PSA: Don’t Shave Your Pomeranian
Sure, the Boo cut is cute... but at what cost? Double coated dogs need both layers of their coat. If it is properly maintained (which isn’t easy!) they can stay looking great.

  • Bobby Lingo
    Bobby Lingo


  • Ash

    I shaved my pomeranian plenty of times ...a few weeks later she look like a bush again

  • Asclepius

    Is this the same with golden retrievers

  • Danielle Jefferson
    Danielle Jefferson

    Aww pom pom!

  • MommaShawna

    I am dying this looks just like our six-month-old Pomeranian, Sophie Bean!

  • Alysa Hritzik
    Alysa Hritzik

    Awww so cute

  • Monarch Weeb
    Monarch Weeb

    If somebody did that to my dog I would bring out the iron maiden

  • Manuela Tiefenbach
    Manuela Tiefenbach

    Yup still as cute as a button.

  • Cheyandluke flores
    Cheyandluke flores

    I have a long hair chi. We shaved her and it seems like one spot on her back along her spine wont grow back. It has long hairs but also feels like it is freshly shaved and it's been well over a year. She also has a bald spot on her tail tip. Is this the same as the pom here? I dont think chis have a double coat 😪🤔

  • Jennifer Watts
    Jennifer Watts

    She’s a bakugo

  • Roxanne Carter
    Roxanne Carter

    Miscommunication? Oh Nah. I Would've Fucked That Store Up

  • NightFury

    Now shaving a dog is real animal abuse. Lazy people just let your dog be natural

  • hosanna hosanna
    hosanna hosanna

    Poor dog

  • rileyplayzroblox love
    rileyplayzroblox love

    She is so cute!! But so sad.

  • Sherry H
    Sherry H

    All that little CutiePie took it like a champ

  • R Hero
    R Hero

    I mangled a Pom cut years ago. Hot southern summer and the poor girl was overheating. Mom asked me to trim her. I’d done my Lab and though why not. Holy crap. The fluff part of her coat was uneven for over a year. Sorry Mandi. (RIP)

  • Catelynn Kreutzer
    Catelynn Kreutzer

    Don’t shave Huskies for the same reason, or corgis (most spits and Herding dogs)

  • Hollyn Sundae!
    Hollyn Sundae!

    Is nobody gonna talk about how cute it is because I’ll join in.

  • lexi fluff
    lexi fluff

    My pom had to get an emergency vet visit once(shes fine) but they had 2 shave her chest and it grew back but its not the same

  • Chaos agent Lol
    Chaos agent Lol

    My Pom was shaved by her old owners because they couldn’t be asked to be taken care of

  • jennifer ramirez
    jennifer ramirez

    The dog's face Is so cute

  • Plantman Whoreticulture
    Plantman Whoreticulture

    How about just don’t buy Pomeranians

  • Sahil Kumar
    Sahil Kumar

    The only remedy is not to pet a Pom... Asshole breed. Worst in the world. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • • mochaxcactus •
    • mochaxcactus •

    I would actually start crying if someone shaved my dog because you have np idea how hard i work on my dog’s coats

  • Kylee Hembree
    Kylee Hembree

    She coot do

  • myriah genest
    myriah genest

    Can you do a update I hope her fur comes back

  • MimiFox

    If thats really true than any groomer worth anything should have known that. Im no expert, but the actual experts should know that..

  • Kg

    “A little clean up” looks like you’re shaving it to me

  • Charlotte R
    Charlotte R

    I'd be so angry if someone shaved one of my dogs without my permission.

  • Charlotte R
    Charlotte R

    This is exactly why I keep telling my hubby that we should NOT shave our Havanese. He's also double coated (I think). I think it would ruin his coat.

  • Dizzle B
    Dizzle B

    You want to know something that's not even as bad as a freaking husky shaved it is twice as bad

  • 11th century Crusader
    11th century Crusader

    Only time I've seen it acceptable to trim a dogs hair short, is with a schnauzer. And even then, its mostly a trim up and not super short like that.

