PPOV Episode 140. Prophecy Update. Andy Woods and Jim McGowan
Prophecy Update. 2020-10-09. Friday October 9, 2020, “pastors’ point of view,” a live Facebook feed from Sugar Land Bible Church. We have lots to talk about, as we bring you this prophecy update. Among the subjects addressed are: global religion, the rise of the religious left, government micromanagement, loss of religious freedom, technology and our cashless economy that are paving the way for the New World Order, and the significance of the upcoming Supreme Court battle. After an extended absence due to health issues, Pastor Jim McGowan is back with me in the studio! Pastors’ Point of View is a discussion of current events through a Biblical worldview. Hosted by Pastor Andy Woods and Pastor Jim McGowan of Sugar Land Bible Church.
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Dr. Andy Woods is a traditional Dispensational Bible teacher. He has a law degree from Whittier College and a PhD in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary. He was a Full-Professor of Bible and Theology at the College Biblical Studies in Houston, TX (2009-2016). He is currently the President of Chafer Theological Seminary and Pastor-Teacher of Sugar Land Bible Church. Andy also speaks on a variety of topics at Christian Conferences worldwide. Andy wishes he could answer all your questions, but his duties and busy speaking schedule make it difficult to do so. Comments are monitored by a volunteer. Please follow the guidelines below or your comment will NOT be posted:
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  • Mel Luecke
    Mel Luecke

    Ruth’s Father is the Father of lies. She has now an eternity of regret without repentance.

  • Mel Luecke
    Mel Luecke

    Can’t serve God and mammon.

  • Mel Luecke
    Mel Luecke

    I guess we need to take bigger bites???😜

  • Patrick Edgington
    Patrick Edgington

    I noticed looking through your content that some of the posted videos allow comments while others do not? I assume you expect some to be more readily received. I am looking for biblical teaching which may at tines be questioned but think it is important to welcome questions and even criticism.

  • Larry Lafferty
    Larry Lafferty

    Amen brothers//////////////////////////keep it up////

  • Shelly Viani
    Shelly Viani

    Andy I don’t know how to get hold of you but was listening to one of your teachings and you were talking about the 144000 and wanted you to look into them being the children that were killed in Jesus’s generation by Herod. I’m so convinced that’s who they are. An excellent teaching by ROBERT BREAKER on ALgone Goes into Zachariah and Rachel weeping for her children and God has a plan for them. VERY interesting. Please look into it. Awesome thought. Hope you see this. Love your teachings!!!

  • Lyricallynn

    Wearing a mask "in between bites" Is ludicrous madness if I am polite! 😮

  • Lyricallynn

    Welcome back brother Jim So glad you're on the mend Tomalea did a stellar job Till you came back again! ❤️🙏🏻

  • wu wu
    wu wu

    just eat at home, so no mask is required

  • Brandy Smith
    Brandy Smith

    Yes!! Its been a lot to take in. Just the mere realization that we will see this come to pass is both exciting and saddening all at the same time. It is a change of mindset; to really begin stepping away from this world and wrapping your head around the fact that we will be raptured very soon!

  • Roberta Gabor
    Roberta Gabor

    There's none like our Lord Jesus Christ. He brings peace to the individual who trusts in Him and He alone can bring peace to this earth.

  • Roberta Gabor
    Roberta Gabor

    Regarding education for poor people, we have many scholarship programs whereby many poor students can go to college for free or nearly so.

  • Anne V
    Anne V

    Dr Jim, Pastor Andy, and Tomalea are beautiful people. We love them and miss them.

  • Dawn R
    Dawn R

    My theory is that more people are/will be in hell because of RELIGION than for any other reason.

  • Julie Van
    Julie Van

    Andy.....where are you this week????? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!!! You are our entertainment on Saturday nights....we missed you this week!!

  • Nathalie Pope
    Nathalie Pope

    Jesus is not be coming back for the prominent religious institutions.

  • LA Ever
    LA Ever

    Thank you for the final GREAT HOPE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's, eternal reset!! Love you guys!

