Poor Girl in a Fancy School
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When a poor girl gets into a Fancy school, it can be hard for her. And it may not be easy for those who are already studying at this school!

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  • Lalhlimpuii Mami
    Lalhlimpuii Mami

    I love this video 😍😍😍😍😋🤣

  • Lalhlimpuii Mami
    Lalhlimpuii Mami

    Banana 👧🏗️🏗️🏗️🏗️

  • laila adel
    laila adel

    1:12 that's literally me when the new ariship map in among us came out I was just tubing around and don't know how to do the new tasks and where they are lol

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    She is a bad girl

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    She is a tomboy

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    She is smelly

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    She is never going to grow up

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    She has no maners

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    Lana is a big baby

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    Lana is the worst

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    You guys need to be mean to lana

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    I am never going to stop

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    She’s a bad player

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    Lana is poor

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    Lana is a nerdy

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    Lana is teeth is not shini

  • Hailey the Fairy Vlogs
    Hailey the Fairy Vlogs

    Lana is ugly

  • darren yap
    darren yap

    Yes i would like to have a golden ticket

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    Rhea Miralles


  • Narcissus Lewis
    Narcissus Lewis

    You are the best person ever thank you 🥰😍😘🤩🙃

  • Geneva Jones
    Geneva Jones

    Please give me the golden ticket plz I love your ALgone videos

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    Mumu Life


  • Temperance Pope
    Temperance Pope

    I can read the past and the future

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    Sarahi Maturana


  • mbugua siraji
    mbugua siraji

    I watched it all

  • Josh Harwood
    Josh Harwood

    You are the best ever like I'm 7 and still and wach you and I have watched you sine I was 4

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    Roomana Khan


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    Afrakoma p


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    Morenike Marquis


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    i am Diya the dreamer


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    Aynadis Misgina

    I have golden ticket i love

  • Jong Celada
    Jong Celada

    Wow a rich and a poor

  • Sonia Lim
    Sonia Lim

    Maybe lana will become rich

  • Sonia Lim
    Sonia Lim

    Maybe lana

  • Sonia Lim
    Sonia Lim

    Maybe you can come over and get out of there now and let me know if you want to have a sleepover tonight or tomorrow night or tomorrow go to sleep and I will sleep over tonight

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      Lucy bun

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      Jannette Alanis

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      Nancy Love

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      Lucy bun

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    Madam Tiffany

    I will like That

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    Yonna Dana


  • Amaka kaihe
    Amaka kaihe

    Lucky lana

  • Amaka kaihe
    Amaka kaihe

    That girl is blessed because the was in a poor school and then in a richt school 😗😘😗😘

  • selam Solomon
    selam Solomon

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  • Mali Qevani
    Mali Qevani

    I hate lana she is so nerdie

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    Black cute panda

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    Nirmala Muthuraman

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    Hugh Jeffreys Fan

    4:09 I like the tennis 🎾

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    josaphat auxilio

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  • sihyeon the loml
    sihyeon the loml

    how tf did she even afford that school aint she poor

  • Tom Hudgins
    Tom Hudgins

    I want to go to that school so bad😭

  • new pro gaming
    new pro gaming

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      Marie Gray

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    • Playful Time
      Playful Time

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    • NoonXXZ

      @Playful Time that’s what he said?

    • Playful Time
      Playful Time

      You mean “gold”

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  • Antonia Dutra
    Antonia Dutra

    I mean

  • Antonia Dutra
    Antonia Dutra

    It's just too rich brats not pretty and one broke students and two rich students and students are brats on the end of the video baby friends

  • Antonia Dutra
    Antonia Dutra

    No one is pretty in the video

  • Cat Called Waffles
    Cat Called Waffles

    "I'll have to sit further away!" She sat CLOSER to the screen-

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    A rat

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    anayah navarrete

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    Xienah. where youLive Limba

    My rich grandma put me on school that is fancy school im the same of them😎❤

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    Ly Vandy

    She look cute

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    Gavari Choudhary

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    wow! whats next

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    A poor girl in a fancy school how, I mean how can she even afford it

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