Recovering a tipped crane
Using an excavator and track loader to lift up a off-road crane that tipped over. Then doing some repairs to the crane.
Crane getting fixed:

  • mike harris
    mike harris

    I’m glad your ok my friend keep safe in all you do. Your a Real trooper 👨‍✈️

  • Train 2noplace
    Train 2noplace

    Came here from the comment section on AvE where he tries out his Deere rental.

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall

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  • Dylan Severit
    Dylan Severit

    You probably lost the crush washers on the injectors when you took them out seems like it loss of compression on at least a couple cylinders!

  • breakshot74

    i admire your coolness it is what it is back to work

  • Robin R. Koykka
    Robin R. Koykka

    That was sad music as the crane left home... sniff sniff :-(

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      At least the crane got fixed and has a bunch of jobs ahead of it.

  • Dean Wood
    Dean Wood

    Lmao this dude is cool as all man bib props from nc

  • Jack k
    Jack k

    Glad you have the brains to abandon ship!

  • Tom Donahue
    Tom Donahue

    wow the ol pettibone is a lot heavier than i thought...what is the weight on those units?

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James

    For all the gravel Andrew puts down he never puts any down at his place, It's always all mud.

  • Daniel EBR Parish
    Daniel EBR Parish

    Your videos are always more entertaining when you break something, aka fixing stuff. It will be interesting to hear what the engine issues are. I would guess some water might have made it to an injector and that can blow the tip of it off. Hopefully it's not an injector pump issue. It needs to have a water separator installed before the fuel filters. I didn't notice if it had a primary and secondary fuel filter, if not one needs to be installed. The engine sounds good but it is definitely not running on all cylinders. That white smoke is a tell tale sign of water in the exhaust. That could be caused by a cracked block or head or it might just be a build up of water in the exhaust stack. People have a tendency to not do much maintenance on stuff they are going to sell so it's a good idea to clean the fuel tank on something that is more than 30 years old and to change all the filters and check the condition of the fluids on everything else.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Head gasket blew between two cylinders when I tried to start it full of oil. There is a video of the repair on Jesse's channel.

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex

    **Injectors looked NASTY!!!**

  • Deejay Savoie
    Deejay Savoie

    I’m sure glad u jumped off that crane dammmm buddy scary stuff

  • edrosgo

    И с музыкальным вкусом у Эндрю тоже все в порядке. Трек в конце ролика как нельзя к месту. Прощай кран! Nice sound track at the end. Good bye crane, good bye friend!

  • Big mike
    Big mike

    You should really take better care of your equipment..daily or at least twice a week maintenance is really good for it and cheaper in the long

  • Johnny Holland
    Johnny Holland

    Glad you bailed out. That would have been one hell of a ride. You can fix stuff. It is a little harder to fix people.

  • MessYouUp757

    Not gonna lie when he was putting the drive shaft in, was really hopping that no one was gonna surprise me because it straight up sounded like porn

  • Wheelin N’ Dealin
    Wheelin N’ Dealin

    Wow I just watched this video start to finish and I couldn’t look away once, you do a very good job maintaining the story and captivating who’s watching. I just discovered your channel yesterday and I will be subscribing you are awesome man👍🏻

  • Jerred

    Still didn’t seem like it was getting enough fuel the flow rate should have been way better

  • Justine-Paula Robilliard
    Justine-Paula Robilliard

    Is it a crime to splash the ISS with motor oil?

  • roomwithapointofview

    Ahh, being upside down dislodged a lifetime of silt buildup. I would survey every tank.

  • roomwithapointofview

    Too bad you don't have a crane, you could just pluck it up out of there.

  • Eric

    Glad you’re ok. That’s most important.

  • Colton

    Be curious to just how fast that engine was spinning doing 30mph in gear.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Its like a automatic, engine wasn't spinning.

  • My favorite Martian
    My favorite Martian

    On an old Pettibone like that the brakes are regular hydraulic but with a Hydra-booster powered by the outrigger pump. The engine stops and so does the boost. His leg is not big enough to hold on a hill. But he has a parking brake which is a drum on the output of the drop box. But it is for parking on level ground and will pull through it too. The best parking brake is to put the jacks down, but the motor stopped and they could not extend either. Jumping out was the best decision he will ever make. Those old cranes are sold off cheap due to 1- a bad engine, 2- a leaking hydraulic swivel inside the turret or needing the boom slide pads replaced. Good luck!

    • Daniel EBR Parish
      Daniel EBR Parish

      Can air brakes be fabricated for those machines?

  • Cecil McKeithan
    Cecil McKeithan

    Fuel pressure looked weak to me. Looks like it needs new fuel pump.

  • Gary Kenny
    Gary Kenny


  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown

    Check the pump, check the injectors, check compression, do a cylinder leakage test by that time you should have a good idea what might be wrong? Thanks for your great videos.