  • LA Ever
    LA Ever

    What is disturbing is, once again follow the money. Look at large donations to Southern Baptist Convention and other religious groups by Satan's pawn Soros. These pastors with lack of discernment have allowed the enemy to infiltrate their teaching. It is part of the marxist attack plan, infiltrate the pulpit with marxist teaching. Books have been witten to warn the church that this has and is happening in the church.

  • Debra Whited
    Debra Whited

    So...although Pastor Andy believes in pre-trib rapture, he did not believe, until about six months ago, it would be this generation that would see the rapture. That's kind of shocking. Especially since I have started to lean the other way. Yes, I see all the prophecies coming true before our eyes, on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, but there are other things - the rebuilding of Babylon, some of the predicted wars, etc. That could still take years to play out. I believe in pre-trib rapture, but I've been hearing "He could come back any day, any minute..." for 50 years now. And while it was and is true, how many times have we heard others say, or said ourselves, "I didn't think we would be here to see this, or "I didn't think it would be this bad before the rapture..." Honestly, when I hear people saying "it's soon, very soon, sooner thank we think," I struggle not to be annoyed because they don't know, none of us do, how long it will be before He comes.

  • Muriel Ellis
    Muriel Ellis

    Sounds like these ‘leftist’ so called evangelical Christian leaders are wolves in sheep’s clothing. How tragic....for them and those they lead astray! Run from them.

  • whitney seto
    whitney seto

    Question for tony Evans...does he eat Big Macs or drink sodas etc? How about taking care of your temple instead of relying on healthcare to preserve the body God gave you to be a steward over.

  • Warren Rodgers
    Warren Rodgers

    A simple example , God is the sun , Jesus is the light , the Holy spirit is the heat.

  • Matthew Loring
    Matthew Loring

    Northam also believes that babies can be born, comforted, and then aborted.

  • Taylor Runyan
    Taylor Runyan

    I think your associate pastor would better serve the program by not speaking so mockingly of the counterviews. Truth doesn’t mock

  • Danielle DeMatteo
    Danielle DeMatteo

    It would seem to me that Babylon (the systems of this world) is what Tony Evans is suggesting is the solution to solving the worlds problems of inequality and disenfranchisement and poverty. There is no earthly solution to these things. Can't solve anything with legislation by Man. Give someone free healthcare, what do they get? Flawed science based on Darwinism ,pills with side effects, unnecessary surgeries and vaccines that are a bandage not a cure and often cause more harm. Give them free education and what kind of education are they getting? I hope pastors with respect in the church like Andy reach out to Tony Evans and show him the error of his ways.

  • PureFire of God - Mum and Son In Christ
    PureFire of God - Mum and Son In Christ

    Amen !! welcome back Jim :))

    • PureFire of God - Mum and Son In Christ
      PureFire of God - Mum and Son In Christ

      @Reflect Upon The Word I thought you knew of Andy wood's bro , or I'd have mentioned him and Andy too you :) He's a mine of info :)

    • Reflect Upon The Word
      Reflect Upon The Word

      Hey brother. Thank you for mentioning Andy woods channel. Gods Blessings.

  • Rebecca Steverson
    Rebecca Steverson

    Its probably to late 4 the puppet pope...prob already sold his soul to satan

  • Rebecca Steverson
    Rebecca Steverson

    Pope needs to find Jesus

  • Joshua

    James mcgowan is awesome. He maintains his composure while letting us know how awful these things are. 22:04

  • Linda Caudill
    Linda Caudill

    Was watching Barry Scarborough an he was saying very good things about you. So I thought I check you out. Not got to watch any videos yet but I will be watching them. God Bless you from Berea Kentucky..

  • Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce

    I love how liberal politicians often refer to Abraham Lincoln and quote Abraham Lincoln. But they never quote some of my favorites. Abraham Lincoln had it right in his international day of prayer declaration in March 30, 1863 when he said: “..We have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand, which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us...”~ Abraham Lincoln

  • Elizabeth Ashby
    Elizabeth Ashby


  • Elizabeth Ashby
    Elizabeth Ashby


  • Elizabeth Ashby
    Elizabeth Ashby


  • Elizabeth Ashby
    Elizabeth Ashby


  • Kimberly Newell
    Kimberly Newell

    Welcome back Pastor Jim 👍

  • Catherine S.
    Catherine S.

