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Just imagine you and your child stuck in a long queue. Boring, right? Try to make this satisfying phone case and your kids will be excited!😍
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  • رناد فؤاد جرموزي
    رناد فؤاد جرموزي

    Wow a sweet frankness da benefit in difficult crises with kids

  • Supercraft5192

    Where am I going to get all that from at the dentist. Its a one stupid idea

  • Babypeach

    Kid that had the phone: yay. 1 min later. Kid:I’m bored of this

  • Flora Zalka
    Flora Zalka


  • Saidul Mondal
    Saidul Mondal


  • Saidul Mondal
    Saidul Mondal


  • atėnė zavackytė
    atėnė zavackytė


  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar

    Wow amazing

  • Mak Singh
    Mak Singh

    Wow u can just give the phone also

  • WhiteSlash Gaming
    WhiteSlash Gaming

    instead of playing games xD

  • Rajshree Vispute
    Rajshree Vispute

    It is cool idea 💡

  • Muzammal Arif
    Muzammal Arif


  • Sam Dhillon
    Sam Dhillon

    Very nice

  • Uma Nepali
    Uma Nepali


  • Jyoti Dubey
    Jyoti Dubey

    Imagine being in aw

  • Kishan Dhakal
    Kishan Dhakal


  • Pie Head
    Pie Head

    Mom :summons a ritual to gather art supplies for my child to play with my phone case when she can play with he phone itself 😑

  • Marcus James Labuson
    Marcus James Labuson

    2nd 😂😂😤😂

  • Navya Navya
    Navya Navya


  • Mohd Faizan
    Mohd Faizan

    Jb phone hai to itna chutiyapa krne ki kya jarurat game khel le usme

  • abc han
    abc han

    ماكو عرب بالطياره

  • Mohamed Abo essa
    Mohamed Abo essa


  • İrem Şen
    İrem Şen


  • Анастасия Васильева
    Анастасия Васильева

    Mom came up with very cool in general, super just I could do that too, but whatever

  • ana cristy hernandez
    ana cristy hernandez


  • Pâmela Cristiane
    Pâmela Cristiane


  • Jimmy Velázquez
    Jimmy Velázquez


  • Ercan Tosun
    Ercan Tosun

    Türk varmı sayımızı bilelim 🇹🇷 👇👍👋

  • معاذ قدورة
    معاذ قدورة


  • 빗살무늬토끼

    핸드폰을 주라고 젠장 ㅋㅋㅋ Why don't you give your phone for her??

  • لMajeda Hamdan
    لMajeda Hamdan


  • Алена Дружинина
    Алена Дружинина


  • Alma Dolores Nava Paez
    Alma Dolores Nava Paez

    No se aguanta esa niña traviesa

  • debasmita banerjee
    debasmita banerjee

    If the glue will dry nonsens paeaple

  • Ali Gh
    Ali Gh

    لماذا تلعبين في المولد النبوي جاهزين اليد اريد 100 ريال في العراق العراقيه شيلات العن الشيطان نقل من بدايه وانت ليش ما سويتي مقلب دائم يعني يعني ينفع عليها يلا يا حبيبتي اريد 20 100 الف ريال تدرين مجاني ولا 👠💄😈😆😯😈🌹💉💉💉💉💉💉💉🏁:-$🚶😨😘👨💁

    • Antonio Sandoval
      Antonio Sandoval


  • Даяна Марат
    Даяна Марат

    Ну что сидишь и ищешь русский комент?🥴☺️

  • Estear Nageah
    Estear Nageah


  • Muhammad Junaid- 2810854
    Muhammad Junaid- 2810854

    She could just have given her phone to play video games

  • nettamala

    Why is she wearing socks


    Very nice thing for bored kids and for decorating and showing good

  • Mebalari Sangriang
    Mebalari Sangriang

    Verry good 😁

  • Vinothkumar Perumal
    Vinothkumar Perumal


  • Freja Falck Kristiansen
    Freja Falck Kristiansen

    What happens when they get bored of the phone case?