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior

    lol i was about to say move the camera bro there's gonna be oil jetting out of those. My friend rolled his offroader once and we did this to get the oil out, it pretty much atomized the oil into a fine mist all over my truck that was parked next to it haha

  • Larry Torres
    Larry Torres

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  • Balls Deep
    Balls Deep

    Dam good thing do some maintenance on your shit.. buy junk ,use junk ,and build junk. Wtf you think going to happen... good thing this wasn't on a busy area or job sight.... guess brakes just don't work ether... another classic junk show of stupidity....

  • Stephen Manchester
    Stephen Manchester

    "it just needs to be... you know....not upside down...."

  • trambon tram
    trambon tram

    Вызывайте Марс Марс с Питера. Подсобят блоками и наукой.

  • Bill Beck
    Bill Beck

    That crane isn't going to be used as a getaway vehicle.

  • Jeffery Wilson
    Jeffery Wilson

    Spray some WD-40 in the back of your drill in the motor you'll think me later just one little squirt that's all it takes don't drowned it my little one handed sawzall was always making that same noise blew it out with a compressor sprayed some WD-40 in it good as new the smell will go away

  • Jeffery Wilson
    Jeffery Wilson

    You can role your vehicle back over using the left joystick 😂

  • yz250a

    Dude, you're lucky to be alive.

  • Richard Brooks
    Richard Brooks

    That was a nice dance you guys did coming up the hill.

  • Michael Lohre
    Michael Lohre

    There is no such thing as luck. Count your blessings, buddy.

  • Peter May
    Peter May

    have you tried bleeding the injectors?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Head gasket blew between two cylinders.

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun

    I did not expect that little track loader to be that powerful, it had the entire crane truck lifted on its own just about.

  • Jaime Mendoza
    Jaime Mendoza

    So chill!

  • Funky Squirrel
    Funky Squirrel

    10:52 for the money shot!

  • James Purvis
    James Purvis

    That 955 is a beast!

  • Bluetunder40

    Brother You don't play games What a video .As a Heavy equipment operator here in NY ,Hands down best channel out there You keep it so freaking real z Excellent

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata


  • Idiot Savant
    Idiot Savant

    26:20 best transition ever. “Alright, I just bought that” 😂😂😂😂

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog

    The hole problem is you .

  • Cayman Island
    Cayman Island

    Everything looks like a death trap.

  • 1 2
    1 2

    An endless money pit

    • 1 2
      1 2

      @Andrew Camarata will do

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      If you are curious of the future of this crane, follow Jesse Muller. He fixed it, and is planning on using it to build a house soon. He's going to use it with a concrete bucket and make the whole thing out of ICF's

    • 1 2
      1 2

      @Andrew Camarata a boom truck for concrete forms but not anymore

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      How many cranes have you owned?

    • 1 2
      1 2

      @Andrew Camarata ya the crane

  • Recktul Trama
    Recktul Trama

    This went from an Andrew Camarata video to a Ron Pratt video......mind blown

  • Matlock

    Air filter?

  • Bertha Cox
    Bertha Cox

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  • Scott Sarich
    Scott Sarich

    LOL! Glad the DOT isn't watching this one. lol Not sure what they call those 5-0 in the Merica's Dyed fuel is a hefty fine up here in Eh country lol

    • Scott Sarich
      Scott Sarich

      ​@Andrew Camarata That's awesome! In Saskatchewan only farmers can run dyed, In Alberta oil rigs can run on dyed diesel also. Strange country I live in lol

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Clear fuel is for on road.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Dyed fuel is for off-road vehicles.

  • DGB

    So long as you are safe and alive nothing else matters

  • Steve Kingston
    Steve Kingston

    I have to laugh every time I see people use wd40 for penetrating oil and it's not and useless.

  • Frank Buck
    Frank Buck

    Holy crap. Do ya thing that roof will hold.

  • James Monroe
    James Monroe

    At 12:44 - should have run the fuel pump to clean out the lines BEFORE trying to start it a few minutes earlier. Guess what is now inside your cyclinders?

  • N Rodney510
    N Rodney510

    The brakes probably arent working on that crane very good because the engine isn't creating enough vacuum for the booster to work properly.

    • Daniel EBR Parish
      Daniel EBR Parish

      Someone said that it has a hydraulic brake booster so when the engine stopped he lost the ability to both apply the brakes and to lower the outriggers as a stop gap measure.

  • asa osrs
    asa osrs

    Good thing osha isnt watching these videos

  • acryonym pasta
    acryonym pasta

    it died before it went down the hill and you think it's gonna start bruh

  • On the Mark with Mark
    On the Mark with Mark

    Great attitude Andrew! We had that same Pittibone crame at a company I used to work at. You inspired me to start my own ALgone Channel. Maybe check it out sometime. "On the mark with Mark".

  • ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven
    ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    A tub of bondo and a little running compound, and it'll be good as new. d;o)

  • Jimo225

    I used to have a walker super bee lawn mower. The thing was a death trap. If the one drive belt broke then the mower would roll all the way down the hill and you coldnt' stop it. The parking brake on it wasn' designed to stop it either. Im surprised nobody died that owned that mower. if there was a tree it would stop you.