  • Knome King
    Knome King


  • Brooklynn Hemenway
    Brooklynn Hemenway

    I have a fox face Pom and his name is yogi bc after he dose number two he will do ‘yoga’

  • My Big Year
    My Big Year

    She looks like a happy sweet dog

  • Jasmine Loza
    Jasmine Loza

    Put clothes on her and the friction will stimulate blood flow and hair will grow.

  • Jade Wright
    Jade Wright

    Aww my toy poodles name is Chanel 😍😍😍 she’s 4 months so she’s REALLY small

  • Babysah O
    Babysah O

    There is nothing you can do to a pom that could take away its cuteness...

  • luluannasnow lulu
    luluannasnow lulu

    I love my Pomeranian

  • Ellie Cole
    Ellie Cole

    she looks like a very cute rat but i want her hair to grow back :(

  • Miyah Gregg
    Miyah Gregg

    So cute 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Lindsey Schock
    Lindsey Schock

    Oh my gosh this is why i hate when people shave there dogs hair. U DONT NEED TO DO THAT!!!!!!!! WHY dont people understand this?! Anyway, this dog is BEAUTIFUL and it is soooooo cute and it just looks happy the WHOLE time it is smiling the WHOLE TIME

  • gr8 2 day
    gr8 2 day

    Is it just me who heard Angela? 😂

  • Reynard B
    Reynard B

    Groomers typically don’t shave a dog unless it’s hair is matted to the skin OR if the owner specifically asks. Which a lot of owners do ask you shave their double coated dog, like poms- for aesthetics or just because they don’t want to deal with all the shedding or brushing the dogs hair. Groomers will typically inform owners (like Melissa does here) that you shouldn’t shave your double coated dog. Yes, I know she said the dog being shaved is a miscommunication and I’m glad the parent isn’t mad about that. And Melissa is doing exactly what needs to be done- just let the fur grow back naturally. It may be patchy for a good while if it does grow back in correctly. This is to say; PLEASE DO NOT SHAVE DOGS WITH AN UNDERCOAT! They will look bad trying to grow it back and they won’t be able to regulate their body heat as well. Just brush your dog regularly or have regular brush and baths at your local dog grooming salon.

  • Lali Newman
    Lali Newman

    Awwww 😍

  • Tianna Murray
    Tianna Murray

    Or just any dog that has a double coat like that right? Shaving a double coat once will make it never grow back the same. At least so I’ve heard, so if I’m wrong please tell me

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall

    PSA: get a dog, that's a cat.

    • blendingwitch

      PSA: don't be a pretentious dick like this guy ^

  • Cordelia

    That dog looks pitiful 🤣 poor pup. At least it's not something that's REALLY bad and it will eventually grow back

  • Niki Wyre
    Niki Wyre

    So much misinformation. The reason a Pomeranian’s fur would not grow back have 100 percent nothing to do with a cut or shave unless you waxed it. Things that cause fur growing back weird or slowly are thyroid issues, Cushings, Black Skin Disease, medicine induced alopecia, poor diet, some dermatitis issues and being a senior dog. The double cost is only beneficial to the breed in cold climates like the Artic where the breed originated. They are prone to heat stroke, exhaustion and overheating. Living in Florida with temps never really dropping below 80 except maybe 20 days a year is proof of this. My Poms drag fur on the floor 1-3 times a year with short cuts or shave in between. Full luscious coats in months. Silky, soft and hot af. It has to go when they start panting all night while just laying in bed with a/c blasting and two fans running. Once they are cut they are so happy and sleep soundly. Have her take her Pom for a full evaluation by a veterinarian.

  • Samuel Nelson
    Samuel Nelson

    My friend has an adorable little chunky white Pomeranian

  • Nala Blanquet
    Nala Blanquet

    Try using orginal shapleys MTG I hope you read my comment and I hope to see update vids in the future

  • Leané Vermeulen
    Leané Vermeulen

    Aww poor girl! The groomer should have known better! Poor girl, i hope she doesn't get sick.