    Looks like Virginia May have to resort to home churches.

  • foxiefair123

    Oh crud. I have Tony Evans’ Israel picture book.Also, what exactly is someone supposed to accomplish with a great education when you aren’t allowed to own anything and have to live in a one room cell and get $1,000 a month? That’s a really bright future! Thank you Lord for the sacrifice you gave of your life and shed your blood for us to have a beautiful eternal life with you. ICORINTHIANS 15:1-4. Believe and you will be saved.❤️🙏

  • Tina Pettigrew
    Tina Pettigrew

    Welcome back Brother Jim! U R so much more talkative, I love your talking points and opinions.

  • Psalm2

    Yea!! Dr. McGowens back🙏😇 Tomalea thanks for filling in. Your both such a blessing🙋 God bless the whole crew

  • Linda G
    Linda G

    Wishing Pastor Jim a speedy recovery. Less than 6 weeks ago, I had Total Shoulder Replacement (Reverse) surgery. Much less pain than I had before the surgery. Helping the poor is the job of the church, all of us individually. We must first determine whether or not a poor person is capable of helping themselves. If not, then we can help them. Many churches have food banks where we do give to the poor. And doesn't Tony Evans understand that Socialism/Communism only results in a new group of ultra rich people? Those in the government become extremely wealthy while everyone who actually produces anything is dirt poor.

  • Jeff Evans
    Jeff Evans

    People this man and his church cant give you prophecy updates. Thats him wanting you to think he knows what up in prophecy. He doesnt know.

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy

    You cannot be a Christian and vote for someone who thinks killing babies is fine. Those who do need to take it to god and repent.

  • Susan Helen Maicoo
    Susan Helen Maicoo

    I have missed so many episodes . Our favorite Pastors .Pastor Jim is so lovely seeing you are back . You are healed in Jesus name 🙏 I love this ministry because the God’s Truth is always taught here.

  • judy doyle
    judy doyle

    One day I turned on my radio and Tony Evans was preaching. A still small voice said, "Be careful who you listen to." I didn't hear that voice literally, I heard it in my spirit and I believed it was from Jesus. I turned the radio off and did some research on Tony Evans. Praise God for His everlasting love and guidance from the Holy Spirit! Come soon Lord Jesus!

  • Myra A Ross
    Myra A Ross

    Exceptional as always!

  • Myra A Ross
    Myra A Ross

    RBG was a Godless heathen!! True Believers prepare for persecution! Christianity sold out by “cultural Christians”! Maranatha!

  • Myra A Ross
    Myra A Ross

    Bro McGowan WELCOME BACK. Missed you tremendously!

  • jill finnesand
    jill finnesand

    Can someone tell me what sermon of Tony"s to listen to for the comments on socialism being a good thing? I found the sermon with the abortion stuff. I would like to hear the socialism comments from him as well. I am very sad over this as I have alway thought so highly of his ministry.

  • mark powell
    mark powell

    The democrats are considering a mandate " you must have a mask on to participate in the rapture " Every one needs to understand how important it is to FIGHT AGAINST wearing the mask, its the start of all that was just discussed .

  • Corie Berling
    Corie Berling

    my first time to listen and i am Signing up . This was an amazing hour and a half of truth

  • Bon Lued
    Bon Lued

    Once the greatest generation started to retire etc. There was a great shift of Godlessness, unlawful, ethically depleted thinking in schools in the following generations.

  • Bon Lued
    Bon Lued

    Social Credit Score is right down their with your credit score as low down dogs. Whoops there goes my social score and I won't spend money on anything to bust the economy.

