

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      I just heard Ants in My Eyes Johnson received a shipment of 15 ...anyone know how much he's selling them for ?

  • S C
    S C

    That's how to advertise to today's gen. 10/10 would buy

  • Kyle Ohlson
    Kyle Ohlson

    Deff happy with my purchase 🔥

  • doctor leak
    doctor leak

    I think Rick would rather do anything else.

  • CreeperRudy

    This needs to be in ALgone ads instead of some boring ads.

  • Newlson

    video games have becoe crack

  • Benjamín Andrade Osses
    Benjamín Andrade Osses


  • Sam Palmer
    Sam Palmer

    Pretty cool ad, but as you can see we can’t buy any right now...

  • حسسين العجميء
    حسسين العجميء

    We are trying

  • Demvian Patralis
    Demvian Patralis

    Rick's imput sold me, as the memes say " SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!"

  • Anas Nassim
    Anas Nassim

    Beeest add i ever saw

  • thumbugly

    Don’t forget to say how much you love Communist China when you play it. The first time you say anything else about China, they’re ready to report and ban you. It’s actually in their disclaimer. No joke. Look it up. Fuck Sony.

  • Micheal Mustermann
    Micheal Mustermann

    WTF 😂🙈👌

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