  • j mateo
    j mateo

    Poor chanel😞

  • Luna Renzi
    Luna Renzi

    I have a Pom and I remember when I shaved her she looked so fucked up and dumb I felt awful but it grew back thankfully

  • Michelle Guevara
    Michelle Guevara


  • Hunter Schofield
    Hunter Schofield

    So cute.

  • E. WELCH
    E. WELCH

    I would never think of shaving a Pomeranian! The last groomer, if she was expeienced, should have known to ask her "Are you sure you want her shaved"?! And at that time BEFORE ANY work was done on that dog your mother could have corrected the groomer and tell her "NO I don't".

  • Sabine Gray
    Sabine Gray

    People really out here shaving dogs and declawing cats like they have the right to just remove the nature of an animal.

  • ParisPlaysOnline

    I have to shave my Pomeranian all the time but he has very fluffy hair

    • Ash


  • Madeline Ducks
    Madeline Ducks

    Her face is so cuteeeeeeeeee She’s such a cute lil pupper

  • Melanie Yadgar
    Melanie Yadgar

    Shaved dogs look ugly as fuck

  • Lulu Stylez
    Lulu Stylez


  • Teyah_ _ope
    Teyah_ _ope

    My cousins have a Pomeranian and they haven’t even gotten her trimmed so she is just a large fluffy mop running around the house I am not even sure she can see

  • X.Orange.X

    Idk why but when i read the word pomeranian i immediately was like "BAKUGOU?!"

    • Critter Whisperer
      Critter Whisperer

      Also please don’t shave him either. Don’t think baldness would suit him at all

    • Critter Whisperer
      Critter Whisperer


    • Tahera N Khatri
      Tahera N Khatri

      Same 😂😂

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    They say this same shit about the kind of dog I have, a chow chow. I dont want to shave her down to nothing but here's the thing, she spends 99% of her time in a climate controlled house, sitting around fucking panting constantly. CONSTANTLY. Yeah all the fur is sure doing good to regulate her body temperature. Maybe if they're living in the wild or something. My house is the same temp all day and night.

  • Elianis Roman
    Elianis Roman

    I have a Half Shih Tzu half Pomeranian and

  • Sara Cohn
    Sara Cohn

    What kind of groomer accidentally shaves off a Pomeranians fur??

  • Josie McKenzie
    Josie McKenzie

    Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop 😠😠😠 with the dogs please okay guys stop

  • sam murch
    sam murch

    If I could give this a million like myself I would!!!! I argued with client and groomers about this topic for many years. Retired groomer of 27+ years. Thank you for this.

  • Did I Even Ask -_-
    Did I Even Ask -_-

    that doggie is ADOOOORABLe

  • XpoZed YeW
    XpoZed YeW

    It’s gonna be cold af when it’s outside in cold weather...

  • berdeleona

    Some owners dont care and just ask for it anyway some it is just no other option because they are so matted. It is also very irritating when they complain saying "are you refusing to give me service?" For me its an endless and complicated cycle because people rather stay ignorant than properly care for their dogs.

  • Denise Moreno
    Denise Moreno

    Adorable dog:i still look cute though Me:awwwwwwew💖🥺💕

  • Peter

    My mom has two of these and they both get very knotted. What can I do?

  • Jacqueline Ross
    Jacqueline Ross

    Great job!

  • Odette Popko
    Odette Popko

    To all you ignorant fucking groomers who shave huskies and aussies and Pomeranians and GOLDEN RETRIEVERS YES EVEN GOLDEN RETRIEVERS! If THE DOG SHEDS IN CLUMPS HE IS PROBABLY A DPUBLE COATED DOG WHICH MEANS HE CANNOT REGULATE HIS TEMPERATURE IF YOU SHAVE HIM. Groomers, TELL THE OWNERS THIS, OWNERS: stop asking to shave your dog!!!!! Do your fucking research!

  • Julia Mudge
    Julia Mudge

    Good to know

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins


  • Trificul Life
    Trificul Life

    Damn did not know that* food for thought.

