Ranking Sidemen videos that W2S made...
Huge moves
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  • WilmottOntheGo

    fall guys is decent, i loved watching it

  • M f
    M f

    “By todays standards it is a stinker but back then .. ahhh it was still a sticker”

  • SlendyDie

    nah the christmas video is a banger

  • Hunter Gaming
    Hunter Gaming

    You put Fall guys in stinker are you mad harry fuck bruh

  • Conor McFadden
    Conor McFadden


  • Lloyd Frayne
    Lloyd Frayne

    9:30 dont know which one it was but the one where they were all trapped in the bath (freezt was impostor). That was better

  • Zain Mallick
    Zain Mallick

    I felt attacked when Harry put World Cup and Christmas football challenges in meh

  • Dan Popescu
    Dan Popescu

    almost all the stinkers i like

  • CraziMaxi79

    I think we’ve all agreed that wipeout was a hosted vid

  • Kian Mewes
    Kian Mewes

    Fall guys had to be a goated video especially with Ethan falling out of the course. Goated for Ethan

  • 123

    Imagine making a video on sidemen videos

  • ContendedRacer5

    Bro online school was good too. At the very least it’s a banger.

  • Erik Rogers
    Erik Rogers

    The among us videos are Goated

  • Beni Szakonyi
    Beni Szakonyi

    Faze crossbar challenge is goated thogh

  • Nagelan 2008
    Nagelan 2008

    The frame error on the total wipeout video.Actually made me think that something big was going to happen but turns out it was just a error

  • Chief Sosa almighty
    Chief Sosa almighty

    There isnt a sidmen video that is a stinker

  • Maximal Säkerhet
    Maximal Säkerhet

    Sidemen vs Faze crossbar challenge is goated though, Harry's volley shot and Vikk hitting the crossbar twice were insane

  • Nathan Waring
    Nathan Waring

    I liked the fall guys irl, but it cost 30k and underperformed if fall guys did not die so quick it would have preformed better

  • Snake Hddjj
    Snake Hddjj

    Anyone else think the 2020 quiz was a top tier banger vid?

  • Samantha Penn-cerro
    Samantha Penn-cerro

    Full guys goated

  • Super Hans
    Super Hans

    Both Among Us should be goated and I hope we all agree there needs to be another one

  • Fyra

    20 women vs W2S is defo goated

  • Ramil D
    Ramil D

    amongs us vids are goated btw and the fact that yall only made 2 makes it so rare cause let's be real. yall ain't making ome of those again. sidemen will probably make cod warzone in real life before they make another among us in real life. lmao

  • Kider

    Harry is so critical of his own work.

  • special N9NE
    special N9NE

    Harry: ”Oh guys this is a huge stinker” Me: "Noooooo"

  • DabereREACTS

    Sidemen talent show is Goated

  • Larna Dawn
    Larna Dawn

    Wipeout + 2nd among us are goated bro

  • Prahasini Selvakumar
    Prahasini Selvakumar

    i am highly offended the theme park hide and seek wasnt in goated.... that was the first sidemen video i had watched after 2 years of revision

  • Ytrix

    The among us 2 video was much better then among us 1

  • Will iam
    Will iam

    back to school 2 was funny asf

  • Jide Law Clips
    Jide Law Clips

    I thought 2nd among us was better tbh

  • Sophia Jo
    Sophia Jo

    i love all the bingo videos!! do another one!!

  • Sam Curtis
    Sam Curtis

    20vs1 was so GOATED

  • Sam Curtis
    Sam Curtis

    I love the fall guys one. One of my favourites of all time!

  • Sam Curtis
    Sam Curtis

    The Among Us was goated and I preferred the second one

  • St. Nylo
    St. Nylo

    we now know what was in the damn box in the christmas vid.

  • Flacon

    Bro sidemen bingo easily goated r u high or something actually you probably are

  • Armir Aliu
    Armir Aliu

    he literally put fall guys in stinker

  • thaddeus Deck
    thaddeus Deck

    ethan nearly broke his back which was quite funny😂😂

  • Riz


  • Riz


  • Philgob

    literally all at least bangers

  • Etnik Veselaj 1
    Etnik Veselaj 1

    Do a video with your brother

  • J A C K
    J A C K

    Vote niko for mayor of london

  • Oklly ‘
    Oklly ‘

    20 vs 1 is top of goated imo

  • Eino Marklund
    Eino Marklund

    I really enjoyed the 2020 discord sidemen videos like back to school 2 and Jeopardy even though they weren't the best constructed

  • Max Lelean
    Max Lelean

    You should get MADFUT on your phone 📱 it’s amazing

  • AjA10

    0:55 they were 4-0 down and came back and won 5-4 cos I remember vik hit it twice, Simon hit it twice and Harry hit it once

    • Nathan

      No they were 3-0 down then they hit 4 so they were 4-3 up then it was 4-4 and then sidemen hit the last one to win 5-4

  • Wrackzed


  • Evie x x
    Evie x x

    Among us 2 is goated 100% 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • TomBreitenbach

    Bingo vids are underrated

  • Saucepanlidman

    Second among us was goated.