  • Marilyn Diaz
    Marilyn Diaz


  • strait4word24

    So very glad to see brother Jim back.🐂🐎🤠

  • Ron Calandra
    Ron Calandra

    Just eat at home and let the restaurants close for good We all know how to cook and you save money

  • Bon Lued
    Bon Lued

    Tony Evans What ?? Embrace Socialism ??? Unbelievable and unacceptable. Tim Keller 🙄, Russell Moore 🙄. Wow, this is horrible.

  • Bon Lued
    Bon Lued

    Yup, I voted for President Trump and Vice President Pence. God has given us a strong leader that we need.

  • Tammy Guill
    Tammy Guill

    I live in south central Virginia and there are many in this area grieved and sickened by the governor's ideology and policies. Especially on abortion. He sees no problem with keeping a baby , born alive, comfortable until the mother decides whether or not she wants the baby to live! Infanticide! I can never forget hearing him talk so calmly about this. 😥😭😢

  • Gary Pickard
    Gary Pickard

    So Glade that Brother Jim is Back on the Scene ! With His Great Witness for the Lord !

  • Donna Pierce
    Donna Pierce

    First question:. Why no MASKS? Why no social distancing? Serious. The world is changing.

  • emilee

    tony evans is satanically inspired

  • Julie Emmerson
    Julie Emmerson

    Another fantastic update ...thanks so much fellas for your work on this ... love being apart of this online community even from down under ... victoria Aussie land

  • Jason McKinney
    Jason McKinney

    Biden and Harris will pack the courts ANYWAY, whether Trump appoints Amy or not.

  • Michelle Harrison
    Michelle Harrison

    I have known in my soul that I would live during the end times. I'm 58, and from the time I was very young, I've just "known." Then, a couple of weeks ago, I read this verse: Esther 4:14 “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.”

    • LA Ever
      LA Ever

      Me too! I am 52.

  • MyRebornLillieBeth. NOT FOR CHILDREN
    MyRebornLillieBeth. NOT FOR CHILDREN

    So happy to see Dr. Jim back! Praying you continue to mend. Hi, Dr. Andy! Always look forward to the videos on this channel. God bless y’all and your families. Love in Christ from Gloria in Mississippi ✝️🙏✝️💖

  • Blostin

    Tony Evans, he's letting his bitterness speak instead of God's word. Personal issues bring about personal views over God's word.

  • Teri

    I feel you Jim - post surgery pain is debilitating. I’ll pray for you to get out of pain soon.

  • FrancisCJtest007

    So very sad to hear about Tony Evans; prayers for Pastor Tony Evans that he will return to sound Biblical doctrine. Pray against the demonic influence of SJW's who distort sound Biblical doctrine.

    • FrancisCJtest007

      Gavin Newsome's ignorant stance warning diners to wear masks will actually make people sick.

  • Sandy

    Glad to see Dr McGowan back, Praise the Lord for his blessings in seeing Dr McGowan safely through surgery and healing. Heal well ....We love Tomalia too.

  • Jeannie AB
    Jeannie AB

    Hi Pastor Dr. Jim! Man we sure have missed you!!!

  • Florida Girl
    Florida Girl

    This post is to do with this video, I promise. My Mom had me when she was 40 and I grew up with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and my own personal love for Gene Kelly. Maybe it started with seeing him dance with Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry in Anchors Away. In the bible it talks of David getting the ark back and praising God and dancing so hard that his clothes fell off. I always thought how glorious it would be to see king David and Gene Kelly praising the King of Kings in dance. Would be in glorified bodies so clothes wouldn't be an isuse. LOL Years after Gene Kelly's passing I read his bio. It broke my heart to read how he was raised Catholic and how he lost his faith while visting a Catholic church I believe in South America. The church was full of riches while people outside were starving. He said at that point "there is no God and if there was I want nothing to do with him." As far as I can tell he went to his grave without Christ.......what a sight that would have been. Still ❤ GK