  • Debra Wronker
    Debra Wronker

    We have a Pomeranian little girl daughter when she was 7 weeks old and she's now two and a half. We take her in to get groomed, we took him to a different store and they chopped her up it was dark we went home not realizing it until we got home that's a 45 minute drive. We brought her back in and the manager took one look, she took her and evened her hair the best she could do. It took around 8 months to her hair to grow out. My little girl is a Teddy Bear Pomeranian I want her to have the ful main around her face. She gets broom about every 8 months we live in snow country so we do not have our gym very much this time of year during the summer High desert movie 90 and we cut it down but not like not a zero more like a eight thank you for explaining this a lot of people cuz I had to Learn it by the mistake.

  • SKOL

    Meanwhile, people dying cos no clean drinking water, but just keep paying people to groom dogs...No wonder tjis world is so screwed. Navel-gazing.

  • Natasha Woods
    Natasha Woods

    You still look though yh dogy.I just hope it grow back soon x

  • Hustle the Malinois’ Mom
    Hustle the Malinois’ Mom

    Probably should be checked for a thyroid issue too 😳

  • Joe

    that's an unfortunate username

  • Phoenix Assets
    Phoenix Assets

    Why the hell would ANYONE shave a dog ,,,bloody humans . ..

    • Phoenix Assets
      Phoenix Assets

      @TheEleonore18 ...end of conversation

    • Phoenix Assets
      Phoenix Assets

      @TheEleonore18 ...I'm not saying dogs shouldn't be groomed ....I'm just saying you don't need to shave the poor animal's

    • TheEleonore18

      You know there are dog breeds who needs to be shaved? Like poodles or other breeds with hair....not fur. The hair on these breeds would grow and grow and grow, until it would be matted and cause the dogs extreme discomfort and even pain.

  • RainbowWolf 7
    RainbowWolf 7

    Oh noo poor dog

  • Lea821_

    If someone “accidentally” shaved my dog, I would be pissed off.

    • Lea821_

      @Tess G I would hope so, and I know. They’re so innocent. Poor babies.

    • Lea821_

      @AngelKayla 2021 oh I’m sure of it. I’ve heard many horror stories.

    • Tess G
      Tess G

      @Lea821_ maybe at gone would be better so you can keep an eye on them? Poor pups

    • AngelKayla 2021
      AngelKayla 2021

      @Lea821_ yes I know this but you would not believe how many stupid people that are grooms that have done why more fucked up shit and how some of the treat the animals (like abuse) them when trying to groom them...there is at least 100 or more animal abuse that goes one with groomers

    • Lea821_

      @Brannix some people do offer at home grooming services.

  • Olivia_Does_Stuffz

    Poor baby and she still seems to be smiling love that dog 🐶

  • Chris Kibodeaux
    Chris Kibodeaux

    The opposite?!!! 100% false!!

  • Mrs. Spag
    Mrs. Spag

    Who ever did this should be sued

  • Moonlight wolf 21
    Moonlight wolf 21

    Poor baby

  • The something and something show
    The something and something show

    I think she may be mixed

  • J & G's Chanel
    J & G's Chanel

    He is Soo cute 😍

  • Aubrey Mosher
    Aubrey Mosher


  • Cow Cow
    Cow Cow

    Get her a jojo jacket, she need sum jojo's bizarre adventure

  • Sir Space
    Sir Space

    That poor dog

  • Corie McPhearson
    Corie McPhearson

    Your very good at what you do and you treat them very good!!!

  • Sketchy Art
    Sketchy Art

    I have a dachshund with the worst case of soft fur that grows way to fast and tangles so quickly. We have to shave her in the summer because she gets so insulated her furs like a sponge. Also ya don’t shave your Pom.

  • Ladybug fairy
    Ladybug fairy

    Idk bout you guys but she looks so cute! 🥰

  • Serenity Tutiakoff
    Serenity Tutiakoff

    So cute 🥰

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