Randy Pobst explains how to pee in a racecar
@Randy Pobst's crazy Pikes Peak Tesla crash - algone.info/slow/video/r2uxr4icr2mGyXU
What's in Randy's Garage? algone.info/slow/video/oXDXyoxqp6Z3pn0
Randy's emotional 1st racing win - algone.info/slow/video/bqXLt4CImIdfuI0
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Randy Pobst shares the craziest story of needing to use the bathroom under caution during the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Be sure to subscribe to the new @Randy Pobst channel!
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  • Racer Z
    Racer Z

    Hope I get a chance to test this one day

  • Aj Wilkins
    Aj Wilkins

    If this is the question about Nascar that first comes to your mind!!! You might be an idiot... Just sayin.

  • Mr. Mcpoo Pincher Jr.
    Mr. Mcpoo Pincher Jr.

    The CHODE strikes again 8> imagine having to pelvic thrust one out mid race

  • TheSailingDutchman1

    That's a good story. Real good

  • Penguin Gaming
    Penguin Gaming

    The hungry history immuhistochemically nest because tortoise neuroanatomically compare astride a hysterical icebreaker. petite, flaky need

  • Ernest George
    Ernest George

    CANNOT climb the 31 degrees corners at DIS at only 45 mph in a race car. Must be doing over 70 mph or the car slides down or tips over.

  • penitent2401

    imagine just as he was starting to go into the bottle, the light goes green. also, since he now no longer has the soapy water spray, if the windows start frosting over and he can't see, would he use the urine bottle spray?

  • Tymere Barrett
    Tymere Barrett

    Watching this at work while having to pee..... Determined to make it all the way through!!!

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith

    Loosen the belt pee on the floor not your pants open the door let it slosh out as you go

  • mygirl9000

    It would've been way more hilarious if the race started as soon as he started lol

  • David Christensen
    David Christensen

    You can skip to 6 mins and not miss anything. He spends a lot of time talking about going around a round for 2 hours. You can skip the first 6 mins.

  • st1300

    Forget peeing in a race car. I was riding motorcycle as a medic on the bicycle portion of an Ironman Marathon. It's called the rooster tail. You never ride directly behind a cyclist.

  • st1300

    I had a friend who had a friend who knew how to pee in a race car. One night after an evening in an English pub, he was walking down the the street and saw a Lotus Europa with a racing stripes and an open sun roof. He peed in the race car.

  • Jonathan Derise
    Jonathan Derise

    To save y’all 13 mins of wasted time he peed in a soap bottle ..2x

  • Big Bill
    Big Bill

    This guy actually made driving around in circles for 24 hours sound fun.

  • roger brandt
    roger brandt

    Best vinwiki story ever told, thanks for the laugh Randy, firehose is nothing to brag about, wife thinks I’m nutz now.

  • I Stole Your Bed
    I Stole Your Bed

    Trained just like horses. Pooping and walking.

  • James Wright
    James Wright

    I'll give him one thing he is a long-winded bastard that's 13 minutes of my life I'll never get back

  • Epic Octane
    Epic Octane


  • Dennis Canfield
    Dennis Canfield

    Good grief! Every hunter or pilot has a pee bottle. Doesn't take 15 minutes to say pee in a bottle.

  • roblox garbage truck videos
    roblox garbage truck videos

    i thought to myself at 7:57 in the video and i thought in 30 seconds peeing is going to be his first priority :0 lol

  • John Tarin
    John Tarin

    I have to pee pee again

  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs

    Kinda sounds like Scotty

  • Andrew Apjohn
    Andrew Apjohn

    Its honestly weird af hearing a grown man say " I have to Pee-Pee again." 😂😂😂

  • babba90001

    "Oh what a relieve it is"

  • Goober Face
    Goober Face

    how have you made this 13 mins long

  • Rubbersidedown2

    7:15 he gets to the title. Good story but for us that clicked for the answer. You're welcome Edit: spoiler (piss jug) same as anyone on a long drive who doesn't want to stop

  • Branden Altman
    Branden Altman

    If he took a $hit that'd been more impressive

  • Larry Hofer
    Larry Hofer

    Lets not get on this topic.

  • TheDodgeboi

    I had to pause to pee.