  • Kate Boswell
    Kate Boswell

    So glad to see that your doing much better Pastor Jim. Praying for your full recovery. God bless you , pastor Andy & all brothers and sisters in Christ, amen 🙏🏻 praise God. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Also really Just wanted to add that as usual you touched on great and vital points. Yet again & always another excellent video! Just always have to recommend your channel constantly as your teachings/in depth studies, PPOV’ s , everything are fantastic, just spot on. Your obviously extremely gifted and we are certainly blessed by God to be able to study The Lords word with you! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful gifted pastor/ teacher & I pray you would bless Him ,his family, church , ministry etc & continue to use him to bless all of us , brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus- amen & again, thank you! 🙏🏻✝️🐑🙌🏻✝️👍🏻

  • Janis Erickson
    Janis Erickson

    My cousin's husband is a professor at Wheaton Grad School. I am sure they were part of that liberal Christianty conference as she often posts the liberal swag on her Facebook page. I truly dont think she has convinced anyone to change their mind and seems to only get agreement from her children whom would have been thoroughly indoctrinated in their up-bringing. I never engage in her comments...just pray for them.

  • Susan Price
    Susan Price

    It is so disturbing to witness the formation of a religious left! Satan is definitely alive and well. As if 2020 has not been confusing enough! I am anxiously awaiting the rapture!

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith

    Thankyou Andy.....Your touching people in Ocala Florida

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    Jesus is coming soon

  • Tracie Johnson McClard
    Tracie Johnson McClard

    So blessed to have found your channel! I want the TRUTH

  • Josh Lenz
    Josh Lenz

    The Politics are overboard The goverment wants out personal loves Virgina is violating 1 st amendment and soon its gona happen all over the world Accept jesus now he is coming soon

    • C. Peterson
      C. Peterson

      Mary, I think Josh meant "personal lives". I think it was just a spelling error.

    • Mary Mclocke
      Mary Mclocke

      +Josh Lenz - Most every state in America is violating the 1st Amendment. As far as Virginia, I believe you mean that they're violating the 2nd Amendment with all the new gun laws. I don't know what you mean by, "The government wants out personal loves". What do you mean? Very confusing statement. (Please capitalize Jesus. Thanks!) ALSO - Most people here are saved believers. If you're speaking to unbelievers to, "Accept Jesus now", it's a good idea to let them know *how* - as they have NO idea.

  • Angela Blake
    Angela Blake

    Jim & Dr. Woods:).., good to see both of you- Teamwork:)! . God bless & keep you & your teaching of Truth. THE Word. Remain firm , bold & faithful, in your calling, in Jesus’ Name!

  • GDH Hayes
    GDH Hayes

    Wait, I think what they really mean is, don't forget to stop breathing in between bites. If we'd all just stop breathing this nonexistent pandemic would cease. ( ps, I survived covid19, all glory be to God, as I was genuinely really sick, for 6 weeks, and my heart was so affected I felt as if a band restricted my throat. But throught guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was guided all along on how to support my body and immune system. My child ran a low grade fever for 18 days, but my prayers were answered in that my 57 year old husband remained virtually symptoms free so was able to care for us. NO one we know has died from this, let alone even recognized having contracted the virus. Unlike true pandemics , this virus absolutely is NOT!)

    • Catherine S.
      Catherine S.

      I had it too. It wasn’t great but it definitely wasn’t worth shutting the world down! Glad you recovered all thanks to God. 🙌🏻

  • Denise Hansbury
    Denise Hansbury

    I guess you can use it as a napkin in between bites, too! Why not cut a hole in it, will save time! Glad to see both pastors together again. God bless

  • Moriah Cameron
    Moriah Cameron

    Thank you for another great update. Praying for Judge ACB during her confirmation process next week

  • wendy timmins
    wendy timmins

    I just found your site. And I'm enjoying this teaching, discernment feels right. God bless you!

  • AndreaElizabeth100

    I love your videos. You are true brothers in Christ. You talk quite a bit about Californian politics. I was wondering what you thought of the late Michael Jackson who lived a lot of his life in California and died in LA, California when he was just 50 years old. I had a dream about his daughter Paris Jackson who isn't a Christian it probably doesn't mean anything but it was interesting. Michael Jackson was brought up in the Jehovah's Witnesses. God bless.