  • Vincent Rolfe
    Vincent Rolfe

    I would think due to the dirty fuel and filter and lines that the injectors need to be tested; they could be bad. Usually a replacement engine on a Diesel motor is not as necessary as on a gas motor so fuel delivery is limiting your horsepower and without replacing those fuel parts the thing just is not going to perk. Test one injector to start with.

  • Frank E
    Frank E

    Grunting during universal joint installation was not modified for dramatic effect. This is what you will actually experience while trying to do this job.

  • Adrian Ransier
    Adrian Ransier

    As a mechanic I cringed when he slapped those injectors back in with the old seals still on them...

    • James Christie
      James Christie

      Exactly. That was awesome!

  • Dean Benson
    Dean Benson

    Get your hands on some PB Blaster, lose the WD40. Always check ALL FLUIDS, after a tip over..including batteries! Otherwise, good retrieval.

  • ollie akins
    ollie akins

    Watch this video and you can see a spark going to ground when you were trying to start the crame.

  • Aztec Warrior
    Aztec Warrior

    You are so lucky!

  • blastman8888

    They have driveline shops that will make that drive shaft like new again bent a few in my jeep.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Its all good.

  • Brody Heikkila
    Brody Heikkila

    Just watched this notice you did not put shaft in faze

  • David Mcnerney
    David Mcnerney

    Dude youre place is a fortress.

  • Jack Andrews
    Jack Andrews

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  • Omar Bueno
    Omar Bueno

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  • Sny734

    Where they giving sheet steel away? What's the idea of a steel roof?

  • Av8tore71

    Great drone work!!

  • Av8tore71

    Owning heavy equipment like this has to be EXPENSIVE!

  • Poppys Bench
    Poppys Bench

    Old Austin Western

  • Julie Lokahi
    Julie Lokahi

    haw have is the cran?

  • GSD Schutzhund
    GSD Schutzhund

    Rolling down the hill, tipping over, Andrew said "COOL"

  • Robert Isaak
    Robert Isaak

    I'll score a 10/10 on the exit. Had a similar thing happen in early 90's with a crane truck pulling a D4 cat loaded on a trailer up a hill in Idaho. Fortunate to get everyone out before things started going upside down and sideways.

  • Alex Wild
    Alex Wild

    Sounds to me when trying to start its only firing on one, one and half, or two cylinders from the six. When running it won't rev, and it lacks power to drive itself. Whip the head off and see whats going on I'd say. Compression test before hand. Anyone else ?

  • Dawson T
    Dawson T

    You know what would be useful in this situation. A crane.

  • Rei Kris Razo
    Rei Kris Razo

    Whoa Boy, I hope no one is freezing out there.

  • Teri and TL Stanbro
    Teri and TL Stanbro

    Poor Diesel engines they just run and get neglected But they still run

  • Teri and TL Stanbro
    Teri and TL Stanbro

    Holy shut Jed Clampett you struck oil 🍥

  • Central Sun Creations
    Central Sun Creations

    Nice house and tools

  • birkirrafael

    Andrew have you checked this out Ratchet Straps | Tie Downs Straps

  • SuburbanHobbyist

    3:20 You know what is funny? When I watched you jump out of that crane I thought, yep, I would have done the exact same thing. Why? I also grew up riding three wheelers all over the country side. You know right away when to jump and the earlier the better usually. You can't think about it, you just get up and off and get clear. I don't know why it reminded me of riding three wheelers but then you mentioned it and I thought, yep.

  • Greyson Riegel
    Greyson Riegel

    Thank god your ok

  • Cinders Wolfhound
    Cinders Wolfhound

    Looks like the fuelpump is full of shit from the tank it should flow more fuel than that

  • Liz Winchester
    Liz Winchester

    Your self-sufficiency is remarkably sexy.

  • dposer10

    That dirty fuel tank is probably what shut it down originally

  • Jeff A.
    Jeff A.

    How did you clean the tank?

  • Alex Duke
    Alex Duke

    The beauty of old equipment! Not a scratch on it!

  • Hank

    I see your delima but if you loosen up your injectors crank it over see which cylinder has compression then take PB blaster and pour it down the cylinders that have little or no compression, and let it set for 7 days then put an old towel over the holes. Crank it until all is dry then reinstall injectors, bleed the fuel system and drive I just fixed an old 135 MF and it unstick the rings and it works fine. It may be worth the time. Its up to you good luck!!

  • Xombi Xombi
    Xombi Xombi

    You ask, no beg for grief, when not cleaning before disassembly. I didn't see the wheels blocked while working on repairs. What do blocks cost? Make a set of v blocks for checking drive shaft straightness. You are doing your best to get yourself maimed over stupid stuff. I like you and hope for you to stick around. Are the injectors clogged?

  • wreckbuilder01

    looks as our young andrew had to issue a calling all cars alert for this task

  • george malakasis
    george malakasis

    There is something called ' service ' ! Something I'm afraid you don't have any idea of.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata

      Pretty sure I do. Let me see the fleet of equipment you are keeping operational by you're self

  • Klaus Wittrup Jensen
    Klaus Wittrup Jensen

    1) ice in fuel. 2) cranking with liquid in cylinders. 3) give to buddy

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