  • dkl

    You Guys Missed The GOATED Video SIDEMEN OLYMPICS 😂

  • Çiko

    2nd among us is goated 1st is top of banger

  • Bob The Frickin Builder u shmucks
    Bob The Frickin Builder u shmucks

    R u and Tobi in the borough Kensington and Chelsea currently I’m not gonna say exactly where cause this is the internet but istg I heard u and Tobi and possibly somebody else or just ppl who sound exactly like u guys like I mean EXACTLY oof I’m probably buggin but still

  • Aarnav V
    Aarnav V


  • Raymond Grieco
    Raymond Grieco

    each of the sidemen should do something like this it’s a great idea

  • Oswaldo Chacon
    Oswaldo Chacon

    45k packs are out now

  • william sweis
    william sweis

    Why did he start swearing

    • william sweis
      william sweis


    • Lucky exe
      Lucky exe

      He’s an adult. He can do whatever he wants

  • Nicole

    They were all fire tbh

  • ExBiaR


  • Gaming fort
    Gaming fort



    I hate you

  • CAL D
    CAL D

    Harry vs 20 is goated 100%. My sister loves you lol

  • E Kennedy
    E Kennedy

    World Cup video is an absolute banger💯

  • Roni Servin
    Roni Servin

    W2s you don’t even upload on w2s please dont upload on w2splays please upload on w2s your first channel you a banned it

  • Syrix BT
    Syrix BT

    The Among us video is GOATED

  • ALN Footy
    ALN Footy


  • Hudson Gravois
    Hudson Gravois

    2nd among us goated

  • Brodie 1965
    Brodie 1965

    You know he’s running low on videos

  • Theo Howe
    Theo Howe

    I thought fall guys was a decent vid. It was funny to watch

  • Theo Howe
    Theo Howe

    The second among us video was more interesting

  • Master mind A A B O
    Master mind A A B O

    Plsss harry make football challeng video plss plss plsss

  • Blue Wave
    Blue Wave

    Got talent is goated harry!! i don't understand how this guy think😅

  • Meliorism Ubuntu
    Meliorism Ubuntu

    You are a great husband material 😍

  • 乃k

    He just forgot the main channel password

  • Brandon yeates
    Brandon yeates

    20 v 1 is definitely goated🤣🤣

  • James Durkan
    James Durkan

    Pub golf abroad would be a banger

  • Intel Clan
    Intel Clan

    How’s it going guys is iconic

  • Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin Powell

    the talent show will become GOATed

  • Joseph Vallejo
    Joseph Vallejo

    Overrated the hell out of among us

    • wolvok Momon
      wolvok Momon

      Stop the cap

  • Freddy 645
    Freddy 645

    Why doesn’t he upload on his w2s channel anymore

  • Ethan Pope
    Ethan Pope

    20 v 1 was goated

  • Jose Argueta
    Jose Argueta

    We all know Josh is gonna nab this video idea.

  • dapu


  • Erick -_-
    Erick -_-

    Puts best videos below banged Puts a Mukbang at banger

  • Matt Caluri
    Matt Caluri

    Am I the only one that loves the World Cup video

  • We Only Know Gaming
    We Only Know Gaming

    Where’s the yugioh at? We need more yugioh videos Harry

  • Dylan Bunting
    Dylan Bunting

    Can I have a shout out on your next video please I am a Man United fan

  • Ellie Wilkes
    Ellie Wilkes

    Pub golf is my number one sidemen video !!! It’s above goated

  • Shraze_Vexx

    The 2nd one was goated

  • Pizza_planet

    It's a stinker

  • Hasfar

    the talent show honestly goated

  • Ross Dunne
    Ross Dunne

    Bowling for me is goated. It got me into you guys.

  • Lara Bryans
    Lara Bryans

    The second among us was better for sure

  • Jay Arazi
    Jay Arazi

    are we just going to ignore the fact that he finally admitted that he cheated in the America calory challenge

  • LegendaryAlex

    Way too harsh on himself

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill

    Is there anything better than hearing Harry say HOWS IT GOING GUYS every six months? (Upload schedule joke)

  • Cat

    6:30 why was harry so quick to say it wasn’t drugs..i think I’m on to summin🤨

  • Um Chain
    Um Chain

    Both among us in real life are goated

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