  • BrokeCarFan

    Ok, so if people pit in front of you and you gain a spot how well will that work in the long run. If the race is "yellow", and it's "yellow" for that long wouldnt it be wise to pit? Sure the leaders are now at the back, but they now have rested and refueled while you are out picking up spots(of which you may very well lose considering you will fatigue and run out of fuel). But on second thought he didn't initially know how long the "yellow" would last...

    • BrokeCarFan

      Nevermind, it seemed to have worked out for him

  • Travis Collins
    Travis Collins

    ahh the 3a m search

  • dkorda

    Great story Randy! You da man!

  • 3mintz

    He kinda sounds like bill nye

  • Oscar Sundén
    Oscar Sundén

    Lol What the fuck...!!???😂😂😂

  • pensive69

    Funny story! Most of us have used an old beverage bottle on public roads .....necesdity is the Mother of success...

  • sandas turner
    sandas turner

    I'm worrying about how you take a dump in a vehicle. I found myself having to go in a middle of a 20 miles stretch on the interstate one time.

  • Lionel Baron
    Lionel Baron

    great story

  • me005003

    What if you have to shit??? That would be the in car camera I'd like to see from the car behind you. The door opens & looks like you're rolling tootsie rolls out on the track.

  • Blueface

    This seems more important than school

  • Jaylen WRLD
    Jaylen WRLD

    ion got a firehose LOL

  • Initial Doge
    Initial Doge

    If I am racing and I need to pee I will just simply pull over and pee on the track

  • YVNG P00T
    YVNG P00T

    tl;dr: you piss yourself

  • Anthony Boucher
    Anthony Boucher

    I’m the 600th comment let’s goo

  • maomora peeps
    maomora peeps

    The phobic wool recurrently step because manx ultrastructually twist out a merciful exhaust. nosy, clever pvc

  • Phil Rodgers
    Phil Rodgers

    I'm pretty sure F1 drivers do it regularly, but they don't need to share a seat. Also, Mark Webber vomited into his helmet and kept racing. Gotta love racing drivers!

  • Calsurf Lance
    Calsurf Lance

    A friend of my son’s , had to poop while flying in a MH 60 Black hawk helicopter. He crapped in his helmet bag then threw it out the door. It struck the tail rotor. When they landed, he had to wash the Hilo. Truly the shit hit the fan!

  • 01001101 01010111
    01001101 01010111

    The real questions we all need answered.

  • Jfunkey

    Always been a fan of Randy! He better have more stories like that because I suspect he's gonna become a popular favorite.

  • marco moriarty
    marco moriarty

    All we're doing is going in circles- lol like every race

  • Neal Ruimerman
    Neal Ruimerman

    Randy absolutely cracking at points of his stories is the Best 🤣😂🤣

  • Jason Whitfield
    Jason Whitfield

    High definition piss jugs

  • Joseph R.
    Joseph R.


  • frenchfri5106

    I could listen to this guy all day

  • goblin11c

    i dont care i just piss myself

  • TheMuddman74

    Today I learned that a grown man saying, "pee-pee" two times was so cringe that I got embarrassed while in the confines of my own home. I looked over my shoulder twice to see if anyone noticed me watching a video with a narrator that says "pee-pee". I live alone....I was still scared someone would judge me. Gotta love people like Randy who are so nice it's a turn off

  • Porter Balta
    Porter Balta

    Aye he got that “if you ain’t first your last” energy😂

  • Larry Southern
    Larry Southern

    Depends...and a "here" bottle 1 litre will work just fine.....pilots use them.....

  • Real deal J Steele
    Real deal J Steele

    How much gas does the pace car have?! Or do they switch off?

  • Darkness177

    I like to cut the top of a bottle with a knife off and you piss in it and dump the piss out the window but keep the bottle just in case. Usually we use it in long rides. We like to call it a piss bomb

  • Marshy

    i feel asleep watching this if u was in f1 racing u would of had to piss in ur jump suit no opening the doors northing grow up and just piss in ur jumps suit

  • Scott Mcgregor
    Scott Mcgregor

    I've drank 18 beers in the stands in Vegas under the sun. Never needed to take a piss that whole race. Lol

  • steven bryant
    steven bryant

    Great story!