  • Thi Nguyễn dinh
    Thi Nguyễn dinh

    Tốt bụng quá

  • Alex Annett
    Alex Annett

    When I was a child I would have somehow broken that and ended up chugging the glue

  • Rohan samanta
    Rohan samanta

    If you have Phone so why you can't draw in our phone drawing app🤔🤔🤔

  • oli

    Tell the kids to behave

  • Marisol Exiga
    Marisol Exiga

    Que bonita s

  • Ailin Monroy
    Ailin Monroy


  • Jairo Calix
    Jairo Calix


  • Murilo Ribeiro
    Murilo Ribeiro

    Eu odeio esses vídeo de merda com todo o respeito okay,_,

  • カイライアル

    is cute 😃

  • Eliane Alencar
    Eliane Alencar

    Legal isso

  • Amanda Hicks
    Amanda Hicks

    No one is going to talk about how the mom and the man are wearing any shoes??

  • tiago fonseca
    tiago fonseca


  • yikes forever ;P
    yikes forever ;P

    Ok I was expecting more people to be saying this but most of evryone is talking about how she has all that with her but can't u just download a game on the phone instead of giving them a glue pouch on ur phone that could break open and or dry up??



  • Martha Elizabeth Cruz Velez
    Martha Elizabeth Cruz Velez

    Moral. Ofthe

  • Adriana Pereira
    Adriana Pereira


  • luffy monkey
    luffy monkey

    It's also canned.

  • Ashley King
    Ashley King

    That what I do when I'm bored

  • Pamd

    Or she could have played on get mothers phone

  • Saira Cruz
    Saira Cruz

    Si 👍🏻 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🐩👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 😲😲

  • Maggy Gillyard
    Maggy Gillyard


  • Yaneth Flores Vilca
    Yaneth Flores Vilca


  • Silvia Bessa
    Silvia Bessa


  • Yaneth Flores Vilca
    Yaneth Flores Vilca

    Wow me gusta eso

  • Silvia Bessa
    Silvia Bessa

    Olha que fofinho

  • Luciano Moreno
    Luciano Moreno


  • يوسف بشتوان
    يوسف بشتوان


  • Deyvid Lima
    Deyvid Lima


  • Damaris Hernandez
    Damaris Hernandez

    such a spoil brat

  • Juana Garcia
    Juana Garcia


  • Juana Garcia
    Juana Garcia

    Q chido✔✔

  • Burnt Potato
    Burnt Potato

    Why not just download a kids game on said phone? Is it dead?

  • Mr guy Person
    Mr guy Person

    Just download a damn game

  • bruna andrade
    bruna andrade

    Kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkk kkkkkkkk

  • ควย หมา
    ควย หมา


  • Halil Kirac
    Halil Kirac


  • Sophia Corzantes
    Sophia Corzantes

    Your nice for doing that

  • saleh

    Moral of the story: you have to carry glue and a rainbow paper incase if your child gets bored

  • Ivelisse Gonzalez
    Ivelisse Gonzalez

    the baby is so cute 😍

  • Elias357 Jimenez
    Elias357 Jimenez

    Que niña tan molestosa pero al final del video es como un Angel

  • Guadalupe Rocha Cruz
    Guadalupe Rocha Cruz

    O simplemente prestale el celular embes de aser tantas cosas

  • Emily Equestrian
    Emily Equestrian

    Imagine being in a waiting room and there’s a annoying child and her mom whips out glue and glitter paper and 5 minutes crafts it xD

    • Piyu Katkade
      Piyu Katkade


    • Roxana Lara
      Roxana Lara


    • Kamel Degga
      Kamel Degga

      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Sel

    y’all ain’t worried the fact her kid going adult to adult tryna play with them

  • Diana m Rincon
    Diana m Rincon

    La mejor madre 😂

  • Kelly Cristina
    Kelly Cristina


  • Luma Oliveira Veloso
    Luma Oliveira Veloso


  • Mila Spirkoska
    Mila Spirkoska



    Very smart and creative

  • Emilie Schulze
    Emilie Schulze

    So süs

  • Ali Farran
    Ali Farran

    the moral of the story: Always take some glue a pocket and a glittery paper for bored kids where ever you go :)

  • Закажите мне радужный гроб
    Закажите мне радужный гроб

    Я конечно дико извиняюсь, ДИКО ИЗВИНЯЮСЬ, но клей не заклеится? Или я чего то не понимаю в этой жизни🗿

    • Egshig Tete
      Egshig Tete


  • Sofia

    If i were the kid i would not touch other ppl that i dont know...and those ppl didnt even care they just looked and do nothing i would have walked away😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Perla Nuñez
    Perla Nuñez


  • Gildo Paz
    Gildo Paz

    Nooooooooooooooooobs 🧐🧐🧐😂😂😂

  • NataliePlays

    Why couldn’t u just let her play on the phone-

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