Polaris RZR RS1: Unboxing

  • The Insufferable Tool
    The Insufferable Tool

    eBay turbro for lyfe 😂

  • Jason Doctor
    Jason Doctor

    Can you plate these in Ca and Ohio ? Secondary roads.

  • Chuck Wood
    Chuck Wood

    For when you don't have any friends. That's why I have one

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    there's the ace 900 might be a competition

  • Mouse Gipson
    Mouse Gipson

    Awesome video I just bought one today black one. I’m want to get turbo. I’m wondering how much would be the turbo parts

  • Gary Vallone
    Gary Vallone

    awesome review. Very professional

  • Isaac Martin
    Isaac Martin

    Chase you had one job to do !

  • Aftermarket Al
    Aftermarket Al

    That is the most informative vid I have seen on the RS1. Thank you !!! the RS1 just made my short list.

    • Mouse Gipson
      Mouse Gipson

      Absolutely this guy I think is the most knowledgeable on ALgone that knows about side by side and Rzr RS1

    • David Cress
      David Cress

      If you don't mind not having someone bitch at you all the time about how your are driving and actually prefer driving over b.s.'ing then definitely buy one of these machines. You will not be disappointed. It is a great all around machine with 110 hp that is very aggressive and more than you would ever need on trails. The RS1 is a true beast and will do anything you ask of it. The only down side is storage space is a challenge. I have the door bag front trunk bag/cooler and the rear storage/cooler bag that if packed right does the job. Watch some of the SXS blog videos and you will see how much they love the RS1 and there is good reason for it trust me.

  • rogerwalsberg

    Honda odyssey anyone? Honda should reboot.

  • Daniel Frank
    Daniel Frank

    Went and look at one today. Wish it had a turbo and more storage

    • ssanderford63

      This with a turbo would be super quick, maybe too quick for some folks.

  • RC

    I'd take a hacksaw to that brake pedal! People who drive with 2 feet, don't drive correctly. imo

    • Ryan

      @Shock Therapy llc awesome, thank you. I just took delivery of a 2020 RS1 and will be purchasing the DRS from you soon

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      Ryan yes. Much easier. Wider and two piece so either foot is easy to use

    • Ryan

      @Shock Therapy llc how does the dual pedal work? Is it just simply easier placement for the left foot?

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      Almost every professional driver uses two feet. It's all personal preference though! Don't hacksaw the stock one, because they sell a single peddle for those who don't like it.

  • Dylan LaPlante
    Dylan LaPlante

    It’s not a car!

    • Chuck Wood
      Chuck Wood

      Well its not a car

    • Karl Zakss
      Karl Zakss

      What should they be referred as? Not a SXS or UTV

    • Rich Jarcy
      Rich Jarcy

      @Dan Matz ALgone comment sections are always the full of idiots. But you are right, the "stupid" is really strong on this one.

    • Dan Matz
      Dan Matz

      I tired of all you rookies on every vid with this dumb ass comment.

  • Wayne Hicks
    Wayne Hicks

    I bought this as my first/starter sxs. I will definitely look into your upgrades!

    • Pelumi Adedipe
      Pelumi Adedipe

      How much is it

  • Craig Anton
    Craig Anton

    Looking forward to your RS1 build. I'm saving my money. I want new shocks so bad. This thing stock is very rough.


    Very good video!

  • 12LOOK4 2FAST
    12LOOK4 2FAST

    I liked polaris when the first one came out but then can am came around and I still have not found a reason to buy a polaris even with the dynamics. I'm not sold on it. They have improved but can am has had the upper hand for awhile.

    • 12LOOK4 2FAST
      12LOOK4 2FAST

      @Michael Cole just wanted to clarify not sure if it will be 2020 or mid 2019 on beltless utv.

    • 12LOOK4 2FAST
      12LOOK4 2FAST

      @Michael Cole rumors are that there's one on the way.They release the 2019's now.Then half way threw the year there will be more releases also a belt less utv is coming.

    • Michael Cole
      Michael Cole

      12LOOK4 2FAST I am really hoping can am comes out with a single seat utv to compete with the rs1. Hands down would buy that over a Polaris single seat

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Super, Justin great job! Second car would be awesome!

  • r324ever

    you guys put out some really good content!

  • scooter697

    Don't forget snow!

  • Dirt ObseXXion
    Dirt ObseXXion

    Chase! Goddammit Chase! One job!