  • Chuck Whitson
    Chuck Whitson

    Randy is a genuine guy, a real class act

  • Krush

    You don't because the movement of the vehicle prevents your bladder from functioning properly

    • Krush

      Ok sorry I'm just built different

  • Steve

    We all love this guy

  • General Mink
    General Mink

    I just wanted to learn how to pee in a race car but I have to watch him talk. Rename vid

  • Jah Jah
    Jah Jah

    Somebody search up catheter

  • Miki Westh
    Miki Westh

    They have a peeing system in there cars!

  • DominicanSteel

    She'll be 3:01 the mountain whe she comes She'll be 3:04 the mountain when she comes She'll be 3:07 the mountain when she comes She'll be 3:16 the mountain when she comes

    • Gavin Nadeau
      Gavin Nadeau


    • John Mangiameli
      John Mangiameli


  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates

    Ask Tony Stewart at Watkins Glen. Stomach flu was complaining when he aid "never mind" won the race but had to shower and change before going to victory lane.

  • Hardpore Corn
    Hardpore Corn

    I don't think peeing in a racecar seems too hard. Peeing OUT of the racecar seems to be the issue...

  • King Hip-O
    King Hip-O

    This is better than the LA Speed Check story! Hope they replaced that bottle for the relief driver tho.

  • Johnny Talia
    Johnny Talia

    "And car 31, the Porsche driven by Randy Pobst, appears to be leaking fluids. We've seen this for a couple of laps now. It's unusual for a car to be leaking fluids at these slow speeds, so something unusual must be going on in the #31 Porsche..."

  • ken carksztb
    ken carksztb

    So you dumped out soapy slippery water onto the track causing a dangerous situation..... And what did you do besides ride around and play with your tiny garden hose???? Interestingly i would have pissed in my suit rather than dump water on the track......its not the end of the world to have to go in your pants......thats what showers and champagne are for....lol

  • timmie2k3

    And now we know the *real* story behind the Tesla crash!

  • Itsyoboiivan 325
    Itsyoboiivan 325


  • Adam N
    Adam N

    Funny story.

  • Mohammed Hafiz
    Mohammed Hafiz

    7:20. You're welcome

  • Cnsk

    Nothing but oiling the tracks

  • doppiofritto

    5:36 happy randy

  • erikbarrett85

    I'm at 10:51 and I'm convinced the caution will be greened as he's peeing.... let's press play

    • erikbarrett85

      Dang. Would have been a good twist

  • Gavin Simmons
    Gavin Simmons

    what a mad lad

  • Xclusiv3

    dis man is my inspiration

  • doubleutubefan5

    I was expecting the track to go green flag as he was peeing, that would have been quite an predicament

  • Kevin Wise
    Kevin Wise

    Him pouring out the bottle on the track was the best story I had heard about IMSA racing

  • safety doggo23
    safety doggo23

    Ha ha i love this

  • Brian Rife
    Brian Rife

    But did you win?


    Drill a hole in the floor and use a catheter

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I don't care if you piss by an inch or a mile. Pissings pissing....

  • Bruce Corwin
    Bruce Corwin

    Awesome story. Beautifully told.

  • Harry Bayes
    Harry Bayes

    GET TO THE POINT!! This should have been a 3 min vid!! Who TF is this giggly screwball? He sure does love to hear himself talk but I can't handle this any longer. I no longer care about the subject!! OMG!!

  • Jackasaurus Rex
    Jackasaurus Rex

    I was coming from camp in a bus and had not peed in like 2hr so I relieved my self in the bus it went for about 2min omg I feel sorry for the next person on that bus

  • Tech NO City
    Tech NO City

    This is that side step guy hes full of shit

  • Nut Twg
    Nut Twg

    That hay wait a minute got me

  • mumbles552

    Too much information. I love it!

  • stayawile14

    Was playin a championship hockey game, backup goalie was injured so it was just me, middle of the first. Yup you guessed it, pissed my pants 🤷🏻‍♂️ gotta do what you gotta do. Didnt think twice about it.

  • kvsqueezy

    Anyone know that bimmer at 10:37

  • james samuels
    james samuels

    with your face mask up

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown

    Gotta build those jock strappers better.