  • Ron Johnston
    Ron Johnston

    Wearing a mask in between bites or only wearing it some other time at the direction of anyone else is ALL the same. Like you stated, just the temperature of the water!

  • Naz Far
    Naz Far

    Trump is just as bad though

    • Kristin Dandy
      Kristin Dandy

      Trump isn’t bad, he’s human.

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L

    Will be praying for these Evangelical leaders. There is hope they can see socialism isn’t the answer. Even Amy Carmichael (missionary to India) at one time thought socialism was a good idea but changed her mind and she worked with some of the poorest people.

  • Tiffany Rooks
    Tiffany Rooks

    There is so many things wrong with what Tony is saying that I’m left speechless. I had no idea he felt this way. Thanks for the information.

    • Catherine S.
      Catherine S.

      I agree! I’m just baffled. Doesn’t he realize there’s no place for God/Christians in socialist regimes? I recently watched the movie Tortured for Christ and that right there shows just what happens to Christians in socialist governments. Why would it be different for us?! I’m just sad that people, even the leaders are being so deceived.

  • john harms
    john harms

    who were the 3 senators that voted against Ginsburg?

    • john harms
      john harms

      @Stephen Mitchell thank you, I sure like Barrett!

    • Stephen Mitchell
      Stephen Mitchell

      The three Republicans who opposed Ginsburg -- Sens. Jesse Helms (N.C.), Robert C. Smith (N.H.) and Don Nickles (Okla.) -- opposed her support for abortion rights.

  • john harms
    john harms

    1:09:51 Ruth Ginsburg

  • Maria PR
    Maria PR

    YELP is introducing an Alert which states that “this business has been engaging in Racist practices” (paraphrased).....I promptly deleted the app! 😱

    • Ranter Redhead
      Ranter Redhead

      I wonder who is the person to determine That!

    • Jody McConnell
      Jody McConnell

      So anyone not backing blm is probably considered racist according to yelp right?? 😢

  • reed scott
    reed scott

    Not even Catholics pay any attention to what this pope says any more. His greatest worth is due to his turning many away from this confused errant theology.

    • Lynn V
      Lynn V

      Good point

    • foxiefair123

      I know. The Pope isn’t even a Christian.

  • john harms
    john harms

    1:03:49 SCOTUS

  • Moriah Cameron
    Moriah Cameron

    Welcome back brother Jim! Glad to see you 😀

  • Cathy McCall
    Cathy McCall

    Very tragic about Tony... Was it all for naught? Sad how satan can take a man in his weakened and vulnerable state after all and use him to drag so many down with him as he slides. Dear Lord, have mercy and help him regain his footing.

    • DrCarrie Mills
      DrCarrie Mills

      Tony needs our prayers...the whole body of Christ needs prayer everyday.

  • L W
    L W

    Sincerely curious...if everything is such a lie and coercion...why do you think the virus is true, although not a pandemic? The “virus” has not been isolated using Koch’s postulate. The faulty test only grabs a tiny piece of DNA that they amplify which is also consistent with our own chromosome 8. The creator of the test said it is not for diagnosis of infection. There are many coronavirus. Why do you think this “new” one is something new and different? Thank you for your broadcast. Bless you.

    • DrCarrie Mills
      DrCarrie Mills

      Right...there's a virus out there if not a few. It's definitely not a pandemic with a 99.99% recovery. I 100% believe I had it in Dec. Along with many others I know. Definitely a planndemic.

    • English Rose
      English Rose

      L W because they created it in a lab and have a patent on it. You can only patent something you changed. You cannot patent a tree but if you change the tree by mixing it with another tree and create a hybrid, you can patent it. The virus has hiv in it and this must have been put into it in a lab somewhere.

  • Jeff Barouch
    Jeff Barouch

    Welcome back Pastor Jim! Re: Tony Evans, let's not forget Evan's daughter, Priscilla Schirer who teaches a WOF / false teaching, especially in War Room movie!

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